tagGay MaleLocker Room Treasure Trail

Locker Room Treasure Trail


High school was a difficult time for me. More a bookworm than a jock, I was teased by the guys on the football team, and by the guys in my P.E. class. It didn't help that I had a pretty boy look, blond hair and dark green eyes, with a smooth lean build. I was working on building up my muscles by taking gymnastics at the Y, but since I started late, I still wasn't very muscular even in my senior year. I tended to hang out with a couple of girls that I had friendships with, and that only made me more a target of the jocks. Even though I had feelings for guys from the time I was in my early teens, I didn't really think I was gay. I'm not sure what I thought I was, but I didn't identify with the lisping, limp wristed, version of gay that was portrayed in the media. I guess I thought that I was bi, but I wanted to ignore my feelings for guys and concentrate on girls, so, I got a girlfriend. We dated in my senior year, and everything was going great for a few months. She didn't put any pressure on me to be sexual, and I wasn't pushing the issue with her either, so we just dated. And it felt great to have her on my arm at the school dances, and whenever we were out and someone would see us.

She was on the school swim team, and one month, something came up with her Dad. He wasn't able to take her to swim practice, which started at 5:30 in the morning, and she asked me. Since I was older and had a car, I agreed, although it meant getting up over 2 hours earlier. The first day I did it though, I was glad I agreed. I'd just roll out of bed, throw on a baseball cap to cover my bed head and jump in the car. She lived right around the corner, and we were usually at the school by 5:20 or so. The first thing I noticed when we pulled up was that the rest of the team was already there. There were 3 other girls and 4 guys, and everyone had the same sleepy, I can't believe I had to get up at this time of the morning, look. I was the only non-team member there, since the others were either dropped off by their parents or drove themselves.

Well, the girls all went into the girls locker room to change into their suits while I stood there with the other guys. One of the guys was slumped over on a bench and I think he had fallen back asleep while waiting on everyone else to get there. I recognized him from the track team and I had always thought he was totally hot. His name was Tim, and he had short dark spiky hair, and grey eyes, with a pierced eyebrow. The other guys were somewhat friendly considering that it was so early in the morning, but no one was very talkative. They were all eating candy bars to get a sugar rush before the workout. All three of them looked like they had just rolled out of bed just like I had and two of them had their speedos hanging out of their pockets.

Just then, the coach walked into the gym and headed into his office on the other side of the pool. You would have thought these guys were in the army and were just caught AWOL. They all quickly finished what they were eating and practically ran into the locker room to change. I was just sitting on the bleachers watching Tim sleep when I realized that he was going to get in major trouble if he didn't wake up and get ready. The other guys came out of the locker room in their speedos and laughed as they walked past Tim and began warming up at the other end of the pool.

I went over and sat down next to him on the bench and tapped him on his leg to wake him up. Apparently he had only thrown on a pair of sweat pants and a tshirt when he woke up earlier because as he slumped over on the bench, his sweats had slid down to reveal more of his hip than should have shown. He slowly woke up and sat up next to me, rubbing his eyes and looking around. I couldn't help but notice that he was sporting a major hardon and it was pushing up against his sweats. I guess he was having a nice dream, but then again, most guys our age woke up with hardons. I leaned over and told him that the coach had already gotten there and that he better hurry up. This is what happened next.

Tim: "What man?"

Me: "The coach just got here Tim, you need to hurry up and change into your suit before he comes out. The other guys are already warming up."

Tim: "That's cool man. No sweat. He always takes his time in there before bugging us. The other guys are just brown nosers"

While he was talking to me, Tim was pushing his dick down and to the side so it wasn't so obvious, but he was looking right into my eyes.

Tim: "I know you man, aren't you in my Bio class?"

Me: "Yeah, my name's Mark, I sit two rows behind you."

Tim: "Yeah, right. So, what are you doing here anyway?"

Me: "Uhm, I drove Jennifer. Her dad couldn't do it, so I'm helping out."

Tim: "Well, I gotta change man."

He stood up and pressed his hand down in front of him to push his dick down, even though there wasn't anyone else nearby. The girls weren't even out of their locker room yet. And just before he walked into the locker room, he looked back at me and said "You gonna stay out here man?"

I stood up and followed him inside. The entrance to the men's locker room from the pool leads past an open shower room on the left side and the bathroom on the right side, with the lockers and benches straight in front of the door. Tim had already pulled his shirt over his head and was bent over fishing around in his gym bag for his speedos. I had stopped just inside the door and was enjoying watching Tim. I guess I was a little lost in the moment because Tim had untied his sweats and they had dropped very low on his hips. They had dropped so low that I could see the crack of his ass and now it was obvious that he didn't wear underwear.

Maybe it was because it was so early, maybe it was because I've always thought he was so hot, maybe it was because I was daydreaming, but I didn't even realize that there was a mirror in the locker room and that while I had been staring at Tim's ass, he had been watching me in the mirror. He dropped his sweats to the floor and turned around with his speedos in his hand and walked straight towards me, with his hardon sticking straight out.

Tim: "Man, I hate these early morning workouts! I'm almost always hard and I have to take a cold shower so that I can get rid of it before I hit the pool."

He had stopped right in front of me and was running his hand up and down his dick while he looked into my eyes, and then glanced down at my shorts. It was pretty obvious that I was sporting wood too.

Tim: "Looks like you have the same problem man. You know I hate that damn shower."

He just looked me in the eyes, and walked back into the locker room away from the showers. I watched his smooth round naked ass as he walked to the farthest row of lockers away from the door, and dissappeared off to the right. I peaked out the door and there was no sign of the coach, or the girls, and the guys were all sitting in the whirlpool at the end of the pool.

So, I walked back to the back of the locker room and looked over to the right. Tim was sitting at the end of the bench with his leg up covering any view of his dick, but I could tell that he was stroking it with his right hand. I had just slid my hand down and started rubbing my hardon when we locked eyes. He lowered his leg and I could see his entire body. Even though Tim is also on the track team, he has a classic swimmers build with broad shoulders and strong legs, with a hard six pack. With his dark hair, it was easy to see a trail of hair leading down from his navel to his dick, even though he was smooth almost every where else. I walked over closer to him and sat down on the bench. I still wasn't sure what was going to happen. I figured he just wanted to have a two man circle jerk, so I slid my shorts down and by dick was already sticking out of the opening in my boxers.

Tim: "Slide you shorts off man, it'll feel better if you're naked. No one will come this far back, even if they look in here."

I was totally under his spell at this point. I stood up and pulled my shirt off and dropped my shorts and boxers, and kicked off my tennis shoes. If anyone did catch us, I was totally screwed at this point, but there was something about being totally naked in the locker room with a chance of being caught that made this even hotter. I sat back down next to Tim and we both started stroking while watching each other. He was so close that our thighs were touching. I could tell that he hadn't even showered that morning because I could smell him. He had a musky smell, like when you sleep in a room that is a little too warm and you feel kindof sticky, but not quite sweaty. He smelled great. I was staring at his hand moving up and down his dick while his leg pressed up against me. I realized that he was pushing his leg against me even more and I looked up to see that he was staring at my hand on my dick. While I was looking at his eyes, I felt his hand on mine. He slid his fingers around my dick and started stroking me nice and slow. I gasped from how good it felt. I think I was in shock because I couldn't believe this was happening. Then he took my hand and put it on his dick. It was the first time I'd ever touched another guy before and I couldn't believe how hot his dick was. We were both leaking precum like crazy and I knew I was going to cum soon. I started breathing heavy and so did Tim. We were looking into each others eyes as we got closer and closer and just when I couldn't hold out any more, he leaned in and kissed me. We both came at the same time while we pressed our mouths together. I could feel his cum squirting out of his dick and flowing down over my hand, while mine his my chest and leg. We stayed glued together with our tongues in each others mouths until we had stopped cumming, and then we pulled away. Tim smiled and leaned back in and kissed me again, and stood up and started walking towards the showers.

"Thanks Mark! Are you going to drive Jennifer here everyday now?"

"Yeah, for the next month"

"Great! I hate cold showers!" he said with a smirk.

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