tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLisa and Maddie Pt. 11

Lisa and Maddie Pt. 11


If you have any ideas or suggestions about where I take the story or what Lisa and Maddie have to do, let me know.

This one and the next are going to be longer than usual. Hope you enjoy!


That night, Maddie slept poorly. She was worried about what the two people were going to do to her, or make her do to herself. When she finally fell asleep, it was well past midnight. It felt very early when Jason woke her up, however, she had noticed that it was almost 11 am. Jason tossed a bag into her room and told her to get ready and put it on. Maddie freshened up and reached into the bag and pulled out a white leotard. It covered her tits, pussy, stomach and arms with a white sheer material. She left her room and was greeted by Lisa wearing stockings that came up into a tight black leather dress that stopped midway down her ass, and barely covered her large tits. Both women had their hair down straight. Maddie pulled her aside and said nervously, "Mom, I'm worried about this. I've ever only been with one person at a time. What if..." Maddie trailed off.

"Honey" Lisa said stroking her daughter's face, "Just relax and try to enjoy it. Think of it like you're in one of my works. Yes, you have a job to do, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun. Now let's go as to not disappoint anyone." Lisa grabbed Maddie's hand and led her down the stairs to the first floor. They met Jason as soon as they reached the bottom of the stairs.

He saw them and said, "The fun is going to happen downstairs in two separate bedrooms. Everyone is ready in their respective bedrooms. They have access to you for the next 24 hours. Try to do whatever they want. And remember, have fun!" With that, Lisa and Maddie followed Jason down into the basement, past all the bdsm equipment. They stopped at the first door on the right, which Lisa was told to enter. Maddie then was led across the hall to the first one on the left, which she pushed the door open, closed her eyes and nervously took a step inside. She heard the door close behind her.

"You can open your eyes honey, we won't bite!" A soft female voice called out. Maddie nervously opened her eyes and saw a man and a woman sitting on the bed. The bed had a black comforter and red sheets, with a wooden bedframe. The woman was a curvy redhead who looked about 35 years old. She had D cup breasts, held in place by a similar leather dress to what Lisa was wearing. The man was wearing a dress shirt and slacks. He had a shaven head and was well built. He looked to be about 36. The woman spoke again, "Hello Maddie," she said pleasantly, "I am Kristi and this is my husband Kevin." Kevin smiled warmly at the young girl when Kristi introduced him. Maddie said hello but still looked uncomfortable with her situation.

Seeing her discomfort, Kristi said, "I'm guessing your pretty new to this whole thing and that's fine. If you want to only play with me for a bit, I'd love that."

"I think I would like that!" Maddie said, getting less nervous as she warmed up to Kristi. She then walked over and sat next to Kristi on the bed. Kevin got up and sat by the opposite wall giving the two women some room to play. Kristi looked over Maddie's young, sexy body, deciding where and how to start. After about 10 seconds, Kristi grabbed the back of Maddie's neck and pulled her head in, kissing her on the lips. Maddie was surprised at first, but soon gave in and began to kiss the curvy redhead. Soon, the two women's hands were exploring the other's body, leaving nothing unfelt. Kristi's dress had been unzipped, exposing her D cup breasts and large nipples to the air, as well as a bald pussy. Maddie's tits and pussy were still covered, but the sheer material gave Kristi easy access. "Let's just take everything off!" Maddie said, enjoying the experience. Kristi agreed and soon, both women were naked, any clothing was tossed to the side near the door. They looked each other over, both enjoying what they saw.

Kristi made the first move, grabbing Maddie's exposed nipple and pulling her close. Then biting down on it, as Maddie's hands explored the older woman's body. Maddie enjoyed the bite, as it was not hard to cause pain, but enough to get her excited. Maddie gave Kristi's nipples a good pinch, before brushing her curly red hair out of her face. Maddie then moved her hands down the older woman's body, while her own nipples were sucked or gently bit. Maddie finally reached Kristi's shaven pussy. She began to rub the engorged lips, feeling the wetness leaking out between them. She pulled her fingers away and tasted the juices. She made a mmmmmhhhhhh noise as she slurped it off of her index finger. Kristi then pushed Maddie onto her back, and Maddie put up no resistance to this advance.

Kristi looked down at Maddie laying before her, nothing covering her sexy young body. "Kevin, come here and take a look. She's beautiful!" Listening intently to his wife, Kevin walked over and stood behind his wife, and ran his hand down her back looking at the 18-year-old spread before them. Her perky nipples were wet from his wife's mouth and her clean shaven pussy was exposed to him, looking ready to be filled.

"Can I touch you?" Kevin asked.

"Please!" Maddie begged. "I'm getting turned on. I need to cum!"

With that, Kevin and Kristi switched places and he ran his hands over Maddie. He started at her shoulders, and then moved down to her tits. He cupped them in his hands, and rubbed his thumbs over her erect nipples, still wet from Kristi's mouth. He then traced his hands down her tight body, reaching her moist mound. He cupped it in one hand, rubbing his thumb over her clit. Maddie gasped and started to breath heavier than before. Kevin then used his hands to spread her lips open and began to taste her juices. Maddie began to moan softly as Kristi sucked at her erect nipples. Maddie soon found the stimulation enough to push her over the edge and she gasped out, "Oh... fuck!" With that, she squirted into Kevin's mouth and all over his face.

Kevin pulled away from the convulsing hole, which continued to shoot cum over the bed, Maddie's thighs and Kevin's clothes. After taking a minute to recover from her orgasm, Maddie pushed herself up and started to apologize. This made both Kevin and Kristi to burst out laughing much to Maddie's confusion. Seeing the confused look, Kevin said, "Jason told us you were a squirter but he never said you squirted this much!"

Kristi had clearly enjoyed the show. She said, "Kevin dear, get out of those wet clothes. Maddie is clearly ready for more, and I want something to show for today too!" With that, Kevin undressed, starting with his socks and shoes, before moving to his shirt and pants. He stood before the two women, lying next to each other on the bed in only his boxers. "Those too." Kristi ordered.

Kevin dropped his boxers, and an erect cock pushed its way to parallel to the ground. Kristi encouraged Maddie to get up and get close to it. Maddie stood up and approached Kevin with Kristi close behind her. She dropped to her knees in front of Kevin and looked at the massive cock in front of her face. It was about 8 inches long and probably 1.5 inches thick. She grasped it with her left and started to slowly stroke it. "Can you take all of this?" Maddie asked Kristi.

The curvy redhead laughed and said, "I can once I get wet enough. But before that happens I want to see what you can do." Maddie looked at the cock that would soon be inside of her nervously. It was much larger than either Jason's or her ex's. However, she put the head in her mouth and began to suck, looking up into Kevin's eyes. She would occasionally take the cock out of her mouth to like the head, or use her hands. She took her eyes off of his once, to look behind her when she felt a hand reach between her legs and large d cup tits press into her back. She then realized that Kristi was rubbing her clit and went back to sucking.

For Kevin, the experience was amazing. While Maddie wasn't the best blowjob he ever had, she was certainly trying hard to please him. He loved her eye contact and was even more aroused when Kristi started rubbing the teen from behind. "Kristi, can you get the base wet for me?" He asked. Kristi agreed and pushed Maddie to the side and sat in front of his cock. She then used her hands and stroked it several times before she put the tip at her mouth. She then pushed the cock towards the back of her mouth, deep throating the whole thing. Maddie watched in amazement as the whole cock disappeared into Kristi's mouth. After Kristi sucked him for a few moments, she took her husband's cock out of her mouth and stood up.

"Lay back on the bed Maddie." Kristi said. Maddie did as was told and sat on the edge of the bed, propping herself up with her hands. Kristi kneeled on the edge of the bed and looked down at her pussy, as if inspecting it. Kevin walked over, cock dripping with saliva from both women. He then put the cock at Maddie's dripping entrance. Kristi then reached down and guided the cock into the young woman, watching as her pussy lips were pushed inside, by the large cock. Maddie gasped from the intrusion, even though Kevin was going slow and her pussy was very wet. Kevin soon reached the bottom of her tight pussy, with a little over two inches of his cock still outside of Maddie. Maddie was moaning slightly and said, "Holy shit. That feels too big." Hearing that Kevin slowly began to pull out. He and Kristi watched as Maddie's pussy lips pulled away from her body as the cock slid out. When Kevin's head left the tight hole, the lips quickly returned to their starting position.

Kristi was deep in thought while her husband's cock left Maddie. Shortly after she exclaimed that she had an idea that would make everyone happy, "Kevin, you lay on the bed face up. Maddie will ride your cock, so she can control how much is inside of her and I'll sit on your face so I can cum. Then me and Maddie can switch so I get some action too." Kevin and Maddie agreed to the situation, and Kevin got into position. Kristi took he place over his face and lowered her pussy over her mouth, with her front facing his toes. Maddie watched for a second before straddling Kevin and facing Kristi. She rubbed her pussy lips over his cock, coating his length with her juices. Then she reached down and guided the tip into her cunt.

Even though she could now control how much was inside her, Kevin's cock was thick and Maddie still felt filled up. She moved up and down slowly at first, before becoming more used to the feeling. Then she started riding faster, her c cup tits bouncing, and her moans filling the air. Kristi was enjoying the sex as well. She loved watching the 18-year-old riding her husband, while having her own pussy eaten. She reached a hand down and began to rub her own clit, while using the other to rub Maddie's clit. Kristi soon began to moan as she became more aroused. Her moans joined Maddie's and the two of them were making a lot of noise. Maddie's breathing became more rapid and her moans louder, as she leaned back and cried out as cum shot from her pussy, coating Kristi's whole body. Kristi's torso was covered in Maddie's juices, it dripped off of her nipples, and a bit was on her face. Maddie rested with Kevin's cock still buried in her pussy.

"Maddie it looks and feels like you had enough fun, let's switch!" Kristi exclaimed. Maddie, still breathing heavy from her orgasm agreed, and moved up, so the cock slid out of her dripping hole. Kristi moved up as well, then straddled the cock the same way Maddie did. Maddie sat on Kevin's face facing towards Kristi. Kristi reached down between her legs and guided her husband's cock into her pussy. It was coated in Maddie's cum, which made it slippery and acted as a lube. Kristi slid the wet cock into her moist pussy, rubbing the head between her lips, teasing herself. After rubbing her wetness over the head, she sat down on it taking it the whole way as a soft moan escaped her mouth. Maddie went back to moaning as her pussy was expertly eaten by Kevin. Kristi, used to fucking her husband, soon was rapidly bouncing up and down on the cock, taking the whole length into her pussy. Within minutes, Kristi's moans soon became screams as she rapidly bounced up and down on the cock, her tits a blur, and red hair bouncing, as she came hard.

Suddenly, from below, Kevin pulled away from Maddie's pussy and announced "I'm going to cum, get on your knees!" Both women moved quickly as they kneeled in front of the bed. Kevin stood over them, jerked his cock a few times, then shot several cum strand's over Kristi's face, coating her mouth, a bit ending up in her hair. Maddie knew she was next, and Kevin directed his cock at her next, the first strand shooting onto her neck and tits. The rest made lines across her face, from her chin to her hair. Maddie kept her eyes closed after being hit with the first strand, and had them closed still.

Kristi did not have any near her eyes and stood up and said, "Kevin, me and Maddie are going to clean up then talk about what you and me said before. You go clean up upstairs."

"Sounds good, just don't take too long. I have a surprise for you girls out by the pool. Clothing is not going to be needed." He responded before walking away. Kristi helped Maddie up, who kept her eyes closed and lead her to the shower in the room. She turned the water on and once it was warm, lead Maddie in. Kristi washed Maddie's face and as soon as the cum was washed off of her, Maddie opened her eyes and looked at the sticky, cum covered redhead with great interest.

"I have two questions. First is, what did you and him talk about before that I'm going to be told? The second is what kind of surprise does he have for us?" Maddie asked, while she cleaned herself. Upon finishing, her and Kristi switched places.

Kristi responded, "I'm going to answer those out of order. I have no idea what the surprise he has in store is, but they are usually really fun. The answer to your first question is a bit more complicated. You see, Kevin and I both travel a lot for work and sometimes he or I have sexual needs. We were looking for a person who we both liked that would be willing to play with one or both of us. It seems like you would fit that role nicely."

Maddie listened to the sales pitch and thought quietly for a second. She had really loved the sex with the two of them, and she imagined she would also like one on one sex with either member. "I'll do it. Tonight, I'll give you and him my phone number and we can arrange things from there."

Kristi smiled, then leaned in to kiss Maddie on the lips. The two women enjoying each other's lips. Upon pulling away, Kristi said, "I'm glad you agreed. I think you'll realize that this agreement is going to be fun for everyone involved. Now let's dry off and see this surprise!" With that, Kristi and Maddie left the shower and dried off completely. They then walked out of the room. Maddie listened at the first door for Lisa's moans but heard nothing, which surprised her. She followed Kristi up the stairs, watching her large soft ass sway from side to side while she climbed the stairs.

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