tagTransgender & CrossdressersLong Time Friends First Time Lovers Ch. 04

Long Time Friends First Time Lovers Ch. 04


Walking up with a start, after my father had come to wake me, I remembered what I was wearing and what he had seen. He saw his 18yr old son, dressed in a brunette wig, blue silk dress which had rode up to my waist. Beige thigh high stocking covered legs with black garter belt. Springing up in bed, knowing dad had just looked around my room, my eyes locked on my black 4 in ankle strap (lily classic pumps) pumps. Still sitting on my desk right next to my panties that I had worn the night before, still wet with Doug's, Tom's and my semen. My heart just stopped, with the realization I could NOT Deny that I was having sex with guys.

As panic settled in, I broke down into tears fearing what my dad was going to say; asking myself how was I going to face him. After about 30 minutes I calmed down enough to get up, strip off my clothes and take a long shower. Calming down in the shower, I decided I would not hide it or deny anything. With my father already seeing what I wore last night and the results of the evening. I decided to get dressed up again.

Going to the dresser, opening the fun drawer, I pulled out a nice burgundy pleated skirt that ends a little higher than mid-thigh, a nice white spaghetti strap top, white bra and panties, and white stay up thigh highs with 3 in lace tops. As I pulled on each item I was feeling more and more confident in who I am and what I wanted. Putting on a sheer tight white button blouse to top off my outfit, looking in the mirror satisfied with my looks, I did a quick make up job, nothing overly done. Grabbing the last item, my black suede victoria secret calf high boots, taking one last look in the mirror. Who I saw made me so horny I wanted to grab my powerful dildo still tucked away in my special drawer, but that's not why I got dressed.

Walking down the upstairs hall, just listening to the sound of the heel of my boots clicking across the hardwood floor, brought a smile to my face just knowing anyone could recognize the sound. You know the sound, the sound you hear and in response you instinctively have to look in that direction to see the sexy woman walking in her pumps.

I got to the stairs, which were carpeted so no sound, walking down, nervous as hell but not stopping. Reaching the bottom with a click, noting no one in the living room, I turned to enter the kitchen walking right past my father who was cooking eggs like he always does on the weekends, grabbing a glass of milk, to quench my dry throat, just quietly saying "hi" as I walked by my father.

"Hi there my son, or should I say you beautiful girl? Why are you dressed like that? What did you do last night? Are you fucking that queer Doug? What are you going to tell your mother?"

Each question a bit more angry and aggressive.

"I am dressed like this because it makes me feel good and alive. Last night I went out to a movie and dinner with two friends of mine. NO! I am not fucking Doug, last night Tom and Doug were fucking me. I am not sure what to tell mom, I am not even sure what to say to you."

Answering all his questions and getting upset again. Just trying to find the will not to just run away and die. Looking into his blue eyes, seeing them as hard as rocks and colder as the ocean. I couldn't take anymore, the tears started to stream down my face. Seeing me crying dads' anger just melted.

"Its ok baby girl," he said as he walked up and put his arms around me. "Daddy still loves you," when I heard those words a wave of repressed emotion flooded through me. Just listening to him talk softly to me." Its ok baby just let it all out." He continued as he hugged me, lightly stroking my hair.

"I love you too baby, it was just unexpected what I saw when I come to wake you this morning. Also knowing close you and Doug are, and you know how much I don't like him to think you and he were having sex."

"Daddy its ok, he is good to me, he makes me feel wonderful when he and I are together." I replied quietly.

"I still don't like him, but I love you," he said hugging me a little tighter, giving me a good idea how much he loves me as his not tented sweats pressed into the front of my skirt, sending a jolt though my body.

"I love you too daddy, so very much!" I exclaimed.

Wrapping my arms around him pulling him into a long slow passionate kiss. Just hoping that I was right about how he felt. As our lips parted, I looked into his eyes, I could see the burning desire and lust there, we just threw ourselves at each other. No chase kissing, we were kissing open mouth tongue intertwined, just going for broke. His strong arms encircled my waist as he picked me up and set me onto the hard wood table, instinctively my legs spread and closed around him.

We kissed passionately, as he reached for the buttons of my shirt hurriedly stripping me from it, along with the white top. Now having nothing up top except my bra, dad started kissing down my neck and chest. Reaching my bra he looked back up at me, as if waiting my permission. My smile must have given him all the approval he needed because his hands reached for the straps of my bra pulling it down exposing my nipples. He wasted no time locking his mouth on my right breast, sucking and lightly biting it, sending waves of pleasure though me. Switching breasts once and lightly pinching and rolling the one he left was driving me nuts.

Even with the wonderful pleasure my father was giving me, I yenned for more. My hands went to tracing his body longingly trying to find that something to complete and satisfy the hunger inside me. When my hand slipped into his sweats finding no underwear but the object I know I hungered for, and dad desired to give me. Grasping his long thick hard rod in my hand giving it a small squeeze made him shudder, but it only increased his attention to my breasts. After about 5 minutes of this play I couldn't take anymore, "daddy", I said, "I want to taste it." He broke off his attention of my tits and took a step back without a word.

Knowing I needed no more permission, I slid off the table down to my knees in front of him. As quickly as I dropped to my knees my hands had pulled his sweats down, and encircled his cock again. Slowly stroking it as I admired his size, which was huge, he was a true 12in cock and it was thick. Almost envious as my dick was small and barely 7in, but my envy was short lived as I opened my mouth rolling my tongue over his head. I moaned and shuttered at the feeling of his warm head against my tongue, tasting the slightest tang of his precum.

Dad tried to say something about how this is wrong or maybe how good it felt, but his words trailed off as I quickly shoved his cock deep into my mouth, slowly bobbing up and down on his tool, taking him deeper and deeper into me with each stroke.

"God Corey you suck cock better than your mother! Doug must have taught you well...mmmm..." he exclaimed.

Pulling off his cock for a moment, my eyes locking with his, "Daddy I have always wanted to do this with you," I replied in my best soft sexy voice, "I have always wanted you to me my man, I wanted you to be my first and have you take me as your lover for a long time," sucking his cock more before asking him. "Would you be my lover daddy?"

Looking down at his beauty of a now lovely son, all he could say, "Yes, baby I will be yours." Standing up, turning away from him, I reached under my skirt and grabbed my little dainty girly white panties and pulled them down, releasing the pressure on my clitty. Down my legs the panties fell until they reached my boots and dad was ready to help me out of them. He lifted one of my legs unhooking my panties, then the other. Still facing away from him, as his hands slid up my thighs making me shake and quiver at his touch. Tracings my white stockings, his hands slowly inching up my legs, tell they reached my stocking tops under my skirt. Slowly standing as his hands kept progressing up my thighs, now onto my hips, pushing my skirt up, up, and over until his hands clasped around my hips.

Taking a small step towards me," are you sure honey, I mean really sure?" he asked almost pleading to continue.

"Yes daddy, make me yours please. Take what I have to give and give me what I need." I replied with a sexual lust that even couldn't control. My body yearned to be filled with his hot rod, which was just now touching my love tunnel.

Slowly he pressed, his cock still wet from my loving kisses, he pushed deliberately not forcefully but with a steady pressure, slowly my flower opening to his invading member, feeling no pain, but a slow steady filling and stretching of my ass. Knowing beforehand in the shower if it worked out this way he would need some help not to hurt me, so before coming downstairs to talk I had squeezed a good portion of moms KY jelly into my ass. Just in the hope events would unfold as they now have. Now only a short way in, I could feel his head pass my resistance suddenly slipping father inside me, making me cry out.

"Are you ok baby?" he asked worried and not moving.

Looking back at him, "yes daddy, I'm ok, you're just so big. Please don't stop"

He waited a moment longer before working himself deeper into me, I just tried to relax, but even with the size and the slowness, my body was racked with wave after wave of pleasure. I felt my ass clamp down and relax; pulsing on his thick shaft, my legs felt weak, and a warm familiar feeling ran down my thigh.

Oh my god, I thought to myself, I had cum and he wasn't even in me all the way. Quickly coming down off the pleasure wave, my body made me aware once again of the invading member of my father, still slowly working its way inside me, filling me.

About ready to explode I looked back to find he had 3 more inches of beautiful meat to go. And with the waves of pleasure he hath already giving me I wasn't about to deny him of any inch of his prize. He sank deeper setting my body on fire, as waves of pleasure and pain swept over me. Building only more when I looked back and saw one more inch to go, turning away, trying to deal with all the feelings my body was throwing at me. Seeing lights, I closed my eyes as the last inch of my father's love tool was inside me. The cock that made me now was completely in me.

"Are you ok my love?" he lovingly asked in a soft tone.

"Hu huh," was the only reply I could make with a slight nod.

Now it really started, just as I was getting accustomed to the size of his member, it started withdrawing. All the way till the tip popped out, leaving me with a huge empty feeling. The loss didn't last long as he quickly pushed back in me, with one long smooth thrust, and again, then again, slowly working up to a steady rhythm. My body going from so full it can't take any more extreme to empty longing waiting, shortening his withdrawal now his pace increased.

"God daddy mmmmmmmm yeah FUCK ME!" I exclaimed as a wave of new pleasure washed over me, "Fuck me like the slutty little cock whore I am. Dump your seed deep inside and breed me like a common slut. "

Each time I spoke his pace increased, and so did his forcefulness , now hammering into my body, and even now I wanted to goad him on even more, I couldn't get any sentences to come out. My brain was awash in pleasure, reducing my vocabulary to moans, and the occasional words like, god and fuck. His pace started to change from the long blast thrusts to just a blinding ravenous fuck, hinting to me he was close to his climax.

Knowing I was giving him so much pleasure sent my body into a building wave of feeling, so hot and so high. Looking back at the man just giving his all, his face contorted with pleasure, passion, and pure lust. Thrust after thrust, then with a shudder his body quaking his manhood unleashed a torrent of scalding hot cum. Even during his climax, his body rolling in the wave of feeling, he kept pumping.

Each thrust releasing another hot blast of cum, filling me with each blast, burying them deep inside me making me loose it, I was cumming again, feeling his hot cum in me and my seed being shot all over my white stockings and running down my legs, I lost myself, all thought, the only thing that registered was this warm member now slid to the hilt and the hot seed it pushed in me. The feeling of my daddy and now my lover collapsing onto my back just holding me, as I lost all consciousness, falling into a deep wonderful dream. The final thought I had was that I was satisfied and this is the only way I would ever be.

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