tagLoving WivesLisa and I Ch. 1

Lisa and I Ch. 1


Like any couple that had been married for a few years, our sex life started to become monotonous. More than one time a week was considered special.

My wife Lisa and I are both 31 years old. She is 5'3" 110 pounds with dark brown hair. She has the perfect 'girl-next door' look. She looks terrific without makeup. She has a curvaceous body with perky firm 36C's which she conceals with conservative clothing. She has a shapely ass and a neatly trimmed bush. I am a typical hot blooded male. I'm 5-9, 175 pounds with an 8 inch cock.

Lisa had been extremely inexperienced when we first met. I took the lead and opened her up to the world of kink. Nothing too bad, it just strayed a little from conventional sex...light BD, candlewax, shaving, toys, oils, food, etc.

She always struggled with separating who she was outside of the bedroom from what she truly was in the bedroom. In everyday life, she was a conservative schoolteacher, but at night, she was a hellcat...that is, until the monotony of marriage settled in.

Then one night, it was as if she transformed. She was feeling quite adventurous, and she decided to take charge. This was not something novel. We both tended to be on the submissive side, but we each have played both roles many times. But somehow, this time seemed different.

After what seemed like an hour of foreplay, I noticed that look in her eyes. That sultry 'fuck me all night' look. Her eyes were glazed over, her breaths became heavy, and her voice deepened.

She went down on my cock like a starving woman. She took as much as she could down her throat, but knowing that gagging can break the mood, she only took about half of it down. She continued to suck my cock as I played with her delicious wet cunt. The smell of her always intoxicated me.

As she sucked my cock, I was talking dirty, telling her to suck my cock and play with my balls like the dirty whore that she was (she ALWAYS loved talking dirty). While she would suck my cock, she would lightly trace her fingernails along my balls. Then she would reach under my balls and lightly trace my asscheeks. She knew I was close to cumming, and she picked up the pace. I come at least twice during our sessions, so she knew she would get more later. I grabbed her hair as her mouth moved faster over my cock. As I told her I was going to cum, she sucked as hard as she could, accepting every spurt I could muster. This was a hard cum, one that left the balls sore from the force of ejaculation. She managed to capture it all in her mouth.

She didn't say a word as I lay back in exhaustion. She slowly moved up my body until we were face to face. She still had that look in her eyes. She moved down to kiss me, but I slowly turned my head to the side. It was one of my pet peeves. I had trouble kissing a girl after she sucked my cock. But she would have none of that tonight. She grabbed the sides of my head and kissed me hard. I was surprised as she forced my mouth open with her tongue and drained all of my cum into my mouth. As our tongues danced in the pool of sperm, I found myself rock hard again. I could not believe it! I felt completely powerless, and she knew it.

Lisa announced that the fun was just beginning, and she was right!

She said, "Now it is your turn." "Get over here and lick my cunt."

My pleasure. As much as I enjoyed all aspects of sex, nothing could compare to eating pussy.

As I savored the taste of her pussy, she became more vocal.

"Mmmmm, I loved how you tasted your cum. Did you like it?", she asked. "Tell me you love the taste of your cum, say it."

I could only grunt in approval, but that was not good enough for her.

"Say it!" she said. "Tell me how much you loved to eat your cum", she said as she pushed me away from her delicious pussy. I did not answer and attempted to dive back in, but she kept me back.

I wanted to eat her pussy more than anything, and her questions kept making me hotter. I felt like I was going to explode without her even touching me.

"Tell me you want to eat your cum again, and then I will let you taste my cunt again", she said.

It was driving me wild. She was using the power of her juicy pussy to dominate me. I said, "I promise, I will eat my cum for you whenever you want, just let me taste your pussy again."

She said, "that's what I thought. You WILL eat your cum for me. And you will do whatever else I say. If not, you will never get to eat my pussy again."

She knew all too well of my weak spot for tasting her pussy.

As I moved back down to her pussy, she put her hands in back of my head and thrashed her pelvis into my chin. My face was soaking wet as she started to scream. Of course, this excited me even more. I would do anything at this point.

She must have sensed that. With her hands behind my head, she forced me lower.

"Lick my asshole", she said, "now!"

This never bothered me before, but she always acted as if it were to dirty, so we rarely traveled down this avenue. As I got behind her, she spread her asscheeks wide open exposing her tight hole. I licked up and down her asscheecks for a minute or so while she writhed in pleasure. Then I centered on her pucker and forced my tongue as deep as I could down her asshole. She screamed in ecstasy as juices flowed down her thighs.

I started to really get into it now. I was thrusting my tongue as deeply as it could possibly go. Her breathing was very erratic and her inner thighs were soaked with her juices.

"Oh you fucker! Wait until you see what I am going to make you do," she said. "Keep licking my asshole you pervert! Keep licking. Mmmmmm-Ohhhhhhhhh! I'm going to cum again!!!"

She backed her tight ass into my face like a madwoman. I kept licking as fast as I could. She screamed at the top of her lungs as she climaxed again. She collapsed after her cum. But now I needed relief. Had I touched my cock while she was cumming, I would have surely shot another load. I was so revved up!

"Now I am going to fuck you", she said. "And then you get your surprise".

I really did not know what she was talking about, but the mystery aroused me even more.

She moaned loudly as I moved my cockhead up and down her creamy cunt lips. I teased her for a minute with this motion.

"Nuh-uh," she said as she laid me on my back. "I am going to fuck you now," she said as she climbed aboard.

She started slowly with her eyes half open and glazed over. As she picked up the pace she again brought up my eating cum 30 minutes earlier.

"You looked so hot when you ate your cum," Lisa said. "I loved it so much that I am going to make you do that every time."

"Tell me you want your cum," she said as she grabbed one of my hands. She lifted it to her mouth and started sucking on it as if it were a small cock. She knew this always drove me wild.

I screamed, "I will do anything you want, just make me cum!"

"Good boy," said Lisa. "Now here, help me suck this 'cock'", she said as she pushed my finger towards my mouth. She grabbed the back of my head with one hand and pushed it towards my finger. I felt strange doing it, but at the same time, it felt incredible to just totally submit and do whatever she asked.

She started thrashing her hips faster on faster on my ready to explode cock. "Oh baby, suck that cock for me", she said as I bobbed my head up and down on her index finger. I couldn't hold back any longer as I sprayed deep inside her pussy. Even though it was my second cum of the night, it was forceful and plentiful. She rolled off my sweaty body as I was completely spent. I just stared at the ceiling motionless.

"We are not finished yet," said Lisa. I was completely exhausted and wanted no more.

She straddled my upper stomach and leaned back a little bit, slightly lifting her legs.

"Look at the nasty mess inside my swollen pussy," she said as her sloppy pussy drooped open. She slowly scooted forward.

"Here, get a better look", said Lisa. She inched even closer. And closer. She moved until I could detect the unmistakable combination of cunt and sperm. It was now slowly dripping from her glistening crimson cunt.

"Eat my cunt," she said. My libido had completely diminished and I did not want to play games anymore. I just wanted to roll over and go to sleep.

"EAT IT I SAID!" screamed Lisa. She moved up and planted her pussy right on my face. One taste was all it took. My mouth opened wide and I started playing with the outside of her pussy, tasting the remnants of my sperm. She started rubbing her lips all over my mouth. A slow stream of jism started to pour out of her opening. I opened my mouth and accepted it. It had a strange taste and texture, but it was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. She started grinding her clit into my nose as I cleaned her messy pussy. Much to my surprise, my cock was standing like a flagpole. It was sore, but ready for more action. She reached back and started to play with my cock.

"Mmmmm-baby, taste all that salty man juice", she said. Now my hand joined hers in stroking my cock. "Keep licking," she said as she used her other hand and placed it behind my head.

"Get used to eating cum baby", she said. This excited me even more. I kept cleaning her well used pussy while I stroked my cock. I told her I was close to coming and she pushed my hand off my cock. I kept eating her pussy, moaning and writhing in an attempt to touch my dick. But she kept my hand away with an evil grin on her face. After she was satisfied with my cleaning, she took my cock in her mouth again. It didn't take me long to get to that edge, but she had yet another surprise for me.

"You are going to eat your cum again", said Lisa. "But we are going to try something new."

At this point, I had no idea what to expect. Everything we had done was pretty much ground breaking territory for us so far that night.

She grabbed both of my legs and pushed them so my feet were locked in our barred headboard. Then she pushed my legs even further down so that my cock was just inches from my face.

"You are going to have to get used to eating cum right from the source baby," she said as she stroked my dick. My hand joined hers as she started to moan.

"Ooooooooh....mmmmmmmm....yeah baby, stroke that cock. I want to see you shoot your load in your mouth. That's it, mmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhh yeah, stroke that cock, cum for me," she said.

She sensed that I was just a few seconds from coming. This time she put her finger in my mouth. "Suck that cock for me baby," she said. I licked all around her finger and nibbled the tip. My legs were getting sore in this position, but I knew it would not be that much longer.

"Get that cock all nice and wet, suck it, SUCK IT!" she said.

After I soaked her finger she moved back a little bit. Then her finger started to toy with my asscrack. I was close to cumming hard.

"Keep stroking baby," she said. Her finger moved close to my asshole. My entire ass was exposed from the vulnerable position.

"MMMM baby, so close to coming," she said. "I bet you want this wet cock in your ass". She started to rub my asshole tenderly before inserting the tip of her finger. My pace quickened as I watched my cock just inches from my face. "Beg me," she screamed. "Tell me you want this cock in your ass!" I felt so humiliated but I was so turned on. I didn't say a word as she lightly applied pressure on my asshole. My pace quickened on my cock. "You want this cock up your ass baby, I know it," she said. "Tell me you want this cock up your ass. I want to watch you get fucked in the ass while a cock shoots white hot cum in your mouth. Tell me you want it. Tell me to put the cock in your ass."

I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed her wrist and pushed it towards my asshole. "Please fuck my tight ass," I said. "Pllllllease, I want it, fuck me hard!!!!" Then, with a steady push, she inserted her finger down to the second knuckle. "Take that cock you fucker," she said. I couldn't take anymore as I shot two short strands of come right into my open mouth.

"Eat it baby, eat that cum!" she screamed. I greedily swallowed it as her finger rammed inside my asshole. After I finished coming she pulled her finger out and released my legs. Then she collapsed on top of me. I was never so tired or satisfied in my entire life.

"I love you babydoll," I said.

She just smiled. "I know you do," she said. "But next time we will see how much you love me."

To Be Continued...

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Forced to eat his own come?

With no discussion that equals a divorce. What a cunt!
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Just plain stupid

and boring too. It is good you keept your job.

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just great

Love it when the wife is just as dirty as the guy.

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