tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLisa Learns a lesson

Lisa Learns a lesson


"Ronnie, is that you?" I holler as I hear the door to my house open and then shut. I hear my husband put down his briefcase in the hallway near the front door. I hear his foot steps coming down the hall toward the kitchen where I am washing dishes.

"Hi darling, how was your day?" I say as he walks up behind me. He doesn't say a word as he wraps his arms around me cupping a breast in each hand. He pushes my hair away from my neck with his nose and begins to kiss me ever so slowly. His kisses slowly climb my neck till he reaches my ear. When he gets to my ear lobe he slowly sucks it into his mouth. I can feel his breath in my ear. He has reached his hands down into the neck of the dress I am wearing to get to my breasts without any material standing between them and his big hands. Suddenly he pinches both nipples and bites my ear at the same time. I scream out in shock.

Ronnie lets go of my nipples and spins me around. He grabs me by the throat and holds me to where my feet are barely touching the ground.

"Tell me Lisa, have you been a good little wife today?" he snarls as he watches me try to support myself on my toes that are barely touching the ground

"Yes Ronnie." I squeak out from under his grasp. Instantly he drops me to the ground. I land hard with my hip hitting the tile.

"Excuse me slut! What did you say?" He roars from above me. I cower down hanging my head low I softly reply "yes sir, I was a very good wife today sir."

He looks down at me and then slaps me hard across my right cheek. "Well I don't believe that you are telling me the truth Lisa. You see Mr. Olsen from next door called me today. It seems that you have been letting his 18 yr old daughter hang out over here after school. Bridgett is her name isn't it?"

Bridgett lives next door and she is only a few years younger than me so we like to talk about girly stuff sometimes. When I hang out with her she fills me in on all the things I have been missing since marrying Ronnie. I am not supposed to have people at the house while Ronnie isn't home though s now I understand why he is furious.

"Well you little bitch, I am going to teach you a lesson today that you will never forget, Bridgett too. You will follow my rules even when I am not around to enforce them. Bridgette is coming to stay the night tonight. I told Mr. Olsen that I was going out of town and that she would be good company for you."

I am scared to death now. I don't know what he is going to do to me but I know that his punishments are never to be looked forward too. He turns and heads for the living room without saying a word to me. I get up and return to my dishes.

About an hour later the doorbell rang. My heart stopped. I knew it was Bridgett. I didn't know what Ronnie had planned but I hoped it wouldn't involve poor Bridgett. I heard Ronnie answer the door and tell her that I was in the kitchen.

Bridgett came bouncing into the room just like she always does. Bridgett is as cute as any 18 yr old can be. She walks into the room and says "Hey Lisa, I thought Ronnie was going out of town. Or at least that is what my daddy told me."

Ronnie walks into the kitchen and puts his arm around Bridgett's shoulders. "Why don't we all go into the living room" he says as he turns her toward the door." We have lots to talk about"

The second he gets Bridgett into the living room he sits down in his big easy chair and pulls Bridgett down into it on his lap. She looks confused. "Ronnie I don't think I should be sitting" she starts to say but he stops her in mid sentence with a full open kiss. When he lets her loose he starts talking before she can say anything. "You see Bridgett, Lisa has been a very bad wife and broken my rules so she has to e punished, and since you helped her break the rules I figured that you should be involved in her punishment."

"Lisa come sit at my feet." "I want you to see this very closely." He says as he pulls Bridgett's shirt up over her head. She starts to object but Ronnie gives her a look that tells her that he means business. When he got her shirt past her gorgeous little titties they bounced free into the air. It is chilly in the room so they are already accentuated by her hard little nipples. Next Ronnie lifted her ass up and pulled her itty bitty shorts down off of her ample ass. She wasn't wearing any panties and her precious little cunt was wide open right in front of my face. There sat my cute little neighbor girl butt ass naked in my mean ass husbands lap and me at his feet. All I could think is this wont end well.

"Lisa, Bridgett is naked. Are you going to be rude and let her be naked all alone?" Ronnie asked me as I sat there and stared.

"No sir" I stammered as I took off my dress. I was wearing nothing underneath as that is another one of Ronnie's rules.

"AH now that is better, he said while he still had Bridgett in his lap. I could see that he had a nipple in each hand and he was pinching and pulling on them not enough to make her scream but just enough to make her let out a soft moan then and again.

"Bridgett," he says softly into her ear "I am going to fuck you now and Lisa is going to help me."

With that he slides his huge penis out of the running shorts he had changed into earlier. He grabbed Bridgett by the hip and positioned right over the head of his dick. In one swift motion he plunged the poor girl down onto that hug monster or his. The look on her face told me that se had never had anything that large inside of her. I felt sorry for her because I knew her pain, but at the same time my jealousy was overcoming me because I wished it was me having that huge cock being shoved in me.

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