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[14:24:42] System: KevsCockneedsU has entered the room JaneDoe31 : KevsCockneedsU

[14:25:03] JaneDoe31: I had 12 whispers...none of which provided a scenario...

[14:25:14] JaneDoe31: I am Janie, 33, canadian

[14:25:33] KevsCockneedsU: I think a lot of the people here are a bit socially inept.

[14:25:47] KevsCockneedsU: Sebastian. 35 Canadian

[14:26:40] JaneDoe31: canadian as well? which province? I am an ontarian

[14:27:02] KevsCockneedsU: Toronto :)

[14:27:23] JaneDoe31: here too :)

[14:27:30] KevsCockneedsU: Nice.

[14:27:53] JaneDoe31: do you have any boundaries, or is it all open?

[14:28:20] KevsCockneedsU: Not into underage, toilet stuff animals or extreme pain but I think I'm good other than that.

[14:28:37] JaneDoe31: lol...and yet you can do a sitter?

[14:28:52] JaneDoe31: of course she is 18

[14:28:55] KevsCockneedsU: She said she was 17 ;)

[14:29:41] JaneDoe31: lol

[14:29:50] JaneDoe31: works for me

[14:30:08] KevsCockneedsU: Good.

[14:30:10] JaneDoe31: so you left your wife at a party?

[14:30:10] KevsCockneedsU: Looks?

[14:30:34] KevsCockneedsU: Yeah we had a fight. She'll cool down and text me later telling me to pick her up no doubt.

[14:30:45] JaneDoe31: blonde, cute, killer smile...36C boobs (unfortunately) 120 lbs

[14:31:06] JaneDoe31: 32" waist, 34" hips

[14:31:15] KevsCockneedsU: Nice.

[14:31:16] KevsCockneedsU: Wearing?

[14:31:28] JaneDoe31: shoulder-length hair that I wear in pigtails when I babysit for you

[14:31:50] KevsCockneedsU: Cute. (Can't wait to get a hold of those ;) )

[14:32:04] JaneDoe31: wearing pjs...shorts and a tank...you were supposed to be out later

[14:32:52] KevsCockneedsU: Dropping my keys on the table, shutting the door.

[14:33:01] KevsCockneedsU: Heading for the basement. What is she watching?

[14:33:49] JaneDoe31: walks around the corner, sees her with her laptop, not the tv...and watching an older man stroke on cam

[14:34:36] KevsCockneedsU: Pausing in the door frame at the base of the stairs.

[14:34:40] KevsCockneedsU: Mouthing omg

[14:35:23] JaneDoe31: where you can see her, as well as the man on the screen...silently watching as she urges the man on

[14:36:04] KevsCockneedsU: She's watching some guy jerk off!

[14:36:17] JaneDoe31: as he asks her to see her tits, she raises her shirt for him, and you realise she is also on cam

[14:36:23] KevsCockneedsU: Trying to be quiet and not laugh... what a little slut

[14:36:45] KevsCockneedsU: Omg, moving to the side in case he can see me.

[14:37:32] JaneDoe31: you watch as she begins to rub her pussy through the shorts for this man....

[14:37:56] KevsCockneedsU: Oh my god... feeling my cock thicken down the leg of my trousers.

[14:38:10] JaneDoe31: then, not thinking well, decide to go back upstairs...and enter the house louder...

[14:38:36] KevsCockneedsU: Creeping back up the stairs.

[14:38:49] KevsCockneedsU: Opening the front door and slamming it shut.

[14:39:00] KevsCockneedsU: Turning the lock forcefully.

[14:39:13] JaneDoe31: As I hear the door slam, and hear my name, I quickly shut down the computer, and stash my laptop under the couch

[14:39:56] KevsCockneedsU: Pressing the heel of my palm into my cock to try and get it softer as I head down the stairs.

[14:40:05] KevsCockneedsU: Janey? You down here?

[14:40:24] JaneDoe31: I am, Mr. (??) (name?)

[14:40:43] KevsCockneedsU: Ummm

[14:40:51] JaneDoe31: Jones?

[14:40:57] JaneDoe31: White?

[14:40:58] KevsCockneedsU: That will do.

[14:41:01] KevsCockneedsU: yes

[14:41:02] KevsCockneedsU: u?

[14:42:05] JaneDoe31: Janie works

[14:42:15] KevsCockneedsU: Nice.

[14:42:35] JaneDoe31: I was just dozing, I think, Mr. Jones...

[14:42:44] JaneDoe31: (rubs eyes sleepily)

[14:42:53] KevsCockneedsU: Oh, everything good, is Jeremy asleep?

[14:42:56] JaneDoe31: How was the party?

[14:43:17] KevsCockneedsU: Raising my eyebrows, it was... interesting.

[14:43:31] JaneDoe31: He is. He has been asleep since about 8:30...it is cute how easily he falls asleep

[14:43:42] KevsCockneedsU: Olivia decided to stay a little longer. I was tired and decided to head home a bit early.

[14:43:53] KevsCockneedsU: Cute and lucky, lol

[14:44:01] KevsCockneedsU: Looking you up and down.

[14:44:06] JaneDoe31: Oh...

[14:44:13] JaneDoe31: lucky?

[14:44:33] JaneDoe31: to be asleep at 8:30? I'd rather be up late

[14:45:14] JaneDoe31: is Mrs. Jones staying there, then?

[14:45:54] KevsCockneedsU: I'll probably pick her up later. Do you mind sticking around? I might need you then.

[14:46:40] JaneDoe31: No, I figured I'd be here for the night...I am surprised that you are home so early. Are you...um...heading to bed?

[14:47:03] KevsCockneedsU: Not yet. Like something to drink?

[14:47:41] JaneDoe31: sure...but I can get it if you are tired

[14:48:31] JaneDoe31: ...did you want something too, Mr. Jones?

[14:48:34] KevsCockneedsU: No, it's fine, you stay here. What would you like?

[14:48:59] JaneDoe31: A margarita, but that likely won't happen!

[14:49:06] KevsCockneedsU: lol

[14:49:15] KevsCockneedsU: Have you had one before?

[14:49:18] JaneDoe31: oh! Please don't tell my parents I said that!

[14:49:27] KevsCockneedsU: laughing

[14:49:29] JaneDoe31: yes, I have tried one before
[14:50:18] JaneDoe31: they taste good, but make me a bit woozy...guess I am a cheap drunk

[14:50:35] KevsCockneedsU: lol

[14:51:03] KevsCockneedsU: Well I'll make you one if you've had one before. I don't want to be the one introducing you to it.

[14:51:10] KevsCockneedsU: But I could use a drink myself.

[14:51:26] JaneDoe31: I would love one! My parents never let me drink

[14:51:56] KevsCockneedsU: Well, we won't tell them this once ;)

[14:52:04] KevsCockneedsU: Heading upstairs to make drinks.

[14:52:34] JaneDoe31: that was close! I breathe a sigh of relief as I watch you walk to the stairs

[14:53:02] KevsCockneedsU: you hear the sound of ice and a blender upstairs

[14:53:33] JaneDoe31: I hope he doesn't stick around too late wanting to talk...I want to get back to the cam, watching the older man jerk off, as I had been doing for a few weeks

[14:54:09] JaneDoe31: I touch myself, feeling the wetness, and turn on the tv, striving for normalcy

[14:54:23] KevsCockneedsU: Coming back down with a drink in each hand.

[14:54:32] KevsCockneedsU: Here you go.

[14:54:42] JaneDoe31: I move to the corner of the couch, tucking my legs beside me, and cover my legs with the blanket...

[14:55:00] JaneDoe31: Thanks...I grab the drink...taking a quick gulp

[14:55:10] JaneDoe31: Oh, mmmmmm, that is goooood

[14:55:23] JaneDoe31: I lick my lips, tasting the salt and lime

[14:55:32] KevsCockneedsU: It's a bit cold down here, maybe I should turn off the AC, glancing over at you. I can see your nipples through your top.

[14:56:12] JaneDoe31: I look at you, catching you staring at my nipples, prodding at the thin cotton...blushing, I ask if you want to sit down

[14:56:37] KevsCockneedsU: Sure, sitting down on the couch beside you.

[14:56:45] KevsCockneedsU: Anything good on?

[14:56:58] JaneDoe31: To my surprise, you sit right beside me, rather than leaving a cushion between

[14:57:24] JaneDoe31: I don't know...I just turned it on...Here. (I hand you the remote)

[14:57:31] KevsCockneedsU: Taking it

[14:57:44] KevsCockneedsU: We get the pay per view channels in hd

[14:57:50] KevsCockneedsU: Some good movies.

[14:57:56] KevsCockneedsU: Flipping to the 300s

[14:58:16] JaneDoe31: I sip my drink, nervous at the closeness...

[14:58:36] JaneDoe31: what kind of movies do you like, Mr. Jones?

[14:59:04] KevsCockneedsU: I like all different, looking over at you as I blindly flip channels.

[14:59:08] KevsCockneedsU: What do you like?

[14:59:49] JaneDoe31: I like the typical...romantic comedy, horror...some drama...

[14:59:59] JaneDoe31: comedies are always good too

[15:00:05] KevsCockneedsU: Not realising I've gone too far as I talk to you...

[15:00:15] KevsCockneedsU: Flipping through the adult channels.

[15:00:17] JaneDoe31: I think you would be a drama fan

[15:00:31] KevsCockneedsU: I like a good drama.

[15:00:35] JaneDoe31: as I watch the titles...scrolling through...

[15:00:46] KevsCockneedsU: Turning to look.

[15:01:03] KevsCockneedsU: A slight panic when I see the screen.

[15:01:08] JaneDoe31: my heart is racing, wondering if a porn will be picked...is he trying to seduce me?? I wonder

[15:01:37] KevsCockneedsU: Trying to turn it off quick but fumbling as I do, dropping the remote, watching it rattle under the coffee table.

[15:01:46] KevsCockneedsU: Looking up.

[15:02:04] KevsCockneedsU: Seeing a woman sucking cock hard and slow close up.

[15:02:21] JaneDoe31: I lean slowly to pick up the remote, eyes on the screen...assuring you that I don't mind porn

[15:02:38] KevsCockneedsU: Looking over at you.

[15:02:43] JaneDoe31: although it is a bit awkward to be watching it with you, Mr. Jones

[15:02:47] KevsCockneedsU: Sorry, we get those channels too.

[15:02:59] KevsCockneedsU: Looking up at the screen... in hd

[15:03:01] KevsCockneedsU: laughing

[15:03:07] JaneDoe31: my parents don't...but you can see anything online

[15:03:21] KevsCockneedsU: That's true.

[15:03:37] KevsCockneedsU: Thinking of you earlier.

[15:03:38] JaneDoe31: I watch too, as the woman sucks the hd cock, veins defined and pulsing through the shaft

[15:03:43] KevsCockneedsU: Feeling myself get hard again.

[15:03:55] KevsCockneedsU: Watching it as well.

[15:04:16] KevsCockneedsU: The camera pans out to her on her hands and knees, naked and inviting.

[15:04:28] JaneDoe31: watching in silence, drinking my drink quickly....I reach to replace the empty glass on the table

[15:04:34] KevsCockneedsU: Watching the camera move in on her pussy from behind.

[15:04:50] KevsCockneedsU: Looking over at you.

[15:04:59] JaneDoe31: I glance over at you....at your profile as you watch

[15:05:15] JaneDoe31: and notice the tent...beginning to build in your lap

[15:05:35] KevsCockneedsU: You can see the thick outline down the inside of my thigh

[15:05:54] KevsCockneedsU: The shape of the hard head just present

[15:06:16] JaneDoe31: I feel my pussy tighten at the sight...and stretch uncomfortably, but in doing so, hit my feet against your thigh

[15:06:44] KevsCockneedsU: Glancing down but not moving.

[15:07:02] JaneDoe31: you look at the bare feet, pressing against you...moments pass

[15:07:08] JaneDoe31: silently

[15:07:31] KevsCockneedsU: Turning and looking back at the screen.

[15:07:39] KevsCockneedsU: Letting my hand slip over your bare foot.

[15:07:43] KevsCockneedsU: Kneading it

[15:07:54] JaneDoe31: then you pipe up..."Janie, did you want to stretch out? You can put your legs on me."

[15:08:24] JaneDoe31: "Does that mean the foot rub stops? If so, no, I am good here"

[15:08:28] KevsCockneedsU: Here, shifting over and raising your legs to my lap.

[15:08:39] JaneDoe31: continuing to rub

[15:08:44] KevsCockneedsU: It doesn't have to stop.

[15:09:06] KevsCockneedsU: We're not watching Pulp Fiction. Looking over at you and winking.

[15:09:11] JaneDoe31: I relax back...turning my head to the screen

[15:09:25] JaneDoe31: grinning, I agree with the small joke

[15:09:50] KevsCockneedsU: Pressing my thumbs into the bottoms of your feet, massaging.

[15:10:13] JaneDoe31: on the screen, the man has moved behind the woman, pressing his cock swiftly into her depths as her moans grow louder

[15:10:50] JaneDoe31: I feel the wetness between my legs increasing as I watch them fuck

[15:11:06] KevsCockneedsU: Stifling a groan as I reposition your feet so they're against my cock, and continue rubbing them.

[15:12:25] JaneDoe31: as I watch, I feel the pressure of your cock beneath my sole...and decide to have a bit of fun...slowly rubbing my foot against your cock...pushing up the length

[15:12:54] KevsCockneedsU: mmm

[15:13:12] JaneDoe31: and slowly repeating the movement, along the full length...

[15:13:22] KevsCockneedsU: Rubbing your feet and letting my hands slide up the backs of your calves, massaging them too.

[15:13:43] JaneDoe31: after two strokes, you know it is intentional, and I feel your cock twitch at the knowledge

[15:14:30] KevsCockneedsU: Thinking, god what am I doing as my hand slips up the back of your outstretched thigh.

[15:14:57] JaneDoe31: I move to allow my foot to be placed on top of your cock, instead of beside it, moving to sit on my ass....bending my knee, increasing the pressure of my foot as I rub

[15:15:44] JaneDoe31: doing so, I have opened my legs slightly, and my tight, virgin pussy is almost against your thigh

[15:16:14] JaneDoe31: I meet your glance, smiling, and turn back to watch the show on the screen

[15:16:15] KevsCockneedsU: The blanket has slid to your waist as you moved, and I look between your legs as I massage them.

[15:16:32] KevsCockneedsU: Letting my hands run right up your thighs.

[15:16:47] KevsCockneedsU: Teasing my fingers around the legs of your shorts.

[15:16:55] JaneDoe31: neither of us talk...but both are very aware of the tension in the room
[15:17:29] KevsCockneedsU: Feeling you press your feet rhythmically into my crotch.

[15:17:40] KevsCockneedsU: Me doing everything but touching your pussy.

[15:18:49] JaneDoe31: mmmm...I begin to thrust my hip towards your hand with every stroke

[15:19:42] KevsCockneedsU: My hands slide up over your shorts, fumbling with the button, not caring anymore, lost in lust.

[15:20:22] JaneDoe31: as I feel your hand fumble, I reach down to undo them, and am shocked at how roughly you pull them from me

[15:20:42] KevsCockneedsU: Yanking them down your thighs.

[15:20:50] KevsCockneedsU: Your panties coming half way down with them

[15:21:37] JaneDoe31: your hands roughly slide back up my thighs, reaching

[15:21:47] JaneDoe31: grasping

[15:22:16] JaneDoe31: I feel your hands reach under my ass as you lift my pussy to your lips

[15:22:34] KevsCockneedsU: devouring it

[15:22:49] JaneDoe31: you did not stay there long, wanting to feel my mouth on your cock

[15:23:19] JaneDoe31: you lean back, pulling me to your lap as you struggle to remove your pants...

[15:23:43] JaneDoe31: As you slide them down, your hand is teasing my clit...

[15:24:09] KevsCockneedsU: feeling my hard hung cock spring free as I push my hastily undone pants down to my knees

[15:24:16] JaneDoe31: Taking the hint, I lean into your lap and tease you, slowly breathing hot, moist breath along your cock

[15:25:41] JaneDoe31: impatiently, you push your cock into my mouth

[15:26:04] JaneDoe31: holding my head forcefully into your lap as you fucked my face against my struggles

[15:26:48] JaneDoe31: after a few minutes, you realise the pressure with which you are holding me, and slowly loosen the grip, apologising

[15:27:18] JaneDoe31: "Don't worry Mr. Jones...I can take it...it was hot...

[15:27:48] JaneDoe31: as I speak, I am pumping my hand up and down your cock, as I have seen on screen so many times

[15:28:07] KevsCockneedsU: mmmmm

[15:28:19] KevsCockneedsU: you're a sweet girl Janie

[15:28:36] JaneDoe31: mmmm...I can be...

[15:28:56] KevsCockneedsU: I never would have... closing my eyes and reaching down, squeezing the base of my cock so that I don't cum in your hand as you pump.

[15:29:05] JaneDoe31: I have...a thing...for older men, Mr. Jones...

[15:29:08] KevsCockneedsU: You still feel it flex in your hand at your admission

[15:29:17] KevsCockneedsU: the head swelling against your fingers

[15:29:32] KevsCockneedsU: precum drizzling lightly from the head, down the shaft, to lubricate your fingers

[15:29:32] JaneDoe31: knowing I am getting you close...I pause

[15:29:43] JaneDoe31: Would you mind if I....

[15:29:51] JaneDoe31: climbed on....?

[15:30:36] JaneDoe31: or would you rather I...maybe rolled over?

[15:31:25] JaneDoe31: I return to sucking, waiting for direction...

[15:32:42] JaneDoe31: (or was I too late?)

[15:34:16] KevsCockneedsU: Reaching over and caressing your breasts through your top

[15:34:49] KevsCockneedsU: You can do whatever you like Janey, glancing at the empty margarita glass, this is your night.

[15:35:30] JaneDoe31: with that, I slide up onto your lap, placing your cock against my wet pussy...

[15:35:49] JaneDoe31: rubbing it against my slit, over and over as you moan

[15:36:02] KevsCockneedsU: oh my god janey

[15:36:58] JaneDoe31: I am so hot, and you feel so hard, Mr. Jones...

[15:37:02] JaneDoe31: I like the way it slides through my folds

[15:37:19] JaneDoe31: I feel as you twitch, seeking entrance

[15:38:03] JaneDoe31: I am a virgin, Mr. Jones

[15:38:12] JaneDoe31: I am not sure that I can do this

[15:38:14] KevsCockneedsU: Glancing down.

[15:38:30] KevsCockneedsU: Watching you rub my thick hard cock against your virgin pussy.

[15:38:32] JaneDoe31: and I am a bit scared and unsure, to be honest

[15:38:46] KevsCockneedsU: Loving that you shave it bare.

[15:38:55] KevsCockneedsU: A virgin but so sexual.

[15:39:05] KevsCockneedsU: Picturing you shaving it in the shower.

[15:39:18] KevsCockneedsU: The feeling of shaving, me watching you, turning you on and I begin to imagine you masturbating in the shower as I watch…

[15:39:21] JaneDoe31: oh, I am very sexual, Mr Jones...I have sucked cock before, just never had sex

[15:39:36] KevsCockneedsU: You're beautiful Janey.

[15:39:45] KevsCockneedsU: Reaching down and grabbing my cock at the base.

[15:39:56] KevsCockneedsU: Feeling you press the head to your opening.

[15:40:09] KevsCockneedsU: I grab your hip and grunt, forcing it slowly into you.

[15:40:32] JaneDoe31: you begin to slide in, feeling the tight wetness surrounding you, inch by inch

[15:41:23] KevsCockneedsU: god it's nice

[15:41:38] KevsCockneedsU: thinking back to my first time with Olivia...

[15:41:44] JaneDoe31: and as you drive further in, my pussy expands to accept your girth...you pause as I tense, knowing if you go further, the ripe cherry will no longer be there...and there will be no turning back…

[15:41:49] KevsCockneedsU: …remembering how I could barely fit my fingers in, Olivia was so tight

[15:42:00] KevsCockneedsU: But I'm not going to cum so quick with you.

[15:42:24] JaneDoe31: (I hope not...most men do…chuckle)

[15:42:28] KevsCockneedsU: Looking up at you when I feel it pressed against the head of my cock.

[15:43:01] KevsCockneedsU: (I came once but hard again ;) )

[15:43:22] JaneDoe31: I meet the glance, solemnly giving my permission to continue with a small smile

[15:43:35] JaneDoe31: "just make it quick...at first"

[15:43:47] KevsCockneedsU: I grab your hips and pull you onto me.

[15:43:53] KevsCockneedsU: Thrusting up and breaking you.

[15:44:49] JaneDoe31: a loud gasp escapes me at the quick pain, but as you continue to move beneath me, the pain lessons, and I can feel your cock rubbing the tight walls of my pussy

[15:45:04] KevsCockneedsU: mmm

[15:45:07] KevsCockneedsU: looking down

[15:45:47] JaneDoe31: You tilt me back as you watch, raising my hips from you to be able to see your hard cock entering the tight pussy

[15:46:20] JaneDoe31: (was it a good cum?)

[15:46:29] KevsCockneedsU: Seeing your juices usually clear white pink with a hint of blood streaked around my shaft ans it thrusts in and out of you.

[15:47:23] KevsCockneedsU: (it was, came a little unexpected but managed to pull of my shirt and cum all over it, thinking of you)

[15:47:35] JaneDoe31: You reach down with a hand, slowly circling my clit as your cock impales me

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