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Long Division


Pi did not believe for a moment that Eddie was sick. The succubus had not pressed him into coming to the BBQ earlier tonight, or even laid one guilt trip. Abby hadn't been so kind. The poor witch was a bundle of nerves, all of them frayed. Not that she blamed the woman. While the sex kitten was crafted from lust itself she fully understood the concept of love. Thankfully she had never suffered from its poison. She turned away from watching the lights within Blackmoor Manor as an expressive sigh worked its up through her bust and past full lips. She nearly tugged a hand through her mass of black hair before recalling the effort she'd gone through putting it in the state it was. She'd lost count of all the hair pins used in the creation of a hair do which had made even Grecian beauties jealous in the past. She'd never meant too, of course. Envy was someone else's bag all together.

The demoness felt all dressed without anywhere to go. She nearly looked back at where she called home at the moment before huffing. Edward Vance could sit and rot for all she cared. There was a party on and damnit she was going to have fun! Besides, someone was looking at her with lust. She puffed out her rack and cocked shapely hips to the left. It came to no surprise that it was Ivy who was staring. Pi was perfectly okay with that. She'd choose to slip into an all but sheer dress for that reason. It was so liberating to only have a thin sheet of white fabric between her nakedness and the world. The fresh air teased cotton against her full breasts and she was sure her headlights were on. The way it flowed up and through the skirt to caress her feminine apex gave her just the right sort of tingles. Oh and how it clung to the apple shape of her ass with every movement, it felt as good as a lover's hand sliding across the skin. Anyone that studied her would quickly realize she didn't have a scrap on underneath.

Surely Ivy had been observing her for a while and has come to that conclusion. The hunger in the punky girl's gaze was almost enough to sear flesh. Pi felt it worm its way into her lower stomach and ignite its own fire there. Ivy's eyes looked up from the plush woman's chest to her eyes; her own went a bit wide. She glanced back down at the sauce drenched food on the plate in front of her. It was easy to tell that the younger of the Wolseys was right uncomfortable tonight. More than likely her extremely different attire was due to her elder brother's prodding. Her perky frame had been stuffed into a strapless burgundy dress with a skirt that went down far enough the hide her feet. The way the front was sculpted did little to enhance the cleavage line. Worse yet she had a dark brown lady's jacket on over it so she'd not dare to show something as scandalous as bare shoulder. Her usually spiked hair was combed back and ears adorned with respectable studs. The choker she wore of black lace had a small ivory curio in the middle. No doubt it was a face of a relative who had died long before even her parents were born.

Pi took a moment to look away so the other woman's blush could clear. Locke's party had turned out a fair attendance. Eddie was right, though; this style of food was far too messy for the English. That and the oddity of it! If she heard one more person, boy or girl, squeal when they were offered alligator meat. It wasn't really all that unusual. There were so many people that both the wide marble patio and the ballroom it was attached to were filled. A few groups had already spilled over onto the stairs or lingered near the edges of the lawn itself. This last group was shunning the bright lights that had been set up so they could have private conversations. Occasionally she caught a tremor of lust from those little groups as well, but nothing too strong.

On the other hand Locke was in his element. He'd not cooked himself but had donned a Keep Calm and Carry On apron once food was doled out. The smell of the fare hung in the air, soaked into every sense. She'd never imagine it would be so... smoky. In a way it reminded Pi of home. There was of course a distinct lack of the wailing damned and cackling demons. The sauce selected had been just the right combination of spicy and tangy and her tongue still craved another bite. It wasn't like she had to watch her figure but still, the demoness wasn't going to pig out. Abby too hadn't really eaten much. At the moment she was Locke's side as if she was the hostess of the estate, which was a nice thing to see. It warmed the cackles of Pi's heart. Everyone should have someone they could be so perfectly comfortable with.

Save the infernal of course. They didn't need anyone. She was going to keep telling herself that. No matter how good makeup sex had been with Eddie just days ago... lakes of fire! She needed to get these unbidden feelings out of her system.

Abby had decided to go with the blouse she'd bought and a dark skirt that had a slim cut to high light her long legs. It wasn't as flowing as the outfit that Pi had suggested but it was plain she was comfortable in it. Just as plain? Locke liked the way she looked. He kept stealing glances over to her when she talked, watching the way her mouth moved. The man was so bold to even touch her lower back to direct her from time to time. No doubt the co-ed's heart fluttered with each press of fingertips.

Abby caught Pi's gaze and smiled in such a cheerful way. Her anxiety was nearly gone. It had been replaced with a steady growing warmth. Really what she wanted to do was sneak off with Locke and let things get hot and heavy. The dusky girl didn't have the slightest idea why him wearing an apron made him look extra sexy tonight, it just did. It was also because of the looks he was giving her. She gave his arm a nudge before nodding to the Tolstoi couple. The Russian/English pair were a fine mix, if both on the heavy set side. It made them an ever better match Abby suspected. They smiled and nodded at her silent excusal.

"And where are you going?" The dashing brother caught Abby by the elbow and squeezed. His touch wasn't controlling. Instead it was curious. He tipped closer to her and his smile only grew more handsome.

Looking into his eyes Abby could almost forget Eddie existed. Which was in truth easy since the wanker had ditched them tonight. Not feeling well her ass. "A girl does need to attend to a few things now and again. Not to fret, Mr. Wolsey, I shall return to your side soon enough."

"Promise?" He made a crossing motion in the air over her heart.

She felt the muscle pitter patter faster. "I do. Do not keep your guests waiting."

The tubby witch and warlock just exchanged one another a knowing, amused and adoring glance. One might imagine they were recalling their first few days together. Abby lingered in the contact with Locke before slipping off to powder her nose. She gave a Pi a salute along the way. The succubus winked over the top of her spectacles in response.

Without the budding couple to watch Pi's attention wandered. A drink would be a good idea. Her hips rolled as she washed through the crowd to the open bar. Like any good English lord Locke had spared no expense. She settled her dark and smothering gaze on Ivy and with a small puff of breath past her sultry lips sent a sliver of demonic magic her way. Ivy looked up with a mild flush and blinked at Pi, then slowly smiled to match expressions. Pi leaned against the bar, turning the lines of her sculpted ass in the punk rock girl's direction. The breeze shifted the right way to send waves through the pristine fabric. Once Pi was sure that she had every ounce of the blonde's attention she made a slow point to the bar in question.

Ivy sighed in both lust and relief. She dipped her chin sharply in yes as a smile spread across her thin lips. Then she just made a motion to the man working the bar. More than likely the gent knew what the hostess liked to drink. She wiggled her legs under her dress slowly and tried to ignore the little bit of warmth that slid against her thighs. After all, Pi was taken. It was nice to get some attention – even if it was platonic though. She always felt out of place at these parties - she didn't really fit in with her brother's crowd.

Pi slowly turned from looking at the other woman and let her smile slice its way into the bartender. Her order was little more than a purr. Soon enough she had two glasses set before her: the glass of rich merlot she desired and what she suspected was a White Russian. Her lips quirked, it didn't seem hard edge enough for Ivy. The lush amusement had not faded from her lips as she settled beside Ivy. The glass was offered out without a word.

"Thank you, Ms. Baker." Ivy took the foo-foo drink and considered its contents before setting it aside. Her skirt rustled as she adjusted her legs. It took all her willpower not to slump. She'd not soil Locke's dignity by being anything but straight backed.

"Eloise." The demoness caught herself before saying Pi. She didn't want her secret to get out. Matters were already a bit chaotic with Abby knowing, as well as Belle being in town. It was time to be all the more careful. "No need to call me anything else, Ivy. You look, mmm, terribly bored."

"Do I now? I shall have to work on that. Where is your Edward?" There was no bitterness in the perky girl's tone, and even if there was it would have been quickly erased by a drink of her creamy concoction. Ivy's small throat flexed three times before she finally took in air instead of booze.

A pout wormed its way onto Pi's lips, making the lower one look all the more ripe. She tilted forward and settled her chin on upturned palm. For a moment it might have seemed that her heavy breasts were going to roll right out of the thin dress which bound them. Of course Ivy was close enough to see down the front. The poor mortal couldn't help but let her eyes feast on such a sight. Pi's sulk faded into a smile. "I can see why you would be. While the party has been a lovely time I have never been much for mingling. At least not in this sort of setting. The food was delicious, was it not?"

Ivy looked down at the mess left on her own plate. There had been so much sauce that such couldn't be helped. She'd seen a few folks slopping it up with bread afterwards but she was already full. "It was fairly good, yes. I feel like something was missing, however. All I ever really tasted was the sauce."

"Which had the right blend of sweet and spicy." First Pi primed her mouth with a swig of wine. Then she dipped one long finger along Ivy's plate and gathered it up. She considered the deep caramel and red coloring, along with the flecks of spices that walled within. Once she was sure that Ivy was watching the coated finger as juices dripped from it the seductress moved it up to her mouth. Ivy's breath caught when Pi's lips opened just enough for the end of the finger to have to press in, making the rich red flesh spread wider. Pi let her eyes close half way as she wallowed, making a show of cleaning off every last drop of the sauce. It wasn't exactly the sort of flavor she preferred. The effect it had on Ivy on the other hand, she could smell the sort of juices she adored welling up within the human. Pi popped the finger from her mouth and sighed heatedly. "Still, I find myself... hungry."

Ivy's eyes were as wide as saucers and she barely managed not to squirm in her seat. Plainly she was at a loss to what was going on. She swallowed another gulp from her drink, and then blurted out. "Aren't you dating Eddie?"

Back to the errant egghead again? Pi nearly slid away there, but she could understand the lesbian's confusion. As soon as two people were lovers, even in this enlightened age, everyone assumed they were an item. Even Pi had moments where she felt some sort of false ownership. It was time to move away from that. "Friends with benefits, my dear."

"Oh." Ivy wasn't sure if she could brighten or not. She'd have to be a statue not to realize the vibes that Pi was giving off though. She slid a bit closer to the full-bodied woman. Most daringly she settled a hand on the librarian's hip and rubbed slowly up and down.

"Oh she says." With a huff the demoness dipped her finger again before pressing it to the front of her bust, smearing it across the dress. Then she popped her brows and sighed over-dramatic. "Oh. Dear me. I have gone and stained my dress. Miss Wolsey if you would kindly show me where I might clean it or change."

Ivy covered her mouth with a hand but it did little to stifle her laughter. By the way her eyes shinned the punk-rock girl fully caught the other woman's intentions. She saluted with her drink before draining it. A lovely shiver from her pelvis and up. "Of course, Ms. Baker. If you would follow me?"

Both of them rose, without much notice from anyone in truth. Those hobnobbing had better things to pay attention to. Not that Ivy wasn't cute, or Pi wasn't striking. There was just an abundance of lovely people here today. Ivy's usual cheer filled her youthful frame as she headed inside with 'Eloise' through a side door, away from the ballroom. Both of them were thankful for the silence and shared laugh as Pi snatched Ivy's hand.

"This place is so big; I do not wish to get lost." Pi lied. The manor house wasn't as sprawling as she though. The halls were as tastefully decorated as she thought they'd be. She lifted Ivy's hand, noting how fine boned her fingers were, nibbled across one with small tugs of her perfect white teeth.

Ivy's smile was just as dazzling, British or not. "Oh, but I'll make sure we aren't found for a while at least."

"Splendid." Pi didn't stop nibbling; she turned over the blue-blood's thumb and brushed her teeth on the meat of it. This should be just the sort of tryst to work on rectifying how she and Eddie should relate to one another. It was his fault for staying home sick anyway.


Eddie wasn't sick, not in the traditional sense. Part of why he'd elected to stay home no matter how much his muse and his cousin protested was because he knew that he'd be cramping their style. He also realized that Locke didn't really want him there. Perhaps the guy, who was actually really cool, realized that he and Abby were having 'in-depth family relations' – or sensed something between them. It was clear how much the two were attracted to one another on levels other than physical. It wouldn't be right for him to get in between that. With Pi, it was complicated. Over the last few days they had waxed and waned in something close to a relationship. The succubus was insistent that they didn't have a relationship, even after the soft and sticky moment in the library basement. He knew if he'd gone with her the two of them would spend the evening curled against one another ignoring everyone else. No doubt Ivy Wolsey would have stared daggers at them too. So some sort of break was best. He sure hoped so anyway.

His life had become so fucking confusing. The mathematician was starting to wonder what way was up and which was down. No, that wasn't right. He was starting to wonder if Heaven and Hell, all the variations there off, were real places. Not just in some sort of metaphysical sense either. He had a feeling they were real tangible realities just outside the normal human senses. Right now, as he sketched on a piece of notepaper, Eddie was wondering if maybe they were dark matter. After all what if they were just out of tune enough that they couldn't be sensed, but solid enough that they produced gravity? That could explain... well nothing really. It would open up even more questions. It was those questions, the concepts and the equations they invoked that really caused him to feel ill tonight. So as soon as he had some semblance of an excuse he pounced on it. Was it unfair and cowardly? Perhaps. He didn't care, no matter how much of a hard time Abby had given him. The silence Pi displayed cut him deeper.

Eddie was trying not to think on that.

Instead, as he sat at the dining room table. What a table it was, really. He and Abby had had dinner in here once that he recalled and only used a corner of the space. He wasn't sure how many people the massive hunk of oak could accommodate. For now he'd moved several of the candelabra's aside and had papers spread out. The laptop that Aphex had gotten him was on, playing both electronic softly and chugging away on one of the renderings he needed. He needed for what? The little lines that he was jotting down on the various pieces didn't make much sense to him. That wasn't true; he was trying to take his idea for how the cosmos was put together in a spiritual and reality sort of way and forcing it to make sense. So far he wasn't doing a good job on it.

He tried to slid the chair he was in, but the it was sturdy and of old wood as well. He grunted and sighed before pushing it back. His knees creaked as he stood and for a moment Eddie felt like he was going to topple over. Another wave of equations rolled about in his grey matter. It was just too hard to think sometimes. After steadying himself against the lip he moved far enough to snatch up the book that he needed. He flipped back to marked pages about how holograms actually worked. Yes, he'd read it before but he needed to apply it to other forms of energy. Back down into the chair he sank with a rolling sigh. Emanations. Holographic Universe. Constant Energy. Dark Matter. He was missing something. No. He wasn't exactly missing it. All the pieces were there but he was too dumb, too human to put it all together.

"Oh, foo. My beautiful Génial you do look like your head is about to burst." Belle leaned against one of the French doors at the far end of the dining room. She as not daunted by the room's size. In fact she recalled fondly the days where she dined within in ones that easily dwarfed this one. Those days of noble blood and fine costuming were far gone. Damn that madam guillotine. She surely hoped that the continued to find new ways to torture Robespierre back home. "And not in the way that I prefer."

"Belle!" The book slid out of his hands and smashed off of the side of the table. It continued to tumble down to the floor with a heavy thud. The sound washed off of the walls as if emphasizing Eddie's outburst. He slowly blinked.

"Oui. From what I understand my rival is one house over, non? There is nothing to worry about. I shall depart long before she ever knows I was here." With a slow sensual roll of her back the thin bitch pushed off of the door frame. Her long legs crossed in front of one another with a steady click of heels as she moved to the opposite side of the table. Belle had poured herself into a tight black turtle net of virgin wool and charcoal slacks to match. Her blonde hair was swept back behind her ears, crinkled with that freshly showered appearance. Her smile was as ethereal as mist drifting across the surface of a pond. "Besides, I missed you. It is worth the risk."

"How did you get in?" He rubbed at the front of his throat and tried to keep his eyes on hers. Instead the gravity of her pleasant bust drew it down. It was such a joy to watch her breath. Eddie rubbed at one eye and tried to chase away bubbling lust.

"The door." Her bell-like giggle filled the room with as much life as all the windows being opened on a summer day. She clattered her nails against the lip of the table, then drug them along as she very slowly walked her way around to his side. Every roll of her hips, sway of her ass and breath was meant for Eddie to watch, and watch he did. It wasn't long before she floated over to his side. Instead of claiming his lap the demon princess planted her small derrière on the table itself and slid to sit. She carefully moved papers aside as she did so. Her tongue poked out of the side of soft violet lips as she studied what was in her hand. Somehow she managed an air of childish innocence as she swung her dangling legs. "Oh dear, what the Devil are you working on, Génial?"

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