Living Naked


Time and again I heard movie stars explain that wearing scanty clothes didn't mean much to them because they grew up with nudity common in their homes. These people were not conventional nudists who visit nudist resorts and parks. This was usually just practiced at home. Being a voyeur, I often wondered what this would be like. I found out.

Camping is my main form of recreation. I earned my living and then some so I retired early. Now I had a lot of time to pursue my dream of spending most of the warm weather season camping.

Camping in Northern Idaho, I noticed that women seemed to lose their inhibitions. It seemed natural that when people were at the hot springs in the Wilderness Areas, they would strip down and go into the hot pools. However, I noticed that even in other camping places, especially near rivers, women would stand in the open and change into or out of their swim suits. One woman in particular, seemed determined to be seen. There were bushes all around but she seemed to seek out an area clearly open to my view to change.

She and her family had just walked up from the river. Her daughters, I guessed, seemed to be well enough developed they had to be in their early twenties, went behind their tent and changed from their swim suits into their shorts. Not mom. She stood right in the clear area and faced me. She then peeled her one piece swim suit off her body with just a slight smile on her face. She had draped her towel over the limb of a nearby bush. She didn't reach for it right away. She stood looking at me.

Feeling just a little bit ornery, I pulled my shorts down and waved at her with my cock. Just as I did, the three girls walked out from behind the tent with their shorts on. They still had their wet bikini tops on but I just noticed out of the corner of my eye. I was busy flirting and being flirted with. Suddenly I realized there were four smiling faces looking at me. One of the girls said, "What'cha doin," Mom?"

"Just playing with our neighbor. He's playing back," she said. They all laughed.

One of the other girls said, "We want to play too." With that she pulled her bikini top up. She had very nice, firm breasts that took my attention away from Mom's smaller breasts and shaved pussy. She just as quickly pulled it down and said, "Behave, Mom." With that "Mom" got her towel and dried off. As soon as the girls appeared, I had pulled my shorts back up. I thought that was the end of it.

That night I could hear the women laughing and talking. I could not make out what they were saying but it sounded like they were outside the tent. They should be since it was a warm night and tents tend to hold their heat quite a while after the sun goes down. I had fallen asleep after gathering some wood for my campfire and their voices had apparently awakened me.

I looked out the tent door and all was dark except where they had a campfire going. I was naked but since it was dark, I stepped out of my tent and stood up. I could now hear the lower voices of men. I couldn't make out who was who because it was not light enough by the fire.

Suddenly I was caught in a flash of light from my right. Not only was I surprised by the light but for some reason, I became erect. There was a female voice behind the light.

"I caught you peeking," she said.

"Not really," I explained. "Voices woke me up and I just stepped out of the tent."

"So, how come you got a hard-on?"

"I can't explain that," I replied, "but as soon as your light hit me, so did the erection."

I could not see who was behind the flashlight but she replied, "That's okay. It's a nice cock. Especially hard like that."

What could I say. "Thanks!"

"I had to pee," she said, "come over to the fire and meet the gang."

I said, "Let me get my shorts."

"No way," she said, and reached for my cock.

Reactively, I stepped back and sprained my ankle. Oh, it hurt. I yelped and grabbed at the offending member.

She yelled for help and soon I was surrounded by mostly fully clothed men and women eager to tend to my disability.

Suddenly I had only one interest: I wanted to get home and get that ankle on ice. It was really hurting. I expressed my desire.

I asked them to help me up, get some of my shorts on me and load me into my vehicle so I get gone. I told them to just leave my stuff; it could be replaced but with prior experience with a sprained ankle, I knew what was most important at the moment.

Mom asked where I lived. When I told her she said, "That's more than 150 miles away!"

I said I could make it.

They lifted me to put pants on me and when I was upright, the throbbing really hit me and I wasn't sure I could stand it for 150 miles. They knew I couldn't. Then Mom took charge.

"Joan, we've got ice left in our ice chest. Get it. Bill and Michael, lay this man in the back of my van and put a couple of towels under his ankle. The middle seat is out. Then when Joan brings the ice, pour it over his ankle and wrap the towels around it. I'm taking him to our place." I was still naked.

I said I had ice in my chest too and that was found and added to the other. I began to feel seriously helped already.

Her orders were quickly completed. I could still her giving directions. "Get the man's keys. Just pull down his tent and pile all his stuff in the pack of his truck. She shell will keep it there and he can roll and pack it all neatly when he has sufficiently recovered. Drive it over to our house, Bill."

She was my savior. The drive wasn't very long since she lived in a town only about thirty minutes from where we had been camped. As soon as we were there, I was carried into the house and placed on a couch, still naked. Everyone else was dressed.

Pretty soon everybody but Mom and a girl named Morgan was gone. Even though I was still lying there naked, I was almost invisible. Occasionally, one of the women would ask if I needed anything, or if I was reasonably comfortable.

One of the men brought in several bags of ice from the store and they were put in the refrigerator. I saw no more men for several days.

I asked Mom's name and she told me it was Nancy and apologized for failing to make introductions. She asked me my name and I told her Roger, because that's what it is. I'm a geezer and Nancy had to be at least fifteen years my junior. She was in her forties or maybe fifty.

I saw there was a clock on the wall so time began to mean something. I had lost track. About 8:35 that evening I heard Nancy tell Morgan she was going to take a shower and get ready for bed.

Morgan must have been a between twenty and twenty five. She was pretty nice looking. She wore shorts and a bikini top. The breasts were probably thirty four or so and looked pretty full. Her shorts were baggy so I couldn't determine what her butt looked like. My pain was beginning to subside through ice treatments and ibuprofen tablets so I could begin to concentrate on something besides myself. I hate when that happens.

Some fifteen minutes later, Nancy reappeared. She was naked except for having her hair wrapped in a towel. I first began to size her up. She was typical of the age I had guessed. A few wrinkles ran along her legs but she was fairly firm, I suspected from working on her feet. There was the expected cellulite and light varicose veins. I'm about fifteen pounds overweight and too old for repairs. I figured she was in about the same shape. She was five and a half feet tall or so. Her breasts weren't overly large, and I think there is such a thing. Most impressively they did NOT rest on her stomach but had a mind of their own. They were still pretty full.

Nancy sat down in a chair and picking up the remote, turned the TV on. Then she yelled, "Morgan!"

Morgan was just coming out of the hall behind Nancy's chair. In response she grinned and yelled, "Mom!"

Nancy jumped and I got the first laugh since spraining my ankle.

"Smart ass," Nancy said, "This man we have been talking about has a name. He's Roger. I just had forgotten to ask."

Morgan said, "Nice to meet you, Roger. Too bad about the circumstances."

She went back into the hall when the telephone rang. About that same time the front door opened and a man about Nancy's age walked in. He turned out to be her husband, Stan. He was just coming in from where he had been away working for a week.

"Hey, I see you finally captured a naked man."

Nancy explained the circumstances. I learned a little something since she said, "Cindy reached for Roger's pecker and he stepped back into a hole, or on a rock, or something and sprained his ankle." She continued to explain how I ended up on their couch. The timing was ironic because Morgan came back from being on the telephone and said, "Cindy is feeling guilty and wants to come over and spend the night. I told her okay."

Stan said, "Good. Maybe I can get some strange pussy tonight."

Nancy replied, "Don't claim strange. I know you've been in that before. Remember, we were on the same bed."

"Well, I didn't mean strange as much as I meant different from the 'old stuff' I've been getting lately." That got a pillow thrown at him. Well, it was a throw pillow.

Stan left the room and apparently took a shower. Soon he was back also naked. He sat down and was bringing Nancy up to date when the door bell rang. Morgan answered it and Cindy came in.

She immediately came to me and apologized for causing my pain. I told her it wasn't her fault, I was just surprised at her reaching for me and should have held my ground. "It couldn't have been all bad having you hold of my prick but it was just a reaction. Don't feel bad."

She said she planned to nurse me and Stan said, "Well, get those titties out, girl."

She "hushed" him and followed Morgan out of the room. That's why they seemed the same age, they were friends. I was slowly putting things together.

Very quickly Morgan and Cindy came back into the room. Both were now naked.

Stan made a grab for Cindy and pulled her onto his lap. She resisted but it didn't seem she was putting up much of a fight. "Let's fuck," Stan said. I had thought he was just kidding before.

Morgan said, "Not now, Dad! We have some things we need to do." She pulled Cindy away. Stan reluctantly let go and they went out of the room. This was getting weird.

Stan and Nancy watched the news in silence for quite a while. They talked a little and he said he had eaten on the way home. Nancy asked, "Do you know what those girls are doing in the kitchen?" He didn't.

Nancy got up during a commercial and went to where the girls had gone. She returned saying they were baking cookies for me. Stan asked if he didn't get any and she said she was sure everyone would share.

The cookies were done shortly after the news was and the girls came back in with plates full. They went back for milk and said they had made no coffee. They asked if anyone wanted some. No one did.

We ate cookies and the girls laughed and everyone was relaxed. My pain was considerably subsided and I was feeling pretty good.

Stan called Cindy to him and she went over. He asked her if she would fuck him. She said she would. He asked generally, "Does anybody object if I fuck Cindy?" No one objected. I turned slightly so I could see if this was really going to happen. Only Morgan spoke up and said she thought that after being gone so long he might want to fuck his wife first. He replied he had been fucking her for more than twenty years and he had only fucked Cindy twice.

Then he told Cindy, "You will have to get me up good."

She kneeled down and began to stroke and suck his cock. I was the only one watching. Nancy got up and walked toward the back of the house and without even looking, just rubbed her hand across Cindy's head as she sucked Stan's cock. No concern was shown. Morgan had gone back into the kitchen.

I closed my eyes, mostly so as not to be too obvious, and though slits, watched the action. Stan became hard and Cindy got up and sat on his erection. She began a slow movement back and forth more than up and down.

Suddenly a hand touched my stomach. I jumped a little and looked up. Morgan was standing next to me and then was on her knees quickly.

"Sorry to wake you. How are you feeling?" she asked.

I told her I was much better. She played her hand across my stomach gently and asked if it would be okay if she touched me. I said, "sure."

She kind of absently rubbed her hand back and forth across my body and watched her friend fuck her dad, with no real interest.

Her hand began to work its way down my body and after a slight teasing, she touched my penis. It noticed right away and began to point more forcefully toward my chin. In seconds I thought it was going to reach it's target.

Cindy turned and took my cock in her mouth. She was gentle like she thought it might hurt my ankle to be aggressive. She then asked if I was still okay. I said, "Go for it!"

She laughed and then returned to giving me her full attention just where I enjoyed it the most. I was really enjoying myself all of a sudden.

A noise in the room indicated that Stan had reached his climax and Cindy said, "You really went flat fast. How 'bout me?"

He just said he was tired and would take good care of her next time. She had gotten to the floor and he pushed himself up and apparently went to bed.

Cindy came over and said to Morgan, "That's what I had planned to do."

I looked at Cindy and said, "I eat pussy. Go wash it and come back. You can sit up here while Morgan works on me down there, if that is okay." Morgan said, "Let him eat me and you can do what you originally intended, Cindy?"

Hell, I didn't care. So Morgan moved up and Cindy moved down and I enjoyed Cindy's administrations just as much as I hoped Morgan enjoyed mine. These weren't fabulous beauties but they were physically attractive, especially naked, and I just enjoyed them very much, thank you. The older you get the less picky you are but even half my age I would have picked either of these two.

Morgan actually came before I did. I wasn't as careful in what I was doing as Cindy was and Morgan had been. They had in mind that I was injured and didn't want to aggravate my condition. Morgan wasn't injured in spite of the gash I saw. Morgan sat down beside the couch to get her breath back. She had cum pretty hard. I guess a stranger can do that.

Pretty soon Cindy brought me off and as I started cumming she sat back and pumped the cum into the air and it landed back on me as well as her hand. Why do women always laugh when they make a guy come by mouth or hand? They seem to really enjoy that. I enjoyed it and her laughing made me feel even better. I was glad she enjoyed herself. She had only one complaint. She still hadn't cum.

I told her I could eat more than one pussy a night but was a little fussy. I told her again that if she would go wash Stan's cum out of her cunt, I would be glad to get her off. She laughed and said most of it had dripped out on the floor but she would go wash.

Morgan said, "Shit," and went to get a mob to clean up what she called her "daddy's mess."

Cindy came back and she seemed clean. I let her sit on my face and started my pleasant work. The mop lady came back and played with my dick until it was hard again. Then she surprised me by sitting on it. She slid right down on it and using a gentle rocking motion got us both off after a long smooth ride.

Cindy didn't take as long. After we were done, they sat together on the floor next to the couch and we got acquainted. I didn't ask about their sexual habits because that seemed obvious. They were both out of school for the summer and just hanging around the little town where Stan and Nancy had their house. They did say that sex was the town hobby, then laughed. The boys that had been at their camp site were local and they all got to know each other really well.

It took me about ten days to recover enough to go home. During that time I was there, Stan was there three days. He had sex with his wife and his daughter while I watched. He had sex with his daughter-in-law and her husband had sex with another daughter-in-law all in the living room where I stayed.

I enjoyed Nancy a couple of times and the first daughter-in-law once. Most of my activity was with Cindy who was trying really hard to make up for what she felt was her fault. Morgan was active with me too and there was more than one threesome. All this took place in the living room, my place of abode, with people coming and going and no one concerned.

We have kept in touch for some time now and I have visited occasionally. Since I live in the "big city" of the area, I get visits from one or more of the friends I made when they need medical care at the local hospital or to have a shopping spree in the larger stores we have here. Those visits are nice and I have usually been able to persuade them to stay overnight. In fact they have come to expect it unless they have a reason to hurry home.

This may have bored most of you who want every inch of insertion described in twenty words or more but I find that boring.

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