tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLong Awaited Duet Ch. 02

Long Awaited Duet Ch. 02


The two girls never stopped making out and Britney was right in the middle of eating Christina out for the third time when Madonna entered the room.

Britney didn't notice but Christina did and smiled and winked at Madonna, who was already undressing.

Once Madonna was completely naked, she walked over and she and Christina kissed deeply. Then, she went around behind Britney, who was still oblivious to her presence.

She squatted down behind Britney. This was quite an effort as she'd been drinking a lot and the position made her bladder ache for release. She grabbed Britney around the arms and pulled her back, leaning against the couch.

Britney snapped out of her lustful mood and suddenly grew worried. She looked in the mirror opposite them and saw Madonna behind her. The look on her face was full of lust and there was something wicked in there that Britney knew she didn't like. She looked from the mirror up to Christina who, to her great surprise, was smiling broadly.

She ran her fingers through Britney's hair and stroked Britney's face, her hand resting on Britney's chin. Then, she gathered all her strength and slapped Britney hard across the face.

Her face stung and Britney thought she could taste blood in her mouth. With eyes bordering on tears, she looked up at Christina, who still smiled, but with a psychotic glint in her eyes.

Christina laughed as she grabbed a handful of Britney's hair and wrenched her head forward, so it was next to her pussy.

"I bet you thought me and you were just gonna have some casual sex huh bitch?" Christina said, "But we have a surprise for you!" Again she brought her hand down across Britney's face.

It now burned and Britney's eyes were watering with the pain.

Christina then spread her legs wider and, with a great sigh, opened up her pussy and began to piss on Britney's face.

A strong smell filled Britney's nostrils as the warm stream jetted down onto her face. She tried to shut her mouth from it but Christina forced it open, so that Britney was forced to drink it. It was strong and bitter and Britney thought she might be sick.

Christina moved the stream around, soaking Britney's hair and tits.

She felt Madonna's tongue on her cheek, as she licked the pee right of her face with a kind of desperation.

Finally, the stream trickled to a halt and Christina wiped her pussy with a handful of Britney's hair, making no effort to stop from pulling it.

Then, she grabbed Britney and forced her to the floor. The material girl stood up and walked around and squatted over Britney's face as Christina held Britney's arms down with her legs and forced her mouth open.

For a minute, Britney thought she was about to receive the same as she had from Christina, until she saw the pink puckered asshole in front of her start to expand and contract.

She fought with all her might, but she wasn't a strong girl and was no match for Christina, who could've kicked the crap out of most guys Britney knew.

After much grunting and groaning from above her, Britney saw a dark brown log push its way out of Madonna's ass. She stretched her cheeks as wide as she could and, with an almighty effort, pushed the massive log all the way out of her ass, letting it fall into Britney's open mouth.

Britney could only just cut out the smell, but there was no escaping the taste of it, as Christina forced her mouth open and shut and forced chewing.

Britney was becoming nauseous and was now very weak. She felt several more logs drop onto her face and was dazzled by the light in her eyes as Madonna moved off of her.

Christina let go and moved to the same position, but she stood over Britney, bent over slightly, not squatting.

As Madonna stretched and massaged her ass, Christina grunted, pushing a lighter brown log out of her asshole.

Then several chunks fell down onto her face in quick succession. One fell atop the pile in her mouth, another fell over her eyes, and forced them shut and another fell on her shin and rolled down to rest on her neck.

The light again dazzled her as the piece of scat that covered her eyes was removed. She looked around and watched in disgust as Christina and Madonna kissed, smashing a chuck of Christina's feces over their faces.

Then they moved back over to her, smiling dirty, shitty smiles. They grabbed handfuls from her mouth and rubbed it all over her. It was cool and sticky and made her skin crawl. Christina grabbed a large handful and ran it through Britney's hair, making it matted and sticky and brown. Madonna grabbed a large piece, but just sat with it in her hand, doing nothing for the time being.

By that time there was only one sizeable chunk left in her mouth and Christina, shoving her hand into Britney's mouth, forced it down her throat, making her swallow it.

Britney forgot her weakness and ran to the bathroom, where she threw up into the toilet.

As she continued to heave up her insides, she felt the cold sticky feeling of shit on her pussy lips and knew what Madonna was doing with that last piece. As it was rubbed deep into her, ven fingered deep into her hole, Britney could not help but keep throwing up until she was left retching with nothing left in her to bring up.

She looked behind her, into the room, where Madonna had finished filling two champagne glasses with the contents of her bladder.

The last thing Britney saw was Christina and Madonna toast each other and drink from the glasses before the room faded and she passed out.

Britney awoke the next morning in a comfortable bed, wearing her nightgown. She thought the events of the previous night might have been a dream, until she yawned and felt a sharp pain in her jaw.

As she realised it wasn't a dream, she realised she could still taste her own vomit.

She got up to go to the bathroom, but stopped dead when she saw Christina in a chair, watching her. Her eyes were puffed and red, and the mountain of mascara that she wore was streaked down her face, making her look somewhat raccoon like, she seemed to have been crying the whole night, rather than sleeping.

"Britney…" She stood up, but Britney took a step back, eyeing the window hopefully. "Britney please…" Christina seemed to be incredibly upset and, while Britney was rather glad, she couldn't help but feel sorry for Christina. She did still care for her, despite last night's events.

Britney sat down on the bed and resisted the urge to run as Christina came and sat next to her.

"Look Britney," Christina said, breathing deeply and wiping her eyes, making her mascara spread across her cheeks. "I can't explain or justify what I did with Madonna last night. We were stupid and I got caught up without thinking of you. I-I-" she broke out into tears again and Britney had to battle hard to stop herself from consoling he. "I-I'm really sorry!" Christina wailed.

"Britney decided she had to be part of the conversation, but when she opened her mouth, she didn't say what she had intended, nor did she speak how she had planned.

"I should think so!" She hissed, "You're sick, both of you! I don't know why I ever thought we might have had something." Christina let out a wail, Britney really seemed to have struck a chord there. "And if I'd known that showing you my love would have ended the way it did, I'm sorry I even knew you. The again, I guess I didn't know you, my supposed friend!" her words were full of hate and contempt and she could not control them.

Christina flung herself atop Britney, in some sort of pathetic hug as she cried hysterically on her shoulder.

"Britney, I really do love you, and I care for you and I want to be with you. I just, I thought that you might have been into some of that stuff, so I tried it out, but I wasn't thinking, I'm so sorry!"

Britney pulled her off her shoulder roughly and sat, glaring at her.

But her heart melted at the raccoonish face which, puffy eyes and trembling lips was still beautiful, framed in a mess of blonde hair with black streaks.

As Christina tried to stutter an apology, she was cut off as Britney stuck her tongue down Christina's throat. As she kissed Christina, she remembered lovingly how she'd felt when Christina had first kissed her.

She broke the kiss and looked at Christina who sat with a look of utmost shock on her face.

Then, with a mischievous grin, Britney stood up and forced Christina on her knees on the floor. She lifted her nightie and, spreading her pussy lips, emptied her bladder onto Christina's face.

When she was done, Christina still had a look of complete shock on her face.

Bending down and kissing her, Britney whispered,

"I love you Christina Aguilera, you filthy whore!"

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