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Lisa Plays


The day started with Lisa asking if I wanted to go out and play that night after work. I replied that of course I wanted to go out. I got the idea that Lisa was horny and had a need to let herself go. She had been talking about doing this for a couple of days. We had only done this once before and she appeared to have a good time, although, after that night, she never mentioned it again. Then , a couple of weeks ago, Lisa started asking questions about what I would like her to do. I told her to do whatever she felt comfortable doing and don’t worry about me. I also had my doubts about her ever doing anything more than a little flashing or a touch. I also bet her anything she wanted that she would never go any further than a little look or a touch.

Let me explain Lisa’s idea of play. We go in a bar, separately, and sit at the bar where we can see each other. She wants me to watch her. Eventually a guy will strike up a conversation and as it progresses, Lisa proceeds to bare more and more skin. This gets the guys attention and he starts to make passes at her. I enjoy watching the expressions on Lisa’s face as she sees how far she can go with the play. I also get a big kick out of watching what a fool some guys will make of themselves when Lisa is playing. She knows that it is ok with me for her to go just as far as she wants to. I have told her that if it turns her on, do it! Occasionally, I will call her on her cell phone while she is playing and listen to her reaction when I talk to her. They never know who is on the phone.

Now Lisa is 38 years old and has three grown daughters. She looks extremely good for her age and lately has been working on tightening up her body because she e-mails me nude pictures of herself that she takes with her digital camera. She does very good work if I might say so, and I thoroughly enjoy the pictures. I hope she doesn’t get tired of doing this!! She tells me that she really gets turned on getting fixed up and taking pictures of herself in various sexy poses.

About a month ago, she sent me some pictures of herself, and it was very obvious that these were pictures made by someone else. I asked her who took the pictures and she told me that she had asked her friend to take some the last time she was there. Her friend is a girl about 40 who used to be a photographer. She is about 5’4, nice tits and hard body. Lisa has never had sex with her, but, thinks it would be fun to have both of them work me over sometime. I told her that it really wasn’t my bag, but, if that’s what she wanted, I would do it for her. She said that she would arrange it. If you can’t tell by now, Lisa is a very sexy lady and wants to experience everything she can before she reaches 50.

Getting on with the story, we arranged to meet at a bar on the north side of town that afternoon after work. I got there first and the place was empty. So, I called Lisa and asked her if she knew of another bar. She said yes and gave me directions. We arrived at this place about the same time and Lisa went in first. When I went in, it was a pool hall bar. She told me that this wasn’t the right place so we left after one drink.

We finally found the place she was looking for and Lisa went in first. I came in a minute or so later. She had seated herself at the end of the bar. I went around the end of the bar and sat down two seats down from her. Several guys in the bar were eyeing her when a young guy in a suit came in and took the place next to her. They immediately started talking and this guy was all over Lisa in a few minutes. She had her back to me and I couldn’t see her, or what she was doing, so when the guy went to the restroom, I called Lisa over, and told her to move around the corner of the bar where I could see her.

She did and I could see that she had unbuttoned a button on her dress, and her tits were showing very nicely. She had also unbuttoned a couple of buttons on the bottom of the dress, creating a slit that was open on the front almost to her crotch. She looked extremely sexy and from what I could tell, was feeling pretty sexy. She started getting closer to this guy and then I noticed the guy raise his hand and lick his fingers. Seeing this, I knew he had been playing with her pussy. He also let her lick his fingers. Then they kissed.

Meanwhile, a guy had come in and taken the seat next to me. We struck up a conversation and the talk eventually turned to Lisa, how good she looked and how lucky that young guy was. I told him that she was here when I got here and then this young guy came in and they had been going at it for about an hour. He kept saying that he wished he was young and good looking like that guy and wished that he could just walk in a bar and pick up a girl like that. I told him that he could. I told him that the next time the guy went to the restroom, I would get that girl to come talk to us. He said, “No way”.

When the guy left the next time I went over to Lisa and played like I was introducing myself to her. Then I introduced her to Pat. She came over to where we were seated and Pat was telling her to dump the young guy and let age and experience take care of her, meaning him. She said she would. All the while, I was playing with her pussy and noticed that she was extremely wet. I asked her if she was enjoying all the attention and she replied that she was having a blast. About that time the guy came back and Lisa had to go back to her seat. He was all over her and I could tell she was enjoying herself.

Shortly after that, without saying a word, she gathers all her stuff and leaves with the guy. I thought to myself, hmmm, I’ve been dumped for a 30 year old stud. I called her on her cell phone and she said she was trying to get rid of the guy and she would be back in a minute. Well, about 15 minutes later she still wasn’t back so I called her again. She said she was still trying to get rid of the guy. I asked her what she was doing with the guy and she wouldn’t answer me. She later told me that he was on his knees in the parking lot licking her pussy and she couldn’t get him to stop..

After a while, Lisa came back into the bar and sat down with Pat and I. I reached my hand under the slit in her dress and felt her pussy. It was soaking wet, almost dripping, and I asked her if she had enjoyed herself. She assured me that she had but the guy was a bit too aggressive for her tastes.

After a couple more drinks, we were all feeling pretty good and I said lets go. We all gathered our belongings and walked out to my SUV. Lisa got in the back seat and Pat and I got in the front. I told Lisa that we wanted to see her naked so she immediately started undoing the remainder of the buttons on her dress. When all were loose, she slipped the dress off her shoulders and put it aside, leaving her with a bra , garter belt and stockings only. No panties. Pat wanted her to take the bra off and she reached around and undid it, letting it fall off her shoulders, leaving her tits free. I started caressing her left breast and Pat was playing with her right breast. He then let his hand wander down to her shaved pussy and I could tell she was getting turned on. She had that look on her face that she gets when she is horny and ready to fuck. Pat then asked Lisa if he could nibble on her breast and she said yes.

As he was nibbling on her , I stepped out of the truck and got in the back where I could play with her better. I kissed her and started playing with her breasts and pussy. All the while, Pat was playing with her wet pussy and I laid Lisa down where I could get to her tits easier. When she laid down, Pat immediately started kissing her pussy and I was caressing her breasts. I moved a bit further back and she undid my pants and released my hard cock, playing with it as if she wanted it right then. I moved a bit further and she wrapped her lips around it and started giving me the best blow job I have ever had. As Lisa was sucking my hard cock, I looked and Pat was eating her pussy, running his tongue in and out and playing with her clit with his fingers.

Watching him eating her pussy really turned me on and must have done something for Lisa too because she was extremely turned on and was really working out on my cock. I was about to come and I tried to push her away but she stayed on it until I came. I never intended to come in her mouth but it felt so good that I couldn’t help it, and shot my load deep in her throat. I guess she swallowed it because my dick was clean when we got through.

All the while, Pat was eating her pussy. I could tell she was still wanting more, but I was shot so Pat crawled in the back and I thought he was fucking her but I couldn’t see anything but his ass. I would have given anything to be able to get another hard on then but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. After watching Pat’s ass moving up and down for a while, I started to feel really drunk and told them that I needed to go. Pat made some remark about me getting my rocks off and breaking up the party, but, I knew that I had an hour drive ahead of me and it was late. I told them they could continue this at a later date and Lisa said they damn sure would.

She later told me that she would have fucked Pat if he had gotten a hard on, but he couldn’t get it up. She said she played with him trying to get him hard, even sucked on his limp cock for a while trying to get him hard, but it didn’t happen. She said he told her that he had too much alcohol in him. We talked about it last night and she assured me that she loved the feeling of having two men play with her, and wanted to do it more. She said that it was the best thing that had ever happened to her as far as sex goes. She even sent me an e-mail this morning telling me to call Pat tonight and see if he wants to get together to finish what we started. I called Pat and told him of Lisa’s plan. He was excited and told me he would be here at 7pm. He told me to tell Lisa that he promised to get it up tonight. I called Lisa and told her, and she said she couldn’t wait!!! That’s another story, but Lisa has gotten into multiple partners since this adventure happened, and now wants to be sexy anytime we go anywhere, hoping that we can find another guy for her to seduce.

Since that time, she has done this several times. Some of her adventures have been the most satisfying sex any two people could ever imagine. She told me after the last time we did this that she would never be satisfied with just one man all the time. She told me that as long as we could do that occasionally, she would never fuck around without me present. I am very open minded and willing to do anything to please my lady!

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