tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLiving Sex Doll

Living Sex Doll


Part One

I met the love of my life while on vacation in Amsterdam. She was a nineteen year old Korean/American girl working as a protistute at one of the best brothels in The Dam. She hadn’t been in the business that long and at first I didn’t even know her name. I’d paid the highest premium in order to receive what I was told would be “a living sex doll performance”.

She arrived at my hotel at ten in the morning. I’d paid for a whole day.

“Shhhhh,” I whispered.

I brushed her long dark hair from her shoulder and kissed the sweet slope of her neck.

“Shhhhh......quiet now, sweetheart.”

I stood behind her, hands on her slight hips, the iron bar in my pants bumping her ass. She was trembling, unable to camouflage her nerves now that she was wearing the blindfold. Inside darkness she was. There was touch and taste and smell and sound, but no seeing and no talking.

“Unless I ask you something......okay?”

“Okay,” she said, licking her lips. Her voice was small and weak and unsure.

“Good girl,” I said.

I made her stand erect, hands by her sides, her small breasts pushing out. Standing at attention. I kissed the back of her neck, delicate pecks down between her shoulder blades and the straps of the little black dress she wore. I’d requested the dress. I’d toyed with a schoolgirl uniform, but somehow the little black party dress is so much sexier. My palms stroked her shoulders and I noticed her nipples harden under the dress as I slid down past her elbows to her wrists.

“Do you like being a prostitute?”

“Sometimes,” she said.

“Have you had a hundred cocks inside you?”

“Not yet.”

“How many?”

“Twenty, thirty, maybe.....but never like this.”

I drew her wrists together behind her back and she took a deep breath.

“I like it if I find the guy horny,” she added.

She whinced as I squeezed her wrists and her expression contorted anxiously.

“Ow!” she snapped.

“Shhhh,” I hissed behind her ear.

I choked her wrists in my fists and sensed a shiver of trepidation. She ran the tip of her tongue through her lips and took a breath, the nipples of her bra-less breasts pointing as she puffed her chest.

She was a petite girl, as I’d requested.

“You’re very pretty,” I said, tying her wrists together.

She wanted to respond, I could see she wanted, but she chose not to.

Padded leather shackles I’d bought from the sex shop. Gentle on her wrists, yet binding and restrictive. Her breathing became a little heavier and my hands held her hips and I pulled her hard bum against my hard cock, the arc of my stiff shaft pressing against the cheeks of her ass through our clothing.

I wondered whether her pussy was as wet as my dick was hard.

I felt myself growl with lust and my hands slid around her waist and I hugged her, holding her small frame against me. I felt like a bear trapping a lamb. Her beautiful submission was everything. As I squeezed my prey, her head rested back against my chest and I kissed her behind the ear and then kissed her neck and the edge of her jaw. She was so pretty, so sweet and even though a whore, she had a delicious virgin quality. My cockhead was dripping, I could feel it in my shorts, but I managed to curb my simmering lust.

With one arm I trapped her against me and with the other I stroked her slim neck. I could feel her bound hands between my legs and her swallow as my palm squeezed her throat. She shivered again, which I found delightful.

“Open your mouth,” I said, turning her face up to me.

I cradled her, holding her face toward mine. She appeared helpless in the blindfold, paid for and willing. Her mouth opened. A soft, bee-stung pout shimmering with schoolgirl lip-gloss. I held her there for a good two minutes, admiring her. Her breathing increased as the seconds edged by, waiting for me to use her in some way. Her slight frame in my bear arms. She wriggled a little and I coiled my arm to crush her against me as I squeezed her neck.

“You’re the most beautiful girl,” I said.

I ran the tip of my tongue along her upper lip, licking off the lip-gloss. And again, feather-lite across her bottom lip. And again, wet trails along each lip, rimming her mouth right into the corners, brushing the tip of her tongue.

“Push your tongue out a little.”

She did and I sucked the tip. The suck turned into a suckle and I pushed her tongue with mine. Back into her mouth. As our lips slid together I felt her body relax in my embrace. It only made me squeeze her tighter and tighter and tighter as our tongues duelled and our lips hungrily mauled one another.

“Mmmmmm,” she hummed involuntarily.

“Shhhh,” I countered.

Her weight sank into my bear-hug and I held her as tight as I could, crushing her as our breathless kissing accelerated into a frenzy. My tongue in her mouth, her tongue probing mine, the tips dancing between our slippery lips. As I pulled my lips from hers, her mouth gaped and her tongue searched the air for mine.

I ran my thumb across her wet lips, back and forth.

“Delicious mouth,” I said, pushing her tongue into it with my thumb.

I slowly pushed my thumb in and out of her mouth, feeding my little doll. She sucked on it as if it were a tiny cock and I knew her slut was free. Her little cunt was wet now, I was certain.

“Do you have a wet pussy, sweetie?”

She nodded and I began running my damp thumb around her mouth in slow circled.

“Tell me....” I said.

She took a breath and I sensed a slight confusion from her, until she figured it out.

“My pussy is all wet......all wet for you....”

It was a perfect answer, as she found out with my reward of more kisses. Deep randy kisses, loving and hungry as I coiled my arm around her again and stroked her neck.

“Would you like to show me how wet your pussy is, sweetie?”

She nodded and said teasingly, “Your wish is my command, Sir.”

I kissed and licked her mouth again, then loving pecks across her cheeks until I came to her ear.

“Kneel down,” I whispered.

I took her weight in my arms. Her knees bent, trusting I’d catch her. The girl was as light as a leaf and easy to handle. Her knees met the floor and her bottom sank back onto her heels, thighs melting together with her round knees protruding fom under her little black dress.

She gazed into the air as if blind. The bandana across her eyes kept all things black. Kneeling in darkness, her hands bound behind her back. Waiting and breathing and hearing me above. Her bosom heaved, whether from excitement or fear I couldn’t tell. Either way her silent desperation was thrilling.

I began to undress, fawning over my waiting fucktoy. She was patient as I took my time and I thought on a couple of occasions she wanted to speak.

It was very calm, very still in the room. Just a stubtle hum of traffic far below.

“How do you feel?” I asked, stepping out of my jeans.

“A little bit nervous,” she said after a few seconds of consideration.


The girl shook her head.


“Uh-huh?” she said meekly.

“How does your cunt feel?” I said, stepping to her.

She sensed it as I cut out the light from the window, casting her in shadow.

“I’m nearly gonna cum,” she confessed.

My cock was rigid, bloated and throbbing, soaring almost vertical.

“You’ve made my cock so stiff,” I said.

“I hope so,” she said.

A long silent moment passes as she waited for the next thing.

“What’s your name?” I said.

“What would you like it be?” she countered predictably.

“I’d like to call you ‘bitch’ and ‘slut’...”

“Mmmmm,” she crooned, smiling.

“And ‘whore’,” I said.

She let out a little laugh, which made me smile, which made me happy because it meant there was calm between us.

“Shhhhh now,” I said, feeling a sudden sense of detremination.

She flinched as she felt my palm on her forehead. My fingers combed through her hair, tilting her head back. I peeled my foresking back to fully release my cockhead. It was bloated and sticky with pre-cum. My cock was burning, aching to burst. Which is what I wanted to do. I wanted to shoot my cum all over this beautiful girl’s face and mouth. I wanted to, but I didn’t. I would later, I promised myself, as she’s looking into my eyes.

Even thought I was getting my way, she was paid to be my submissive little sex doll. I already sensed she was enjoying the role, and sex is nothing if the two of us don’t enjoy this.

“Open your mouth,” I said.

I’m sure she was predicting hot spunk, but I just wanted her to take a taste for now.

“No licking,” I said.

I squeezed the head of my prick and dabbed the resulting beat of cum to her bottom lip. She was dying to lick, I could see the tip of her tongue dancing inside her mouth. My hand roamed to the back of her head and my fist clutched a bunch of her hair. Her expression creased and all I wanted to do was yank her head back by her hair and jack-off over her pretty mouth. The urge was huge as I slid my dripping cockhead across her lips. Back and forth, squeezing another drool of pre-cum, then smearing it around her mouth. My cock the lipstick.

Her spunky lips seemed to throb and as I inserted my cockhead past them, her tongue swirled around it like a little paint brush. I saw the rim of my head become enveloped by her greasy cum-slick pout, at which point I stopped.

The girl began suckling my cockhead as I held her head in place. As she tried to take more of me into her mouth I held her back, giving her just the head.

“Just the head, sweetie.”

“Mmmmm,” she replied deliciously.

She was either an exceptional whore or genuinely enjoyed being used. Her sucking was so loving and after a short minute I had to pull my dick from her to stop myself emptying my balls into her mouth.

“Oh, sweetheart,” I crooned.

Her tongue chased my cock as I painted her lips with the head. Again, I pulled her head back and she whinced beautifully, her gaping mouth almost skyward. She was breathing heavily and I brushed my hot stiff shaft across her cheeks.

“Does my dick taste alright?” I quizzed.

She nodded, licking her spunky lips.

“Tell me,” I said.

The girl pursed her lips together and said, “Creamy and hot......a bit salty.”

I pushed my cockhead back into her soft pout and back out again. I did this several times. The sound of my head popping from her lips was really very horny.

“Here,” I said, kneeling down in front of her, “let me taste....”

And I kissed her and sank my tongue into her cock-flavored mouth. The girl grunted and pushed my tongue back into my mouth with hers and our lips crushed together. I kissed her so hard, pulling her onto me with my fist of hair.

“Sexy little bitch,” I growled.

I heard a muffled squeal between our mouths as I kissed her again. Jesus, she was so deliciously delicate and perfect I couldn’t stop. A battery of kisses. Licking and kissing her neck as she tilted her head back, inviting me onto her. I released her hair, fingertips dragging the straps of her dress over her shoulders as I went down on her.

“Oh, u-mmmm,” she breathed, as my kisses arrived at her young and tender little breasts.

They were almost blushing. Small, baby-soft breasts, nipples tight and hard and pink. Each breast a handful. They were lusciously smooth and blemish-free. Round and silken and small. I circled each nipple in turn with my fingertip and it was clearly something she relished.

“Is that nice?” I asked knowingly.

“Yeah,” she nodded, “......makes my clit tingle when you do that?”

I took a little pre-cum from my cockhead and smeared it around her nipples. All slippery circles around her nipples as I held them gently in my palms. Followed by a kiss to her lips and another with soft licks.

“Oooh-oh,” she muttered.

A little more pre-cum as my kisses became feather-lite and she could hardly breath and kiss at the same time. My fuck doll was going to cum. Her bottom sank even lower as her knees parted slightly and all she could do was hold her lips there for me to kiss them amid the rising panting from her swelling breasts.

Her breathing began to choke and I knew she was right there, the waves of an orgasm rising and rising. I just wanted to touch her clit for a second to take her over, so I reached under her dress, teasing her with a slow, slow approach. I could feel the heat from her cunt. The air between her legs was tropical.

“I’m gonna cum,” she stammered.

My hand retreated, fingertips grazing her soft thigh. As her tongue searched the air blindly for my mouth I pulled away and stood, leaving her to ebb. Her hips were grinding, her bandana-eyes wondering where I was in the darkness. Her knees spread and the hem of the little black dress rode up her thighs until I could see her black knickers. Her tight slit was burning inside her panties, her dripping fuck-hole leaking into an already wet gusset. So close. Just the fringes, the hope and a frustrating throb that threatened to explode, but started to ebb away.

I looked at her panting, kneeling on the carpet. Helpless, bound and blindfolded, her little black dress gathered around her waist. I noticed her nipples grow and soften and she licked her suddenly dry lips. I sensed her frustration.

“I’m sorry, sweetie,” I said, “I don’t want you to cum just yet.”

I stooped and gave her dry mouth some licks and a slow, succulent kiss.

“Are you thirsty?” I asked.

She nodded, “Yeah.”

I gave her wine. Cold, icy white Chardonay from the bottle. Feeding her drips. Drips that she swallowed gladly and drips that spat on her face and drips that cascaded from the corners of her mouth and ran down her neck. I licked the escaping stream of wine off her skin. I poured at little more into her mouth. And a just little more. Aside from getting her drunk I found it incredibly sensual. Splashing her gorgeous pout. The convulsion of her sleek neck and her baby-soft, wine-flavored skin.

I was beside myself. I could of quite happily licked wine off her body all day long. I wanted to pamper her and for her to want my every filthy whim. Lovely smut and dirty girl and a loving touch to trigger her sweet surrender. I wanted to look into her eyes, but I was saving that for later. I needed to play with her first. She was so beautiful, I just had to.

“Is your vagina okay?” I asked.

She giggled at my use of words and said, “My vagina is fine.....I have a soaking wet vagina, just for you.”

I kissed her, holding her face in my hands.

“Are you as tight as I imagine?”

“Virgin-tight.....I’m not very big as you can see.”

I so much wanted to look into her eyes. I pulled some cushions off the chair nearby and threw them between us.

“Bend over,” I told her, “I need your pussy.”

One last kiss and she obeyes, bowing down on the cushions, arms behind her back in the darkness. Her ass pointed into the air and her shoulders blades drew tight together. I could see her blindfolded face to one side below me. I sensed a little caution creep back into her.

Her black cotton knickers clung to her round bottom, sinking down her crack until the material swelled again around her steaming cunt lips. I could tell they were puffy and enclosed by how tight the damp cotton outlined them. A crease along her tight slit.

“You beautiful bitch,” I moaned.

She didn’t answer and I had to stroke my cock a few times. It was the most delicious sight I’d ever seen and I was going to eat it, starting with kisses along the back of her thighs. Kisses split by a wet tongue as I pushed her thighs together. They melted stickily to one another, making her box swell even more. I ran my tongue up her thigh, and then the other, with little kisses along the way. Just brushing my lips across her silken skin, which made her bum push out involuntarily.

I noticed she was deathly silent.

“Does that feel alright?”

“Feels lovely,” came a distant, faint voice.

Again, savouring her thighs, and higher, kissing around the elastic of her knickers. Running my tongue along and just under the lace edge of her knickers. Between skin and cloth. She was so quiet, and all the sounds were from me. An almost constant groan as I licked her skin and licked the cheeks of her ass. My hands were roaming too, following my kisses and my licks. I picked the elastic of her knickers away from her skin and began peeling them over her ass. Such a quiet girl. A little groan as they emerged from the crack of her bum. Lower and she held her breath, the damp gusset of her panties coming away like a layer of skin, a gentle tear and burn all along her slit.

Her cunt clenched. It shone, glazed with pussy juice. A beautiful wet peach and a dark slit that opened ever-so-slightly at each end to expose a hint of clit and cunt-hole. She had the most beautiful vagina. Almost sculpted into her between bum and thighs. I placed my face very close it. Her snatch was hot and humid and smelled of heaven. Tiny kisses and grazing lips all around it, and a little lick right in the creases where her mound met her thighs.

“Mmmm, sweetie,” I hummed.

Two palms on her ass, splitting it open. I kissed her along the inside of her crack, the tip of my tongue following. My thumbs stretched her wider right around her asshole. I rested my lips directly over it and her head turned and her body squirmed and her pussy clenched as I ran my tongue back and forth across her asshole. And in circles around it. I kissed her button and she squealed under her breath.

“Oh, I like that,” she said.

I kissed her tight ring again and leant back, holding her ass open. My cock was dripping and her pussy was begging. Begging to be touched. By fingers, lips, tongue and cock.

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