tagErotic CouplingsLong Simmering Swing Ch. 05

Long Simmering Swing Ch. 05

byArt Martin©

I gradually awoke with V still on top of me. My nostrils flared at the pungent aroma generated by our sexual play. I tenderly kissed her and she dreamily opened her eyes.

“That was fantastic,” she weakly said. “Ginger was right. You do know how to do it right. You are the best, you know that?”

“You’re just a great fuck Babe. You bring out the best in me.”

“Anytime you want me, take me.”

“I will Babe. I will.”

She brought a hand up to stroke my hair. It was the hand she had gripped my dirty dick with and it stunk. “Hey,” I said. “Watch your hand, it’s soiled. With ass fucking you got to be careful or someone can get sick. C’mon we really need a shower.” I rolled her over and crawled off the bed. Then I helped her up.

“Oh my gosh!” she declared. “I’m really sore!” We took a few steps towards the bath when her eyes got big. “Hurry, I got to go! Oh, god, I can’t hold it!” V waddled pathetically as fast as she could to the toilet making it just in time before her bowels unloaded without restraint.

“V, you’re going to need to squeeze your butt like you’re picking up toilet paper with your butt. That will improve the resiliency of your sphincter.”

“Why is it always the girl that has to do special exercises?” she complained as she wiped her ass.

“Well it’s like anything else. You have to condition the muscles you use. It’s like the kegel exercises you do to keep your pussy nice and tight. I guess you could do them at the same time.”

“And just what will you be doing?”

“Waiting for you to tighten up so I can loosen you up again.”

“Well Ginger did warn me about that, about loosing control of my stool. She said if I was planning on anal sex, I should give myself a small enema a few hours before using a douche bottle. That way I wouldn’t have an accident after a work out.”

“You’d be cleaner too,” I added helpfully as I washed my stinking hand.

We showered and got squeaky clean once again. I led her back to the bed to examine her anus, to be sure that there were no tears or bleeding of any sort. Finding none, I playfully tongued her clean butt hole.

“Now stop that!” she protested pulling away from me. “That’s enough of that for now.”

“Well if you feel that way, why don’t we go float around in the pool.”

“I don’t know if I can walk that far.”

“Hey, walking is the best tonic for a quick rebound.” I helped her up, grabbed the sunscreen and coated every square inch of her body. She then did the same for me. I was a little surprised when she stuck an oiled finger up my ass but I encouraged her. “Oh yeah Babe! You know, I understand you can do some pretty wild things to me by stroking my prostrate.”

“Really? Like what?”

“I dunno. I’ve never had anyone do that to me.”

“Would you like me to?”

“Yeah, I think I would.”

She pulled her finger from my ass. “Okay, maybe later. I sure liked what you did to my ass; maybe you’ll like what I’m going to do to yours. You know, I’m not the only one who can be an ‘ass whore’ as you put it.”

“Well I really didn’t mean to call you…”

“Sure you did. It’s true. I am your slut. I love what you do to me. Like I said, you can take me anytime you want; however you want.” She smiled mischievously adding, “At the same time Baby, you’re my slut, and I’ll take you whenever and however I want.” That raised my eyebrows.

While V washed her hands, I grabbed our beach towels and sunscreen. My white ass had already turned pink and I knew that I needed the heavy-duty stuff to keep my butt from blistering. I rubbed an extra coating across my pink waist before walking out the door.

We left the swimsuits on the pub table where they remained unused for the remainder of our stay at El Sol de Maya. In fact all the clothes we brought remained unused and unneeded. We strolled through the lobby and out to the pool area, calmly exchanging hellos as we went. Its funny how after a lifetime of conditioning just how quickly you can become completely comfortable with nudity. In less than a day, we had become naturalized.

We were just about to the pool when I remembered our invitation to the open house. “Hey V, do you want to go over to the bungalows for that open house?”

She looked at me, doubt clearly written on her face. “I don’t know. Let’s not go. Okay?”

“Sure V, we don’t have to go.” A stacked beauty caught my eye and I blurted out, “Man! Look at those tits!”

“You can look David,” she said evenly, “but remember, you can’t touch.”

Trying to recover I replied, “Why would I when I have you to spread’em for me?”

“Don’t be so crude,” she chided.

I dropped our stuff haphazardly on a vacant pool chair. Then I followed her off the low diving boards. The water felt divine. I swam about for a while trying to get in some exercise other than humping my hips. V stayed with me as I tried to churn out a half mile. She had been on the swimming team in high school and she is a far superior swimmer than I am. I swam until my arms felt like they were about to fall off before rolling onto my back to float and rest as she continued to swim circles around me.

We paddled over into the shallow water where we didn’t have work so hard, near to one of the waterfalls and cave. Standing behind the waterfall, we were discretely smooching when up popped big titted Wanda with the nipple rings followed closely by two guys. Flashing me a smile, she tugged on her rings before one of the guys grabbed her, launching her, gleefully laughing into the air and through the curtain of water. I waited for muscleman Karl, but he never emerged from the cave. I suppose he was occupied elsewhere.

There seemed to be flurry of activity at that cave with couples, threesomes and foursomes coming and going. We decided to move on and get out of the way. After a while we made it over to the pool bar, where we we sauntered up and ordered another round of Pina Coladas. There was new girl keeping bar. Like Angelina, she had shed her sarong and worked in the buff. She was a pretty girl, brown skinned, black hair, nearly black eyes, with a nice body. She wasn’t quite as curvaceous as Angelina was, but hell, she was nice to look at.

We were sipping our drinks when the older guy who was next to us on the beach took a seat beside us. He looked at me and extended his hand, “Peter Tulburt.” He pointed to the woman who was just joining him, “And this is my wife, Jan.”

We shook hands. “Pleased to met you Peter, David Allen. And this is Vanessa, my darling bride.” I expected a come on and was prepared to blow him off.

“You’ve never been to a place like this before, have you?”

“Uh, no. How could you tell?”

“That’s easy. We’ve been watching you two since dinner last night. You stuck out like a sore thumb. Then this morning on the beach, you both wore swimsuits. You did get rid of them after awhile, but still it was pretty obvious that you weren’t comfortable being nude.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. It took us a little while, but we’ve joined the crowd.”

“It’s okay if you wanted to wear something.”

“I know, but I now feel a little silly.”

Peter took a swig of his beer. “You two aren’t swingers either, are you?”

“No!” I quickly said. Then I realized from his tone that he wasn’t trying to pick us up. I felt that he was sincere, someone who might level with me. “Say I know this sounds a little stupid, but just what is a swinger?”

Peter chuckled a little. “Look, since I sold my business and retired two years ago, Jan and I tour the world, staying at nudist resorts like this. Even before I retired we went to places like this regularly. In some ways they are all the same and in some ways each is unique. The universal code of conduct is that you keep your hands to yourself, look but don’t stare, and don’t engage in sexual activities in public. Some places are so squeamish about it that if a guy gets an erection, they’ll ask him to leave, as if the normal functioning of a guy’s organ was somehow obscene. Other places are a little more relaxed about that sort of thing; still some people can be offended. But in all these places, behind closed doors, out of public view, anything goes. El Sol de Maya is a little more risqué in that regard than most places. Swingers flock here, it’s a paradise for them.”

“But just what is a swinger?”

“A swingers are couples who enjoy sex with additional partners.”

“Wife swapping?”

“That and more. Group sex. Bisexual relationships. Maybe a little kinky voyeurism with your mate. I saw that big guy hustling you here before lunch. As abruptly as he left, I knew you didn’t swing, or at least I didn’t think you did. I also figured you didn’t know the lay of the land.”

“Yeah he wanted to have sex with my wife. Damn, we’re on our honeymoon!”

“He might have wanted to have sex with you too.”

I was shaken. That had never occurred to me.

Peter continued, “Another rule of etiquette is that no means no. When you said no, they moved on. You’re going to get propositioned here, especially here. All you need to do is say no.”

“Are you swingers?” I asked cautiously.

“Well, I guess. My wife likes young girls. So do I. Don’t worry; we don’t do couples. My cock is the only cock Jan gets. We’ve been trying out the staff girls. That’s Nina. We had her a few days ago. Nice fuck.”

I looked at the girl and back at the old man and then his wife who at the moment was talking to Nina.


“That’s a hot one. We’ll probably get her again before we leave. All the staff is available, men and women alike if you want, for whatever you want. They’re forbidden to solicit sex, but they’re all available. They’re even available for the dungeon for some really rough games.”


“Yeah, it’s back over there, away from everything else. See that fake Mayan-temple thing? That’s it. Strictly supervised to make sure things don’t get out of hand. If you look carefully,” he said gesturing towards Nina, “you’ll see bruises hidden by that dark skin.”

I looked and sure enough. “Son of a bitch!”

“Anything goes here in private. All you have to do is say no if you don’t want to play.” Peter grinned, adding half-jest, “Unless of course you try to stiff them for your bill.”

“I had a guy ask me at lunch if I wanted to go to an open house. What’s that?”

“I take it you didn’t go. The bungalows over there are nicknamed the Village. It’s a swinger’s nest. At an open house, the host and/or hostess takes on all comers. I don’t know how anybody takes being fucked for three or four hours straight, but some people do enjoy it.”

I thought about Marc Marcello’s wife, a petite girl doing a choo-choo, getting her cunt split open by Karl’s monster cock. “Damn,” I muttered.

Peter looked at his aviator watch. “We got to go.” He turned to Jan and said, “Hon, room service will be by the room in a bit. Drink up.” He stood, said his farewells as I thanked him for the tips. I now knew for certain why Angelina looked disappointed at my five-dollar tip that morning for breakfast. She was expecting more, much more. I made a mental note not to call room service, lest my intentions be misconstrued.

After that I did as Peter said and every time we were approached, we politely declined. No one harassed us or asked us twice. It was sort of like being asked if you wanted toast with your coffee. “No, just coffee thanks.” No one was offended for being turned down.

Vanessa had been chit chatting with an older woman while I was talking to Peter, so she didn’t hear any of it. The woman she was talking to just wanted that, someone to talk to. Her husband showed up and they went their way. Later that evening at dinner, Peter waved us over to his table. I reintroduced Vanessa and he Jan. We had a very pleasant evening talking and laughing, dancing intimately with our wives. I didn’t ask him about his afternoon room service and he didn’t mention it or anything else sexual. It was as if we were enjoying an evening with friends of my parents’.

I did see Marc Marcello and his ‘wife’ sitting with Karl and Wanda. Except for Marc’s ‘wife’, every one at their table was all smiles. She looked positively despondent and beat down. I never saw her get up to dance, and wondered if she had any prior knowledge of the open house. From the look of her, she must have been gang banged all afternoon. Then Marc got up to dance with Wanda again cheek to cheek, rubbing against each other. Karl got up with Marc’s ‘wife’ and the two of them headed off to the bungalows. I couldn’t help but notice how distended her pussy lips were. Willing or not, she was evidently up for more big-dick action.

We stayed on the patio dancing and drinking for several hours. V finally had enough and we retired for a little cock socket action before we fell asleep.

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