tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLittle Red & the Huntsman

Little Red & the Huntsman


Swoop! And with that one quick blow the wolf's head had been cut clean off. He brought the bloody axe down and looked to the young girl. Her short dress had been torn by the beast's claws and much of it was in shreds. Miraculously though the iconic red cloak of her lay unmarked. Not even a scratch was on it. Hunter reviewed the girl again, his cock stirring as he saw that the material of her dress had been ripped enough to allow him to see the hints of red lace cups to peak through.

He stalked closer.

Red grew apprehensive watching the tall, handsome brute of a man close in on her. She was backed into a corner with no escape.

"I have saved your life and for that you owe me," he spoke, the gruff masculinity present even in his voice.

"I-I thank you for that, Huntsman but I have no money. Only confectionaries, that were meant for my Grandma."

"Well your Grandma is dead now, little one, she has no use for such sweets. Place them in the kitchen," he ordered. Red eased up a little. Maybe he's not so scary, she thought, steeling through into the kitchen of the cabin. Placing the basket down, Red was so lost in the grief of losing her Grandmother she did not hear the footsteps of Hunter until he was pressed flat against her back. Her small frame came only half way to his chest and she was easily half the width of him.

Hunter grasped her thin wrists in one of his hands and roughly placed them behind her back.

"You will not scream, little one. It is pointless; we are alone in these woods and no one will hear you even if you do," he growled in her ear. Right before reaching up to her neck and unbinding the crimson cloak. He pulled it off her and lay it on the countertop, before wrapping his arm around her neck.

Red was panicking. If the Huntsman squeezed even the tiniest bit she would surely be dead. A huge, powerful man like him would have no trouble killing a little 18 year-old girl like her.

"Please, please don't kill me," she begged at her rescuer.

"Kill you?" chuckled the man, "Oh no, no. I have better plans with you."

Red was wondering about the so called plans when the man pressed his lower body against her back. She gasped in shock. A could feel the hard outline of his semi-erect cock pressing against her. Although still a virgin, Red felt a moan stick to her throat. She'd always fantasise about losing her virginity and she would have sooner, expect for the fact that none of the boys in the village aroused her enough.

Hunter swept his hand down the base of her throat to the tops of her breasts. His slid his fingers down the V of her breasts only to feel flimsy material at his tips. Grasping the material tightly he ripped it off her body with a roar. A startled squeak came out of his prey but he pay no head to it. Once he ripped the top-half of the dress, the rest of the plain cotton cloth flew to pool at her feet.

"No! No! Please, no!" wailed the girl thrashing lightly in his arms. His steal grip and hard body kept her in place and much to her dissatisfaction the erection he was sporting only became more emphasised.

"Stop that!" growled the Huntsman stepping back slightly only to raise his palm and let it come crashing down on her creamy ass. It was barely covered in it's lace red thong so Red felt the full sting of his punishment spread around her left ass cheek. She had screamed when it had crashed down on her but now the stinging was almost pleasurable and her pussy was started to get wet.

Hunter caressed the red ass check with arousal.

"Will you fight me again?" he asked the girl.

"Yes!" she cried. Hunter smiled at her answer. It meant that...swoosh!- he could land a blow to the right ass-cheek. And just like last time Red screamed out and felt the pain subdue to pleasure.

"I'll ask you again...will you fight me?"


This time he had not given her time to finish before landing not one, but two rough blows on her muscles.

"Will you-"

"No!" sobbed Red.

Hunter delivered a blow to her ass again though.

"You will not interrupt me!" he snarled right before releasing her wrists. Red withdrew her arms around her waist and went to turn around when he placed a firm hand on her lower back.

"Stay right there. Hands on the counter. You will not move them," he commands. She shakily unwrapped them from her body, wiped away her tears before placing them flat on the table.

"Good girl," Hunter praised before reaching around her a taking a red lace-covered mound in each hand. His large hands easily fit her perky B-cup breasts but he was slow in massaging them for her delight.

"Y-you don't have to do this...Please, please stop. I'm only 18," sobbed the girl the tears streaming down her cheeks again.

Hunter ignored her and pried down the cups of her bra. His fingers ceased the tender nipples and he rolled them between his fingers, expertly tugging and pinching them to a hardened aroused state. As much as Red wanted to deny the pleasure from the fondling of her nipples, she couldn't and soft moans passed her lips. Hunter grinned having caught her moans and became more rough with his playing of her breasts, only to have her gasp and writhe with pleasure.

"I can see you're starting to like this," he smirked, one hand trailing down her sides and cupping her pussy over the lace material. He felt it damp with her own juices and grinned wider.

"No I don't! I could never! You're a real sick fucker! You know that?" she snarled.

"Now that deserves a punishment," darkly gritted out Hunter using one hand to wrap around her waist while the other opened drawers a searched for the right equipment. Grasping a wide, flat, steel spatula in his hand he closed the drawer. It wasn't the best paddle but it would have to do.

"Wh-What are you doing?" fearfully asked the girl as she felt the huntsman turn to her left side and grip her hips with one hand.

"Stick your ass out," he commanded. She hesitantly wiggled her ass back a little, however it wasn't far enough so he just griped it a tugged her out some more.

"You will learn not to call me names," he spoke swishing the spatula out and smashing it down on her ass.

"For every name you call me you will receive 4 spankings," he told her before carrying out the punishment.

Finishing the punishment he flung the 'paddle' away and gripped the sides of her hips. Thick fingers curled around the red lace before once again, with force he ripped off her panties.

A finger slicked along her glistened pick pussy, causing Red to suck in a ragged breath. Her hands made themselves to the edges of the counter and she gripped onto the edge.

"Please don't. Please," she whispered feeling him rub his large middle finger along her slit and with the other tease her nipples gently. It felt good but she couldn't allow herself to succumb to the pleasure and lust.

Hunter's finger slid past her pussy lips and came to rub at her clit. She lurched forward as he rolled his fingertip around the small ball of nerves, increasing her arousal and building on the impending orgasm.

"Tell me do you like it when I do this?" he asked poking down gently on her clit and circling it again.

"N-no. Your..ha-hands are disgusting," she lied gasping as he continued with his torturous pleasure. Hunter smirked, liking the challenge. He brought his other hand down to her pussy, and used that hands fingers to stimulate her clit, whilst the middle finger on his other hand poked into her pussy. He wiggled the finger in, stroking and teasing the walls of her vagina all whilst teasing her clit.

Red had by that point had her back arched and fingers gripping tightly to the counter. Her orgasm was within reach now and she didn't want the huntsman to stop-not that she could admit that to him.

"How about now? Now do you find my hands disgusting?" questioned the huntsman. He waited for a moment only to receive moans in response.

Slowing the pace of his fingers he heard her groan in disappointment and said to her, "When I ask a question, I want an answer."

Red gulped down her pride to answer him.

"N-No. Your hands are incredible, Huntsman. Please don't stop," she gasped to be rewarded with his fingers working their magic again.

Pretty soon his mild pace had her pussy clenching and within a few minutes she came hard onto his fingers. He slipped out his finger from inside her and grabbed one arm with the other hand. Spinning her around, he used the same hand he had gripped her with the grasp around her neck. The hand did nothing to harm her trachea but was there to restrict her.

"Open your mouth and stick out your tongue," he ordered. She timidly opened her mouth and stuck the tip of her tongue out.

"More! Stick it out further."

The fingers around her neck tightened slightly in warning and she hastily probed it out further. Her eyes locked onto his steely navy ones, memorising the lust in them. The smirk that had flashed onto his face only made him seem hotter. Red would have happily continued gazing at the handsome man in front of her, had it not been for the fact that he brought her come coated finger to her tongue and swiped.

Almost immediately the sweet taste of her juices exploded on her taste buds and as much as she wanted to be disgusted by it, it only aroused her.

Hunter watched the girl's eyes flash with lust concluding she liked the taste of her own juices. But he was yet to taste them. He drew his hand under her buttocks whilst keeping the grip around her throat firm. Raising her up he placed her on the countertop.

"Spread your legs," he barked. Red kept her eyes trained on him while parting her legs. The cool countertop was doing wonders in soothing her hot, spanked ass; and the whole situation was making her wet again.

Hunter released his hold around her neck and drew her wrists upwards to the cabinet handles.

"Hold onto them and do not let go."

Red did as he said and watched as he bent his huge frame to her breasts. The man tenderly kissed down her chest before latching onto one of her breasts. She let out a soft moan feeling his warm, wet mouth cover her breast completely. His tongue rolled around her marble hard nipples while occasionally he would graze his teeth over them. Just when one breast had been lavished the next one received the same treatment. His fingers trailed to her centre and just like before he played with her. Wrecking havoc on her self-control and easing her into another orgasm.

When his mouth suctioned off her breasts she nearly gasped in complaint but with him trailing soft kisses down her stomach to her bare pussy, her stomach tightened in anticipation. And then the long awaited moment arrived when his rough, large tongue stroked the entirety of her slit.

"Oh my God," gasped Red feeling as though she had underwater all this time before finally receiving oxygen.

Hunter smiled to himself at her reaction and gripped her thighs in his palms. Parting them as far as she could go, he ran his tongue at her clit, enjoying the way she would arch and pant with his toying. As soon as he lapped at her pussy hole though, Red sharply intook a breath of air, he body tightening and waiting for the final push.

"Come for me, little one, come!" growled Hunter removing his momentarily before fiercely eating her again. His ferocity was all it took for her to shudder into a breathtaking orgasm.

Hunter stood to his full frame again and gripped her cheeks with his fingers.

"Get on your knees," he ordered her snapping the glazed post-orgasm look from her eyes. She slowly slid off the now slicked counter and knelt on her knees. Gazing up she silently watched the huntsman stroke away some stray pieces of oak brown hair and stroke her cheeks.

"Take off my pants," he instructed her, keeping his grip around her face. Slender shaking arms rose to his belt and she complied with his wishes as she undid it. Dropping it on the floor next to her she quivered slightly whilst unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. She let them fall before raising her head up to him.

"Please, please, I-I've never done this," she whispered tears running down her cheeks and eyes wide with begging.

"There's a first time for everything," gently retorted the huntsman wiping away her tears.

"Take it out," he instructed her feeling two trembling fingers pull down his boxers to spring free his stiff dick.

Red just about managed to contain her gasp. The thing was huge! But then again that's expected. Such a large man would no doubt have a large weapon. There was something...inhuman about it. It's exterior was wrinkled by skin with veins throbbing around it. Some where purple some red. It's length and width were both impressive as they were terrifying. Red gulped. She'd hardly be able to get her mouth around the head of it, there was no way she could do what he had in mind.

"Wrap your hand around it and stroke," came the next instruction. Red hesitantly did as he said. But try as she may she just couldn't get her dainty fingers all the way around the monster. Surprisingly to her it was soft like it was made of silk but the steel rockiness underneath the external texture told her otherwise. She stroked the entire length of him like he commanded and carried on, watching as the monster twitched beneath her hand.

The huntsman's hand came to grip her head just above her ears, his large fingers easily pinned back her long brown hair.

"Now lick," came his next demand.

A crystal teardrop rolled down her cheek as she stuck the tip of her tongue and hesitantly flicked it at the head of his dick.

Hunter growled in warning and gripped the silk strands of hair between his fingers before tugging roughly.

"Do it properly!" he cried causing her body to shake in fear. She stuck her whole tongue out before running it along the side of his thick, long dick. Hunter groaned in satisfaction before stopping her.

"Suck on the end, like it were a lollipop...And don't even think about biting because there are worse punishments than spankings," he darkly informed her.

Red timidly parted her thick, plump lips before sliding them over the head of his dick. A salty, wet substance swept into her mouth before she realised it was pre-come. Feeling the warning grip on her hair, Red sucked. A guttural groan came from the huntsman as she licked and sucked him like a 'lollipop'.

"Go further down," he told her as he let her choke down more of his dick. But reaching less than halfway she stopped causing the huntsman to take matters into his own hands. He grasped her head tighter and against her mumbled protests pushed her down further on him, moan as he felt himself hitting the back of her throat. Red tried screaming in protest but he cries were silenced by the huntsman's staff. Her arms rose to his thick, muscular thighs and she pushed against him futilely. After a few minutes to let her cease her thrashing, Hunter clutched her head a little further down only to have her gag and panic. Abruptly he forced himself back out of her to allow her to gasp in air. Then down she went again.

A few more deep-throat strokes and Hunter was close to his release.

"Make me come!" he gnarled at her.

Red closed her eyes and sat completely still.

Smack! He slapped her across the face, just hard enough for her eyes to pop open. Then tilting her face at him he hissed, "you'll stay down there until you make me come."

Red rethought her plan and decided it was better if she just made him come. The sooner he does the sooner she can leave.

Hunter grunted and groaned in pleasure as he felt her finally getting into it. She sucked, licked and pumped him with such passion that in only a few moments he knew he would come. And he wanted her to swallow it.

"Take me in your throat," he barked.

Holding her head there he shot his come down her throat. She tried pulling back as soon as the first shot of hot come spurt into her mouth.

"Swallow it!" roared the huntsman, erased as he saw his seed seep out of her lips.

He pushed her head further down her before ensuring the next load would go right down her throat. Unable to do much else Red swallowed. But the white liquid flowed faster than she could swallow. And when he released her she sat back swallowing the last of his load.

"Up," he said gripping her hair and pulling her to her feet. She swayed slightly letting her panting body be flung against the counter. Her breasts were pressed down and with nipples forced onto the cold hard surface.

He ran his softened dick up and down her wet pussy lips feeling himself harden again.

Red felt him poke between her pussy lips and knew what was coming.

"No! Not that! Please Huntsman! Please, I'm still a virgin! Please, don't. I'll do anything!" she wailed, crying.

Hunter stroked her lower back whilst gripping her wrists again behind her back. She struggled helplessly in his hold with no reward.

"I saved your life, little one. You are mine. Now, I would rather you do this willingly but I will take you regardless. If you co-operate, I'll try do this softly. What is your decision?"

Red's sobs quietened, "I-I'll co-operate."

"Good girl," he mumbled with a light stroke of her young, taut ass.

Hunter pushed into her tight virgin pussy and immediately prodded at her hymen.

"I'm sorry, little one," he muttered taking her innocence in one short sweep.

"Argh!" cried Red feeling intense pain spread through her body. When the pain eased slightly, Red realised that the huntsman had not moved at all and for that she felt grateful.

She pushed her ass back slightly to give him the signal to carry on.

Hunter eased in more. Her tight pussy squeezed his long dick.

"Huntsman, please, more," gasped Red surprising herself just as much as Hunter. Compiling he pushed his entire length in her causing a long moan to come from her lips.

Fucking her slowly he knew that as a virgin it wouldn't take much for her to come and she couldn't take much. He said he would go easy on her and he was a man of his word.

"Oh...Ah...Ah," came the moans of Red in harmony with Hunter's groans.

All too soon Red was tightening her pussy walls in preeration for an orgasm. Hunter pumped faster feeling the walls constrict around his dick. Now he was also close to his own orgasm and the race began.

From the increase in pace Red convulsed around the huntsman's cock.

Hunter pumped harder during her orgasm to have his own.

Streams of come shot in her pussy filling to the brim and leaking out her cock filled cunt.

He squelched out of her and took a few steps back.

He picked her up and placed over his shoulder.

"Huntsman, please, no more," she yawned, her body exhausted.

"Shh, little one, rest," he murmured to her whilst lying her down on the couch of the small living room.

Hunter buried the dead Grandma and disposed of the severed wolf before wiping down the bloody mess, whilst Red slept.

Red woke up with a start before grabbing her red cloak from the kitchen, grabbing some clothes of hers she slipped them on, and wondered where her huntsman was.

"Huntsman?" she cried.

"Yes little one?" came a voice behind her. She jumped slightly before turning to face him.

"M-May I leave?" she asked, her eyes flickering from his broad muscled torso to his blue eyes. Hunter stepped toward her, glad when she made no move back.

Cupping her soft cheeks he bent down and softly kissed her.

"For now, you may leave. But you are mine. Say it."

"I am yours," she breathed.

"Yes and you will return here every week. You tell no-one of what has happened, understand?"

"Yes, Huntsman," she whispered with promise.

*First submission so hope it's okay. Feedback would be much appreciated!*

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