tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLindsey's Job Ch. 08

Lindsey's Job Ch. 08


I began teaching Lindsey self-defense. What started as a few tips here and there became hour long sessions when I could her learning katas and practicing techniques. She was diligent in her efforts and her execution of technique was perfect. She was getting stronger too. That tight little body of hers contained real strength. If she kept practicing she would soon be taking no shit from anyone.

Anyone except for Chris. She was still showing up at work with bruises. Intellectually I understood that it was her problem to deal with but I still seethed over the need to take Chris out.

I mentioned this to Mary. We had just finished a particularly long session we liked to call "on but not in". She looked so slutty with cum dripping from her lovely tits. She slid a finger over a soaked erect nipple and licked the cum from it. Then smiling wickedly she looked me in the eye, took her boob in both hands and sucked and licked the rest of my cum from it. I watched her antics and contemplated eating her pussy more when she leaned back on the pillow and sighed.

"Chris does need to be dealt with and I'm tired of listening to the fighting. I should just let Harry handle it." She suggested.

"Who is Harry?" I asked.

"Harry is the Nanny."

"They have a male Nanny?" I asked slightly amused. "Isn't that rather odd?"

"Harry has been with the family for quite some time and he is an excellent Nanny. Besides, I wouldn't trust my niece and nephews with just anyone. He may look like an old man to you but I believe he is just as capable at taking care of himself and the children as you are. Maybe more so. He came to us when he retired from the SAS," she went on.

"The British SAS? You're kidding!" I was astonished.

"You've heard of it? Yes he was a sergeant-major when he retired. He's fantastic with the kids and they call him Uncle Harry."

Retired SAS sergeant-major? Seriously? What the fuck more did they need? "Uncle Harry" probably knew more ways to take someone out than I knew how to cook eggs. Sometimes Mary scared me.

"Great idea but not very subtle. Besides we don't want him dead just taken down a few notches. Maybe that will make him start acting like a reasonable man and father." I said.

An idea came to me then. It would take not just a little clout and coordination. I almost dismissed it as too complicated but looking at the lovely lady next to me I began to think it might be done. She had clout. I knew all the players.

"Mary I have an idea but it's gonna take some doing. Nobody is going to get hurt. Well, Chris might but nothing he can't recover from physically. It'll involve a lot of people but they're all ones that can keep their mouth shut." I outlined what I had in mind.

Mary sat in silence. I knew her well enough to know not to bother her when she was thinking. Her acute mind was weighing the possibilities. I stroked her arm lightly with the backs of my fingers. I traced circles over the flesh raising goose bumps. I brushed from her arm to her shoulder and towards her throat. I was rewarded by the site of her nipples growing stiff.

The one closest to me just looked so delectable that I just had to lick it. Mary purred at the feeling. I raked the stiff nub gently between my teeth and her purring grew to a moan. I kissed my way to her other nipple and raked it just as gently savoring the feeling of the soft stiff flesh. I held her nip firmly at the tit with my teeth then lashed it with my tongue. Mary's leg began to quiver. I slid a finger down to her clit and rubbed gently. I switched back to the first nipple while massaging her clit with my thumb. I slid two fingers then three into her cunt. I was wiggling my pinky in too when she grabbed my head in her hands pulling me deeper to her chest. I tasted my cum from earlier on her hot skin. I continued to caress her clit and finger fuck her pussy until I felt the ripples inside squeezing me back. She cupped both of her tits together for me to suck her two nipples at once. I happily complied feeling the eraser sized nips stiff and slick against my tongue. Her pussy spasmed around my fingers as her orgasm took hold of her. I pulled harder on her nipples with my tongue and she cried out, "So good!"

A few minutes later when she composed herself Mary agreed in principal to the plan. "I can take care of most of these arrangements. I really want to see my brother gets his. He's too big for me to kick his ass like when we were kids. What are you going to do to him?"

"I'll leave that up to how things play out. Too many things have to go right for all this to work. Don't tell Lindsey about any of this. She has a strange sense of loyalty and she may not like the idea." I said. "Hey I have an idea. If you can massage my prostate I'll massage your tonsils with the head of my cock."

I stood up making Mary kneel on the floor. She looked amazing settled on her knees with her huge tits standing high and proud. Soon her long middle finger was pressed firmly against my prostate and she was actually swallowing my cock in her throat. I was in heaven.

The plan changed several times. Mary and I discussed added and discarded details until our plan seemed fool proof. I needed the help of someone who I didn't think Mary would approve of.

"We're going to need help of a certain kind, Mary. Chris likes his little "excursions" and I think that's where we have him. He'll be most comfortable where he's used to going. That's a "massage parlor" he likes to visit if he can't score at the strip clubs. What do you think?"

Mary was mixing us margaritas. She filled out my old gray robe in such a way that you'd think it was a $10000 original. The lady had class and elegance for days. Even sans wig she was lovely and feminine.

"Makes sense. Who else do you want to bring in?" she asked.

"Her name is Big Shirley and...." I began.

"Sam? Sure I know Sam. He'd be perfect!" she said.

I must have looked pretty stupid there with my mouth hanging open. Not too many people knew Big Shirley's real name. Her name belied her stature. She was 5'2" and 100 lbs. Her man-made 32 C's were a testament to her surgeon's skill. They were as natural looking as a real pair. Big Shirley had mesmerizing almond shaped eyes. Her blue black hair shone like a midnight moon. She was demure, flirty and was genuinely fun to be around once she accepted you. Big Shirley was the product of a South Korean peasant girl and an American soldier.

Big Shirley loved women. She loved women so much she wanted to be one herself. Big Shirley started life as Samuel. She could never bring herself to continue to the next operation so she still had all of her equipment. From what I had heard, Big Shirley had enough equipment to satisfy a pony. Big Shirley also owned several nightclubs and one very nice restaurant. But her real money maker was the exclusive, very expensive "Gentlemen's Spa" she operated. The cops never messed with Big Shirley because she never gave them reason to. It helped that her clients included several affluent folks who ran the town and the state.

"How the hell do you know Big Shirley?" I asked shocked. "How the hell do you know her real name?"

"Calling him "her" sounds strange to me. I knew him when he was still "Sam". We had business together." And that's all she would say. There were times that Mary really scared the hell out of me.

"Now get that look off your face and fuck me. My pussy needs some attention," she purred letting the robe slip from her shoulders as she climbed on my lap.

Nearly a month later Chris was in his favorite strip joint drunk as hell and being an asshole. A rich asshole to be sure that the girls tolerated because he spread the wealth while there. They always stayed with him in pairs using the "buddy system". So long as nobody was left alone with him nobody got hurt or forced into anything. The few times a girl was left alone with him ended unfortunately for the girl. If she was lucky the best thing that happened was that she would up with a mouthful of cum. If she was lucky.

Jenny and Suzy, the Korean strippers, fawned all over him. They pushed his face back and forth between their two racks until he was dizzy. The girls giggled and whispered that they wanted to party away from the eyes of the managers and bouncers.

Jenny rubbed Suzy's tits and exclaimed "I love to see an ass get fucked." Then she turned those almond shaped eye to Chris. Suzy cried, "Me too!" and both girls started laughing.

Chris nearly came in his pants at the thought of fucking these two beauties in the ass. "Let's go!" he slurred. The girls each took and arm and led him out of the club. A limo stood at the curb waiting for them. In his lust and drunkenness Chris didn't bother to wonder how the car came to be there. He simply pawed at the long nippled tits of the Korean girls while attempting to get more attention for his throbbing hard on.

They arrived at a large 3 story "office" complex. It was on the outskirts of the town near the interstate but far enough away that is couldn't be seen. Chris had been to the "Rub and Tug" there many a time and was wondering how he was going to fuck them there.

The girls pulled him from the limo into the building. "We have a big massagy room there. We can all get comfortable and take our time." Jenny said to Chris as they walked down the corridor.

Big Shirley and I watched from the far end of the room in the shadows as the girls led him to a large cozy room with two massage tables. They helped him get undressed as he pawed at their tits and asses. He was rock hard when they laid him down on the massage table. Suzy stood next to him rubbing her tits on his face while Jenny rubbed his shoulders.

"We take our time now. You get massagy. You'll love our massagy. Then time to fuck ass!" Jenny said.

"To hell with the "massagy". Let me fuck your ass now!" said Chris trying to rise.

Suzy pushed him back on the table. "We have all night. You get massagy!" she said.

Chris stopped struggling and lay back down. Suzy rubbed warm oil onto his back and Jenny rubbed some onto his ass. Both girls worked on Chris until he began to relax. Jenny worked her way down his legs to stand at the end of the table. She uncloaked the latch separating Chris's legs.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Chris mumbled feeling his legs swing apart. Jenny's oil coated hands massaged Chris's balls and he relaxed again. "I like that!" he said as Jenny coated his asshole with oil. She deftly put a ring around his cock and slid it to the very base. "Now you dick stay hard all night." The added another one tightly around his balls. "No you don't cum till we ready". His dick throbbed pointing right down at the floor. His balls looked like a lopsided balloon.

"You gonna really like this. Hold on tight. I don't want to fall off, "she said shucking her clothes as she climbed on top of him. Her firm muscular ass straddled his back for a second then she fell to the left.

"You move too much. Hold on I strap you down!" she said. Before Chris could protest Jenny and Suzy strapped a wide leather belt across the small of his back pinning him to the table. Suzy stood next to Chris's face fingering her pussy and feeding him her fingers while Jenny strapped his legs then his arms down too. Jenny came round to his other side and pulled his face into her ass cheeks.

"You suck my ass good before the fucking OK?!" Chris blubbered and feasted on the wrinkled brown asshole. He slobbered and moaned into her asshole with complete abandon.

I looked up at the camera that covered my part of the room and nodded. It was time.

As I approached the supine man Big Shirley came behind him taking Jenny's place and rubbed his asshole with more oil. She wormed a finger into him making him squirm. Big Shirley may have loved women but she did like the occasional dick or asshole. She slowly finger fucked his ass while stroking oil all over my half hard cock. She smiling and winked at me while I enjoyed seeing her tits sway with her efforts.

Jenny moved away from Chris when a light illuminated the petit blond form of his wife. Startled but still dunk enough to not realize the full gravity of his predicament Chris mumbled, "Hey what are you doing here?"

"I heard there was going to be some ass fucking going on. I love to watch an ass get stuffed full of cock." Lindsey said.

Chris must have thought he won the lottery because he was suddenly excited bellowing, "Let's get started!"

Big Shirley pulled her finger out of Chris's ass and held me firmly by the base of my now completely hard cock. Positioning it at Chris' oil soaked asshole she rubbed the head over it.

"What the hell is that?" Chris angrily complained.

"It's the cock that's going to fuck your asshole, my darling husband. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been enjoying it up mine." Lindsey told him delightfully.

I leaned forward pressing the head against Chris' asshole. Big Shirley put her hand on the small of my back and shoved. All seven inches suddenly slammed through the tight ring of protesting muscle and I was suddenly balls deep in the asshole of my love-slave's husband.

The sound of pure agony tore from the man's mouth. He screamed and cried out as I tried to slowly fuck him. The Korean girls would have nothing to do with this. They pulled on my hips to withdraw then pushed on my ass forcing me back into him. The result was that Chris was being prison raped. Lindsey watched her husband being sodomized. His every cry a triumph for her; his every whimper payback for all she had endured. I let the girls use me to fuck him while he cried and screamed. Soon he was just whimpering as his asshole widened enough to accept me.

I slowed the pace forcibly when Lindsey grabbed Chris by the hair pulling his face to look at hers.

"Don't you like it? Doesn't that beautiful dick feel good pumping your ass? I love it up mine. I love it when he cums in my asshole. I love sucking his cock and licking his asshole. I do all things with him I'd never do with you. You are a fucking worm and I can't stand you. I'm just so glad you are finally getting what you deserve!" she said.

She walked over to the other massage table and pushed it right up to the end where Chris's head lay. Stepping back she unbuttoned then stepped out of her jeans. She looked at me then patted a spot on the table. "Come here. Right here," she said.

I pulled out of his asshole and stepped aside. Big Shirley had dropped her pants as Suzy stroked her big thick cock getting it ready for Chris's next surprise.

Wiping my cock clean with a wet towel I hopped up on the table where Lindsey wanted me. I settled down inches from Chris' face my cock hard and proud. Lindsey poured oil on it then swung up over me. She held my cock in her hand positioning her asshole right on it. Chris watched as my cock slowly disappeared into his tiny wife's tight beautiful ass. Then his eyes widened and he cried out as Big Shirley thrust that huge cock into him. All I knew was that I never wanted anything that big in my own ass and here I was seeing the reaction of exactly that. Chris bit the sheet covering the table he was laying and cried out as Big Shirley happily pumped his ass. Lindsey in the meantime kept up a string of abuse piling it higher and higher on her husband as she rode my cock milking it with her asshole. The surrealism of it all was too much and I shot off inside her asshole.

Lindsey jumped off when she felt the first spurt inside of her. The next one shot into the air to land on the floor but she directed the next one right at her husband's grimacing face. That was all that came out as my orgasm stopped short of its usual length. Seeing that this was all she was going to get, Lindsey reached down sliding finger up her own ass. Taking a cum covered finger out she spread it all over Chris' face and hair while Big Shirley continued to fuck him.

Big Shirley gasped loudly then groaned. Her eyes closed and you knew she was filling Chris' bowels with cum. Big Shirley just kept right on pumping and cumming while Chris whimpered and cried.

Lindsey sucked the head of my cock then began licking me clean. My cock softened gradually but stayed half hard. She kissed me her eyes grateful.

"I can't wait to be rid of him. He's such a fucking waste." Lindsey said.

"She just doesn't stop does she?" Jenny said. I looked up to see what she meant and I realized that Big Shirley was still fucking Chris in the asshole.

I raised my eyebrows in question at her and she said, "I got my second wind." She pumped in and out of his asshole with an unhurried rhythm that almost made me wince. Taking pity on him Suzy slid the ring off of his balls and gave his cock a tug. We watched Big Shirley as she pulled all the way out of Chris who cried out when the cock left him. His asshole was so wide open you could see the pools of cum Big Shirley shot into him. As his sphincter began to close Big Shirley shoved her huge dick right back inside.

"I'm so glad we have all of this on video. I haven't had an ass this tight in years. I'm going to love watching this again and again!" Big Shirley said loudly. Suzy got behind him and began licking his balls and ass while Jenny sucked his nipples. It was the most bizarre site I had ever seen.

Chris picked his head up at that realizing how bad his life just became. Big Shirley slapped his ass hard then took his hips in her hands and jack-hammered him with that huge weapon. "Get back down there and take it Bitch!" She snarled.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Mary standing next to us. She was running the videos making sure everything was captured at several different angles. Her eyes were glued to Big Shirley's cock as she drove it full length in and out of her whimpering brother's backdoor.

"Lindsey I don't think he's going to be bothering you much anymore. As a matter of fact I'd think he just came from Big Shirley fucking him. Isn't that right Chris?" She asked loudly.

"I thought that's what happened," Big Shirley exclaimed. "He got really tight then squeezed the hell out of my joint. I loved it!"

"There's a puddle under him," Suzy said after checking out the floor beneath the massage table. "I can't believe he came from getting fucked with such a huge dick! That hurts my pussy just looking at it! No way I'd take that in my ass!" she said warily.

Jenny started rubbing her tits on Big Shirley and kissed her. Suzy joined in and they took turns caressing his balls. Lindsey fondled my half hard cock and Mary hugged her big tits against my back. "We did it didn't we?" she whispered.

"We sure did. Lindsey sure surprised me though," I smiled.

Big Shirley gasped again from all the attention and came in Chris' ass again. This time though he ground his pubic bone against Chris ass making sure all of his impressive cock was buried inside the man. Chris just cried and babbled in his humiliation.

"Should we untie him?" I asked the girls.

"No. Sam wanted him to play with for a while. He promised me he'd have Chris home by morning." Mary said as she led Lindsey and me out the door. I turned back to see Chris watching us leave. His eyes showed pain and pleasure and I thought to myself that there sure were some strange people in this world.

"Who's hungry? I feel like opening a bottle of wine and cooking something." I said.

"We'd better go to my place," Mary said. I looked at her startled. She never wanted to go to her house with me. "It's too late to go to the resort and you can't cook at Lindsey's house without waking the kids."

I put an arm around both of them. They looked at me each with "that look" and I knew I was in big trouble. Fucking was fun. Sex was the best. The emotional part was creeping in and the two ladies focused on me. I opened my mouth to say something but before I could Lindsey said, "I think I love him, Mary. How about you?"

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