tagBDSMLooking Up

Looking Up


I look up from my kneeling position, past your erect cock that is mere inches from my face. I lick my lips as my eyes reach yours. There is a hungry look in the depths of your blue orbs and I feel the fresh rush of liquid coat my slit from that look. I know that you are waiting patiently, but only for a moment, so I move my focus back down to your bobbing member.

"Pleasure my cock cunt." You command me knowing that the very words will cause my pussy to clench in response.

Your cockhead is already dripping with precum and it causes me to lick my lips again. I stick out my tongue and dip it into that little whole that will bring me a greater gift later on. For now I am pleased to taste your salty nectar on my tongue and I moan as I lick it up. My tongue swirls around your plum size head, the feel like wet velvet, before I slurp around it. I love doing this to you, focusing on your sensitive tip before licking my way down your thick shaft.

My saliva is running freely as I enjoy the feel and taste of you against my tongue. I move back up, my lips stretching over your engorged cock as I take you into my mouth, working more of your hard dick into my mouth and down my throat with each downward motion of my head.

Your precum and my saliva mixes, making my mouth as slippery as my cunt is at the moment. I know that my juices are running free and are dripping to the floor underneath me. The thought causes my desire to mount higher. You will be pleased to see the evidence of my need for you.

You are looking down at me as I service your hard cock. You have bound me in the spreader bar at my ankles and have cuffed my arms behind my back. You watch as your thick meat slices in and out of my mouth, my head bobbing up and down. My tits bounce with my effort causing the nipple clips to pull the weight of the chain with each movement. You know this causes the pleasure pain that will only enhance my lust.

In your hand you hold the crop. You have not used it yet, enjoying the view and the feel of my mouth on you. You bend over slightly and tap my right butt cheek with it. The action causes me to moan over your cock. You tap my ass again bringing on the same action. Soon you are spanking my ass with the crop and have created a steady moan to vibrate over your throbbing shaft.

My backside is beginning to burn but the more you land the crop on my ass the more I want. The little shots of pain you give me, causing my pussy to clench over and over wanting more. I suck you deeper now. My lust to pleasure you equaling the lust filling my body.

You pull out of my mouth and grasp your steel shaft, holding it up against your stomach. "Use that slutty tongue on my balls." You command me.

I swirl my wet tongue over your meaty balls. I love how full they are and my tongue has much territory to cover. I lick up and around all over and take one side into my mouth.

Again you pull back and reprimand me. "I did not tell you to suck my balls bitch. Place your head on the floor."

You help me to lower myself until my forehead is resting against the cool tile. Walking around me you tap the crop over my back as you go until you are standing me. You view the wetness on the floor that I have caused but do not comment on it. Actually you say nothing at first as you begin to spank me with the crop, landing blows to my ass and the back of my thighs.

"When I tell you to lick my balls that is exactly what I mean." You finally speak still swinging the crop. "Did I say to suck my balls?" You ask, holding your arm still until I answer.

"No Master." I whimper in pain and pleasure.

You straddle my back, grabbing hold of my hair and pulling my head back. As you continue to pull me up, you back up, until I am back up on my knees. You reach around and begin to hit my tits with the crop bringing forth whimpers from me.

You lower me back down and tap the insides of my thighs, each hit rising higher until you begin to spank my dripping quim. I jerk and moan at the contact but you tell me to remain still. I force my body to stop moving as you continue to punish my aching pussy for a few more minutes.

Satisfied that I learned my lesson you raise me back up again and step back in front of me, your hard cock oozing with more precum. I keep my gaze on your cock and wait for you direction.

You tap your hard dick on my face reminding me that I am to do as directed by you. Again you hold your cock up and command me to lick your sac. The skin there has tightened some and I know that you have found pleasure in disciplining me. Though my pussy is stinging I am relieved that I stopped myself from cumming as you punished my cunt.

I lick my tongue all over your large balls, wetting it with my saliva until it shines in the light. I moan as my tongue begins to thrill over the feel of you under my ministrations. I bend my head down and try to reach for the area just below your heavy sac. Finding my mark I am pleased to hear you moan at the sensation.

Your hand thrusts into my hair and you finally give the command to suck your testis into my mouth. "Now you may suck them. Slowly."

I carefully get a mouthful of your tender flesh and suck you into my mouth making sure to swirl my tongue at the same time just as you had taught me that you like. I feel your hips move forward, pushing the back of your cock into my face but this only thrills me more. I moan at the feel the rest of your sac pressing into my face as well.

I release one side and take the other side into my mouth. Slowly I pleasure you in this fashion, sucking and licking. You pull back lightly watching your skin stretch out from my mouth until I release you. You aim your rigid rod back at my mouth and tell me to suck you again.

My mouth devours you into its depths, wanting to feel that rush of your release coating the inside. I do not know where you have decided to cum yet for you have remained silent about it. I wonder, as I suck you, where you will choose this time. I hope you will choose my mouth but with my disobedience you might choose another option.

I know you are getting closer to your release as your cock thickens slightly in my sucking mouth. I am surprised when you pull completely out and step behind me again. I remain still as I feel your hand run from my neck on down to my ass, swooping further till your fingers are sliding through my wet slit.

"Mmmmm my slut is soaking wet. Do you want to cum slut?" You ask me driving two fingers into my wet hole.

"I want what you desire Master." I answer knowing that at this point my want is not the matter at hand. This is further training and discipline on your part for not obeying you.

You continue to finger fuck me as your other hand reaches around and one finger circles my swollen clit. "Correct answer. You better not cum." You tell me as you torture me. I want to cum so bad but hold back knowing that you will be pleased at my effort.

You stand back up and come back around to face me. You tell me to remain still and open my mouth. You grasp both sides of my head and slowly feed your cock in my mouth, watching as it disappears slowly until you are lodge down my throat. I concentrate and breathe slowly through my nose, gagging a little. Just as slowly you pull back out, stopping with just your cockhead in my mouth, before pushing back in. You begin a steady slow rhythm of fucking my face telling me how good your slave's mouth feels around your throbbing meat.

I am pleased to hear your words. Even though you needed to discipline me you also acknowledge the accomplishments that I make through your direction. Soon your thrusts are shorter and faster and you tell me to prepare to receive your cum.

"You want my cum in your mouth cunt?" You ask spreading your legs a little further.

I nod my head as best I can to confirm my desire. I hope that you are not testing me again and am happy as you thrust faster, getting your cock a bit deeper. "I want you to drink all my cum down." You grunt feeling your balls tighten up.

Your cock thickens even more and I know I am about to receive my cum reward. The first pulse splashes against the back of my throat.

"Take all my cock and cum cunt!" You groan as the second spurt fills my mouth. You are still pumping in and out of my mouth as your cock releasing its torrent of cum, making me to have to swallow your hot cream faster. I gasp for breath as your cock and cum fill me to overwhelming. The seventh spurt is smaller and then a small thin trail as you slow your thrusting giving me a chance to finish swallowing and to lick your cock clean.

I lick and suck you until you pull your semi erect shaft from my mouth. You smile and tell me the words that I want to hear. "Good girl."

I smile at you, pleased that you are pleased. I stay kneeling as you walk away from me and retrieve the vibrator. You switch it on as you come back to me and lower me back down so that my head is resting on the floor again. You tease me with the vibe, running it over my back and backside before sliding it between my wet pussy lips. You glide it back and forth before concentrating the buzzing toy on my clit. You kneel to the side and behind of me, taking my chain of my nipple clamps and pulling slightly. I moan at the pain and feel my pussy clench. With the toy circling and vibrating over my aching clit and you playing with my nipples causes my desire to rise.

As you watch me you know I am right at the edge. "Cum for me slut! I want your juice drenching the floor beneath you."

I feel my clit pulse at the command and then my cunt walls grasping over and over as I cum, wailing in my release. My body jerks with the power of my release at your hands. I barely hear you speak at the blood pounding in my ears, making me almost oblivious to anything but the wonderful sensations shooting through my entire cunt.

"Good girl. Mmmm you are cumming hard whore. I am well pleased."

I am falling back down to reality but you keep the vibe on my clit. Your hand begins to spank my already sore ass as you tell me that you are going to make me cum again. I moan as your hand spanks and gropes my ass in time with the swirling buzzing vibrator. You move the tip of it on the top of my clit hood and use your other hand to slick up your fingers in my cum. Once wet you slide one well lubed finger into my puckered hole.

I begin to buck my hips, the sensation of your finger sliding in and out of my ass bringing me closer to another orgasm. You add the second finger and fuck my ass with them, bending down to growl in my ear. "You like my fingers in your ass?"

"Yes Master." I gasp as I buck my hips back against your hand.

"Good because you will not get my cock tonight for disobeying me. But you will cum on my fingers!"

You put the vibe down and reach around with your free hand so that you can shove two fingers in my sopping cunt and ride my clit with the thumb. I buck wildly now, both my holes being filled by you. I started panting hard my orgasm climbing.

"That's it whore, fuck my fingers. Cum for your Master!" You yelled at me causing exactly what you want. My cunt walls and my ass clamped down on your thrusting fingers in a steady rhythm as I cum hard at your Master touch. I cannot form words, I can only scream out my release as my body rocks and jerks in pleasure.

You slow your pace and then pull your fingers from my body.

You reach your cunt soaked fingers to my mouth and tell me again. "Good girl." I know to suck my juices from your fingers and open my mouth as you push them forward.

You watch me until I have licked and sucked them completely clean. You set to releasing me from my binds, your thoughts on what you have planned next...

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