Liz and Bob


This is a story of fantasy and not to be taken seriously. One lesson can be learned. Never trust your husband's boss!


Bob Prescott had finally received his Masters in Engineering when he was 24. He was especially adept with Problem Solving and computer-aided design (CAD) software which enabled him to create 3D models, 2D drawings, and schematics of designs. Convincing prospective employers of his qualifications was another matter. After two years of answering want ads and sending resumes, he was finally accepted at a prestigious engineering firm in Atlanta. Thank God, his wife had been able to support them until he got a position.

Bob was nervous and apprehensive the day of his interview. There had been so many disappointments from others, from promises not kept to outright lies of why he couldn't be hired. One of the most common was that he was over-qualified and they couldn't afford what he would expect. Arriving promptly on the minute, he was ushered into the office of Henry Wazman, by a very young and pretty secretary.

Bob shook hands with six foot, 200 pound man of middle age. He was getting grey around the temples, but seemed to be in excellent shape.

After introductions and he had been seated, Mr. Wazman said, "Robert, call me Henry and I'll call you Bob, Is that okay? I have went over your resume and am impressed by the recommendations of your professors. We have a personnel department to handle employment, but, I handle the engineers myself, since you will be working directly under me."

After an hour of questions and answers, Bob was no longer nervous. He was interested and surprised at the knowledge Mr. Wazman seemed to have. Mr. Wazman seemed to be equally impressed with Bob.

Henry wrote on a sheet of paper and pushed the paper in front of Bob. "Here is what we are willing to start you with on a one year contract. After one year, your salary will be negotiable based on your performance and ability. If you are satisfactory at the end of the year, you will be expected to sign a five year contract. One thing you must understand, if for any reason, you decide to leave our company, you cannot work for another engineering concern for the life of the contract."

Bob looked at the piece of paper and saw a six figure wage written down. He gasped in surprise! That was twice what he had been willing to accept. "This is very generous and I gladly accept. My wife is tired of supporting us and I know she will be happy, also."

Leaning back in his chair and clasping his hands behind his head. Henry said. "Professionally, you are very qualified, but, what about personally? A man's personal life is as important as his professional. Now, I need you to tell me about your home life, your wife, any problems or obstacles that may come up. Your wife and the relationship you share is critical. On that desk in the corner is a bottle of brandy. Bring it and two glasses. Pour yourself a stiff drink and relax."

Doing as asked and taking a hefty swallow of raw brandy, Bob didn't know what was expected, nor, where to begin.

Henry said. "Before you begin, do you have any pictures of your wife in your wallet? It says on your resume, you have been married three years and she is 24, but, no other information. I want to hear what you have done together since the day you were married. In this business, I need to know my employees, really know them."

Handing three photos of Liz to Henry, Bob was suddenly embarrassed. "My wife's name is Elizabeth, but, everyone calls her Liz. As you can see, she is wearing a bikini in one of those pictures and she is four inches shorter than my five-ten. She'd kill me for showing that photo. She is a CNA and I met her when I visited my mother in a nursing home. A CNA is at the bottom of the pay scale, but, it has kept us going until I could find employment."

"Well, no need to worry about that anymore." Smiled Henry, "Your wife is very beautiful. For being tall and willowly, she has exceptionally wide hips. My mother used to say those were baby making hips."

"My mother said the same thing." Laughed Bob. After drinking the glass of brandy and sipping on another, he was relaxed and much more at ease.

"Are there any problems at home?" Asked Henry. "Is your sex life satisfactory? Either of you have a wandering eye, that might cause problems later? Divorces are a messy business."

"Liz and I love each other very much and everything is more than satisfactory in bed." Bob replied.

"I remember when I was first married. After three years, we were getting bored with each other and began trying adult movies, even relating fantasies to each other. Harmless things, but, it put spice into our lovemaking. Have you reached that point yet?" Inquired Henry.

Bob thought Henry was getting awfully personal in something that didn't concern him, but, he really needed this job and decided to answer. "I have a collection of very explicit magazines. We enjoy lying in bed and looking at the pictures before and during lovemaking. Like you said, it puts a little extra excitement in the moment."

"That's wonderful! I'm glad you have been honest with me. Let me call my secretary in here and get the contract signed and notarized. There will be a check as a signing bonus to tide you over and get you relocated. My secretary will give you the address of an apartment complex that has openings. I'll expect you a week from Monday to be here and ready for work." Said Henry.

Three months later, Bob and Liz had relocated from Montgomery and life had become routine again. At least, Liz no longer had to work, but, she was dying from boredom. Not having friends or relatives in the area, she spent her days watching soaps on television.

Bob had settled right in with the other engineers and seemed to have found his niche in the hierarchy of the office. Henry stopped by almost every day and talked a few minutes. He always asked about the little wife at home. Bob had solved an especially difficult problem for a high profile corporation and was congratulated by Henry for a job well done.

A couple of days later, Henry handed him a packet of papers. Henry told him. "I have taken the liberty of reserving a cabin for you and your wife this weekend at a club North of the city. Your co-workers are permanent members and so am I, along with some very influential members of the community. This club brings a lot of business our way and can help your career. Take the packet home and discuss it with your lovely wife. I'm sure both of you will agree to try it out and become members yourself."

Bob was as stunned as Liz when they opened the packet together that evening. They were being asked to join a nudist club! The phamplets showed people playing volley ball, swimming, dancing, and eating, but, everyone was naked! In their wildest dreams, neither could have ever thought of this!

"What do we do?" Asked Bob. "Henry sounded as if we didn't go, I'd be on the shit list."

"There must be some way to get out of running around naked with a bunch of other people." Liz exclaimed. "Didn't he say the other engineers would be there? Paul and Joan live in the next building. Call them and ask if we can come over. I've talked to her a few times and can't believe she belongs to this so-called club."

When Paul and Joan heard the problem, both began laughing. "It's nothing to worry about. Actually, it's a lot of fun, except with no clothes." Paul said. "There's loads of activities always planned. After awhile, you never even notice the lack of clothing."

"Well, there is one thing you have to watch out for." Joan began. The older men want to sneak a feel whenever they get the chance. Liz, since you are new, you better keep a crowd around you. Don't get caught alone, especially, with that horny Henry."

"I forgot about him." Paul said. "He's got a thing about wide hips, so, Bob keep her in your sight. He never tried anything with Joan. She's not his type. Thank God!"

Joan was thinking how dense her dear husband was. Couldn't he see the resemblance of their oldest to Henry? Henry Wazman never culled anything. If it could walk and talk, he would fuck it. She still missed his big dick up her pussy, even if she was sore for a week afterwards. Atlanta was the home office, but, engineers were sent all over the Southeast on different projects. Henry always had a steady supply of new and different women. Liz was going to be the next in a long list of impregnated wives. Better to keep what she knew to herself. Besides, she was pissed that her and Paul hadn't been notified of a get together this weekend.

Paul was saying. "Of course, on your first visit, you don't have to remove your clothing. That's a firm and unchanging rule. If you go and don't like it, leave without showing anything. Remember though, Henry's not going to like it. You'll be on site in a swamp somewhere, being eaten alive by mosquitos."

Liz made the decision for both of them. "Let's give it a try. If we're too uncomfortable, we'll leave and to hell with Henry and his company. I can always go back to work."

Even with directions, it took them almost two hours to find the place Friday afternoon. At the end of a gravel road, they had to show their guest invitation and ID to get past the guard and entrance to the walled compound. People in the reception center were dressed, though casually. Everyone seemed to know this was their first time, and did their best to put Bob and Liz at ease.

After being shown their cabin, the hostess assured them they needn't undress until they were comfortable doing so. Today, they were considered club virgins, but, tomorrow when they left the cabin, it was to be au natural.

Looking out the window, Bob observed. "At least, they're wearing sandals or flip-flops. The way they act, you'd swear everyone was fully dressed."

Standing next to Bob, Liz complained. "I feel like I'm being pressured into this, and I don't like the feeling. How much is your career worth? What kind of perverts do you work with? I don't understand any of this and what Henry expects to gain. Does he actually think of seducing me? Is that what this is about?"

"I don't have the answers, honey. It does smell fishy as Hell. I've heard of nudist clubs for years. They even bring their children to some of them. I've never heard of a scandal associated with one. I suppose they're like anyplace else, some good and some bad. Look! There's a volley ball game starting up, but, most are in and around the swimming pool. Everything looks so natural."

"We may as well go mingle, but, I'm not undressing completely. I'll wear a sports bra and shorts. Why don't you just wear a pair of shorts. You don't need a shirt. Well, let's change. We've been suckered into this situation. Let's see what happens."

After dark, Liz and Bob were feeling foolish. For over three hours, they had mingled, played a little volley ball, drank in the open air club, and explored the grounds of the club. It was a lot larger than it looked, with many nature and bike paths. There was even a small lake, with canoes and paddle boats. If Henry or any of Bob's co-workers were there, they hadn't seen them.

Liz couldn't help the fact that she checked out the men and women. She knew without a doubt her body was as good or better than any woman there. No matter what was said otherwise, she compared the men's equipment with her husband's. There were very few smaller than Bob, some about the same, but, most were bigger, even much bigger. She didn't feel cheated, but, kind of disappointed. She and Bob had a good relationship and he could always satisfy her, but, she couldn't help wondering what a larger dick felt like. Bob's six inches seemed kind of small now.

Like Liz, Bob had been sneaking peeks and sidwise looks at the clubs members. He knew his wife had the sexiest body there. Bob had always thought he was well built, but, that bubble had burst with a loud bang. He was suddenly self-concious and dreaded the thought of removing his shorts. They had looked at magazines with men and their monster cocks, but, those seemed unreal. Now, he knew better and realized Liz had seen the same thing. What was she thinking of him now?

Walking back to the pool, they could see it was still occupied. Sitting on a chaise in the dark, Bob whispered. "Nobody is watching and it's kind of dark. Why don't we leave our clothes here and give it a try?"

Liz gave Bob a long, hard look and pulled her shorts off, the sports bra followed. She immediately jumped into the water. Bob was slower, but soon followed her. Not a soul noticed, or, didn't appear to. When the pool closed at eleven, Bob abd Liz picked up their skimpy clothes and walked to the cabin. They had taken the plunge into nudity and hadn't dropped dead, or broken out in hives.

Since Liz was still pissed at Bob, he had to sleep in his own bed and had spent a restless night having nightmares concerning Liz. Waking up late, he lay in bed and watched Liz brushing her hair. She was naked as the day she was born. He couldn't help but admire her large, firm breasts. They were like the halves of two firm grapefruit at the base, but had a cone shape, the almond brown areola ending in a pear shape, topped by two blackberry sized nipples. He knew from experience they were perfect for sucking, and very sensitive to stimulation. Her pubic hair was trimmed into a triangle shape with the point ending at the top of her clitoris. Her hips, muscular thighs, and long slim legs made her the sexiest woman he had ever seen.

After a so called continental breakfast, Liz went to the pool and lay on a chaise lounge. Bob pulled one up next to hers and tried to engage her in conversation. Both were on their stomachs and very much aware of their nakedness. Liz wasn't prepared to forgive Bob just yet and ignored him. Looking around, she could see others getting the early morning sun. After awhile, she figured what the hell, and rolled over. Putting on dark sunglasses, she could watch without anyone knowing.

Bob was miserable and didn't know what to do. His manhood was trying to crawl into his ass. With Liz ignoring him, all he had was his thoughts and they were terrible. He realized this situation was all his fault and was angry with himself, for not having the courage to have Liz get dressed, so they could leave.

When Liz lay on her back, her breasts were sticking straight up and Bob could see her pubic mound. She had a thin sheen of sweat on her breasts and stomach. Through the sides of her sunglasses, he could see her looking around at the other guests. In his minds eye, Bob thought she was comparing his size to the other men. His self respect and confidence were shot all to hell.

"To Hell with this. I'm going for a walk by the lake." Bob Blurted out. "If you decide to talk to me. You know where I"ll be."

Liz ignored Bob and continued her people watching. It was all she could do to keep from crying. She loved Bob with all her heart, but, felt as if she had been betrayed for a stupid job.

Henry had arrived an hour earlier, and been watching Bob and Liz. Mostly, he had been admiring Liz and her body. It took all his self control to not get a raging hard on. Seeing Bob leave was the chance he had been waiting for.

Liz was watching for Bob, when a shadow fell across her body. Glancing back, all she could see was a huge cock attached to someones body. It was larger than anything she had seen before, even in the magazines. The balls hanging behind it were the size of golf balls. Her breath caught in her chest and she had to force herself to breathe. Finally, raising her eyes, she was looking into the smiling face of Henry Wazman!

Henry sat down on the recently vacated chaise next to Liz. "Hello, my dear. I see you are getting some of this wonderful sun. Where's that husband of yours? He shouldn't leave someone as beautiful as you alone."

Liz had nothing to cover with and was embarrassed to death. Turning her head to answer, she couldn't help but see his grotesgue monster laying on the chaise like a third leg. Her mouth and lips were suddenly dry. Licking her lips, she answered. "Bob decided to take a walk around the lake. He was bored just lying here."

"Is everyhting okay? Henry asked. "You seem to be upset. Not having a marital spat, are you?" Henry knew Bob had left in a huff, but, he also knew the sight of his massive fuck meat had stunned her. Most women couldn't believe his size, until they had seen it close up and personal.

Liz mumbled something he didn't hear. Looking at her firm breasts and pussy mound made his cock twitch. He couln't see her eyes, but knew she was watching. He twitched it again for good measure.

Suddenly, Liz stood up and dived into the pool. Coming up for air, she said. "It's too hot laying there. I'm going to swim awhile."

Not to be outdone, Henry dived right in next to her. "Good, let's swim some laps. I need the exercise."

After an hour, Liz was tired and out of breath, but Henry was still going strong. No matter, when she left the pool, he was right behind her. To get away from him, Liz said. "I'm going to look for Bob down by the lake."

"That's a good idea. I need to talk to him myself." Henry agreed.

Liz was in a quandary. How was she going to get away from Henry and that huge cock swinging between his legs? She knew it was not possible, but the inside of her pussy felt slick. She always got wet and slick when she was horny, but couldn't be now! She didn't want that monster inside her, did she? No!

Casually taking her hand in a firm grip, they strolled through the woods toward the lake. Not seeing Bob, Liz said. "I'll walk around the lake. I know he's here somewhere." She tried letting go of his hand, but he was still holding on.

Suddenly, Henry swept her off her feet and against his hard body. She could feel his cock pressing against her stomach. "No! Turn Me Loose! Let Me Go!" She hissed.

"I'll let you go, but look down." said Henry. "See what you were going to step on."

Looking down, Liz saw a large fire ant mound. She knew she would have been badly bitten before she could have moved her foot. "I'm sorry! I didn't understand. Please, forgive me! Thank you very much."

"I can understand what you were thinking. It's okay. Think no more about it. Give me your hand and we will keep looking for Bob." Henry smiled as he said this.

Silently walking, they heard a noise to one side of the path. Pressing his fingers to his lips for silence, Henry walked over and looked through a bush. He saw a woman giving a man a blow job and she had her head against his pubic mound. She had swallowed the whole thing. From the back, Henry thought it was Bob, until he saw the side of his face. Then the man turned his head and from the rear it looked exactely like Bob. This was his chance! Motioning for liz to come over, he put his finger on his lips for silence.

Liz wondered what Henry was seeing and peeked through the bushes. It was Bob! A woman was sucking him! She'd kill both of them!

Henry grabbed her and pushed her back onto the path. Taking her hand, he forcibly led her away from the area. Liz was squirming and trying to get loose, but his grip was like steel. "Stop it!" Henry said. "What do you expect to do? Make a scene? Ruin your marriage? If you confront him, your marriage is over.. Calm down and let's think about this. There must be something you can do to get even."

Coming to the boat rentals, Henry picked up a blanket to carry along. Liz was still fuming and not paying attention to her surroundings. Henry led her through the woods and to a grassy knoll. Sperading out the blanket, he pushed her down on it and sat next to her. She was quietly sobbing now and when he put his arms around her, she sobbed against his chest. Henry couldn't help it, his cock was getting larger and larger. In a few moments, it was going to be hard as granite.

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