tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLittle Girl Games Ch. 08

Little Girl Games Ch. 08


After Kelli and I finished our nude photo session in the hotel hallway, we joined Amy in the hotel room and decided to kick back and relax for the rest of the evening. As I looked around at our lack of clothing, I determined that we needed more to wear than just tank tops. Some of the stores on the strip stayed open late, but Kelli and Amy wouldn't get off their lazy, naked butts to go shopping with me. I decided to stroll down to the strip by myself. After putting my tank top and panties back on, I ventured out on my own.

I found a store with a selection of casual clothes for both men and women. It was just about closing time and the manager had already sent his workers home. The manager was a nice looking guy and greeted me with a smile as he examined my outfit. I noticed that he was the only one in the store as I proceeded to the summer dress rack near the back of the store. The manager was about to lock the door when two girls hurried into the store. He went ahead and locked the door behind them. The girls asked if they should leave, but he told them that they could stay as long as they wanted. I guess that meant I could stick around, too.

I began looking through the summer dresses while the first girl introduced herself to the manager as Mary. She was about five-foot-three with medium sized breasts and a petite body. The girl had light brown hair and she was dressed in a very short, blue jean dress with snaps all the way down the front. Mary said that she was there to help her friend, Carrie, find a new outfit. Both of the girls appeared to be college-aged. Neither girl noticed that I was in the store.

Carrie was a cute, fresh-faced blond with big brown eyes. She was about an inch sorter that Mary and had a nice round butt. Carrie's large breasts appeared to be real because she was a tiny bit overweight. She was the kind of girl you just wanted to walk up to and squeeze. It was easy to see that Carrie was shy and innocent, while Mary was much more outgoing.

First, Mary gave Carrie a halter-top to try on. When Carrie emerged from the dressing booth, her bra straps were showing because the halter-top had tiny spaghetti straps holding it up. Mary told Carrie that she needed to loose the bra, then reached up under the shirt behind her and unhooked it.

Carrie grabbed her shirt and said, "No! I can't go without a bra."

Mary said, "Nonsense," then reached down the front of Carrie's shirt and pulled off the bra.

Mary was able to get one of the bra straps over Carrie's arm, but as she pulled the other bra strap down, the strap from the shirt came down with it. The manager got a quick glimpse of Carrie's nipple before she could pull the shirt back into place. Carrie's face became red with embarrassment.

Mary took the bra and set it on top of the clothing rack right in front of the store window. She apparently was not intending to give the bra back to Carrie. She also took Carrie's T-shirt from the changing room and put it on the rack with her bra. Carrie was blushing as Mary asked the manager if he liked the halter-top on Carrie. How could he not like it? It was a thin, pale yellow shirt that showed off her nipples. It was also short enough to expose her belly button.

She sent Carrie into the changing booth to try on a pair of jeans. The door to the booth was kind of small. You could see her legs from the knees down. You could also see her shoulders. The manager was about six foot two and if he stood close enough to the door, he could see right down into the stall. He casually walked by a couple of times and peeked over the door. I don't think the girls noticed his little spying trick, but I sure did. Carrie took off her own jeans and hung them over the door. The manager was going to try and sneak another peek, but Mary stepped in front of him and walked towards the dressing booth.

Mary said, "I'll hang onto these," and grabbed Carrie's jeans.

The lock on the door was not latched properly, so when Mary snatched the jeans she pulled the door wide open. Carrie was standing there wearing a pair of little white cotton panties. The manager had a better view than I did, so I'm sure he was enjoying Carrie's predicament. Mary laughed and half-heartedly said she was sorry, then placed Carrie's jeans on the rack in the front of the store with Carrie's bra and T-shirt.

Carrie modeled a new pair of jeans that Mary picked out for her, but Mary said she didn't like them and told her to go back and take them off. Mary took the jeans from Carrie and put them back on the rack. Mary then looked for something else while Carrie stood in the changing booth wearing just her panties and that skimpy top.

Mary bent down to look at a skirt on the lower rack. When she did, the hem of her little dress rode up and her silky pink panties peeked out. I don't think she realized that the manager could see up her dress. Mary found a skirt and headed towards the dressing booth. Instead of handing Carrie the skirt over the door, Mary opened the door to hand the skirt to her. Carrie's face turned red as once again as the manager was treated to another view of Carrie's underwear.

Mary told Carrie to model the skirt, but Carrie said that it was too tight. Mary insisted that Carrie come out of the changing room, so Carrie slowly opened the door and came out holding the top of the skirt together. She told Mary that it was too tight to button, so Mary grabbed hold of the skirt and tried to button it. Mary instructed Carrie to hold her arms up out of the way. Once she had Carrie in a vulnerable position, Mary said that she couldn't button it either and carelessly let go of the skirt. With Carrie's arms up in the air, she wasn't able to catch the skirt and it fell to the ground leaving her standing there in just her panties and that skimpy top. Carrie wanted to run into the changing room, but Mary grabbed her arm. Mary told Carrie to wait right there while Mary went to find something else for Carrie to try on. Mary explained to her that after all, the manager had already seen her underwear. As Carrie stood there looking embarrassed, Mary took her time selecting another pair of jeans. The manager added to Carrie's humiliation because he couldn't stop looking at her. She was blushing because she knew the store lights made it easier for him to see through her shirt and panties.

Mary handed Carrie a pair of jeans that were obviously too small. Carrie quickly put the tight jeans on, but just like the skirt, they were too tight to fasten. Carrie said the jeans were so tight that she didn't know if she could get them off. That was the wrong thing for her to say because Mary turned around and told Carrie that she would pull the jeans off. Carrie had her back to the manager as Mary hooked her thumbs under the waistband and began slowly pulling them down. Carrie shrieked in horror as Mary had managed to pull the jeans and Carrie's panties down at the same time.

Carrie said in a panic, "Please don't pull my panties down. He's standing right there. He'll see my naked butt!"

Mary ignored her and pulled them the rest of the way down. The manager was staring right at Carrie's young bare bottom. He tried to casually move into a position where he could see Carrie from the front. Carrie saw what the manager was doing and tried to hide her blond bush with her hands. Mary put Carrie's panties on top of the rack in the front of the store with the rest of Carrie's clothes.

Mary led Carrie over to the sundresses, near where I was standing. I ducked out of sight as Mary asked Carrie to put on one of the dresses. Carrie had her back to the store windows, but Mary noticed that some guys were starting to gather outside. She had Carrie take off the yellow top. Reluctantly, Carrie lifted her shirt over her head. Along with the guys outside the store, the manager had an unobstructed view of Carrie's firm butt, as she stood there naked before putting the sundress on. The dress was backless and held up by one string around her neck. Mary told the manager to come over and look at the dress. The manager said that it looked great on Carrie, so Mary told him to set the dress aside as a possible sale. Carrie was facing the manager and the front of the store as Mary reached up to untie the string around Carrie's neck.

Carrie pleaded, "Please don't untie it. That string is the only thing holding up the dress. He'll see me naked!"

Mary replied, "That's ok, he won't mind."

With that, Mary untied the string. Carrie tried to catch the dress before it fell, but Mary gave it a strong tug and the dress dropped to the floor. Carrie was standing in front of the manager completely naked. She had an arm wrapped over her chest and a hand between her legs. Carrie's hand wasn't able to hide all of her pussy as some of the light pubic hair peeked out from around her hand.

Carrie said to the manager in a soft voice, "Please don't stare at me. I'm so embarrassed. I've never been naked in public before."

The manager turned to look at Mary. She faced him and bent over looking at the bottom rack. From where I was standing, I could see down the top of Mary's dress and noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra. I'm sure the manager was looking down Mary's dress, too. Then Mary turned to look on the bottom rack away from the manager and he could see those pink panties peeking out from under her dress again. From the look on the manager's face, it appeared that he was devising a plan to get Mary's clothes off.

Mary stood up and said, "I don't see anything else. Why don't you go get your clothes and put them on."

Carrie looked over and saw her clothes on the rack in front of the window. She shrieked in horror as several sets of eyes were now upon her. She quickly ducked behind the nearest clothes rack.

Carrie looked up at the manager and said, "Oh no, there're some guys looking at me. What am I going to do? My clothes are up in front and I don't have anything on."

The manager said, "That's alright. I'll make Mary go get them."

Mary said, "I don't take orders, I give them."

It was then that Mary told the manager what was going on. Mary was a senior in a sorority at the college I was planning to attend. Carrie was a candidate to become a new member of the sorority. This was Carrie's initiation night. Mary said that Carrie had to do whatever Mary said for the entire evening as her hazing stunt.

The manager said, "This is my store, so you will either follow my orders or suffer the consequences."

Mary retorted, "You can't do anything to me!"

The manager said, "If that's your attitude, then you must be punished."

With that, the walked over to Mary and began unsnapping her dress. Carrie clapped a couple of times in celebration then realized the clapping left her bouncing breasts and pussy exposed, so she covered back up. Mary did little to combat the manager's actions, as if she was testing him to see how far he would go. One by one, her snaps opened and soon, a firm pair of pink nipples came into view. Suddenly, Mary realized that the manager was serious.

Mary said, "Please don't do that. I don't have a bra on! Those guys will see my tits!"

Mary tried to push him away, but the manager continued to open more snaps and soon her pink panties were exposed. They were sheer enough that the patch of hair between her legs was visible under the thin pink material. The panties were tied together on each side like a string bikini. As the manager unsnapped the last snap, she tried to hold her dress together. He began to tickle her all over her body.

She started laughing and said, "Stop, stop. I can't take anymore," then quickly let go of the dress.

The dress dropped to the floor. As she cupped her breasts to hide them from the guys, the manager bent down in front of her and began to pull the strings on her panties.

Mary gasped, "Please, not the panties, too. I can't go up there completely naked. They'll see everything!"

The manager crouched down in front of her and pulled the left string. Her panties fell open and her light brown triangle of pussy hair was only inches from his nose. I guess he got a little too excited pulling the other string because the string was torn free from her panties.

The manager said, "Whoops. I guess you won't be wearing these panties home!"

The shredded material that was once Mary's tiny panties fell to the floor leaving her completely naked. The manager was still crouched down as Mary turned to face the door. She accidentally backed up and her naked butt pressed right up against the guy's face. Mary was too nervous about going up to the front of the store to even notice the manager.

Mary ran up to get the clothes by the store windows as the manager and I watched her muscular butt prance across the floor. She was mortified as she stood only a few feet from the guys on the other side of the window. Mary knew they were staring at her fully exposed tits and pussy. She gathered up the clothes and started to run back, but she dropped Carrie's bra and had to stop and bend down to pick it up. This gave the guys a view of her bare butt cheeks.

The manager walked up to the front of the store, pulled down the shades and said, "Show's over."

The girls were giggling and hugging each other as if the ordeal was over. They didn't seem to be in any hurry to get dressed. Both of the girls seemed totally relaxed with the manager as if they didn't mind that he was looking at them. They treated him as though he was the hero that saved them from the crowd of guys lurking outside of the store.

As Carrie slowly slid her little white cotton panties up her legs, she asked the manager if the guys really got a good look at this. She then proceeded to point to the completely exposed pussy hair between her legs. He told her that they did and she started giggling some more. Then she smiled at the guy as the panties continued their journey up her legs until her blond bush was finally hidden.

Mary was still naked as she handed Carrie her bra. As Carrie put her bra and T-shirt on, Mary leaned against the end of the clothes rack. Her perky breasts with pointy pink nipples and her light brown pussy hair were in full view. She just chuckled as the manager stared at her firm, young body.

When Carrie was finished getting dressed, Mary walked over to her dress, which was lying on the floor. She slowly bent over to pick it up giving the guy one last look at her beautiful naked ass. Then she slowly snapped it from the top down, giving him as much time as she could to gaze at her bush. The manager didn't charge Carrie for the sundress and also gave Mary a free T-shirt as they were walking out the door. They each gave the manager a big hug as they left. Shy Carrie even grabbed his butt on the way out.

After the girls left, things really got interesting. The manager was so worked up over the exhibition put on by Carrie and Mary that he immediately went behind a dress rack and dropped his pants. I couldn't actually see him, but I could see his pants and underwear down around his ankles below the rack. As he began to stroke himself, I cleared my throat. He looked shocked when he realized that I was still in the store. The manager obviously forgot all about me, so I decided to have a little fun with the situation.

As I started looking at the dresses on the rack the manager was standing behind, I asked him if I could try on a dress. He told me to go ahead. I picked a dress similar to the one Carrie tried on and removed it from the hanger. When I did, the dress accidentally fell on the floor. I bent over with my knees straight to pick up the dress and when I did, my tank top rode up in back exposing my little white panties to the guy. The panties were made of a thin mesh material trimmed in lace. I was sure that he could see right through them. The manager started to stroke faster, but I didn't want him to finish so quickly so I acted like I was doing him a favor and passed the hanger to him over the rack. He stopped stroking and took the hanger from me. Since it was so late, I asked him if I really needed to go into the changing booth to try on the dress and he said that it wasn't necessary.

I lifted my shirt over my head and said, "I don't want you looking at me. I don't have a bra on and my tits are just out here in the open."

He started breathing heavy and I asked him if he was all right.

He said, "Don't come around the rack. I'm fine. Just try on your dress."

I slipped the dress on, but tied it loose on top.

I bent over in front of him and said, "Can you see down this dress? I don't want anybody peeking at my boobies!"

He lied and said no, even though I knew he could see my puffy pink nipples as plain as day.

I bent over again, this time with my back to him and said, "Can you see my underwear? This dress is pretty short and I don't want anybody looking at my panties."

Once again he lied and said that he couldn't see anything. Next I reached up under the dress and slowly pulled my underwear off. I set the panties right on the rack in front of him. There was a light shining up from the floor at the side of the dress rack and I moved in front of it. He had to hurry around to the other side of the rack to hide from my view.

I stood in front of the light and I asked him, "Can you see through this dress? Sometimes I don't wear panties and I want to make sure that you can't see my pussy hair through the thin material."

Again he said no so I told him that I'd take the dress. I untied the string and let the dress drop to the floor.

I said, "Uh oh, I forgot that I was naked under the dress. I'm standing her right in front of you with nothing covering my boobs or my bush. Now don't let me catch you looking at me while I get dressed!"

He didn't even respond to my statement. When I bent over to pick my shirt up, he had a great view of my naked ass. I turned and faced him again, then reached my arms high into the air to put my shirt back on. The manager was really stroking hard as he looked at my naked breasts and bare bush. After I finished putting my shirt on, it appeared that the manager was about to explode. I asked him why his hands were shaking and he said that there was no problem. I then asked to look at his hands to make sure he was feeling okay and made him hold his hands up. The frustration on his face was almost comical.

As I headed towards the door, I asked him to come over and ring up the sale. He said that he couldn't at the moment and told me that I could have the dress for free. The manager was getting back into his rhythm so I turned around and said that I had forgotten something. When I started moving towards him, he looked worried because he was reaching the point of no return. I stood in front of the rack and lifted my shirt up to my shoulders.

With my boobies and bush in full view, I said, "Shame on you. You almost let me leave without my undies! See how my pussy would be showing for everyone?"

I then turned around and lifted my shirt in back and said, "If the wind blew, everyone would see my naked butt. Do you think I want to go out in public with these bare buns on display for everybody to see?"

He was stroking and breathing heavy as I picked up the panties and slowly slid them up my legs.

I then lifted my shirt up to my shoulders again and said, "Don't I look much better now. You can still see my nipples because I'm not wearing a bra. You can also still see some hair between my legs because the panties are so thin, but it does look a little more decent than going completely naked. Don't you agree?"

The manager began to grunt and I knew he was finishing himself off. He must have sprayed all over the dresses.

I innocently said, "Are you sure you're not sick? Do you need me to come around and help you?"

He replied, "No, no. Just take your dress and go. I have to close the store now."

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