tagIncest/TabooLiterotica Ch. 02

Literotica Ch. 02


This is a story of fantasy, fiction, the characters aren't real, and any similarities are pure coincidental. I love feedback --- Thanks Jack

This is dedicated to one of my fans, thanks.

As I enter my room it dawns on me I pretty much raped and treated my mother like a whore and she isn't calling the cops. Lying in my bed I tried to sleep but some guilt kicks in as to what a horrible son I could be, it was the best sexual experience of my life but only she would know what she is going through.

An hour of trying to sleep so I decided to go and check on her. Throwing on my boxers I approached her slightly cracked open bedroom door I started to hear sobs, it hit me like a million ton of bricks that she wasn't taking it well at all. I slowly reached the door and lightly pushed it further open to accept my fate.

My cock stiffens, as there is my mother wearing the same shredded night gown leaning against her bed headboard eyes closed, one of her nipples in her mouth, one hand squeezing the hell out of her other breast and three fingers knuckle deep in her soaking cunt!

I was frozen at the sight, the only things that had movement was my mother in a masturbating frenzy and the rising of cock!

It seems as if I haven't moved but now I was inside her room next to her bed, staring down on this beautiful... slut.

Her other hand slowly trails down her stomach to assist her other hand on her wet hole.

I lightly brush her free breast, and then massage it pinching her nipple with my thumb.

She moans... now looking into my eyes.

I see sadness... passion... wanting... lust!

With her mouth partly open steadying her breathing she stares at my boxer, focusing on the outlines of my steel cock trying to break the confines.

Her hand in now touching it... studying it... stroking it through the thin fabric.

I groan.

She pulls away and returns to her breast still looking...

I can't take it anymore; I slide down my boxers freeing my acing cock.

She breathes in and remains motionless.

The air is still as I am inches from her face, centimeters away from her lips...

As if it's her first time studying it she reaches out with her tongue, tasting the tip, before long her lips and in one swift movement it's in her throat.

I can't help but throw my head back in a groan while touching her hair.

She devours my cock like it's the last meal on earth, with each engulf she pushes me more and more to the edge... she is a pro.

Lightly moving her hand up my leg, she reaches my balls... massaging, sending me over the edge.

"I'm Cumming!" I grip her head shooting my load deep in her throat.

She picks up speed drinking as much as she can, even when I am done she keeps sucking wanting more, somehow I stay hard my attention is on her breast.

I pull away and mount her placing my cock between her huge melons.

She closes her huge breast around my cock as I thrust my shaft loving the feeling of her enormous tits around them.

With each thrust she licks my tip; I love the feeling but want more... I remove my cock and go to the bottom of the bed... waiting...

"Please..." she finally speaks "mommy needs you..." her fingers are parting her pussy lips and all I see is the glistening of her walls.

I place my cock at her slit, slowly teasing.

"Now..." she continues "... hurry I need your cock baby!"

I thrust forward.

She moans. "Oh yes!"

I pick up my pace.

"Faster..." she groans "...HARDER!"

I oblige "Is this what you want???"

Her breathing picks up "YES!"

Not missing a beat "your SON's COCK!?"

Her bouncing breast makes me latch on to her nipple... biting... sucking.... sending her over the edge!

"OOOOOOOOoooooooooohhhhhhh!" she shutters wrapping her legs around me pulling me more into her.

I find her lips to kiss passionately as her walls squeeze my shaft milking it for all that its worth, as I blow stream after stream of my load for a second time deep in my mother's womb, I pass out not wanting this feeling to end.

To be continued...


Thanks to all you fans and everyone who motivate me to write better stories. I am always open to ideas and opinions. Thanks

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