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Linen Pants


For years I have been pestering her to see the true sexiness and utter horniness of sharing her with someone. At times we are screwing , just talking of the sexual events of her college years would make her cunt irresistibly wet, her orgasm more intense, a thin stream of cum erupting from her pussy as I withdrew to slam into her again and again. Yet she never relented, never allowing the bedroom sex deviation to enter into the cold light of reality. Except this one night, it is something that we have never discussed, as if it never happened. So silent is this sliver of time that sometimes I think it is me who imagined it, but I know it is true, her sticky cunt, the semen on her breasts and the intense pleasure we felt can never be imagined.

It was a lazy Friday, the heat of August had begun to taper off, the yearly monsoon season was bringing cool winds and patchy clouds to our normally featureless sky. We sat on the balcony enjoying the view and cooling breeze. The table had the usual ice bucket and it's compatriots for an evening of drinks. Maybe a friend would drop by, maybe a few. My wife had showered, wearing the style of clothes that make my eyes wander all over her curves, eyeing her breasts, looking for a hint of dusky nipple showing through her delicate bra and billowy top. Her white linen pants showed her panty, just. The hint of purple knickers drove me wild. She was scented with Channel, Coco nonetheless. She was the epitome of demure sexiness, totally alluring.

My wife is a good Muslim girl, but she can be so much more than that. She can be a tigress, with the sexiness that only far more experienced women show. White men, particularly European men tap into her horniness, In college there were many who were vying to fuck her dark cunt, one may have even penetrated her religious and cultural limits, making her cross the invisible line between good girl and bad girl. In tears she has orgasm after orgasm narrating how she wouldn't let him slip his finger from the side or her panty into her dripping wet cunt. While I pound away like a man possessed. I do not know why it is that I want to share my wife, I am not gay, a few other writers on literotica have identified much of what I feel, but to tap into this dark desire of mine is something I must do. In a country like Pakistan however, the cross roads of the wild wild east it seems impossible, people here largely lack the maturity to accept such a kink in themselves or others, so I am a closet wife sharing fiend locked away.

Anyway, coming back to that fateful and erotic night, my wife was looking awesome, her dark blue gypsy top showed her cleavage, that was encased in a lacy and sheer blue bra, you could make out the swell of each breast and if the back light was right, a plum dark nipple was visible, her nipples got darker when erect and become even more visible to a determined gazer like me. Her linen pants hugged her wide butt, showing the curve of each cheek, highlighted by her chalky purple panties, CK no less.

The radio was on, listening to our favourite retro music program. She swirled her glass, the dewy condensation dripping into the floor. Her hand had a cigarette, she smoked and took a slow long sip of her highball glass, enjoying the fresh feeling of coming out of the shower and relaxing outside. She eased back, allowing the top to open a bit from the centre, the round of her breast showing. She looked smug and very sexy. Her lips were a deep maroon, her face made up with the lightest of makeup, she really didn't need any. Time passed with us in deep conversation. my cock was awake, each time i glanced at her, my mind would think erotic thoughts of disrobing her and burying my face into her pussy. Watching her was divine pleasure within herself.

There have been times in the middle of the monsoon rain we would screw like jack rabbits on the roof in the rain, the drops beating down on her breasts as I shoved by dick into her slippery cunt. My wife can be a temptress, taking my cock into her mouth while I have been driving down the dark streets of Karachi, allowing me even to let my cum stream into her mouth.

By now we were pretty buzzed, the alcohol had made us limber and brought down our inhibitions, my wife was languid and looking even sexier by the minute, our conversation gravitated towards sex and by sitting next to her I could stroke her right nipple to attention. just as I was doing this, there was a squeak from the screen door as it opened, it seems our male friend had walked in at the most inopportune of moments. We invited him in pretending that nothing was happening, yet her erect nipples belied the situation. Our friend sat across from, the backlight was having a marvelous effect, showing the roundness of my wife's breasts. Alia got up to mix a drink for our friend, she bent low, allowing her top to fall forward, showing her lacy bra encased breasts. She sure knew how to get attention. Our friend was a stumbling man in front of my sexy wife, I knew he desperately wanted to fuck her or even touch her, I enjoyed the torture she put him through and how she drove me wild.

Alia got up to head to the bathroom, my desire was raging, my cock hard in my pants and from the look of it our friend had a distinct bulge in his pants. Somewhere in that haze of alcohol and desire I decided today was going to be the day that I drew my wife out of her conservative shell and embark into a new journey. I followed Alia into the bathroom, shoving her up against the sink counter, mauling her breasts, pinching the dark nipples through the thin gauzy shirt, biting her neck. I shoved my other hands into the white linen pants and felt her wet sex through the panty, she was hot and her ragged breathing showed she was about to come. I pulled her panty to the side and slipped two fingers deep into her cunt as my thumb found her clit and started rubbing it up and down. Her hands pushed and pulled me, one pulling at my cock while the other pushing me away, her desire was making the walls crumble. I gave her a quick orgasm, a rip tide that washed over her yet unpegged her control, this little orgasm was not going to suffice.

I left her alone in the bathroom, not a word spoken, yet volumes were said. I came back to the balcony, my friend had a kind of smirk, I grinned and told him I had to pee first. When Alia returned, our two cocks were straining to get out, she had changed her top, wearing a white thin tee shirt that for years I had been trying to get her to wear. It hugged her breasts and was so thin that her dark ruby chocolate nipples pushed outwards. I was about to leak my cum in my shorts. Our friend was mesmerized, yet nothing was spoken, Alia made a fresh round of drinks, her tits coming eye level with our friend has her took the glass from her hand. My wife did a quick turn and promptly shoved her delicious ass into his face. He almost choked on his drink.

Alia came and sat next to me, her legs parted much more than usual, I slid my hand onto the inside of her thigh, inching closer to the heat emanating from her pussy. I removed it instantaneously, afraid that I was already going too far. By now a good portion of the scotch bottle has finished, but the fear of crossing the line remained. Deep down I knew I had to push it otherwise it was not going to happen. I put my arm around her shoulder and let it drop to her breast, she looked up as I grazed her nipple with my finger tips, she smiled and gasped. Our friend squirmed in his seat, his cock pushing out for release.

I looked back at Alia and kissed her deeply, her mouth opened in that lust filled and helpless way, as the tide of desire carried her forward. I motioned to our friend to come sit beside us, He rose like a transfixed zombie and made his way to her other side. While kissing Alia I popped her buttons allowing her tits and bra to make a grand entrance. i heard him gasp with desire as I pushed the shirt to the side and allowed her right nipple to show. Her nipple was angry ruby chocolate with desire. I pulled at her nipple hard, through the film of her bra, her whole body reacted. There were silent moans but no words were spoken. The night watchmen whistle could be heard, the wind in the trees made the leaves rustle as if the heavens were opening to engulf us in desire.

I kissed her neck, biting and tugging at her neck. It always drives her wild. When I opened my eyes I found that her hand had wandered, resting on our friends leg halfway up to his cock, a dick that I knew she wanted to take in her mouth. I let my hand slide down to her pants, I squeezed her sex into my hand, pulling the lips of her wet yet hidden cunt together to bring down more of her juice. This set her off the edge, plunging her into desire more than ever before, her back arched, her shirt parted and my our friend dove down to lick her breast, he lost all control and needed to touch her that instant.

I slipped my hand into her linen pants and pushed down her panty, her thin dark landing strip was visible, the rest of her cunt was smooth from years of devoted waxing. i heard a moan as my friend saw her cunt for the first time. Alia lay back, helpless yet enjoying the surrender. My friend grew bolder by the minute, understanding that she needed to be taken and would do little unless forced, her character would not give up without a fight. He undid his pants and pulled out his large cock, fat and much bigger than mine. He dragged her hand and made her touch his erect cock, she grasped it and trembled with desire, she leaned down and in one fluid motion took him into her mouth, sucking the bulbous head with her eyes closed.

Anger welled up inside, jealousy, greed. I stood up and pulled my pants down and grabbed her hair, I pulled her off his cock and shoved her mouth onto mine. She groaned with desire, being used like a slut between two men. My friend stripped her shirt off, yanking her bra down, pulling her pants as well. She was standing in all her beauty in just her purple knickers. We placed her back on the sofa as he parted her legs and started licking at her pussy, her panty still on but of no use any more. her breasts heaved. I stood silently and jacked my cock as she looked up at me, my friend was going to town on her pussy as she smiled and mouthed I love you. Everything was going to be all right.

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