tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLisa Joins The Army

Lisa Joins The Army


Jason Roy was a chronic alcoholic. He worked at a construction site as a laborer since last 15 years. He was an ex-army captain. He was framed in one of the conspiracies and was infamously dismissed from service. The blow made him befriend the bottle and he became miserable to his family. He had a beautiful wife, Cheryl an ex cheerleader. She could have easily divorced him and moved on but stuck to him because she didn't want to raise her two daughters alone even though their father was horrible to them. The fact that she had borne him two girls made him even more miserable. He wanted a son who would join the army and fulfill the ambitions that he couldn't.

The older daughter, Lisa, now 23 yrs old, had known this right from the day she started understanding things. She had resolved to join the armed forces one day, come what may. But her love was medicine; she wanted to be a doctor. She thought if she became an army doctor she could fulfill both her desires. Lisa had managed to excel in all her exams till now, even graduated medical school. She was smart, no doubt, but the fact that she had her mother's cheerleader body also helped!

Lisa was 5ft 5in, had firm round 34C breasts which looked even bigger because of her well toned absolutely flat abs. Her eyes were a brilliant blue, and with "Angelina Jolie" lips, a perfect nose and waist length dark hair, she was a complete package. Lisa knew how to use this angelic body to her advantage. Half of the male professors knew how those magnificent breasts felt, but she had never crossed that limit, contrary to public opinion. This had earned her an awesome resume replete with wonderful letter of recommendations, which she hoped would help her grab a seat in the army medical training. The entrance involved 2 steps, the first was a written test which she aced with top marks, and the next was an interview which she was confident of clearing without much effort.

Lisa barely slept the night before the interview. She woke up early, and went gymming for almost 2 hrs. She wanted to look her best today. Her family's dreams were at stake. She reached the army medical centre an hour before the stipulated time, and as she crossed the lobby all eyes turned towards her. She had worn a thigh length formal skirt which stuck to her skin, showing of her well toned athletic thighs. Beneath this she had worn a thong to avoid the mark of underwear that would have otherwise been visible under this tight skirt. To top this she wore a light pink silk blouse which just reached the top of her skirt. It flirted with the eyes of onlookers whenever she bent or stretched, showing off the slightest skin of her thin abs. The noise that her 4 inch stilettos made echoed in the lobby as she confidently approached the reception desk. The man behind the desk was openly staring at this beauty, the kind of which rarely visited these premises. As she reached him, she asked,

"Sir, I am one of the candidates selected for the interview. Can you please direct me to the place where I am supposed to report?"

The guy didn't answer. He was busy undressing this hogtie in his head. Lisa had to ask again, this time she bent a little low so as to show off a little of her cleavage. The man's jaw dropped and he directed her to the elevator with shaking hands and muttered,

"Sssixth floor, ma'am."

Lisa winked at him and went to the elevator. The man's eyes followed her ass and stayed on them till the elevator doors closed. Lisa was directed to the waiting room of the academic department. The interview was for a place in the army med corps, ones that are part of regiments that are sent on the battlefield. There were supposed to be 10 interviewees, she was the only girl. She was informed that she would be the last candidate to be interviewed. Lisa waited those anxious hours with the help of 5 cups of coffee. She was constantly being stared at by the co-interviewees and passersby alike. She was feeling hot because of these multiple invisible spotlights and was relieved as the crowd thinned. As her last competitor left the room to be interviewed, she readied herself for the moment she was waiting for so many years. Soon she was called in the room. As she entered she saw 3 men varying in ages in their impeccable uniforms. The biggest and the most senior guy, probably in his late 50s was a black man, General Dr. Jonathan Creasy. The officer next to him was an overweight Colonel, with soda bottle thick glasses, his clothes threatening to tear at places, Col. Dr. George Hall. The third officer was a tall, fair, well built man probably in his late 30s, Capt. Dr. David Brew.

Lisa was directed to sit on the chair in the centre of the room. She greeted each of them and confidently sat on the chair ready to tackle the questions thrown at her, not knowing what lay ahead. She was thrown off balance right at the first statement. It was Gen. Creasy who first spoke in his authoritative voice.

"We are really sorry Ms. Roy, but we can't accept your service."

Lisa was stunned, dumbfounded. The officer sitting next to him, Dr. Hall on noticing the shock on her face, went on to explain,

"Ms. Roy, we have no doubt about your intelligence and your capabilities. We see that from your brilliant resume and the scores that you have got. But your family history doesn't do much good to your chances of ever serving in the army. We are always skeptical about allowing the family members of.... er, defaulters, to serve the country. We are really sorry but we can't help you."

The first tears had made themselves apparent in her eyes. Lisa was shaking with anger but composed herself and said,

"Sir, I have worked hard all my life for this moment. I request you to give me one chance to prove that I and my father were born to serve this country. He was not a traitor and neither will I be. Just give me one chance and I will do anything that you ask me to do."

Gen. Creasy replied,

"Miss, the matter is dismissed. We have already decided our candidate. There is nothing that we can do to help you. I am sorry. You can leave."

Lisa lost all her confidence at those words and began crying in earnest.

"Sir, please give me one chance. Please let me prove myself. Please, please," she begged as the officers rose from their chair.

The third officer, Dr. Brew, who had been observing the proceedings until now interrupted,

"Sir, I think there is one way. We can help Miss Roy here to prove her patriotism. I spoke to her head of department yesterday, and apparently, our girl has very powerful skills of persuasion. Don't you Lisa?"

He was referring to the only professor Lisa had surrendered her body to, to avoid being expelled (she was caught during her viva, where she had let her examiner feel her assets). Lisa knew straight away what he was referring to and stared at him in horror and shock.

"Sir, Lisa has the perfect physical assets required for the Libyan job we were discussing. We just need to see whether she can persuade us to help her. If she does, well, I don't see any reason to deny her a place in the army in the future."

Lisa noticed a twinkle in the eyes of the other two officers as they exchanged evil smirks. She just stood there fixed at the spot, stunned at the unexpected turn of events. She could not do this. It was too big an ask. Her family's reputation was at stake. The proceedings that take place in this room would not stay a secret. She was bound to earn a reputation that she did not desire. She stood up, on shaking legs but said in a firm voice,

"No sir, I cannot do what you are asking me to do sir. I accept your decision," and made her way towards the door.

The men laughed. One of them said,

"The door is locked my dear. And it doesn't open till we make a call. Your only way out is to 'service' us. Willingly or not, is up to you."

Lisa turned around, her body shivering with fear as fresh tears appeared in her eyes. She begged to be let off, but in her heart she knew it wasn't going to work. David was the first one to reach her. He started molesting her breasts, which felt so amazing. He had never met anyone so young with such firm large breasts, on such a thin body. Lisa didn't resist and hoped that she'll be allowed to go if she just let these men feel her breasts. Her nipples were already hard from the treatment she was getting from David. They were poking through the thin fabric of the blouse. The other men, who were watching the show, had started rubbing their manhoods from over their pants. The General, Dr. Creasy then ordered her to give him a lap dance. Lisa was mortified. She knew this wasn't going to end soon. When she didn't move from her spot, she felt a hard slap on her face from David. He tore her blouse off her and thundered,

"Bitch! Do as you are asked to if you want this job. We, in the army, don't repeat our commands. We just shoot those who don't obey them. And stop acting; the way you dress you are inviting every passing male to fuck you. Stop your tearing habits and get to work."

He lifted Lisa off her feet and dropped her on the big man's lap. Lisa felt extremely uncomfortable. She was sobbing uncontrollably now, but she slowly started moving. She turned around to face the general, straddling his lap. This pushed her short skirt up, exposing her round tight ass. She slowly started gyrating on his hips dancing to some imaginary tune. She started moving to and fro on his lap intermittently lifting her body off him to tease him. She hoped he would come in his pants so she could avoid the original thing. The General was obviously enjoying this treatment and was moaning throughout,

"Mmmmm, nice... Bitch. Yes, yes give it to papa."

"Yes rub that filthy ass on me." and more such abuses were thrown at her.

Lisa removed his tie and throwing it behind his neck she pulled his head onto her bra-clad mountains. She hugged her head burying it in the deep valley of her breasts and started gyrating on his hips again. She was again lifted off from him only to be dropped on the fat colonel. She repeated the performance and soon noticed that the other two had got rid of their clothes and there were two massive cocks pointing directly at her face. She was taken aback yet again, and that momentary loss of balance caused her to fall down on the floor hard. She screamed in pain, but the others didn't give a fuck about it. She was brought on her knees in a second and in the next, the General's semi erect cock was poking her lips, trying to pry them open. Lisa gave in. She knew she had no option. Lisa's lush lips opened and she took the tip in her mouth. She hadn't sucked a cock other than her boyfriend's since a long time. She knew her lover always loved when she went down on him. But here she was taking the tool belonging to the man nearly old enough to be her grandfather in her hot mouth. The rod began to stiffen as she covered it with saliva and slowly took more of it in her oral cavity. The old man's cock was the biggest Lisa had ever seen. At 10 inches it filled her mouth completely and it was still growing! Creasy couldn't believe this young piece of ass giving him head. He watched the innocent brunette's head bob up and down on his stiff meat. He reached down for her bra clad nipples and started rolling them through the fabric. Lisa lost hold on herself and moaned audibly,


Creasy was having the time of his life. He put his hands in her thick hair and pulled her head on his tool completely, so that her nose was squished against his pubic bone! His cock was tickling her pharynx as she gagged on his monster cock. She looked at him, her eyes begging him to free her. Creasy then started fucking her face in earnest. From his heavy breathing, Lisa knew that he was on the verge of shooting his spunk. She cupped his heavy, hairy balls with one hand and stroked his tool with the other, preparing for the man to unload his wad into her mouth. Instantly, he stiffened and the thick semen shot to the back of her throat. Creasy let out an animalistic cry, but didn't loosen his tight grip on her hair. Though reluctant to do so, Lisa swallowed the thick, hot liquid as it entered her lips, intent on satisfying the man's demands. Creasy kept thrusting his cock into the young woman's mouth until it became slightly less hard. Lisa was afraid to let him out of her mouth for fear of upsetting him, but he finally pulled out, leaving a string of cum that fell from her chin to her breast to her thigh.

"Clean me up, baby."

Lisa complied. By this time the other men had helped her get rid of her skirt and the blouse. She now stood in just her silk bra and the thong which did nothing to hide her skin. Her next lover was the massively obese Col. George Hall. He wasted no time. He bent at the waist and kissed the young woman's buttocks.

"Sweet cake, open up for ol' George," he said.

He made her bend over the massive table in the room, parted her ass cheeks. He pulled the thong from his way, the flimsy material tearing off her body. He positioned his cock against her vagina and with a single thrust entered her completely.

Lisa realized that he wasn't nearly as big as Creasy was and that his little penis was slender and nearly harmless. But he drilled the young lady from behind for all he was worth anyway. As slutty as it made her feel, Lisa knew that she need the man to reach his climax quickly. She wanted this to get over as soon as possible. She flexed her muscular buttocks and her upper thighs knowing that he would not be able to withstand such an aggressive sexual move by her. Her wet pussy squeezed his cock gently, but as effectively as if she had used her hand. She released the pressure and then reapplied it, milking the man's cock. George moaned. The paunchy man reached around Lisa and held onto her full breasts as he fucked her hard.

Lisa still couldn't believe that this was happening to her. She was the envy of every girl in college. Guys went to extremes to get between her legs. And yet, here she was, bent over a desk taking the second cock within her in as many minutes, while the other men watched her get banged. And worse from her view, she was thinking of ways to speed up their climaxes. She wondered if she was becoming a whore. She was mortified at what she was being forced to do, but a bit of pleasure worked its way into her anguished mind. This bothered her immensely, but she knew that it was there, however slight.

George grabbed her ponytail, and yanked it hard while he was fucking her from behind. He might have been riding a horse! But he came soon enough, much to Lisa's relief. His little cock spit forward its milky emission. Lisa's love hole accepted the deposit unwillingly, but accepted it nonetheless. As George pulled his cock out of Julie, he dropped his semen everywhere. He ordered Lisa to clean the mess, and she obliged.

Her last lover was the captain. Lisa thought he was handsome too, but she dismissed the thought immediately. He was the one responsible for the situation she was in and she hated him with all her heart.

He approached her from behind and pulled her to him. Her backside was positioned next to his hard cock and she could feel his size on the soft skin of her butt. He was big! His big hand pulled her bra straps off her shoulders and unhooked the clips. The massive mounds were finally free of their restraints. His hands started feeling her nipples and breasts. Then he whispered in her ear, "Go lay on the desk, I'm going to fuck you!"

David watched as the naked young doctor walked away from him to the table. Her ass cheeks were perfectly round and muscular. What a perfect body! He was soon going to give this ass a workout.

He watched as her downcast eyes told him that she was going to do whatever he said. Her big breasts lay proudly on her chest as she did as she was told.

David lay atop of Lisa, his muscular body completely covering the petite brunette beneath him as he pistoned his big stiff tool in and out of Lisa's defenseless love hole. He had been working her for nearly half an hour and Lisa's body was covered with a thin sheen of sweat. Her well formed thighs were splayed beneath him and her ankles wrapped the backs of his calves as he rode her. He held both ass cheeks in his hands as he pulled his blood engorged dick nearly entirely out of her pussy before he slammed it in with an audible slapping sound against her pubis. Lisa's arms were around David's torso and could not reach all the way around his back. Instead, her hands held on to his back as her body absorbed the heavy shocks of each of his thrusts. Despite her fear and humiliation, Lisa's trembling thighs offered no resistance to the wanton assault by David's cock. In fact, she squeezed David's thrusting sword as tightly as if it belonged to her beloved boyfriend.

Each time the captain pumped his tool into the girl, she moaned audibly.



"Yesssss. Mmmmmmmm...."

At last the man's body stiffened and he cried out as he began to empty his spunk filled sac into the young woman below him. Lisa's body finally gave in as well, and her orgasm induced cries also rent the air.

The man then lay on top of her for several seconds before he rolled his big body off of hers. Lisa was completely mortified at what she had just done. As soon as she could, she scampered off the desk and began dressing as fast as she could. The other men were already dressed. Gen. Dr. Creasy spoke,

"Lisa your test is not over yet. We cannot confirm your appointment. The undercover job demands you to be a call girl. The man that we are after is the dictator of a country in the Middle East, whom we are trying to locate, without much success. We have information that girls from our country are taken to him to satisfy his carnal needs. We know he man who is involved in this trade. What we want to know from you is whether you are capable of pulling this job off, you have the physical requirements for the job, that's for sure, but to prepare you mentally we need to train you. You will stay in a Motel named Home Inn. It is right next to this office, and is frequently visited by a lot of men who wish to 'relieve' themselves. You will stay there for a week, during which your activities will be observed by Capt. David Brew himself. You say you want to serve this country. Do you think you will be able to do this?" he finished.

He spoke so casually he might have been discussing weather prospects, thought Lisa. These monsters were here to make her a prostitute. They were making sure she stayed within THEIR reach, in case they wanted to shoot a load or two in her. She didn't understand why this was happening to her. She had the perfect academic records, which she knew weren't helping her much. She knew what she had to do, even if it was going to destroy her mentally.

"Sir, even though your proposal means I become a prostitute, I agree to do it for my country. I will do anything to prove mine and my father's innocence". She had completely surrendered her modesty to these rascals.

"Good. I will make the necessary arrangements then," said Capt. Brew rising up from this chair.

"Lisa you are supposed to check in the motel tomorrow night at 8 sharp. The keys will be in the name of 'Angel' and the room charges will have been taken care of. You will find the necessary materials and some money in the room", he finished.

(To be continued...)

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