tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLong Haul Stranger

Long Haul Stranger


It was hot and steamy as I arrived at the airport in Johannesburg for the long journey to Sydney, Australia. This was the beginning of a month-long holiday over Christmas from working in central Africa and I was overjoyed to be heading back to some normalcy and "civilisation."

I checked in and was allocated my seat on the 747 right at the rear. Seating was arranged in a 3-4-3 configuration but the row at the extreme rear only had two seats where the design of the fuselage tapered. I was allotted the window seat which had the added benefit of a small triangle of space on the floor beside the fuselage for my hand luggage.

I'd been seated here before and enjoyed the extra space on long-haul flights which permitted feet to be rested on hand luggage to get one's head down when laid sideways on the seat. (I never could sleep seated and on my back!)

I took my seat and hoped it would be my lucky day; that the aisle seat would be empty allowing an even better sleeping position lain on my side across both seats! I had dressed comfortably, in tailored shorts, a loose fitting cotton short sleeved shirt and soft moccasin style loafers with no socks.

Once settled into my seat, I took in the surroundings, observing the other people situated around my vicinity and engaged in my usual habit of people watching as more passengers entered the cabin and wandered up the aisles looking for their allotted seats. After a short wait, an attractive woman dressed in a loose sweater and very tight blue jeans approached and took the seat next to me.

I could see that other male passengers turned their heads to follow this lady and must have felt pangs of jealousy when she stopped to stow her overhead luggage alongside me! She introduced herself on sitting with a friendly smile and a "Hello" as Christine. "You can call me Chrissy."

She was about five foot two, light brown (almost blonde) long hair, a nice ass - firm and shapely, breasts with an impact even through her shapeless sweater and obviously in good physical condition.

She was 29 (five years my senior at that time) and was headed for Perth to pick up her belongings from a recent divorce; she and her husband had been working together on private yachts for eight years and he had developed a drink habit.

She enlightened me that because he would not seek help to end his addiction, she decided then and there to split from him. She filed for divorce, got a job in Durban and had just been notified the divorce was final. In the meantime, she had met another guy she wanted to stay with and was going to Perth to settle up the property and return to her new lover.

All of this I discovered during dinner conversation and over a few shared glasses of wine. Looking into my eyes, she confided she was "now free and ready for some excitement."

After an hour or so into our flight, the movie screens started up and the movie preliminaries were running as the flight attendants went around the cabin to lower all the shades.

"I'd rather talk, if it's OK with you; this movie is terrible" offered Chrissie.

I had also seen the movie and agreed.

We spent the next two hours getting to know each other better.

Chrissy at one point said, "You have terrific eyes, I get really turned on by blue eyes."

She was overtly flirting with me; placing her hand on my thigh and arm. We continued to chat, flirting with each other and she talked about kids, asked if I was married, questioned me about women in my past and all manner of things in an open and sharing exchange.

By now, the cabin of the aircraft was in darkness and many of the passengers had fallen asleep. Just before the end of the movie, Chrissy excused herself for a few minutes, reached into the overhead bin for her hand luggage (stretching long enough to get my mind focused on her hips and the clear outline of the bulge and crack of her pussy in those wonderful tight jeans) and headed to the lavatory at the back.

When she returned, she was wearing loose-fitting jogging pants and tee shirt.

"Would you mind if I lifted the arm dividing the seats?" she enquired. "Of course not!" I replied.

I had no idea of what she had in mind, until she confided to me a short while later as we shared a night-cap of a large Cognacs that one of her greatest turn-ons was the risk of discovery while having sex.

"My husband was not a great lover, but in the close confines of a boat it was always exciting to fuck without anyone nearby knowing about it; I had more orgasms from fucking near other people than from the sex act itself."

As she shared this with me in an excited whisper, she was already visibly breathing more quickly.

Imagine my excitement when Chrissy arranged the blankets we were issued over both of us, now no longer separated, and curled up like spoons under the security of the blankets in the otherwise crowded seats.

She reached back in the near darkness and took my hand to place it on her waist and pushed back to press her backside against my (now rapidly engorging) cock.

I started to give her a back rub, slowly working over her shoulders and upper back, discovering an obvious lack of bra straps. She purred quietly, and after a while she shuffled her shapely bottom on the seat, pushing it deliberately back into my growing erection. With both hands I reached around under her loose tee shirt and fondled her breasts, her nipples grew firmer under my gentle stroking.

Her breasts were magnificent; soft and smooth yet pert and full and her nipples were the size of my index fingers and about a quarter of an inch long!

Without much ado, Chrissy reached back and started stroking my erect cock through my shorts with one hand and then unbuckled my belt, released the button on the waistband of my shorts and lowered my zip.

I whispered in her ear. "How do you do that? I struggle to even do that with two hands!"

She laughed. "Years of practice; don't worry, it gets better."

My hard-on sprang out of my tight bikini briefs as she pulled the waistband forward.

She whispered over her shoulder. "I'm glad you're not wearing boxer shorts, I can't stand them."

Chrissy began to stroke my cock, now slightly oozing with its own lubrication. She used the pre-come to help rotate her thumb gently around the head, stroking it with ever firmer pressure.

I withdrew my hands from under her tee shirt to push my pants down further, allowing me to slip the briefs down below my swollen balls, which she now explored with her questioning hand.

Lubricating her fingers even more with her saliva, she alternately rubbed my balls and massaged the head of my cock. My hands were now free, and I hungrily reached forward for her erect nipples, shortly afterward sliding my right hand down her belly and slipping it under the loose elastic waistband of her jogging pants.

She was wearing no panties underneath and the crotch area inside of the cotton jogging pants was already wet with her juices. I delved lower to stroke gently over her mound, which was shaved but for a narrow strip, soft and fleshy and a little slippery by now.

As I stroked her pussy, her lubrication welcomed my fingers into her warm wet cunt as she opened her thighs slightly to expose herself to my probing fingers.

Rubbing the juices on my fingers, I began to circle her clitoris and then used my fingers to stroke in and out of her pussy while my thumb tickled and pushed against her swollen clitoris.

She was breathing harder now and she could not stop moving her ass around on the seat, first bucking her soaking pussy against my right hand, then pushing her ass back against my cock through the jogging bottoms.

Just then, a stewardess came down the aisle, paused noticeably as she came up to our row, glared at me (me? why me? there are two of us here, you know!), almost said something, then apparently decided that since we were bothering nobody else, she would keep moving.

Thank God! While we were both close to fully clothed at that time, there was little chance she could do anything under the guise of legality, but who needs the embarrassment, or the hassle for that matter?

As the stewardess left, Chrissy turned to me and whispered. "She knows exactly what we are doing, and she's jealous! Now I want to have your hard cock inside me. I'll keep quiet, but I need you to fuck me now."

With this, she lifted her ass off the seat slightly and slid her bottoms down below her knees under the blanket. She separated her legs slightly and moved back so I could slide into her dripping pussy from behind.

I moved slowly in and out as she purred and pushed back onto my cock quietly so we would not wake our neighbours. At the same time, I reached back around to stroke her clitoris easily but steadily.

The appearance of the stewardess had startled me, and most of the urgency for release that had built up from her stroking my hard-on had subsided, so it was a nice, long, easy fuck, punctuated by her gentle spasms in orgasm three times before my cock pressure built up to the point of no return.

I came with the most excruciating pleasure I had felt in my life (actually for the last month, but you know how easy it is to lose perspective at the moment.) I felt like I unleashed at least a pint of cum into her already dripping cunt.

I sighed, and whispered in her ear. "Chrissy, it must have been heaven that sent you to this seat. You don't know how much I needed that."

She then turned around in the seat to sit normally and kissed me for the first time. Then she spoke in all sincerity to me.

"I needed it just as much as you did; you're a terrific fuck, but on top of that it's the danger that makes me come so much. Thanks for being here; I dreamed that I'd be fucked silly on this trip."

As we kissed, I told her about my favorite turn-on. "What I like best is eating pussy, but there is no room here for that. Would you like to go to the back of the plane with me?"

"What do you mean? In the lavatory?" she asked.

"Yes. If we are reasonably cautious we can get in there without causing uproar" I replied.

"I've never done that before, " Chrissy explained.

I thought to myself; "She thinks this is a regular habit for me?" and chuckled to myself.

"There's a first time for everything" I said, and moved to pull up my pants and buckle my belt.

She thought about it for a minute and then said, "Why not, let's try it!"

She drew up her jogging pants and tied the drawstring (I hadn't noticed there was one before - must not have been tied.) Then she got up and headed for the back of the 'plane, with me following directly behind and slightly stooped to conceal my cock, which remained semi erect.

She entered the first lavatory, which was vacant (good thing the flight was long, and everybody was still asleep). I slipped right in behind her before the flight attendants noticed we were even there. As I closed the door, she turned and we started to kiss passionately.

She broke for a quick question; "How do you do anything in this little space?"

As I untied the draw-string on her jogging pants, I said, "Just lift up and sit on the sink, and let me taste that beautiful pussy of yours."

Chrissy lifted, spread her legs, and I could see her cunt lips were still swollen from her last orgasm. I gently tongued her outer lips, occasionally turning my head to nip the insides of her thighs, but always returning to circle her clit and as it swelled up, suck on it gently.

There was no end to the wetness; her own lubrication, supplemented by the enormous load I had pumped into her pussy, dripped down both sides of my chin onto the stainless steel sink surface and trailed down her thighs.

After licking her into another shuddering orgasm, I realised how hard I was getting again and finally stood up, sliding her ass slightly off the surface and drove my cock into her again while we exchanged extremely wet but tasty kisses, flavoured by both of our juices.

Such a short time after the last fuck and she was so slippery and wet; this time it lasted at least twenty minutes, both of us sighing and savouring the overwhelming sensations coursing through our bodies.

Finally, after a slow build-up that I never wanted to end, I came again, not as much this time, but she sensed it and started bucking hard just at the same moment. The pleasure was so intense it was almost painful.

Suddenly, a lit sign came on telling us to return to the cabin. After a few minutes we were able to adjust ourselves to the degree that we looked presentable and returned to our seats.

Just as we opened the door, the same stewardess who we had encountered earlier was looking right into my eyes.

She said angrily, "Please return to your seats and stay there. We have some turbulence and the captain has turned on the seat-belt sign."

I couldn't help but think that maybe we were the cause of the turbulence, but then that's just my imagination running away with me again!

As we settled in to the seats, Chrissy pushed the seat armrest down.

"I think everyone is waking up, let's not push our luck" she offered.

We settled down and dozed on and off for the remainder of the journey until the breakfast service was beginning. The cabin lights were turned on and we were again two strangers who happened to be sitting next to each other on the plane.

The secret of our mile-high lovemaking was secure.

We exchanged contact details, but with her in Durban and me in central Africa, it was not likely we'd ever meet again. Both of us promised to use caution in contacting each other should the opportunity arise, so that any current domestic arrangements would not be disturbed, but also promised to get together if possible again.

I said goodbye to Chrissy at the seat once we landed in Perth and she got off the 'plane, whilst I remained for the onward journey to Sydney.

Now, whenever I fly long haul, I always hope to be seated next to an attractive woman rather than an empty seat!

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