tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLindsay Makes Friends

Lindsay Makes Friends


All at once she became aware of a clock ticking. Her eyes fluttered and the world swam into focus. Lindsay lay on her stomach sprawled out across a bed at a complete loss of what she was doing here. Her long blonde hair in shambles was stuck to her face and bits were in her mouth. She was quite comfortable completely enveloped in pillows and a thick quilt unfamiliar to her. Everything seemed dark and heavy like a fog was hanging in the air. Lindsay tried to lift her head to find out where she was but was hit with a throbbing headache immediately. Fear started to seep into her groggy awareness and she focused her energy on the previous night......

There was a party. Lindsay was a new girl at the high school in her grade twelve year. She met some new people who invited her to this house party a little ways out of town. All new kids in school know it isn't easy to make new friends so Lindsay accepted the invitation without a second thought. She was 5'8'' with long blonde hair and an amazing figure. Most girls would die to have the toned tummy, rounded breasts and dazzling skin that she had. All of the awkward stares were just getting so old and Lindsay wanted to be at the top again NOW. Popularity was never a hard thing for her.

Anyway... this party. She decided to dress to impress because after all a hot new boyfriend would jump start her march to the head of the schools popularity list. She found the most bum hugging mini she had, her favorite see-through thong with matching push up, and a tight white halter that hugged her tanned, beautiful body. High heeled stiletto's and make-up complete.

The party...she drove there in her Jeep. Up this dirt road in the country outside of town, turn right at the T intersection, left at the mail boxes and drive to the end. Lindsay was a little surprised to see the house was so far out of the way but at the same time it made sense too. House parties she was used to were pretty rowdy and loud, people didn't take kindly to school kids getting wasted together. Lindsay took another big swig of her flask, you know, to loosen up a little bit.

The house. All of the lights were on, but there were no people. One car in the driveway. Cute boy on the porch waving at her, very sexy. Maybe the party was canceled or moved else where. Lindsay put on her biggest hottest grin and stepped out of the jeep. She walked up to the guy...said his name was...

"Hey there, im Dan. You're here for the shindig right?"

"Umm, yeah I thought I was? Where is everyone?"

"I had to start it a bit later because my folks just left. You just missed them it could have been a disaster! Sorry no one filled you in...but now that you're here come in lets have some drinks and wait for the rest" and with that he took her hand and led her inside.

All Lindsay could think of was this guys body and unbelievable lips. The whisky was having its effect and Lindsay was horny.

She was pushed hard face down. Her body bounced once and was pushed harder down into the bed. She struggled but the weight on her back was just too much. The World was spinning and Lindsay fought to gain her bearings. She felt hands touching her, one firmly squeezed her ass, the weight on top of her seeming to grow heavier as her arms were wrenched out from under her chest. Lindsay couldn't see anything as a strong hand held her face into the pillows. She let out a scream but at the same time her head was ripped back by the hair and a gag was tied around her mouth. She was all disoriented and just didn't know what was happening. She felt tension, she tried to roll over to get a look at the room but found she couldn't. She was bound to the bed posts, face down and couldn't move at all.

Dan smiled as he stared at his prize. The new girl at school. What a bitch, no one would miss her. He had given her a glass of wine with his favorite drug. Now she was all his to do as he pleased. She moaned quietly in her haze. The body on this girl was amazing and Dan's throbbing dick was just aching to test it out. He straddled her on the bed, sitting on her beautiful ass. And ran his hands up her back. She let out a frightened whimper and he felt her body shake. Her clothes were so small he didn't even need to remove them to get all the access he wanted. Her skin was milky, her breasts were perfect. He slid his hands underneath her, bringing them to her full, round tits. His hands slid under her halter top and under her bra. He squeezed them, he found her nipples and pinched them as he started to rub himself back and fourth on her ass. She whimpered the whole time, she was crying. The stupid bitch, why was she crying!!

Dan undid his belt, fast. He took off his jeans, fast. The stupid bitch I thought this was what she wanted. He flipped up her mini skirt, pulled aside her thong and readied himself. He had tied her oh so nice that her legs were spread wide, her perfect ass in the air and she had no where to go.

Lindsay cried out in agony. She was so messed up, she was dizzy, but she knew she was tied up, gagged and had no where to go. She felt strong hands massaging her breasts and squeezing her nipples, she felt a throbbing cock pressing through the jeans of her capture. She was drunk and it all felt so wonderful but at the same time she didn't want it to happen. He was a stranger, she was tied up against her will, she cried harder. It only made him mad...

He put a hand on each of her ass cheeks, his dick huge, throbbing, hot, ready. He plunged. Her soft pink opening accepted his full raging cock. He wasn't gentle. She screamed through the gag and he felt her whole body tense and for a moment she managed to thrash. He plunged again, feeling every inch of her warm tight cunt sliding along his pole. It was amazing. Dan slapped her ass hard, dug his nails into her skin and started to go faster and faster. She struggled with her binds, cried out, and it only made him go harder. He leaned forward grabbing a handful of her hair and wrenched her head back, he kissed her hard. "How do you like me NOW bitch!"

Dan plunged again and again, harder, deeper. He was panting hard, his heart racing, his balls aching to release his cum. His hand wandered under her again and found her clit, he started to rub it hard and fast he pounded, he rubbed, he slid in, out, in, her vagina hugged his dick like a glove the pressure was intense. Her body gave a shudder and he felt her convulse in waves of pleasure, her cunt pulsing squeezing his dick again and again. Her cum dripping down his balls. With her lube all over his dick, Dan pulled out and moved up a little. He rubbed her ass, he placed his head at her asshole, and slowly pushed his way in. It was sooo tight and so slow to get in. But he went, deeper, deeper, deeper.

Lindsay had the strongest orgasm of her life. If caught her completely off gaurds because she was focusing on escaping her binds. Then wham, this over powering heat exploded from within her. She felt cum shoot out of her as she convulsed, wave after wave after wave of hot, pleasure rocked her body. She felt him pull out and grip her ass firmly. She knew what was coming and tried to relax to make it not hurt as much. He had a huge dick, she could tell. She felt the head at her hole, her own lube wet on his dick, and then he was in...

Dan cried out in agony as he pounded the bitches ass. It was the most amazing ass he had ever felt and he was nearing an explosion. Again and again, pounding, pounding. He was screaming at her, slapping her and giving it to her as hard as he could. Bitches like her needed it hard little slut. His balls slapped hard, she was shuddering in pleasure while trying to fight it as his giant cock filled her up completely. He leaned across her back, pounding, breathing hard, he took one hand and reached underneath for her breast. He grabbed it hard, she pulled at her ropes, he grabbed it harder completely overcome by his pleasure. It was building up...

The pain was too much for Lindsay to take. It felt like her ass was ripping as his giant cock was litteraly shoved into her asshole over and over. She had never had such rough sex before but despite her discomfort she felt the warmth building again. In her haze she felt her captures balls slapping her, she felt his hands squeeze her soft flesh, the whole experience was terrorizing but so erotic at the same time. She wanted him to fuck her, she wanted it rough. She wanted to be bit and slapped and fucked till she was raw. The warmth was building, the orgasm was beyond words. Her head shot back, her back arched, she came so hard her ears popped and her body rocked with spasms as she dripped come all over...and fell asleep from utter exhaustion..

....building until he felt her body convulse violently, her body shook, her ass pulsed, squeezed his dick as she again came all over him. It was too much His balls pulled up and he exploded into her beautiful ass, it spurted over, and over, he screamed in utter passion as waves of wonderful bliss continued pulsing through him. His heart raced, his jiz pumped out his fat cock, then he collapsed on top of her. Lindsay had stopped whimpering quite awhile ago. He moved some of her tangled hair off of her face and found her eyes closed. The drug had finally made her sleep. Tomorrow she wouldn't remember a thing. He untied her, carried her to her jeep and drove her into town to one of the hotels. Booked a room, carried her inside and tucked her into bed. His accomplice, the one who had invited the bitch to the house party, picked him up and they drove off to grab some breakfast.

All at once she became aware of a clock ticking. Her eyes fluttered and the world swam into focus...

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