tagBDSMLock and Key

Lock and Key

byTeased and Denied©

Lock and Key: Chapter One

We lay there together, sweating. Well, Tiffany much moreso than me. It was a one-night stand kind of hookup and I had figured I'd tease her for a while, bringing her to the very edge with my fingers and mouth, then backing off, making her squirm and thrash.

"Shhh, you'll get your turn soon," I whispered in her ear as she desperately scratched my back, her eyes wide and begging. "Ooooh, this is SOOO frustrating," she begged... but still I persisted.

Probably 40 intense minutes went by. She was a very attractive girl, and I just couldn't resist seeing her pout as I frustrated her. Finally, I felt too bad for her - she didn't really ask for this mercilessness... so I brought her over the edge. My tongue sucked her clit into my mouth, playing with it with my lips and tongue, as my fingers probed deep into her, circling her from within. She came screaming, her hands on the back of my head, pressing it deeper into her hungry sex.

I crawled up to her, cradling her sweaty sexy hyperventilating body in my arms. "That was..." she said between breaths, "mind-blowing."

I giggled and nibbled her ear again, playfully. She kissed me back deeply, her tongue sliding into my mouth. "You like to tease, huh?" she smirked, "I do too."

"I like it when girls tease," I replied, my cock silently tensing at the thought that this hot little thing could be teasing it.

"Have you ever had The Best Orgasm Of Your Life?" she asked, looking me square in the eye.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that after you have it, you will always remember it as the Best. Orgasm. Of Your Life." She moved her face a little closer to mine, whispering.

"I'm not sure," I replied.

"If you had it, you would know," she said again, nibbling my lower lip. "I want to give you the Best Orgasm Of Your Life." My response was only a kiss.

After making out for another minute or so, her hands began to wander, playing with my nipples. Eventually they moved south, finding my cock, her fingers encircling it and giving it long, slow strokes, her other hand caressing my balls. My breath escaped me.

She looked me in the eye again, licking her lips, and moved her face down to my cock, gently licking the head of it. She held it still with her hand, and flicked the head, causing it to throb and swell little. She look at my turgid prick, waiting for the throbbing to stop. Her tongue flicked the tip again, causing me to swell again. She repeated this, just making me throb but giving me little more than that. Eventually, when I couldn't take it anymore, I moaned and thrust my hips upward, trying to get some friction or something...

Tiffany giggled, "I thought you said you LIKED it when girls tease?"

For the next hour, she brought me to the moaning begging sweating edge of orgasm, then stopped, lightly running her fingers over my cock as my hands grabbed the bedsheets, I bit my lip, and I begged for release. Each time, her response was simply, "It'll be better if you wait." I was going out of my mind.

Eventually, Tiffany crawled up next to me, my cock still throbbing with need, looked me in the eye, and said, "Would you do anything for the Best Orgasm Of Your Life?"

Without hesitation, I nodded emphatically.


"Yesss," I gasped, her hands softly squeezing my balls.

With that, she grabbed my cock with her thumb and forefinger and began to stroke it rapidly. It wasn't a lot of stimulation, but I was SO close to the edge just about anything could have set me over the edge.

"I'm about to cum!" I gasped. She didn't stop. She stroked me with two fingers, my voice crescendoing, as the cum began to shoot from my desperate cock.

Then just as I started to cum, she let go. I moaned desperately, "Keep going!", my cum dribbling out of my cock, she grabbed my wrists and held them down, keeping me from finishing the job myself.

I groaned. "That was TOTALLY not the Best Ever." She giggled, "I know. Like I said, you have to wait. I'll give it to you soon."

I groaned again as Tiffany began to lick up my juice, her tongue tickling me as she licked it off my body.

"You said ANYTHING, right?" she asked, pawing me gently. I nodded. "I want you to wear something for me." I raised an eyebrow. "My friends knew that my last boyfriend and I had a bondage relationship, so as a gag one year they bought it for us. He was too much of a wuss to put it on, so it's never even left the box."

"What is it?" I asked.

"A chastity belt," she said. "A male one."

She got up and went to the closet, reaching to the high shelf. She pulled out a nondescript cardboard box and pulled some styrofoam packing out of it.

It was made of clear plastic. A ring fastened around my balls, which was attached to a plastic sleeve. It was round and curved, like the shape of my unerect cock. My soft penis fit perfectly into it.

"Comfortable?" she asked.

"No," I replied, eyes wide.

"I mean, does it chafe at all. Are any of the parts too small?"

I stood up and walked around a little. It felt odd, but nothing terribly uncomfortable. Yet.

"What happens when I get hard?"

"The plastic will stop it from happening. You just won't get erect. Of course, that won't stop you from getting frustrated."

"What if I want to take it off?" I asked.

"Well," she said, gesturing for me to sit down on the edge of the bed. I sat down and she gave my shoulders a quick rub before getting up and kneeling between my legs. She produced a small padlock that snapped onto the chastity belt.

"If you want to take it off, you'll just have to wait." Tiffany smiled at me, then gave the belt a kiss. "See you later!" she said to my cock. My cock tensed against the plastic curve, but did not get erect. I moaned.

"The Best Orgasm of Your Life will come in a few days," Tiffany told me. "Put your pants on."

Lock and Key: Chapter Two

I was going nuts. It had only been two days wearing the male chastity belt, but they had been two incredibly long days. The plastic sleeve kept me from getting an erection, and the ring that attached it to my balls (and, of course, the padlock) kept me from taking it off. (I could still shower, and wash my cock, luckily)

Last night, I had called up Tiffany in the middle of the night...

"Please Tiff, this is really frustrating. I want you to take me out of this thing!"

Her voice was innocent, sympathetic, "You're really that frustrated?"

"Yes!" I responded.

Her voice sounded almost let down. "And you really want me to take it off?"

"Yes, desperately."

There was a silence for a few seconds during which time I held my breath. Tiffany started to giggle. "No," she said playfully, teasing me with her voice, "Being horny isn't going to kill you. Besides, I love knowing that you're all pent up and waiting for me. I bet you've thought about my hot lips on your cock a few dozen times today!"

I moaned. She went on, "My hot tongue sliding up and down your shaft. My fingers tickling your balls..." I moaned again, frustrated, my cock pressing into the plastic, trying to become hard. "But not now... good things come to those who wait. Maybe tomorrow night. Call me."

I was left with a click, silence, and a pair of blue balls. Needless to say, I didn't get that much sleep that night.

The next night, I took Tiffany out to a restaurant. She didn't mention my predicament at all, and when I did, she put a finger to her lips. "Shhh, we'll get to that later," she whispered. I bit my lip and continued on.

Arriving back at her apartment, she made sure no one else was home, and led me by the hand to the bedroom. She lied down on the bed and ordered me to stand at the foot of it. "Let me see those blue balls of yours. Strip for me," she ordered.

Slowly, I removed my shirt, shoes, pants, and with an ounce of hesitation, boxer shorts. I stood before Tiffany, naked except for the clear plastic curved tube that my cock was locked in. She yawned, as if bored.

"So, are you sure you want to cum tonight?" she asked.

"Yes!" I responded quickly, looking her in the eye and nodding. "The last few days have been soo frustrating. I really can't take this."

"Do you think you've waited long enough?"

"Yes," I breathed.

"If you want to cum tonight, you're going to have to prove yourself. Come over here," she said, gesturing to the side of the bed. I sat down next to her.

"Kiss me," she ordered. With a smile I leaned down and slowly kissed her lips. We continued this for a minute or two until she ordered me to take her clothes off.

My cock was going crazy. Every impulse in my body wanted me to jump on top of her, pin her down, and thrust until we both had to be hospitalized. However, the plastic contraption securing my genitals in place kept me from acting in an ungentlemanly manner... As Tiffany ordered me, I went down on her, following her specific instructions about where to kiss, how hard, how fast, where to touch, when to slow down...

I think I brought her to the edge a few times, but I was far too concerned with following her exact orders to tell. She moaned a lot through the whole thing. Eventually, she came, thighs clamped around my head, her feet pushing me forward, pushing my face deeper into her.

After she came, she told me to lie down on the bed, on my back, next to her. I complied, holding her sweating panting body in my arms, gently kissing her ears and the back of her neck.

"I could get used to this," she whispered to me, still out of breath, nipping my ear.

After a few minutes of holding her and soft kissing, she stood up and fetched a pair of handcuffs from a drawer. She lied down on top of me, straddling my chest, and pressed my wrists into handcuffs which she secured to the bedposts.

Tiffany kissed her way down my body until she arrived at my cock. I held my breath as she reached under the mattress and produced a tiny silver key, which she unlocked the padlock with. She removed the ring from my balls, and slid the chastity belt off me. My cock rose to attention, immediately swelling.

"Eager, aren't we?" she whispered to it, blowing lightly on it. I moaned loudly... after two days of not even touching my cock, it was extremely sensitive. Her fingers brushed my balls, causing me to moan loudly again.

Tiffany ran her fingertips up and down my torrid cock, producing a sensation I'd never experienced to that extent before. It was absolute ecstasy and absolute frustration. Reaching over to the bedside table, she picked up a bottle of hand cream and poured a generous amount onto the palm of her hand. Her fingers circled my throbbing prick and began to stroke it slowly. The hand cream felt cool against my long-imprisoned skin. It was slippery and smooth, lubricating me and making my head spin.

After a few minutes of this slow teasing, I was ready to explode. "Tiff, I'm gonna cum," I moaned. Her motion stopped completely. I almost screamed.

She wrapped my cock in an ice-pack, cooling me off. Minutes later, when I was finally soft again (and quite numb), she put the chastity belt back on me. I thrashed against the handcuffs and tried to get away, but it was to no avail. I was locked up again, frustrated beyond belief, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Tiffany put the key on a silver ankle-bracelet and put her clothes back on. Finally, she unhandcuffed me and ordered me to get dressed. "I really really like this," she said. "I could definitely get used to seeing you like this."

"Please no, Tiff, I don't like this..."

"Nonsense," she said with a smile. "You'll thank me when it's all over."

"When are you going to let me cum?" I begged.

"When I get tired of frustrating you," she replied cooly, crossing her legs as she sat on the bed.

"How long will that be?"

"Difficult to say," she said, looking at her fingernails, "it's really turning me on. Like I said, I could get used to it." She looked up at me. "You should get used to it, too."

Lock and Key: Chapter Three

I took Tiff out to dinner again, at an even classier restaurant. I hoped that if I pleased her enough, maybe she'd let me out of this horrible chastity belt. I really couldn't take any more of this. Each day it was more and more frustrating, not being able to touch my cock, or even get hard. At least two hours of my waking life were spent daydreaming about release... envisioning Tiffany going down on me, stroking me, making me cum all over her... and much more of my dreamtime was spent in the same pursuit.

But to no avail, the plastic tube kept my erection suppressed.

My thoughts were wandering, my sitting becoming uncomfortable, when Tiffany said "You aren't really even listening to me, are you?"

I gulped quietly. "I'm sorry - I'm really tired," I stammered.

"Yeah, but replace tired with horny, right?" she said with a smirk.

She wore my key, the important one, on a necklace that hung temptingly above her cleavage. My eyes strayed there for a second, and then rose to meet her gaze. I slowly replied, "Oh. My. God you have no idea." Her smirk grew into a grin, and blossomed into tiny giggles. There was a moment of awkward silence, terminated by a small noise that Tiff made that could have been the word "Good."

The ride back to her apartment was horrible. Every red light seemed to take forever, every speed limit was too slow, and every pedestrian crossed the street in slow motion. Tiff spotted my anxiousness and took forever to find her keys, fumbling with the lock for an unusually long time. She put her hand on my ass and gave it a suggestive squeeze as the correct key finally slid into the lock, turned, and opened the door.

"Are you ready?" she asked. I nodded emphatically, to which she responded, "You don't look like you're ready."

"I'm sorry," I mumbled, stripping down. She sat down in a chair and watched me undress. Once I had removed my boxers, I stood (nearly) naked before her. She sat in her chair, sipping her drink, and stared at me, seemingly evaluating me.

"You have a nice figure," she commented.

"Thank you," I replied, my hands awkwardly clasping each other behind my back.

She snapped her fingers. "Bed, handcuffs."

I quickly obeyed, laying on my back on the queen size bed, fastening my hands into the cuffs on the bedposts. Tiff stood up, slowly, putting her drink down.

Tiff turned up the music a bit. It was something dark and kind of gothy, maybe Type O Negative (I think I recognized the song as "Paranoid"). She stood at the edge of the bed and began to slowly strip.

Her clothes came off article by article, her flesh sensuously sliding out of her clothing. My penis was practically bursting out of the plastic sleeve which confined it. Minutes later, Tiffany stood before me, wearing a black thong and a black bra, smiling softly. She was so hot, I really couldn't take it. My attraction to her at this point was something visceral and primal. I felt it in my stomach. My muscles flexed, pulling, wanting. If it weren't for the my bindings, I would have pounced on her in a heartbeat.

Tiff removed the small silver key from her necklace and came over to me, putting the key in the tiny padlock on my belt. There was an eternity between the insertion and the twist. The removal of the plastic ring and tube was done softly and gently. Instantly, the blood flowed to my cock, and it swelled, standing at avid attention.

Tiff kneeled next to me on the bed, slowly unhooking her bra and casting it to the floor next to the bed. Her panties followed - her pussy was clean shaven and smooth.

"I've been thinking about you a lot, too," she whispered.

She straddled me, her already wet pussy right above my belly button. "Like this," she said, one of her hands drifting up her smooth thigh to her steamy sex. She slid up my body, positioning herself on my chest. Her fingers worked her pussy in slow, small circles, and my cock throbbed.

I moaned slowly and Tiff giggled again. "I can only imagine how frustrated you are these days," she said, working her pussy a bit harder. My biceps flexed as I tried to pull out of the handcuffs, but they remained as steel as my cock.

Tiff brought herself up to the edge of orgasm, breathing hard and moaning, squealing, whining, teased herself. She tweaked her own nipples, rubbing her breasts up and down, squeezing them and playing with them. Her other hand massaged her pussy lightly, keeping herself at the edge.

In a high pitched, frustrated voice, she squealed, "I'm so clossssse..."

Lock and Key: Chapter Four

Close to the edge of orgasm, Tiffany slid up and down my chest, her wet sex rubbing against my hard abdominal muscles. Her left hand twisted her nipple as her right worked her clit softly, keeping her close to cumming, but not spilling over.

My breathing matched the speed of the grinding on my stomach. I wanted to break free of these bonds so badly -- there was an absolutely gorgeous girl sitting on my chest, driving me out of my mind with desire. My cock, free at last, was iron, but had no attention. I throbbed and gasped, Tiffany's eyes half shut with lust as I begged her with mine.

An eternity must have passed, though it could very well have been a mere few minutes. Tiff moaned, gasping, hissing, purring, keeping herself a hair away from orgasm.

Between breaths, she asked me, "Are you... ready...?"

I could not think of a single force in the world that would have made me say no at that point. I nodded emphatically, "Oh Tiffany, I neeeeed it... please? You've kept me locked up for so long..."

Tiffany bit down on her lip, hard, as she removed her hand from her pussy. She raised herself off my stomach and slid down the bed and kneeled between my knees. She leaned forward, her eyes level with my cock.

"As promised, the Best Ever," she whispered. I could feel her breath on my rigid shaft, only making me pulse harder.

My eyes rolled back in my head as her fingertips brushed the length of my cock, feeling every millimeter of it. She lightly traced the length of it, circled the head, and tickled my balls.

Finally, her hand encircled my cock, gripping it lightly, and began to stroke it, slowly. As her gentle fist got to the top of a stroke, she'd lick me lightly right under the cockhead. I gasped at each of these, my breathing falling in natural rhythm with her strokes.

Moving closer, her wet lips kissed my cockhead and it slid into her velvet mouth. My mouth opened silently as I felt her tongue slide down my shaft, then back up, matching pace with her stroking. Her lips contacted the fingers of her right hand, stroking and sucking, melting me into a moaning puddle encased in metal handcuffs.

It was moments before I was ready to explode. Tiff's left hand was playing with my balls, brushing it lightly and occasionally prodding, making me whimper with pleasure. She must have felt me tense up, because as I was at the absolute threshold of ecstasy, she stopped cold, pulling back, smiling wickedly.

My groan was loud and desperate. Tiff locked eyes with me as she reached to the edge of the bed, to where I knew the bag of ice was kept. My eyes went wide, my head shaking violently, "No Tiff, please don't put me back in that thing - I can't! I can't!" I stammered.

Tiff giggled, "Just teeeeasing, baby..." as her hand gripped my steel cock, and she went back to work again.

My stomach tightened as I prepared to ejaculate. At this point, I couldn't keep it in any longer. "I'm about to..." I gasped.

This time, Tiffany didn't stop. I erupted into her mouth, feeling my hot cum spill out of my cock. She moaned with pleasure, still stroking and sucking as I ejaculated.

All my senses were active, my adrenaline pumping, my body straining against the handcuffs. I must have screamed. My eyes clenched shut, sweating, I was finally having an orgasm.

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