tagBDSMLisa Learns to Love Ch. 02

Lisa Learns to Love Ch. 02


Lisa rolled over and stretched. For the second morning in succession she found herself in Judy's bed. She thought back over what had happened yesterday. The afternoon had been so intense, and then, in the playroom, she'd never felt so wild, so uninhibited, so incredibly turned on. She blushed when she remembered telling Christine to 'Lick me bitch! Lick my cunt out!' She never used language like that. It was as if she'd found an inner self, free from the inhibitions of normal life.

And afterwards, in bed with Judy, then it had been soft and gentle. Sweet caresses, two bodies melting together in mutual pleasure. In Judy's arms she felt safe and protected. This is where she wanted to be. And to think that she had always thought of lesbians as having crew cuts, dungarees and Doc Martin boots! She couldn't deny it now. Her relationship had gone far beyond 'good friends'. How would she ever tell Mum and Dad? Still she'd cross that bridge when she got to it. No point in upsetting them, especially as now she lived so far from home. They didn't need to know, not yet anyway, and never the full story.

Talking of Judy, where was she? Lisa glanced at the bedside clock. Nearly ten o'clock! Time she was up and about, even on a Sunday. She got out of bed and scampered to her room to find something to wear around the house. A pair of loose fitting cotton pyjamas would do just fine. She didn't want to get fully dressed quite yet. What were Sundays for if not lazing around the house? She went down stairs, fixed herself a cup of coffee, and went off to find Judy.

Judy was in the study working on the PC. When Lisa entered she looked up. "Oh, is that coffee? I don't suppose you made one for me?"

"Sorry, I didn't think."

"Never mind. Maybe we'll discuss that later." There was a twinkle in Judy's eye. "Come and have a look."

Judy had plugged her camera into the PC and was busy with the picture editor.

"I'm looking for something nice for the album. What do you think?"

Lisa sat down beside Judy and looked at the screen. It was covered in thumbnails of the pictures taken last night. She hadn't realised that Judy and Christine had been so busy taking them. She guessed she had been too involved with other things at the time. One shot of her bent over the horse was reminiscent of the photo that had started it all. The thumbnail didn't show much detail so she reached for the mouse and double clicked on it to bring it to full screen. The camera was obviously a good one. The picture was clear and sharp.

"Yes, I like that one too. But what about this one?" Judy took back the mouse and opened up another picture. This one showed Lisa in full action with the flogger on Christine's bottom and thighs. Again the picture was sharp and clear. The expression on Lisa's face betrayed the depth of her emotion.

"I guess I got a bit carried away." Lisa confessed.

"You did, didn't you? Christine will know all about it this morning!" Judy laughed. "You're quite the little minx when you get going. And the language!"

Lisa blushed again. "I'm sorry, I didn't realise that you had heard that bit."

"Don't be sorry. We all get carried away. That's what it's all about. Anyway, how's your bottom this morning? A bit sore perhaps?"

"A bit! It's covered with bruises."

"Let me see."

Lisa got up from the chair, turned away from Judy and shyly pushed down her pyjama bottoms. Judy swivelled her chair around to face Lisa and reached out to stroke her. Gently she felt around the twin globes of Lisa's bottom causing sharp little twinges from time to time. Then she bent forward and kissed it, one kiss on each cheek.

"You're fine, they'll be gone in a day or so. Anyway it isn't a proper session if it doesn't leave a reminder or two." Judy laughed. "Now pull your pyjama bottoms back up and sit down. I'd like three good shots from last night and we've plenty to choose from. I don't normally take so many from one session but as it was your first time I wanted to have something for both of us to remember it by."

Lisa did as she was told and the two women went back to studying the photos.

"Who gets to see these?" Lisa asked. "I mean they're private, aren't they? You don't go posting them on the web or anything, please tell me you don't."

"Don't worry, there just for you and me. I don't post them anywhere." Judy leaned across and kissed Lisa. She wasn't being strictly true but Lisa wasn't ready for the whole truth, not yet anyway. It was true she didn't post them on the web but around the club... but Lisa didn't know about the club yet. Soon maybe, but not today.

Eventually they chose one of Lisa across the horse, one of her flogging Christine and one with her buried under Judy's gown. You couldn't see much of Lisa in the last shot, just her bottom sticking out covered in bright red stripes, but Judy's face and her hands reaching down to the back of Lisa's head, showed the passion of the moment. They were busy printing them off when the front door bell chimed.

Judy glanced out of the study window. "That's Christine come for her clothes. Come on, let's go and have a coffee with her." Judy went to answer the door as Lisa went to the kitchen to put on the kettle. As they chatted over coffee around the kitchen table Lisa once again found herself the junior partner. Judy and Christine had such a history together. They had things to chat about that Lisa wasn't involved in and she was beginning to feel quite left out. Judy noticed her discomfort.

"Well Christine, what do you think of young Lisa here?"

"She's got a strong right arm, I can tell you that!" Christine laughed. "It's lovely to find another playmate for our club, especially one so young and pretty."

"Club? What club?" Lisa was puzzled. "I remember you said 'Welcome to the club' last night."

Judy kicked Christine beneath the table. "Oh, it's just an expression. I just mean the three of us." Christine was flustered. She hadn't realised that Judy hadn't told Lisa about the club. She hoped she'd covered OK. "Anyway, you certainly got carried away last night. Which do you prefer? Top or bottom?"

"Sorry, I'm not sure I understand."

"Ok, which did you prefer, flogging me or being caned by Judy?"

Lisa thought about this for a while. What she really liked was worshipping Judy but when she had been flogging Christine she had felt a different high, almost as intense. "I'm not sure." She was uneasy about opening up in front of Christine. She seemed so easy and matter of fact. To Lisa this was still not something she could talk about freely. Also, whilst it's odd to call someone a stranger when you were performing lewd and intimate acts with her only twelve hours ago, Lisa still felt uneasy around Christine.

"Well anyway, sometime soon I want to get my own back. Give you a taste of your own medicine. I normally prefer to be bottom but variety's the spice of life."

"I loved your outfit." Lisa felt she had to change the subject.

"Thank you. Judy helped me choose it." Once again Lisa felt a stab of jealousy at being reminded at how much Judy and Christine had in common. "What about you? What would you like?"

Lisa felt she had to stake her ground. "I'd like a proper maid's outfit. Last night's was just put together from bits and pieces that Judy found. I'd like the real thing." She turned to Judy. "Will you help me buy it? Please?"

"Of course I will," Judy replied. "Just one point. You do know how expensive they are, don't you?"

"No, no I don't. Is it much?"

"Well, for a complete outfit you're looking at three to four hundred pounds. I know a shop that specialises in period accuracy. That's the point. Those things you get from the sex shops just look cheap and tatty. To get the correct mood you want the real thing."

Lisa was silent for a while. She was determined to buy a proper outfit. Last night her bits and pieces had felt out of place beside the perfection of Judy's and Christine's outfits. And there was another thing.

"Where do you get the collars from? I'd like one a bit like Christine's" Lisa asked.

"From all over the place but I get the from the same shop. Again they're not cheap but quality never is. But you shouldn't buy that. You collar should be given to you by your mistress. It's part of being owned." Another stab of jealousy. The collar that Christine had worn must have been given to her by Judy.

Lisa sat there quietly fuming. She tried to keep a smile on the outside but her insides were in turmoil. "That bitch turns up with her fancy clothes and fancy collar." She thought to herself. "I'll always be in second place, always second to her!"

Christine finished her coffee and put down the cup. "I must be off. I'll go downstairs and pack up." She grabbed a suithanger she had brought with her. "Lisa, be a darling, some of the bits are upstairs. Would you go and get them?"

Still fuming Lisa went upstairs to the bedroom and grabbed the few bits that Christine had taken off up there last night. Then she went back downstairs to the playroom where Christine was busy packing the suithanger and Judy was tidying up. "Here you go." She offered the bits to Christine trying not to sound too offhand.

Christine finished packing as Judy and Lisa continued to tidy. "Right, that's it. I'm off." Picking up the suithanger Christine headed for the door. Judy saw her out and returned to the playroom.

"I get the impression you're not too keen on Christine." Judy said as she re-entered.

"Well, err..." Lisa did not want to upset Judy. After all Christine was her oldest friend. However, if she couldn't hide her feelings perhaps she should be honest. "It's just... It's just that... Well, does she have to wear a collar with your name on it?"

"Do I detect a bit of jealousy, young lady? Well?"

"I'm your slave, I'm the one with the chain around me. I don't want to share you." Lisa blurted. She hadn't wanted to betray herself like that but it all came tumbling out.

Judy came over and held her gently by the shoulders. "I thought so. Look, I like to play games with lots of partners. The more the merrier some times. You're going to have to live with that. I hope you'll want to join in. But if it's any consolation remember, you're the one in my bed at night, you're the one I cuddle up to. You mustn't get games mixed up with real life. Of course she wears my collar. We go back a long way and when I'm in charge it's only right that she wears it, but that's all it is. Anything further died between us a long time ago. You're my girl now, you and only you."

"Thank you Judy. Thank you." Lisa felt a huge wave of relief. She almost fell forward into Judy's arms.

"Now come along, stop being a silly and come upstairs. We've finished down here. Let's go and get dressed. It's time we got on with the day."

Judy and Lisa went upstairs to Judy's bedroom. Lisa was just picking up her clothes ready to go to her room to get dressed when Judy turned to her.

"Do you mind me saying something? You're a bit bushy downstairs. You could do with a trim."

"I've tried but any time I go near with scissors I get nervous and start shaking. I'm worried I'll cut off more than hair."

"You don't want to use scissors. I've got just the thing." Judy rummaged in a draw and produced a set of professional hairdresser's clippers. She clicked on a number one guard to give the closest possible trim without actually shaving all the hair off. "Here, let me do it for you."

Judy organised Lisa lying on the bed with a towel beneath her to catch the hairs. She plugged in the clippers and got on the bed next to Lisa. As soon as she started to approach Lisa began to squirm away. "Stay still. I don't want to clip anything I shouldn't."

Lisa stayed as still as she could but as soon as the clippers touched Lisa's belly she started squirming again.

"If you can't stay still I'll have to tie you down. That will keep you still," Judy mocked.

"Would you?" Lisa replied with a wicked grin. The idea of being tied down whilst she was being shaved seemed rather appealing.

"Just wait there." Judy switched off the clippers and put them down. She went to the wardrobe and retrieved the holdall. She returned to the bed carrying four leather shackles. It didn't take long before Lisa was tied fast, spread-eagled across the bed. Judy didn't stop at that, however. Returning to the holdall she brought out a black leather blindfold. This fitted snugly and cut out any chance of Lisa seeing anything. Lisa was expecting to hear the clippers start up again. Instead, there was the sound of more rummaging. She felt Judy get back on the bed. Judy gripped Lisa's nose with her fingers. In surprise Lisa opened her mouth which allowed Judy to push in what felt like a rubber ball. Indeed it was a rubber ball but with a leather strap through it to hold it in place. Judy lifted her head and fastened the strap. The gag was uncomfortable without being painful and it allowed Lisa to breath. Conversation, however, would be limited to grunts and squeaks. Lisa lay there bound, blindfolded and gagged. She felt Judy move around on the bed and the sound of the clippers started again.

The blindfold and the gag seemed to heighten Lisa's senses. The straps which bound her made her feel helpless and vulnerable, she was truly at Judy's mercy. Then she felt the clippers touch her stomach. Even is she had been free the vibrations of the clippers would have been erotic. Tied up as she was her whole body seemed to tingle. She felt the clippers begin to shave away her hair. Judy was obviously taking her time. Lisa could only guess whether she was just being thorough or whether she was aware of how intense this was. As the clippers worked lower Lisa began to squirm against her bonds. Judy laid her hand on Lisa's stomach to hold her steady. It didn't stay there long though because as the clippers moved lower Judy had to use her other hand to push the flesh apart so as to get into the cracks. As she manipulated Lisa's labia she brushed against her clitoris either by accident or design sending thrills of excitement through her body. Lisa's breath was shallow and panting. Her moans stifled by the gag. The vibration of the clippers against her skin in most intimate places was driving her wild. She couldn't take much more, she felt herself starting to climax, any second now...

Judy switched off the clippers and sat back. She was well aware of the state Lisa was in. Lisa was begging to be allowed to come but the words were stifled by the gag. "What's that, little one? I can't hear you," she mocked. "Have I left you a little excited?"

"Please! Please!" Lisa begged but it came out as a muffled "Eeee! Eeee!"

Gently Judy brushed her fingers against Lisa's labia. The short hairs gave a tingling feeling. "Is that what you want?" she teased. "But you'll have to wait a while. I come before you do. That's the rules."

Lisa nodded her head in agreement pleading with her eyes. She would have agreed to anything right then. She felt Judy undo the strap that held the gag and then it was removed. She sighed in pleasure but was told firmly to keep quiet. Then she felt Judy kneel either side of her head. The unmistakable taste and feel of Judy's vagina rested on her mouth. Lisa pushed out her tongue and searched for Judy's clitoris. Judy put a considerable portion of her weight on Lisa, forcing herself on her. It didn't take long before Judy was moaning in pleasure. She pushed herself harder into Lisa's face urging her on. Her moans turned to gasps and with a cry of "YES! YES! OHHH LISA!" she shuddered as she came.

After a pause to get her breath back Judy manoeuvred herself off Lisa and lay down beside her. Judy reached an arm across and started stroking Lisa's lower belly. Lisa felt Judy's fingers busily probing, searching, finding her. Judy started to kiss her breasts homing in on the nipples. Lisa felt Judy's teeth nibbling, no biting at them. As Lisa's tension grew higher so Judy bit harder. Finally she could take it no more. Arching her back she came in wave after wave. Sobbing with exhaustion and emotion she collapsed back onto the bed.

Judy lay beside Lisa stroking her gently as she got her breath back. Then she tenderly removed the shackles and blindfold. Lisa rolled over to hug her. They locked together, relaxing in each other's arms.

"Come on, it's shower time." Judy said at last.

"With you?"

"If you want. But no hanky-panky. We really must get on with the rest of the day.

"I could just lie here forever." Lisa sighed.

"So could I, but we mustn't. Come on now."

The two of them got up and got on with the day.

When Lisa returned to work on Monday she had hardly sat down when her team leader came over.

"You look happy." He said.

"Yes, I had a great weekend."

"Well don't get too settled. I've just been told that the Orion project has to be finished in a fortnight. The customer has changed the deadline."

"A fortnight! We'll never be ready."

"Looks like there's going to be lots of overtime."

For the next two weeks Lisa hardly seemed to be home at all. Work simply took over. Late into the evenings and all day Saturday and Sunday Lisa was stuck at work getting the project ready. When she was home she was too exhausted to do anything other than collapse. Their nights in bed together held nothing more athletic than a few kisses and cuddles. On Fridays Judy went out as usual but Lisa was too exhausted to even wonder where she went. Finally it was over. The boss called them in for a meeting.

"Well done all of you. Thanks to all the hard work from this team we managed to meet the deadline. Management are delighted. As a way of special thanks you've all been awarded a bonus. Two hundred pounds each. That's how much it meant for us to get the contract. Once again, many thanks."

As Lisa and her workmates returned to the office they were all chatting animatedly. "Lisa, what are you going to spend your bonus on?" one of her workmates asked.

"I'm not sure," she replied. She wasn't going to tell them what she was thinking of. Two hundred pounds! And there would be plenty to follow with all the overtime. It had been hard work but what a windfall at the end of it. When work finished she raced home to tell Judy.

"Judy, you know you said a maid's uniform would cost around three or four hundred pounds. Well, I think I can afford it now." Excitedly she told Judy all about the windfall. "When can I get it? Soon I hope."

"There's that specialist shop I know. We could go mail order but it's much better to make a visit. Why don't I book a session? We'll have to go up to London."

"That sounds great. Can we go next weekend?"

"I'll phone up and see." Judy went off to the study to get the phone. Lisa could just hear her making the call. After a few minutes she returned.

"That's fine. It's all booked. They can fit us in on Saturday." Lisa wondered slightly why they had to book and why they had to be fitted in but she left it at that.

The week seemed to drag by. On Wednesday Judy gave Lisa a light spanking but nothing serious, just over the knee with a hair brush. She seemed to be holding herself back. Finally Saturday arrived. At six-thirty the alarm clock began is shrill tone.

"Come on sleepyhead." Judy bounced out of bed. "You can't lie there all morning. We've got to catch the eight o'clock to town.

Lisa dragged herself out of bed. She wasn't good at mornings at the best of times and Judy had kept her up late last night, kissing and cuddling together. She showered and started to dry herself. As she did Judy produced the chain again.

"Come here, I want you to wear this today." She fastened the chain around Lisa's waist as before. Now that Lisa was close cropped the feeling as it bumped against her was even more intense. Lisa searched out a dress to wear. Since she had started sharing a bed with Judy many of her clothes had migrated to Judy's wardrobe. She chose something light and simple, something that she'd feel good about being naked underneath. Judy, she noticed, was choosing more formal clothes. As they were starting to leave Judy turned to Lisa.

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