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This is all true, except my buddy's name.

Well, I sucked my first dick when I was 21... me and a buddy(Joey) had been out drinking and we found our way in to a local GoGo bar( that's what we called strip clubs back then...lol) then back to my parent's house to sleep it off. It was kind of early by our standards, around mid night, but we both ran out of dollar bills and wanted to go smoke a joint.

Joey was a good-looking kid who had no trouble with women, he was always horny and the dancers were very sexy that night. We had been kicked back in my room for a while, enjoying the pot buzz and listening to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon", still one of my favorite albums, I had my eyes closed and I assume he thought I fell asleep. I heard him moving around and noticed his breathing sounded labored. I cracked open my eyes and was stunned by the sight of him stroking his cock not 3 feet away from me. I had never seen another guys cock except in porn movies and never thought of myself as gay or bi but, I was mesmerized and couldn't help myself staring at it. I glanced up at his face and he was looking right at me with this weird smile.

I didn't know what to do, I was stone cold busted! He kept on jerking off and I kept watching him... I had my eyes wide open now and he wasn't about to stop... I don't know what came over me but, I reached over and touched it and Joey didn't seem to mind. It wasn't a huge dick, maybe 7" long and not real thick but, it was electric!! I wrapped my fingers around it and started stroking. Joey scooted a little closer to me, I guess he thought he was giving me a better angle to jerk him off but, his cock was now only a few inches away from my face. In my stoned and semi drunken, horny state, I decided that I was going to blow my friend so, I got up on my knees and went down on him. He was a little shocked but, I think he really couldn't believe his luck.

I wasn't sure about what I was doing and I tried to do the same things my girlfriend did for me. I sucked his head, licked up and down the sides and took his cock deep in my throat... I really started getting into it and realized that I never gagged even though I had all 7" buried in my throat and my dick was harder than it's ever been without me or anyone else touching it. I got a hardon from sucking my friend's dick, I was completely turned on! Needless to say, so was Joey! He started pumping his dick in my mouth like it was a pussy, pulling almost all the way out then shoving it back in so his balls were bouncing off my chin, faster and harder each time. I knew he was getting close to cumming and I couldn't wait to taste it, to feel it fly out of his cock and down my throat.

When he came, it was like a gusher. He slammed his groin into my face and let go a stream of hot jizz that only a 21 year old, horny dude could. It hit the back of my throat with the force of a garden hose... I tried to swallow but, there was too much, it was shooting out of my mouth along the sides of his dick for what seemed like forever. I kept sucking and swallowing as long as I could til he was so sensitive he pushed me off him. We both lay there, contemplating what the hell just happened!? When we finally looked at each other, first we were smiling then we just broke out laughing and almost in unison said "that was fucking amazing, let's do it again!"

I blew him til my jaw felt like it was going to fall off that night, neither of us could get enough! I came just from sucking his dick somewhere along the way and he was shooting blanks before we finally fell asleep around 4am. I blew him at least three times a week or more after that night, whenever we could sneak away from our girlfriends, I would be on my knees sucking his dick. I never needed reciprocation, I couldn't get enough of it and he was happy to have his dicked sucked so much.

That lasted for almost two years, he got his girlfriend pregnant and decided to marry her. She and I didn't really get along though, I don't think she suspected that I was sucking his cock every other day but, she was jealous that we spent so much time together so, we drifted apart. I always had the urge to suck dick after that but, never had the nerve to find another guy to blow. Was almost twenty five years later that I got to the point where I had to satisfy my cock craving again and I'll tell you about that next time... I did get one consolation though, Joey and I replicated our first time together the night before his wedding. I doubt he had any strength to fuck her on their wedding night because I blew him til his dick was raw.

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