Lisa's Ordeal


I was almost ready for work, showered, hair and make-up all done ," just got to get dressed," I thought, when the door bell rung. I was expecting a gas maintenance man but not for another half hour, and then I was leaving him in my home to service my gas boiler while I went off to work. I wrapped my dressing gown tightly around me and went to the door. Yes it was the gas man but half an hour early.

He was pleasant and apologised for being early, but he said that he had a lot to do that day and wanted to get off to an early start. He was in his fifties, I guess, and quite attractive, short hair and smelt nice. He wore a gas company T-shirt and track suit pants. He was quite fit, flat stomach and great biceps. He asked where the boiler was and I showed him the cupboard in the kitchen and then asked him if he wanted a cup of tea. He said "Yes, "and he went to get his tools and laptop from his van.

I left the tea in the kitchen and went to get dressed. I hadn't got my dressing gown undone before he called me asking me to get him some documents about the boiler. I went to the drawer in my living room where they were stored and knelt down to get them. When I got up he was standing over me.

I hadn't done a very thorough job of tying my robe around me and I noticed his eyes were focused on my gaping gown. I blushed and so did he. "What had he seen?" I thought.

I apologised and he just smiled. His hand went to his pants and adjusted what appeared be a rather large erection. I left the room and went to my bathroom. I could hear foot steps behind me and began to worry about what was going on.

I reached the bathroom door and he was standing behind me. I could smell his deodorant.

"What do you want?" I asked. A stupid question, but I wasn't thinking straight.

"I think you know what I want." He said smiling and ogling my cleavage.

Now, I'm not the sort of girl who has sex with a man on my first date neither do I have casual sex with strangers and I had never found myself in this position before. My heart fluttered and my mouth dried.

I just said to him "no way," I pulled my dressing gown around me and backed into the bathroom with the intention of locking myself in there. He held the door so I couldn't close it. He walked in facing me and took me by the shoulders and pulled me close to him stopping my flailing hands from beating his broad chest. He pressed his chest against my boobs and held me really tight. I had difficulty breathing. I could feel his erection pressing in to my stomach.

I shouted and screamed so he put his hand over my mouth. He held me tightly with just one arm. He managed to reach a face flannel from the wash basin forced it into my mouth while he held both my hands with one hand. He was so strong, I was helpless. He now dragged me to my bedroom and told me to find a scarf from my wardrobe. I refused but he lifted my dressing gown and spanked my bottom leaving me stinging.

"Right, you do as you are told or you will get more of that. You are a very dirty, teasing bitch who needs a really good seeing to and I'm the man to do it. I saw up your dressing gown when you revealed your pussy and down you top till I saw your nipples. Now if that isn't asking for it, I don't know what is. You were asking to be fucked. If you try to resist any more I will hurt you. If you play ball I will still hurt you but not so much" He said very sternly.

I showed him where to find a silk scarf and he tied my hands together in front of me and then he took another scarf. He pushed me back to the bathroom where he secured my hands with the second scarf to the shower curtain rail. I thought about pulling but I knew that if I pulled it down he would still get me. I just had to resign myself to my fate. "I wouldn't make it easy for him or enjoy it." I promised myself.

I was still wearing my dressing gown and just standing there with my hands above my head, the face flannel in my mouth, the dressing gown had come open and my breasts hung there for him to see. I could see my pubic hair so I was open right the way to my toes.

He left the room for few seconds and I heard the sound of my widows being closed. He came back to me and pulled my gown further open revealing everything and told me what a beautiful figure I had and he'd love to French kiss my mouth but would have to remove the gag to do that and he was afraid I would scream. He said he would remove the gag if I promised to keep quiet.

I nodded and he took the gag out. I said quietly that I would not scream and he said that he could soon put it back.

His erection was bulging from his pants and it was huge and almost pointing straight out. He adjusted it again. I was nervous now as it looked so long and thick. He noticed me looking and said "There will be plenty of time for you to see and feel that." He removed his t shirt and I could see his broad muscular chest and a forest of thick grey hair thick on his sternum and thinning around his nipples and down to his waist.

He kissed me roughly and I could feel his stubble chafing against my face and his rough tongue as he forced it between my lips and I just had to open my mouth to relieve the pressure. His mouth tasted of tea. His hands were roughly mauling my back and my buttocks and his wiry hairy chest pressed against my soft breasts. His hands roamed all over my neck and in my hair as he kissed my face, my neck and my ears. His hands were rough and made my skin tingle. I could feel his erection pressing against my belly. It felt enormous and as stiff as a rod of iron.

He let go and went behind me and reached under my gown and up to my breasts. His hands were so hard and his grip so firm. He stroked them roughly and pulled on my nipples hard which made me wince and take in a sharp gasp of breath. He then twisted my nipples till they really hurt. He pressed his erection into my bottom while he mauled me around the front. Then his fingers went down to my belly and stroked my softness before reaching further down to my pubes where he tangled his fingers in my wiry hair. A finger slipped down into the crevice and over my hooded clitoris sending an electric impulse through my whole body. His other hand squeezed my bottom.

His mouth was nibbling at my neck and my ears and down to my shoulders licking biting and sucking.

I tried hard not to give away the fact that it was sensational. A complete stranger, very masculine mature male was treating me rough, just like in my fantasies.

He uttered, "Come on you filthy whore, you know you are enjoying this, relax and let me fuck your cunt like you've never been fucked before."

His fingers roamed between my slit and he must have felt the moisture within those soft fleshy lips which would have given the game away. I know I was wet. Two rough fingers went inside me, not very gently I might add and his thumb was placed firmly on my hardening clit. He was not subtle, and began probing my vaginal channel and prodding my clit with his thumb.

His other hand reverted to massage my tits, pulling, twisting, pinching, massaging, and squeezing my helpless tits and nipples. I was feeling sore, but it didn't matter, I was enjoying this plundering of my soft curvaceous body.

His fingers worked deftly within my cavity and I was soaking him and my clit was harder that I have ever known. I could tell by his pressing and probing. He pulled at my vaginal lips and again his two fingers plunged into my depths.

He raised his hand to his face and licked and sucked the juice and went back for more. He now manoeuvred his other hand to my arse and probed my crack, up and down till he found his goal, my puckered orifice. He teased around the perimeter, around and around his index finger went and gradually he worked it in just a little, oh what a sensation and then he pushed hard with both hands. He forced three fingers into my sopping cunt and one into my arse hole. My knees went weak and he had to hold my up with his fingers inside me.

He massaged me ferociously and eventually I orgasmic with a loud grunt and groan which subsided after what seemed like ages, into a long low sigh.

He withdrew his fingers after a short time and said, "Now it's my turn."

He released me from the shower curtain rail but left my hands tied. He shepherded me to the bed where he laid me on my back and pushed my dressing gown up to reveal my naked body to his ogling eyes. He pulled my legs apart and got on his knees between my legs. He went straight between my legs with his tongue lashing at my wet pussy. His lips sucked on my labia until they were inside his mouth; he sucked on my clit and licked it without any restraint and then went for my arse with his very strong firm tongue. He actually penetrated me with that.

He lapped at my cunt like a dog and it didn't get any drier just got more and more soaked until he tired and now he wanted me to suck his massive cock. He knelt beside me and roughly pulled my head around till his cock was against my lips. I kept them closed but he forced his way in.

"Now suck on that you dirty bitch and lick that pre cum."

His huge bulbous head, purple with desire slipped past my lips, then the rigid powerful veined shaft disappeared. He kept going till I gagged and he withdrew. He did this six times and then asked me to suck and lick his cock again. I tasted the pre cum and the urine and his sweat and then he wanted his balls sucked. They were a size, hanging from his body more than I was used, but he was older than men I had done this to before and he was sweating profusely.

They tasted of sweat and I licked them clean until he could take no more. I could feel the tension in his cock as he staved off ejaculation. "Now I was going to get it." I needed more release as did he.

He got up and sat on a chair, and gestured me to sit on his cock. "Sit on my cock you filthy bitch and give me the time of my life or I will smack your arse till it's red raw." He growled.

I faced him and eased myself down using my tied hands to manipulate that purple head into my waiting slit. It took a while for me to feel comfortable as I rubbed it up and down my pussy lips. At last I eased myself further down ensuring I got the right angle to get full penetration and I did. It hit my cervix. It slipped in easily despite his thickness. All this time he fondled, he licked and he sucked on my jiggling tits.

Now I had to slide up and down this rod of steel to climax myself and get loaded with his cum. I worked away for a few minutes, my tits flying everywhere and then he erupted with loud groans and a stiffness of his whole body; the intensity of the situation brought me to another gorgeous climax. I kept pumping and he kept groaning and fondling my sore tits. This went on for longer than I dare admit, but finally he was satisfied. I stood and his cum ran down my leg all thick and gooey. He looked on proudly.

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