Little Bo Peep


Jimmy rolled over, his big cock flopping to the side as he followed her lead. Jessica shot another picture and then thought for a moment. She really wanted to see how big his penis would get if it was...was ready for action!

"Jimmy..." She began, "I had to, you know, rub spot when you took those pictures. So, maybe...maybe you should do the same." It was clumsy but at least she managed to get it out.

Jimmy's face brightened as he watched her hesitant attempt to explain herself. "You mean I get to rub your spot?" He was just kidding but couldn't wait to see her reaction.

"Uh...No...No, I meant that, uh, that, you know, that you should rub...uh, yourself!" Now the pretty teenager was blushing!

Smiling broadly now, Jimmy Jacobs felt he was beginning to connect with this girl he'd admired and lusted after for so many years. He began to fondle himself, self consciously, hoping to achieve full erection and from there...who knows?

But it wasn't easy. Jessica's eyes focused on his penis wasn't helping. Finally he softly asked Jessica for help.

"Maybe...maybe if you were to, you know...touch my spot...?"

Jessica didn't need to be asked twice. "Here...sit up and let me get comfortable." Jimmy sat up and Jessica eagerly took hold of his penis and began to run her hands all over his shaft. It felt real good!

"Jessie...that's so good!" Jimmy gasped. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of Jessica's soft warm fingers teasing him to full erection. It was happening now. Jimmy's cock was growing, and Jessica was now getting excited as well. Up and down she slid her fingers, bringing pleasure to her new friend.

Jessica looked up to see Jimmy's face as she worked to bring him pleasure. His eyes were closed...then they opened and met hers. the two young, soon to be lovers watched each other as the intimacy of the moment grew. Then...Jessica moved closer to Jimmy's now full blown erection. With no hesitation, she brought her warm sweet lips to the plum shaped head of Jimmy's cock and softly took it into her mouth!

Jessica had come to resent the way Kenny always kept trying to stuff his cock into her throat. Like..."You'll do this 'cause I say so!" Jimmy was so different. It was like they'd been friends for a long time without even knowing it. She wanted to do this. She needed to please her new found lover!

So she did. Taking more and more of his stiff young cock into her mouth and licking it all over. Jessica raised her eyes to meet his to be sure he was enjoying it. And he was! Jimmy was unsure of how this would end up, never having been with a girl before but he knew how he wanted it to end. Oh, but Jessica's lips were so soft, she seemed to instinctively know what he needed. Up and down her lips moved...faster now as she felt him beginning to thrust upward to meet her. It wouldn't be long now. She could sense it.

But Jimmy loved Jessica. And Jimmy wanted to do what lovers do when they are both sexually aroused.

"Jessica..." He whispered. "Jessie, let me take off your panties! Please...I want to..I want to..."

"Oh Jimmy!" Jessie interrupted, "We, you know, we just met. Well, not really but you know what I mean. I don't want you to think I'm just some silly girl who does anything you want on the first date." Of course, that's what she'd done with Jimmy's brother but Kenny was just so insistent on getting his way.

"I know." Jimmy replied. "But Jessie...I love you. I always have. doesn't that count for anything?" Blue eyed Jessica Thompson realized that Jimmy had just played the trump card. Of course that mattered. But still...eighteen years of religious upbringing didn't just fly out the window.

Jimmy reluctantly took his penis from the soft warm depths of Jessica's mouth and pulled her onto the bed with him. Their lips met in a deep soul kiss that enflamed them both. Jimmy's tongue penetrated young Jessica's mouth and they both felt the searing heat that only young love can produce.

"Jimmy..." Jessica began, unsure if she could actually say what was in her mind..."You can take off my shorts but don't strip me." She didn't have to wait long as Jimmy quickly slid to the carpet and unsnapped Jessica's blue shorts. She raised up to allow the removal of her little pants and then Jimmy was treated to the first ever sight of Jessica's white panties! A thrill for him to say the least. The pretty teen separated her legs and now the skimpy crotch of her tight panties was visible.

Jimmy's head was spinning as he moved to he juncture of Jessica's thighs. He tentatively lowered his head and then swiped his tongue along the smooth pink baby flesh next to her panties.

"Ooooo!" Jessica called out as she felt the intimate contact. She settled back against the pillows and opened her legs even wider, offering her panty covered pussy to her new found lover. "Oh Jimmy...kiss my panties!"

Jimmy was quick to oblige and eagerly planted a soft kiss right at the center of Jessica's exposed underpants. A move that brought another sigh from her lips. Jessica's eyes were closed now as Jimmy's lips and tongue began to bring real pleasure to her young body. It was so different from her experiences with Kenny. Jimmy's older brother was really only interested in his own pleasure. And his pimpled, skinny body couldn't compare with his little brother's manly physique. And you wouldn't call Jimmy's penis "Little" in any sense of the word!

Jimmy alternated between licking the outside of Jessica's panties and placing soft warm kisses right at the core of her. Right on her little panties! He could feel with his tongue, the delicate little division she had there. He pushed a bit harder and felt that little division opening to welcome him. And he could hear Jessica's breath quicken with every salacious touch. Oh, how he longed to stuff his penis into that secret little hole she had down there. But his love for Jessica prevented him from just overpowering her as he easily could have done.

Jessica's pussy was wet now. Wet and ready for more. She'd come to understand how different Jimmy was from his bolder and way more aggressive brother. He seemed content to kiss her panties and bring her pleasure this way. She'd been a bit surprised that he hadn't insisted on coming in her mouth when she'd pleasured him earlier. Something she was sure Kenny would have done and laughed about afterwards.

And so...knowing it was up to her, Jessica reached down and took the leg band of her flimsy white panties and pulled it over to one side, completely exposing her hairless young pussy to Jimmy's gaze.

"Oh my god Just look at that!" Jimmy thought to himself as he saw Jessica's pussy up close for the first time. Smooth and pink, her lips were covered with glistening moisture from her growing excitement. Her lips were still tightly closed and showed as a vertical line that dove down towards her anus. Jimmy moved his trembling fingers to Jessica's pussy and slowly opened her lips, exposing the gloriously pink interior of her sex!

Jessica smiled secretly as she enjoyed the role she was now playing for the first time in her sexual life: The Temptress! And if Jimmy Jacobs didn't get the message now he never would. She continued to hold her panties to one side as Jimmy touched his lips to the steaming hot flesh of her bare pussy!

"Mmmm...Oh! Oh, that's it Jimmy!" She encouraged..."Kiss my pussy! Oh kiss it and lick it good!"

Jimmy began to feel the manhood in him that had lain dormant for much of his teens beginning to rise. His cock was bone hard and he came to understand what a man did in this situation: He took what he wanted and needed. Jimmy was prepared to do just that but he wanted to be sure that Jessica was ready for his cock. So he planted more kisses on her pussy and then reached for the waistband of her panties and, as she lifted up, he slowly pulled Jessica's white panties down!

"Oh Jimmy!" Jessica moaned as she felt her last protective garment being removed. She then pulled her tee shirt off and bared her little tits to her soon to be lover. Jimmy, now holding Jessica's panties appreciated the gesture and he laid down upon her nude body and took each of her small pink nipples into his mouth and sucked them to erection. Jessica was now as ready for penetration as she'd ever been.

But Jimmy's penis was so much bigger than his brothers...the only one little Jessica had ever experienced. Would it hurt? She wondered. But there was no time for hesitation now and she felt Jimmy's huge cock head now nosing against the slippery lips of her pussy. He quickly managed to insert the head of his cock into the soft warm opening...and then he began to push.

"Oh...go slow Jimmy..." Jessica begged. She needed time to get adjusted to the size of his cock. But Jimmy needed to get home and right now! He took a breath and then pushed several inches of his full blown erection into Jessica's desire swollen pussy! And it was good!

Instead of pain, Jessica felt only pleasure. Jimmy's patient oral attention to her loins had her perfectly prepared and she accepted his big cock without pain. His prick slid right to the quick of her and she gasped in pleasure when she felt his balls tickle her sensitive anus. He'd managed to fill her pussy with cock! The two young lovers paused a moment for another soul kiss before Jimmy began to fuck Jessica...slowly at first and then picking up speed as he sensed her urgency.

"Oh yeah Jimmy! Jessica moaned. "Just like that! A...a little harder now Jimmy...yeah...just like that! feels so good!"

Spurred on by her words Jimmy began to drive himself repeatedly into Jessica's sweet little pussy bring cries of joy from her lips with each stroke. It wouldn't be long before he came but he knew he would never forget this moment as long as he lived.

Jessica's eyes crossed the room and saw the sketch of Little Bo Peep there on the back of the door. How strange life can be she thought. Years ago she appeared at his door dressed in such a silly outfit, and somehow, now she found herself naked and being fucked by the shy young boy who'd stood to the side and never spoke a word.

Jimmy's mind visited that night too. It was like a dream come true. He'd loved her so long and so completely! Now, Little Bo Peep had become his lover! He wondered if he would ever have the nerve to ask if she'd worn frilly "Little Bo Peep" Panties beneath her outfit that night. But it really didn't matter. No, she was his girl now and he could sense it with every passing moment.

The thought of Jessica's Little Bo Peep panties drove him over the edge and he began to come. As much as he wanted to splash his sperm right into her womb and truly make her his woman, Jimmy know that wasn't the right thing to do right now. So he rammed hard into Jessica's pussy several times as he felt his come racing to freedom and then jerked himself reluctantly from her soft warm depths and began to spurt hot come all over her belly.

Jessica was thrilled by Jimmy's finishing thrusts and watched in wonder as his sperm began to lurch from his jerking cock. Thin streams of come continued to erupt all over her as she watched Jimmy's face. Jessica wished she was a good enough artist to capture that look for eternity. A talent she lacked.

The two young lovers laid silently for several minutes until their breathing returned to normal. Finally Jessica spoke.

"I guess I don't really need these naked pictures of you Jimmy." She said quietly. Then, with an impish smile she added "But I'm gonna keep 'em anyway!"

Jimmy laughed and they kissed again...and again. Jimmy now could see a future for himself. It was like his life was on hold, just waiting for this moment. He felt liberated by the reality of her love for him. His mind was full of ideas and possibilities. He'd get a job...he'd finish art school and go on and have a career...a real life! With Jessica by his side there was nothing he couldn't do.

Later, Jimmy walked Jessica home and kissed her at her front door. She didn't have to say "Call me." She knew Jimmy loved her and they would go on now as a couple facing life together. She expressed some concerns about Kenny but Jimmy just told her not to worry. He would take care of that.


Later that afternoon Kenny Jacobs arrived at the Jacob's home after another hard day at work. He was still pissed that somehow his cell phone hadn't charged and he'd been looking forward to showing off the photos of his latest conquest to his buddy's at work. What could have happened?

Spotting his brother in the kitchen, Kenny quickly fired at him. "Hey asshole...what the fuck happened to my phone? Did you have anything to do with this?"

"As a matter of fact I did Kenny." Jimmy simply replied.

"What are you talking about?" Kenny wondered, surprised at his brother's bold admission.

"I mean I deleted all the pictures of Jessica and apologized to her for everything that happened."

Kenny stood right in Jimmy's face, enraged. "what the...are you trying to mess around with my girl you little twerp?" He sneered.

"Correction...she's my girl now Kenny. Like it or not."

"Why you..." Kenny boiled over and reached back with his balled up fist, ready to cream his brother as he had so many times in the past.

But with quicker reflexes than he even realized he had, Jimmy buried his fist in his brother's gut which knocked the wind out of him. Kenny doubled over in pain at which point Jimmy brought his elbow down onto the top of Kenny's head. Kenny went down like Sonny Liston. And he didn't get up any faster! Jimmy just walked out of the room.

Neither brother ever mentioned the incident again. It wasn't necessary. It pained Jimmy to remember everything his brother had done to his girl but it also didn't matter now. He'd finally found true love and he felt his life beginning anew.

You have to be lucky in this life to find true love. Jimmy and Jessica were lucky.

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