tagIncest/TabooLittle Robbie, His Mom and Auntie

Little Robbie, His Mom and Auntie


Robbie had just turned 18 but was still very small for his age and looked a lot younger and had always been known as little Robbie. He was a very late developer and had just reached puberty and was starting to take an interest in girls. At his all boys school his mates had been boasting about masturbating but he hadn't indulged in it himself - yet. In fact he had suddenly started noticing his 24 year old cousin Amy who lived next door with auntie Jean. It was coming to the end of the summer term at school and he knew he had to finish a project. The problem was that his computer had broken down.

His auntie Jean who lived next door and was actually his mom's twin sister had offered him the use of her computer and he was pleased to make use of it. He went round there at about 11 am and auntie Jean said she had to go out for a while. Robbie logged onto the site he needed and started his research. After a while he was thirsty and went to the kitchen to get a drink. As he walked in he saw that his auntie was doing some clothes washing and there on top of a pile of dirty washing was a pair of black panties.

He picked them up and loved the feel of the silk material. He rubbed them against his face. He had noticed some white marks on the gusset and when he put them to his nose they smelt wonderful. As he took in the aroma he found himself getting aroused. He rummaged further into the laundry basket and found more pairs of worn panties. He put them to his nose and smelt them all. Then he dropped his trousers and underpants and pulled on a pair of auntie's black panties. His cock was now very erect and almost poking out the top of the panties.

Then the worst thing happened as the door opened and auntie Jean walked in. Robbie grabbed his trousers but auntie had clearly seen everything including his erect cock.

Robbie just kept apologising, 'oh auntie I'm so sorry, it's very naughty of me, sorry.'

He started taking the panties off and was about to pull on his trousers and suddenly auntie said, 'Don't be silly Robbie, leave them on, you obviously love the feel of my panties.'

She went over to him and reached down and felt his cock through her panties and said, 'Oh Robbie you are so excited, I think auntie needs to take care of this, don't you?'

She led him to the lounge and sat beside him on the sofa and started rubbing his cock through the panties.

'Oh auntie that feels wonderful,' he said.

Then suddenly he ejaculated, he didn't know what had happened as spurt after spurt of hot white liquid shot out his cock. He had never experienced anything like it before and couldn't believe how good it was.

Auntie loved jerking off her young nephew and wanted some pleasure herself. She said, 'I saw you sniffing my panties why don't you smell the real thing?'

She dropped her skirt and panties and sat on the sofa and said, 'kneel on the floor between auntie's legs and smell my pussy.'

Little Robbie did exactly as auntie said, he loved the smell of her juices and when auntie pulled his head closer to her he loved how wet it was.

'Lick me,' she ordered him. Robbie poked his tongue out and started licking auntie's cunt. This was amazing as half an hour ago he had never even had an orgasm and now he was licking his auntie's cunt.

'Higher, lick me higher,' she demanded. When he reached her clit, she said, 'That's it just there, oh darling that's wonderful, yes just lick there and make auntie cum.'

She started grinding her pussy against his little face, she was in heaven and in time at all was cumming all over her nephew's face. She released him and sat back and collapsed as she recovered from her orgasm. She saw Robbie was hard again and she wanted to be fucked. She pulled him towards her and guided his cock into her very wet pussy, He started easing his cock in and out and she was so wet it slid in so easily. He didn't know about making her cum and was soon ejaculating deep inside his auntie.

They sat and relaxed for a while and auntie asked if he'd like to do it again sometime. Needless to say little Robbie agreed with her. As he dressed she gave him a pair of her panties and said, 'here's something to remind you of me, why don't you come around the same time tomorrow?'

When he walked into his own house and saw his mom Serena standing there he got a really odd feeling as she looked so like the woman he had just fucked. He want up to his room and lay on the bed and started thinking what he had just done, He sniffed his auntie's panties and loved the smell.

Then suddenly he needed to pee and went into the bathroom. As he stood there he saw the laundry basket and looked inside and saw several pairs of his mom's panties. He picked them all up and went into his bedroom, He lay on the bed and took a deep smell of his mom's panties, he looked at the white stains on them and found himself getting hard. He undressed and wrapped a pair of his mom's panties round his cock held another pair to his nose. As he inhaled deeply he started rubbing his cock as he imagined it was his mom doing it to him. In seconds he was shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum into his mom's panties.

He slept that night wearing his mom's cum soaked panties and as usual woke with a hard on again. He would have jerked himself off but knowing he was going to see auntie very soon decided to wait. He hid mom's sticky panties under his pillow and went to the bathroom and showered. He went back to his room and dressed and went downstairs for breakfast but not until he had another sniff of his mom's panties. He definitely looked at her differently and wondered if her pussy was the same as aunt's. He found himself getting aroused as he looked at his mom in a totally different way. Breakfast was soon finished and Robbie said to his mom, 'I've still got some more work to do so I'm going round to auntie Jeans.'

'OK, fine Robbie, see you later,' she replied.

Today was Serena's usual laundry day and she went into Robbie's room and started stripping the bed. As she lifted the pillow she saw the pair of panties and immediately recognised them as hers. When she picked them up and felt how wet and sticky they were she was stunned. She knew immediately that they were coated in cum and it could only have been her little Robbie. Serena was undecided what to do, should she wash them as usual or leave them where she found them. If she washed them Robbie would know she had found them and it would be awkward. She was perplexed but left them and started the rest of the laundry. All the time he head was elsewhere. What really bothered her was that she found herself getting aroused at the image of her little Robbie masturbating into her own worn panties.

She realised the only thing to do was to confide in the one person she had confided in all her life - her twin sister Jean. She knew Robbie was there but he would be in the study working and she could talk to Jean privately in the kitchen. She went round next door and as usual let herself in the back door. Jean wasn't in the kitchen and instead of calling out for her walked into the lounge and got the shock of her life.

'Oh my god,' she shouted as she looked at her twin sister riding up and down on the erect cock of Robbie and it was obvious by the look on her face that she had just cum.

Jean immediately jumped off her nephew's hard cock and stood in front of her sister and started apologising, saying it was all her fault and she was very sorry. Amazingly Serena was not angry but almost mesmerised by the size of her little boy's hard cock. Her mind raced back to finding her cum stained panties earlier and imagining seeing him jerking off into them.

Jean, seeing the fairly relaxed state of her sister said, 'look what's happened has happened, we can't leave little Robbie in that state,' pointing to his huge erect cock

Serena smiled and said, 'I suppose you're right.' With that, Jean sat beside her nephew and started slowly rubbing her hand up down his shaft. Serena stood mesmerised as she watched her twin sister jacking off her little boy, and the look on his face showed how much he was enjoying it. Serena was staring at them and then suddenly sat down on the other side of Robbie and joined hands with her sister and started rubbing her son's cock. He didn't know how much he could last but the sight of his mom's and aunt's hands jerking him off was incredible.

Serena could feel herself getting aroused, her panties were getting wet and her nipples hardening. Suddenly the urges were uncontrollable and she undressed and lowered herself down onto her son's hard cock.

'Fuck mommy, darling, make mommy cum,' she pleaded as she bounced up and down on him. Her orgasm was only seconds before his and heshot spurt after spurt of hot young cum deep inside his mom's pussy.

Serena lifted herself off and sat back on the sofa. Nobody said a word. Nobody knew what to say. Then suddenly Robbie said, 'I think I've got the best two lovers in the world, can we all do it again.' Jean said, 'You already know my answer.'

Serena said, 'How could I refuse.'

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