tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersLittle Sister Ch. 10

Little Sister Ch. 10


Ralph appeared and said, "Damn Jean that was the most incredible blow job I think I've ever witnessed. This is going to work out great." After a moment Ralph said, "You remember that I said I wanted to fuck you don't you?"

"Oh yes, I remember," purred Jean.

"Well I think you're hot enough right now to really enjoy getting fucked and it will make a great addition to the movie, don't you think?"

"Whatever you want Ralph," replied Jean with a smile. "I'm so hot I'm about to have an orgasm."

Carl had recovered and gathered up his clothing, which he took with him to the chair where Ralph had been sitting and watching the action unfold. He dropped his clothing on the floor and plopped down in the chair his energy spent.

Ralph reached out and took Jean's hands and pulled him to his feet.

Ralph turned Jean around so he was facing the chaise and then put his arms around Jean and then ran his hands over Jean's abdomen, his hands then moved up to squeeze Jean's silicon tits. Ralph leaned down and pushed Jean's head forward with his own head, which exposed Jean's neck that Ralph then lightly kissed. Jean accepted and responded to Ralph's ministrations confident that they were his due. Ralph raised Jean's dress up until it was around his hips and told Jean to hold the dress up. Jean took the bunched dress material at his stomach in his hands and held the dress up while Ralph knelt down and began unhooking the garter belts from Jean's stockings. When the grater belts were unhooked, Ralph reached up and took hold of Jean's panties and gently pulled them down and over the top of the stockings. Ralph slid the panties down until they were around Jean's ankles and then lifted one of Jean's feet and guided the panties over Jean's pump and stiletto heel leaving the panties dangling around the other ankle.

Ralph then rose and told Jean, "You can turn around now and have a seat on the chaise." Jean did as requested. Ralph said, "Jean, unbuckle my belt, and unzip my trousers and pull them down. Jean complied and was rewarded with the sight of Ralph's hard cock straining to get out of his briefs. Without any further instructions Jean reached out and tugged on Ralph's briefs until they came down over his hard cock allowing it to spring free. Jean tugged the briefs further down around Ralph's ankles while getting bopped in the head and face by the erect cock. When Jean straitened up and found himself staring head on at the cock jutting out into the space between his face and Ralph's crotch, he felt compelled to lean forward and kiss the head of Ralph's manhood. Ralph reached in his shirt pocket and retrieved a small tube of lubricant, which he handed down to Jean as he said, "Jean, take this and lube up my dick real good to get it ready to slide into your cock hole. Jean took the lube, opened it and squeezed it out onto the fingers of his right hand. Licking his slightly parted lips in anticipation, Jean reached out and began spreading the lube over Ralph's stiff prick until it was well coated with the slippery substance.

With a smile on his face and heat in his eyes, Ralph told Jean, "Turn around and get all the way up on the chaise on your hands and knees. When Jean had complied, Ralph said, "Position the pillow so that you have some support to lean down on to." Jean got the pillow positioned and with fore arms on either side of the pillow lowered his chest down on the pillow with his head just past the front edge of the pillow. Jean now had his ass raised and was ready for Ralph. Ralph climbed onto the chaise and positions himself between Jean's stocking clad legs. Ralph reached out, placed his hands on the sides of Jean's buttocks and pulled Jean's ass back and into better alignment with his glistening fuck pole. "Jean," commanded Ralph, "reach back and grasp your butt cheeks and spread them." Jean did as he was told. Ralph grinned and said, "My, my what a clean, tight looking cock hole. I can hardly wait to stick my dick in it." Jean replied, "Fuck me Ralph. I want to feel your manhood inside me. Fill me up Ralph."

Needing no further invitation. Ralph pushed forward pressing the head of his greased cock into the entrance to Jean's waiting cock hole. As Ralph began pushing in Jean began pushing out and as Jean's muscles relaxed and spread Ralph hard shaft began making its way into Jean. Jean grunted as Ralph pushed deeper. "You like that girlie boy?" asked Ralph.

"Oh yes," answered Jean, "fill me up Ralph. I want to feel you all the way in me."

Ralph pushed harder and his long shaft disappeared into Jean's ass. As the last couple of inches drove home Jean let out a moan and grunted as if in pain and then was quiet. Jean now looked as if he was impaled on Ralph's fuck pole. Ralph wiggled around a bit until he felt comfortably situated and fully in command. Ralph began rocking to and fro and exclaimed, "I'm going to fuck your balls off now sissy boy and fill you up with my cum!"

"Fuck me hard, fill me up, squirt all of you sweet juice up my ass," cried Jean.

Ralph gave a little laugh of pleasure and told Jean, "Reach back between your legs with your right hand and rub my balls." Jean worked his right hand between his legs and felt Ralph's balls hanging down just below where Ralph's pubic hair pressed against his buttocks. Jean cupped the balls in his hand and began to gently massage them as Ralph rocked to and fro causing Jean's ass to ride back and forth on the slippery cock inside it. Ralph said, "Damn, fine piece of ass for a girlie boy." Soon Ralph began breathing harder and Jean could feel the big balls in his hand starting to draw up a bit preparing to spit their ample product through the rigid hose that they served. In a moment Ralph still grasping Jean's buttocks pulled Jean back as he thrust his cock forward and as deeply into Jean's ass as it would go. Jean let out a little yelp and a moan with the final thrust and then felt Ralph shudder and his cock begin to convulse as cum surged through it and into Jean's waiting bowels. Jean was certain he could feel the wetness and heat of the thick cum as it spurted into him and gave a long sigh of satisfaction as Ralph collapsed onto his back pressing him flat on the chaise and face down into the pillow.

After a few minutes Ralph raised up on his hand and pulled back causing his still rigid cock with sperm dribbling from the tip to slide out of Jean's cock hole, which oozed a mixture of cum and lubricant. Ralph struggled to his feet and looked down at his cock and exclaimed, "Not only a damn tight fuck but my dick is clean as a whistle. You got a damn fine cock hole girlie boy. Keep it clean and ready to go because I'm planning on fucking that ass a lot!" Jean smiled with pleasure, nodded his head in agreement and then rolled over looking up into Ralph's face. Ralph looked down at Jean and said, "I think my sissy boy should get off as well. Does a hard cock in your mouth turn you on as much as I think it does girlie boy?"

"Oh yes, exclaimed Jean, "I love the feel of a warm, hard cock resting in my mouth. I just love the feel of it radiating heat into my wet mouth as my lips clasp its shaft and hold it firmly in place."

"Good girl," said Ralph and then called to Carl to come over and to bring a towel with him.

Carl who was still nude rose from the chair by the door, went to a cabinet and retrieved a towel and then crossed the room to the chaise. It was obvious that he had become aroused again while watching Ralph screw Jean. Ralph took the towel and wiped his cock as he told Jean to get up. When Jean was standing, Ralph said, "Take off that strap holding you clit-prick between you legs and let it all hand out." When Jean had complied, Ralph said, "Get down on your knees. Carl, come over here in front of our cock loving girlie boy." Carl moved in front of Jean so that his erect member jutted out toward Jean's face. Ralph handed Jean the towel that he had wiped himself with and said, "Put the towel on the floor in front of you. Now, take Carl's cock into your mouth and suck on it while you jerk your little clit-prick off onto the towel.

Jean leaned forward and took Carl's hard dick into his mouth and savored the warmth of the firm flesh that filled his mouth. While gently sucking on Carl's dick, Jean took his clit-prick in hand and began to massage it. It didn't take long until his highly charged body cut loose and he was wracked him with a wave of orgasm that caused him to fall forwarded onto his hands jerking Carl's cock from between his lips.

When Jean's breathing had slowed, Ralph said, "Jean, there is a bathroom through the door to the left. Go clean up and put yourself in order. We're through with this shoot. I'll drive you home in a few minutes. Jean headed for the bathroom door with his panties and cock "pocket" in his left hand and his right hand held the hem of his dress up around his waist to prevent it from being soiled by the fluids oozing from his cock hole and his clit-prick. Ralph and Carl headed for the door leading out of the room.

When he was presentable, Jean went to the condo's large living room where he found Ralph sitting on a sofa sipping whiskey from a glass. Ralph rose from the sofa smiling at Jean and asked, "Would you care for a drink Jean?"

"No, thank you. I'm beat and at this late hour it would probably knock me out on my feet."

"I'll be finished with this in a minute," said Ralph, "then I'll run you back to your sister's place and you can get some well deserved rest. You put on a great performance tonight. I was very pleased."

Jean blushed slightly at the unaccustomed praise and replied, "Why thank you Ralph. It wasn't difficult. I really enjoyed myself and delighted that you are pleased."

Ralph put his now empty glass down on an end table and rose from the sofa. He walked over Jean's right side and placed his left arm around Jean and gave him a one armed hug and said, "I am very pleased with you Jean." Ralph dropped his arm from around Jean, stepped around to face Jean and then leaned down placing a light kiss on his forehead. "Come along and let's get you home."

To be continued...

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