tagIncest/TabooLiving with Sisters Ch. 01

Living with Sisters Ch. 01


A story related to me by a friend, written/edited/polished by me. I found it hot enough that I wanted to share it, and she graciously gave me permission.

This is fictional, all characters over 18, etc., etc.


I lived with a couple of sisters for almost two years.

The older was Susie, at twenty-four. Short and curvy, she had ass and tits that belonged in porn. I always loved her tattoos, a fairy on the small of her back, and scrolled barbed wire over her pelvis. She had shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes, cute little dimples...a little Barbie doll. But this Barbie doll was the dirtiest fucking slut. God, I loved her.

Chloe, my age—nineteen at the time—was nearly my height, thin, but with a lovely round ass. Her legs were toned, almost runner's legs, and her tits, while small, were perky, with perfect nipples. She had dark, wavy brown hair and gorgeous hazel eyes. My favorite feature of hers, though, was her smile, so sweet, deceivingly innocent, and those lips...

It was summer, and we had been to the beach. We were all tanned, hot, a little sunburned. The smell of aloe vera lotion wafted between us under the fan. We laid on the carpet of our apartment in just bras and panties, ate popsicles, watched The Goonies, and played Power Hour, a vodka shot every 5 minutes.

As you can imagine, it didn't take us long to get drunk, and not much longer than that to get *very* drunk. Before long, The Goonies was just noise in the background, like the squeak of the fan above us.

"I need a cock," Susie complained idly, with a sigh.

I smiled a little. Susie was *always* horny. "Why?" I teased. "What would you do with it? Would you do...*this*?" With that, I slipped my popsicle between my lips, swallowing it like I would a man. I couldn't decide in that moment which was better—cold, solid, melting in my mouth, coating my tongue with the tart taste of cherry, or hot and almost spongy, hardening between my lips and seeping salty-sweet precum. The popsicle rewarded me for my efforts; I lost myself in sensation and fantasy, and I might have moaned around the dripping sweetness.

"No," I heard Susie breathe. "I'd do...this..." Her voice wavered as she said it; opening my eyes, I found her panties pulled to the side, her legs spread, and a very juicy-looking orange popsicle slipping into her cunt.

I looked over to her sister, whose eyes were as enraptured by Susie's slit as I was. Without thought, I dropped my popsicle stick and crawled to Susie's feet.

"Do you need some help with that?" I asked, my voice sounding husky in my ears. Hungry. Wordlessly, biting her lip, Susie nodded.

Taking the stick from her fingers, I made a slow pump with the popsicle, which was now slick with both its own juices and her desire. My head dipped lower, and my mouth found the sticky mess of her pussy. I know I groaned at the mingled taste of sweet and need. For a moment, I savored, licking up the mess, enjoying her moans and the small hitch of her hips every time my tongue neared her swollen clit. Then, fucking her faster with the popsicle, I gave her what she wanted, making light laps on her tender nub.

The purr I heard from Chloe was familiar; it reminded me of the noise she made when we watched porn together. So I wasn't surprised when she climbed behind me with her own popsicle—green, I think. She yanked down my panties impatiently, and pressed the cold, hard length of it against my opening. It stuck, a little, making me gasp, but then between my heat and wetness and Chloe's insistence, it slid inside. Jesus, what a sensation! I happily ate Susie out as Chloe fucked me hard with the popsicle and strummed my little clit.

Susie bucked beneath me, and I knew she was close, but the popsicle in my hand had melted to nothing. With a growl of determination, I tossed the stick aside and replaced it with my fingers, slipping into her drenched insides with little resistance. I pumped into her hard, fast, my mouth locking around her clit. She gasped and wriggled, then writhed, and finally humped my hand and my face, her sticky fingers tangled in my hair to keep me in place, her gasps and cries thanking me. Her cunt writhed around my fingers, dripping down onto the carpet, which was growing a large orange spot that both she and I were heedless of.

By now, I'd started humping back against the popsicle's violation, my own grunts muffled by Susie's writhing. But Chloe was jealous; she removed that delightful popsicle from my pussy, and only paused long enough to suck my juices off of it before laying down in front of me. I sighed as though it was a chore, but then grinned cheekily as I pulled her panties down and off.

"Be right back!" Susie panted, rolling over and pushing to her feet, doing a little half-dance to the kitchen. I watched her delicious ass retreat, and then focused on the lovely little pussy I had at my mercy

"Awww...Does it want some attention?" I chuckled. I patted her slit with my hand, smiling at how all her muscles clenched at once when I touched it.

"Lick it. Please," Chloe whispered.

I didn't need any more encouragement. She was already glistening with excitement; I could smell the musk of her, a heady smell that made my blood run hotter. My head dipped down, and my tongue slipped between her lips, making a lock lick upward. Her breath escaped her in a long sigh, and all the tension in her body seemed to melt away.

I made another lap, and another, each drawing closer to that cute clit. But before I could really get to business, I heard Susie's footsteps, and the sound of a wrapper being opened. Susie stood next to her sister, unwrapping a grape popsicle. Knowing both her sister and I were watching, she gave it a long lick and a theatrical suckle on the popsicle. Then our eyes met, and we both loosed a small laugh as she handed it to me.

Susie knelt beside her sister, who had raised up onto her elbows. Pushing her bangs back over her ear, Susie bent down toward Chloe. Their lips met. Warmth pooled in my stomach as I watched them kiss. They kissed loudly, showing how their tongues tangled between their lips—for my benefit, I think. Susie cupped her sister's breast, pinching softly on her nipple. As Chloe moaned, I grinned, and positioned the popsicle.

"Now you'll see how it feels," I laughed, and shoved it inside her in one smooth motion.

Her back arched, her breast pushing into her sister's hand, her cunt pressing up against my thrust. Her mouth locked tight with her sister, her hands moving to the back of Susie's head and holding her close. Gleefully, I fucked her with the popsicle, watching her fuck back. Her coos were quieted by her sister's mouth, but I could still watch her pleasure rising by the heaving of her chest, the rhythm of her hips.

The popsicle melted quickly inside the molten heat of Chloe's tunnel. I replaced it with my tongue, lapping up the purple juices, at first with hurried licks, and then with slower exploration. I could hear when their long kiss ended by Chloe's panting.

The next time I looked up, Susie's mouth was clamped on Chloe's nipple, making long, slow suckles. Chloe met my eyes, her whole face glowing red. We just watched each other, as I and Susie pleased her. Susie's hand focused on her sister's free tit, squeezing hard enough that it had to be a little painful. Chloe's only reaction was a low moan.

My fingers slid into that slick and swollen pussy, two fingers stretching her tightness. Her head lolled back, exposing a throat I loved to kiss and nibble. But her sister beat me to it, licking her way up Chloe's chest to suck on her neck. As I wiggled my fingers inside Chloe's cunt, Susie slid fluidly around to her sister's back, hugging her close, letting Chloe rest on her lap. Her lips moved along her sister's shoulder and neck, finally nibbling on the little slut's ear.

I don't know what Susie whispered into Chloe's ear, but I know that her pussy clutched tight around my fingers, and she gave a wavering groan. "Yes, please," she whimpered, fucking herself on my fingers as much as I was fucking her. "Please. Fuck." Her eyes were vacant pools of lust, heavy-lidded. Her face shown in flush, her whole body glimmering with sweat.

She was close. So, so close. My body ached in sympathy. But after taking another second to enjoy the view, I buckled down, slipping my fingers out of her, using my hands to steady her writhing form, and dove in.

The smell and taste of grape popsicle surrounded me. In and around her cunt, along her thighs. But her smell and taste filled me, consumed me. My head was thick with the fog of want, want for her, want for her sister, want for anything that could fill my aching slit. For now, I wanted one thing more than any other. My tongue delved deeper inside her, straining to taste her, pure, undiluted.

Her hips jerked, her legs strained under my arms. Her cunt clenched and then flooded, and I got what I needed. Her. More, and more, always more of her taste, of her smell, of her rising cries and her pleasure. For long moments I held her there, sucking and licking and nibbling just a tiny bit. I kept at her until she squirmed and pushed my head away, sucking in gasping breaths and laughing at the intensity of her climax.

I rested my chin just above her mound, taking in my own gulps of air. Susie watched us silently, but with a large smile.

After I'd regained my breath, I tried to lift my head from Chloe's skin, my face pulling stickily. Looking at the other girls, I saw half-dried trails of popsicle and pussy juice all long thighs and pussies and hands.

"Shower?" I suggested, and the sisters laughed with me. We helped each other up.

Nodding at the several spots on the floor—one orange, one purple, larger than the rest—Susie said, "Cleaning that is going to be a *bitch*."

"We can worry about that *after* the shower," I said, adding to myself: *after I get mine*. Susie and Chloe readily agreed, and together we headed to the bathroom.

But that's another story.

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