tagHumor & SatireLit-Ville's Halloween Trolls

Lit-Ville's Halloween Trolls

byMy Erotic Tail©

(I hope this story is not taken the wrong way and that it is enjoyed for it's tale and concept. The multiple comments of these critics inspired this tale. I did try to write this with an open mind but my eye's were sleepy and closing. Please feel free to constructively criticize this story and or vote the full spectrum but I warn you...it's laiden with grammar factors mainly due to the nature of this tale. Happy Halloween to all and I hope you enjoy the tale of, The Lit-Ville Halloween Trolls)

"My, the stars are bright out here," Durk exclaimed while gazing upward into the night sky. The Multitude of glistening stars sprinkled across the black veil of night. Towering dark trees surrounded the tiny group of campers. A small fire flickered in a light breeze encircled by some 'getaway for the weekend' couples.

"Go on...you're Stalling!" Diane pleaded while tugging on Durk's jacket sleeve to get his attention back to the group of waiting listeners. The slight constant sound of crickets echoed off the nearby Lake. An occasional bull frog bellowed

for a mate. Dry autumn leaves rustled lightly from the surrounding wilderness.

"Okay...okay! The Lit-Ville Halloween Trolls." Durk said smiling. Mustering up for a verbal speech, sitting cross legged and settled with his forearms resting on his legs. "You sure you want to here this?"

"Yes, come on already...geez. I've had faster surgery than some of your stories." Stan blurted. His arm was wrapped around Pricilla. She had pulled the blanket over them but, their hands were pretty busy for two people to be sitting staring into a fire and listening to camp fire tales.

"All right, there was this place, called Lit-ville. This realm was for real Creative Thinkers, Writers, Poets, Body Art, Models, Men and Women drawn by an Erotic nature..."

"Erotic? Is this a scary story?" Pricilla asked with a giggle. Her body pressed into Stan's somewhere under that blanket of blue. She nestled into Stan even more. Her ponytailed, blonde hair shimmered from the fires radiant flares. White faced, red cheeked and wide eyed, She smiled at Durk.

"Yes Erotic! Human nature dictates that Men and Women are driven by their animal urges for food, sleep, and sex." Durk blurted.

"Get on with it Prof. Jerk." Jack said while tossing a small pebble at Durk's foot. Gina was sprawled out next to him. Her arms behind her holding her up, pressing her round breasts outward while her legs shot straight out towards the fire, open. Her jeans appeared patched with splotches of sand where she had sat, next to Jack.

"Okay any way...It's a tale of Trolls one Halloween. As I was saying before when I was so pleasantly interrupted." Durk winked at Pricilla with a big smile. His mouth dropped open and his eyes got wide. Pricilla was watching him smiling back. She raised up from her nestled spot, Stan's chest. Even Stan noticed the pain stricken silent face of Durk. As if he wanted to scream but couldn't. His mouth wide open and a sliver across his face as if a tear had fallen. Durk's body was tense and ridged. His face was turning red as if he was holding his breath. Stan sat up.

"Interrupt this!" Diane said as she let go from her pinching hold she had on Durk, between his legs. A silent rumble of laughter rang out from five of the six campers. Durk was trying to maintain and recoup from her death grip she had inflicted on his man hood. Diane turned slightly away from Durk letting it be known that she assaulted him and is still angry.

"Okay, I see how you are. Your No Lit-ville Troll. You don't care who knows what you say or do." Durk said as Diane smiled at his comment. Durk reached out putting his arm around Diane and pulling her back to his side lightly. She scooted closer and settled in.

"The Trolls, Durk!" Jack spat.

"Okay, Lit-ville had Trolls. You know, like the pied piper had Rats and that guy in Ireland that drove out the snakes. Well Lit-ville had Trolls."

"What's a Troll? Are they kinda' like those gremlins or Leprechauns?" Gina asked while she sat upright. Put her hand on Jacks leg and started rubbing it lightly. Looked up at him and smiled. Jack was sitting on a very low stump. He was antsy, always anxious and never settled. Gina was chilled right now but most of the time the two were entertaining and talkative. At the moment Gina had roaming hands and Jack sat back encouraging her exploration of his body's regions.

"Well, Trolls are hard to describe. Trolls are actually normal people that transform into an Anonymous. They..." Durk answered.

"A what?" Jack blurted with a puzzled look on his face.

"An Anonymous...like Ninjas, They're there but they're not really there. You never see them but they leave destructive trails that shows that they've been there." Durk replied.

"Oh Okay," Jack settled into Gina's soothing strokes along his thigh. Her half cocked smile gave it away that she's getting 'Erotic' feelings as she curled up a bit closer. Her fingers lingered around his crotch area, toying.

"Any Way! Lit-ville has Trolls. These Creative people that gathered to share their works and creations. Exchange Ideas on literary Art, Photos, forums and Contests were stricken with Trolls. The problem seem to be worst around Halloween. Troll's love to spoil Trick or Treats."

"Photos?" Gina perked up smiling. Her hand run up the length of Jacks leg into the shadows of his silhouetted form. The dying fire's flickers allowed the darkness to swallow them up. Durk was poking at the log and turning it slightly to revive the phoenix again. Putting more sticks into its center and settling back against Diane. The camp grew lighter yet darkness hovered. The three couples huddled even closer in the cool, frisky air.

"Yes, Photos too. Freedom of expression in a forum of BDSM, gay/lesbian..." Jack nudged Gina's leg and they both snickered. "Straight, Erotic, No-Erotic, Romance, Fetish, Poetry and the list goes on." Durk took a deep breath and smiled as he felt Diane's hand run slowly between his legs. "Masturbation, Hand jobs, Blowjobs..."

"Wow, cool place this Lit-ville," Gina said with renewed interest, in something between Jacks legs. She smiled and tilted her head waiting for Durk to continue. "Zip," Gina smiled even bigger. Every one looked at Jack who was smiling and shrugged his shoulders. Jack boldly pulled his pants down a bit. Their faces, knees and hands lit up by the fires illumination but every thing else was pretty much a dark, moving shadow.

"Anyway," Durk said as he rolled his eyes. "These hideous, unhappy Trolls would come out during contests mostly. Taking little chips away from the Creative works of others. Transforming themselves into these invisible 'Anonymous' and spatting negative feedback in gibberish and jabber. Which effected many of the people at Lit-ville." Durk looked at Diane and smiled. "Pesky, exasperating vermin, ranting and raving about possessions, gram'ser and writing (Sic)." He said while poking the fire with a long stick. The flames grew as the fire was renewed. "You ever see 'Gremlins' in a frenzy?"

"Hey...Sounds like Jack on a Tequila night." Gina said as it was obvious she wanted everyone to see her hands jerking strides as Jack blasted his load. Gina's face was one big smile as her hand rapidly finished it's jerking strides. Jack tilted his head back and 'Howled' at the Moon. A light 'sizzle' sound, came from the fire. A coyote replied in the distance and everyone froze, then giggled. Jack curled up forward to stop Gina's busy hand and kissed her passionately. Grabbing her head rather roughly and mashing his lips into hers. Licking her lips, cheeks and face, wildly.

"Hummm...Get a room," Durk said under breath as he cleared his throat loudly. Diane still had the deer in the head light look at what had just happened, in front of her not so virgin eyes. Pricilla giggled and seem to be busy, herself.

"That was for Lit-ville," Gina said smiling, while licking her fingers. 'Smacking' and 'sucking' them fully. Jack put his snake away and 'zipped' back up his pants proudly.

"Gina!" Blurted Diane in disbelief of her boldness.

Gina gripped her breast tightly and swayed in her sitting position back and forth. "You want some too? Here sweetie." Gina said while she stuck her finger out towards Diane. One hand rubbed her breast fully while the other taunted Diane. Diane shook her head back and forth in a 'No' gesture. "Suit yourself." Gina said smiling then licked her fingers smiling.

"ANY Way... " Durk started. "One Halloween Lit-ville was having a Halloween contest as usual. All the Literary Art with the season theme was listed for public display. Many people from Lit-ville entered this gala and 'yep' as usual the Troll's left their mark. A moan could be seen on a post or two where they got the dreaded '1' Bomb." Durk picked up his poking stick and poked at the fire's, red center.

"A contestant named 'Wouldyoubelieve' entered the contest and laid a trap to catch the Trolls on Halloween night."

"Good for you 'Wouldyoubelieve'. What's a one bomb?" Pricilla asked cumming back to life, under the blanket. Snickering then settled back into Stan who was all ears or just looking Durk's way and really a million miles away.

"Trolls tossed these little One Bombs. Some were devastating. But generally they hindered the rate of a creation. Well, 'Wouldyoubelieve' created a piece that was riddled with Nano-bots in a script of Mega byte-me technology." Durk looked around to see if his audience was still attentive. "What that means is, 'Wouldyoubelieve didn't create Literary Art to win the contest. 'Wouldyoubelieve's creation was a trap for the Trolls. Lit-ville was festive and Halloween rolled around so 'Wouldyoubbelieve' turned on the computer and set the Nano-bots in motion and got dressed for Halloween." Durk stirred the fire a bit more.

"I know better than to ask Prof. Jerk, but what the hell is a Nano-bot?" Jack spat curiously his hand boldly on Gina's firm round breast massaging it slowly, gripping a hand full of her and toying with hard pulls, then soft rubs. Plumping his finger tips to toy with her large hard nipples.

"Microscopic robots programed to do tasks." Durk replied proudly and quickly as if he was waiting for that question.

"Cool, can I get them with a vibrator or is it a little more kinky than that?" Gina asked rhetorically with giggles.

"Any Way, 'Wouldyoubelieve' dressed in a, Would you believe, Ninja outfit? Well, it was black pants and a black long sleeve shirt with a black pull down sky mask. Placing a workout bag with gear and stuff in it, on the floor next to the computer and began 'A' program."

Pricilla and Stan's blanket seem to move quite a bit. Some chuckles and moans suggested they were following Gina's lead. Diane was wrapping herself into Durk. Placing her leg under his and allowing her hands to roam freely as well.

"Humm..." Durk cleared his throat and began again, "Wouldyoubelieve's tracking Nano-bots located several Troll's having a sinister Halloween bash. Sitting around drinking, exchanging negative gestures and cutting each other down dramatically. Gathered around a computer exchanging verbal attack tactics. Belching and farting uncontrollably. Scratching their ass and then licking their fingers and patting down the one or two hairs on their head into place."

"Gross," Pricilla blurted out loudly. Giggled then settled into Stan with some sensual wiggles from her uncontrollable urge.

"I'm thinking Jack's got some Troll blood in him, sounds just like him." Gina laughed. Jack was more ingrossed in Gina's breasts. His hand down her shirt fully, roaming back and forth between her left breast and her right one.

"Well, Wouldyoubelieve went to this location, it was a full moon, Friday the thirteenth and Halloween." Durk said smiling. Everyone seem to be preoccupied. Even Diane seemed to be mesmerized by rubbing the outside of his jeans teasing Durk's Dick. Durk leaned towards Diane and kissed her slowly.

"Hey it can't be Friday the thirteenth? Not on Halloween. Can it?" Stan asked curiously.

"Well at least one brain cell is still working tonight." Durk said after pulling away from the alluring lips of Diane. "Anyway, these Trolls were having their Halloween Troll party and Wouldyoubelieve shows up."

"All right, time to kick some Troll ass. Go Wouldyoubelieve!" Gina blurted. Diane silently and unnoticed had unfastened Durk's button on his pants. Durk squirmed a bit and played it off while Diane's fingers found their way to his Hollow-weeney and fondled till it filled up, like a trick or treat bag on Halloween, slowly but surely.

"Huh...where was I? Oh yeah..." Durk mumbled. "Wouldyoubelieve was like a black cat darting from shadow to shadow. The streets were sparse with groups of Tricker Treaters so Wouldyoubelieve had to be careful. He got to a window and peeped in and saw these disgusting Trolls were knee deep in a scrabble game. They were in a heated argument, debating the spelling of the word 'grammar'. They had a punch bowl full of Alphabet soup. The radio blared the Halloween song 'Monster Mash,' over and over. And everytime they would yell 'Another Story Smashed' instead. One Troll was at a computer and relaying his findings. That troll would yell out, 'Hey here's one! A pretty good story, want me to read it?' The others would yell back, 'No...One Bomb it.' And that Troll would release the dreaded One bomb. One Troll would whistle like an incoming missile and they all would partake in the loud explosion sound." Durk squirmed a little to allow Diane better access to his joy stick. "Kaboom." Durk blurted as his cock sprang upward.

Pricilla and Stan were wrapped up in the blanket moaning and groping. Gina was listening and eyeing Diane and Durk while Jack felt Gina all over. He was now toying with her navel and working his way down. Diane was busy with sensual strides and playful tugs of her own.

"Well, Wouldyoubelieve witnessed this atrocity from the shadows, like a Ninja." Durk said looking at Gina's interested smile. "Wouldyoubelieve reached into the workout bag and pulled out a laptop and setup a central command. Tapping into the wiring at this location and initiated the Nano-bots. Then pulled out a clown mask and went to the Trolls front door, and knocked."

"No shit...walked up to the Trolls party and knocked on the door? Wouldyoubelieve's got big balls...hummm." Gina grinned. Jacks hand rubbed between Gina's legs. With no attempt to hide his actions. Diane on the other hand would stop pulling Durk's cock if somebody looked her way. Shyly she played, while Durk told the tale and stirred the fire to keep it going.

"Yep, Knocked and knocked on the door and the Trolls wouldn't answer it. Wouldyoubelieve yelled 'Trick or Treat? And the Trolls gathered around the door to begin their criticizing of his costume. Looking through the key hole and peep hole and curtains they popped little glimpses of Wouldyoubelieve and would shout out a comment from behind the closed door. 'Hey that's not very original...You start out with a happy clown face but as I read your clothes, while looking down I see dark, bland. Not trendy, no structure, you could do better than that or you shouldn't trick or treat. Wouldyoubelieve said it again, 'Trick or Treat?' only a little more serious holding his trick or treat bag out towards the closed door. The Trolls just continued their gibberish remarks and comments. These pesky irritants delighted in their demeaning gestures. OHHH...." Durk gasped.

Diane's sensual glides along his shaft had him coming. Gina giggled and tapped Jack on the arm to get his attention. Jack looked at Gina then her pointing finger, then towards Durk. His head was back and Diane knew they were watching them but didn't want to stop. Not right this second, anyway.

"Wow, Prof. Jerk, your eyes rolled back into your head and all I see is white eyes. Freaky dude." Jack spat laughing. Gina giggled. Diane felt the warm wet trailing cum on her hand and slowed her pace to almost a stop. Durk leaned forward, Diane pulled her hand back and Gina jumped up and ran over to Diane's side. She took Diane's hand and began licking it. Gina looked up at Diane while her tongue rolled along the valleys between her fingers and palms. Pushing her hand to Diane's mouth and touching her lips. Diane opened her mouth slightly and licked her hand too. The two girls playfully toyed till their tongues touched and fueled their desires. They began kissing as Diane finally dropped her hand to Gina's leg. Gina wasn't shy she reached for Diane's breast and began squeezing it.

"So what happen to Wouldyoubelieve?" Pricilla asked as she sat up and saw what was going on at the campfire.

"Who gives a shit, Would you believe this? Check it out." Jack said smiling, watching Gina and Diane's passions flare.

"Okay...on with the story." Diane said as she pulled away from Gina with giggles and wiping her lips. Then saw that she was the center of attention at the moment. She blushed and tugged at Durk's pants. "If you value your life you'll finish this story and take me to the tent." Diane said under breath to Durk. Gina nestled into Diane who was fairly receptive to Gina's warm hands slowly running up and down her arms and legs.

"Okay well...Wouldyoubelieve that's the end of the story?" Durk said as he stood up.

"No..." "No way..." Sit your ass down and finish this story." The small group rallied for Durk to continue. Durk sat down a bit reluctant and eager to get to the flap, of the tent, if you know what I mean?

"Okay...Wouldyoubelieve sat the Trick or Treat bag down at the door. Knowing how to intice a Troll, Wouldyoubelieve wrote a note and pinned it to the bag, knocked one more time and walked away. After Wouldyoubelieve got far enough away the Trolls opened the door and pulled the Trick or Treat bag inside. Huddled around the goodie bag and as they reached in they found it contained a box. One Troll began reading the note as they sniveled and drooled at their prize. 'Hey listen to this' the Troll said that was reading the note:

This box is your Treat,

Trick is it'll give you a mobo.

From Wouldyoubelieve? ...ME!

'That's not very Intellectual,' One Troll said. 'No and What's with the grammar are they (Sic)?' 'Lessons with a spacebar would be advised.' Another spat. 'What's a mobo?' 'Wait there's more,' the Troll said that read the note aloud:


OH my...I misspelled a word again.

That's supposed to be boom'!"

Durk settled back a bit and put his arm around Diane who was cuddling with Gina. Pricilla had come back to life and fully focused on Durk's tale, as was Jack.

"Yea...blow job deluxe on Halloween...he he he ..." Jack yelled raising his hands over his head dramatically. "Kaboom."

"Yep, the Trolls got a blast from Wouldyoubelieve's comment." Durk said laughing at and with Jack and Pricilla. "The bomb exploded and released an Orange powder that hovered like a fog and coated every thing. Especially the Trolls. There was Halloween Orange colored everything." Durk blabbed.

"What?" Jack blurted with disappointment. "Powder? I would have blew them to bits."

"But wait," Durk looked at Jack with a mischievous grin. Jacks face showed a trace of deviate interest. "Wouldyoubelieve went to the laptop and 'clicked' the Nano-bots to begin. By the trillions, these smaller than ant size Nanos came out of the trolls computer and seeked out the Trolls."

"Cool," Jack laughed.

"Yep, they searched out and found the Trolls who where covered in this Orange powdery dye and attractant for the Bots. Like miniature spiders they wrapped the Trolls up and took them outside. Several of these Trolls were hustled along like moving ant piles, to the walkway outside. Would you believe that Wouldyoubelieve was waiting for them. Lined the Trolls up along the walkway, covered in this orange powdery stuff wrapped tightly with this spider web stuff that continued wrapping them till they were round as a tomato. Orange balls in oblong form with Troll heads sticking out the tops."

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