tagNonHumanLore of the Angels Ch. 02

Lore of the Angels Ch. 02


Hi all! So here's the continuation of the previous chapter and I'm grateful for the kind encouragement and comments you've given me so far. Hopefully this chapter proves to be equally entertaining!


The moment she flipped, Aria hiked her Illusion to its maximum; rendering her invisible. At the last second, she made sure her fingers caught the edge of the roof top before climbing down slowly to the nearest window sill.

She heard the rustle of the Archangel's wings and dared herself to twist her neck to catch a final glimpse of him as he dipped into the endless depths beneath her. Aria knew that he would call her bluff within minutes so she'd better hurry.

It was a good thing that she was familiar with the building's structure since she had to climb it for three consecutive days to gain information on the Archangel's battle strategies; otherwise, she would be caught in no time.

Balancing herself on one of the balcony railings, Aria moved stealthily, keeping close to the walls and trying not to look down. It wasn't that she had a fear of heights or was prone to vertigo but the blinking lights below reminded her of her almost fall towards death just yesterday.

Her lips moved into a thin line of disapproval at the memory. If she were to die today, what possible information could she deliver to Iluna? Well... she could tell her of the beautiful Light Angel she'd met. Iluna had banished most of the Light Angels from her territory --not surprising seeing that the Darkness and Light clans had been fighting for centuries to ascertain who was the strongest. The Angels of Darkness believed that because they were created first, they ought to be the true rulers of the world but the Light Angels would always argue that when there was Light, Darkness ceased to exist. That made them weak and vulnerable to destruction.

However, Aria knew that her place was not to advice the Archangel on how to rule her kingdom. The information might prove useful to her or it might not but one thing for certain; Zilarrezko had a bond with Lucian that was almost paternalistic. Aria knew that while angel children were possible, they were extremely rare. However, seeing that Lucian was of a different birth clan from Zilarrezko, Aria knew that she would eventually have to dig further to understand their relationship.

For now, she needed to get some food and get proper clothes. She had no doubt that the Archangel was going to find her. Since she wasn't going to leave his territory anytime soon, she did not want to be caught wearing a suit that could enhance Illusion. Aria had no idea how Zilarrezko saw her but she prayed to God that it wasn't much different from how she really looked like: blue-black hair, golden tanned skin and sharp, inhuman eyes that whispered of the deep blue sea.


He was furious. It took him slightly more than a minute to realize that she would never jump off the building. She had found a loophole in his building structure and that's how she got to the rooftop in the first place! Even with twenty-four hour security, what was being watched were the inside of the building, not the outside.

Returning to his roof top, Zilarrezko suited up in his usual armor once more. It was much more resilient than the flimsy clothes that would tear each time he spread his wings. The other clans always thought that Metal were the most physically strong but they often forget that apart from that, the Metallic Angels could not rely on arcane powers that the other clans seem to have. Metal, as was Earth, was physical and grounded, stable and meant to be resilient.

Gaia, the Cardinal of Earth had been the most resilient of all because she had accepted that wings were not the true measure of power... and she was right. When the Archangel of Earth conceded all her lands to be divided into five kingdoms, she was not being weak but being smart --a trait that Zilarrezko respected and revered. The Earth Angels, also known as Humans or Man had multiplied into a vast army that covered literally every inch of the world as we know it. They may be mortals but should Gaia decide to have a mutiny in the near future and reclaim all her lands; there would be millions of Humans that would rise up against the few hundred Angels ruling them.

However, Gaia did not interfere in the Archangel's wars and dispute. She'd let them sacrifice the Humans in their territorial wars simply because she knew the actual supply of Man will not be depleted. That meant that Zilarrezko had no way of being Allies with her. If they were, he'd have Humans on the South American lands turning against their Archangel Iluna.

Which brings him back to the issue at hand: he needed to find that Valkyrie and find out exactly what Iluna wants from him. Was Aria there to infiltrate his armies and turn them against him? Or was she up to something more sinister?

By the time he turned around, his four Ordinal Angels were bowed before him; waiting for instructions.

"Lucian, Anthony, Marcus, Julia, I want you to find my Valkyrie prisoner. She is still within our territory and would be looking for a place to sleep. Lucian, send a mental image of her to the rest."

Lucian nodded and a minute later, the four Ordinals left his rooftop.


Aria had been fingering a soft muslin dress on display when she felt the presence of an Ordinal Angel in her midst. After being trained as a Valkyrie for years, Aria could differentiate the auras of the angels that walked the earth. The Archangels were the most powerful; with a glow around them that announced their presence even before you get a chance to see them. The Ordinals on the other hand, always shone various shades of red --not of anger but of loyalty... of blood. The most loyal were the brightest of red and from the faint metallic scent of this Ordinal, Aria had no doubt that she belonged to Zilarrezko.

Aria was unsure if she was of the Snow-Water or Light clan for while her wings and hair were pure white, her skin was the complete opposite; ebony shade that reminded her of Africa. The Archangel Noor of Africa had the same coloring didn't she? And Noor was of the Light clan.

Aria was about to find out for the Ordinal came close towards her; pure white eyes with powdery lashes staring into her own blue-black abyss. Aria had to steady her breath so as not to give away anything.

"What are you?" she asked softly. "An Angel?"


"You have eyes the color of something I've forgotten." The Ordinal's voice was whispery and soft. "Like the deep sea... where Light cannot reach," she said absently before gliding away. The Ordinal moved like a ghost; her feet barely touching the floor as though she was floating but she was not flapping her wings to keep her airborne.

For a moment, Aria couldn't believe that the Ordinal had simply walked away from her. Exactly how did the Archangel describe her to them? Surely they were out hunting for her, which was going to take them forever because they were not looking for the right person.

She had already taken off her second skin; keeping it in a bank safe-box together with her other personal belongings under a fictitious name. Be it war time or not, the banks still continued running and some prized themselves for their ability to retain anonymous accounts for their clients --especially one who paid for the box in cash upfront in figures that dipped into the sixth digits.

Returning to the changing room, Aria hung the muslin dress on the hook and changed out of the plain t-shirt and shorts she had grabbed earlier. If she was planning on seducing the Archangel, then she'd better do it right --even if he threatened to kill her the moment they laid eyes on each other.

Aria suspected that no one ever left the Archangel in the middle of a passionate embrace, until now.


"What do you mean you couldn't find her? Lucian! Did you give them the correct description of her?"

"Yes Cardinal I did!" Soft lavender lashes fluttered in defiance. "Aria has soft blonde hair and hazel eyes with milky white skin. I had almost believed her to be a human until you said otherwise."

Zilarrezko snapped his eyes open and closed the gap between him and the young angel.

"What color was her hair again?"

"Blonde Cardinal..."

Zilarrezko narrowed his eyes at Lucian. "Aria has dark brown hair and green eyes... with the Spanish tilt in her voice.Show me your image of her," he ordered; eyes turning wide at the difference in how they've perceived her appearance. It was... impossible.

"Her facial structure is still the same even though her hair and eye color changed. I want you to find her again. This time, look for the features not the outer appearance. See her body size? It remains the same in both our images... so that's a starting point."

"Yes Cardinal," they replied in unison and flew off.

When they were gone, Zilarrezko looked out to the open skies and sighed. He was fascinated by the Valkyrie and even more so now that he'd learn about her ability. He would have said it was Illusion but even he could not influence the perception of others' to that extent.

Now he must really find her. She is Illuna's weapon and he desperately needed to know how to convert this weapon into his own.


Aria watched patiently as four Ordinal Angels descended from the Obelisque to begin their search; each taking a quadrant of the Archangel's territory. Even from a hundred floors below, Aria had taken note of the coloring of each of his Ordinals; keeping the information at the back of her mind so she could avoid them in the future.

Apart from the two Light Angels, there were two more. One bore the distinct crimson of the Fire clan while the other was pure bronze that shimmered as it reflected light. As stunning as they were, she knew that they were not Ordinals for their beauty but for their power. Even Lucian, the young and playful angel was a cover for his true lethal capabilities.

But that was nothing compared to Zilarrezko. He was an Archangel not because of his kindness and mercy but because of his iron fists --literally. And yet... those iron fists were the same ones that had touched her and the same ones that's going to wrap themselves around her throat when he sees her.

Aria couldn't help but smile. The Archangel may intend to kill her --over and over as he says --but he couldn't deny the fact that she was going to be a useful tool for him. Aria wasn't going to betray sides but she was prepared to feed him insignificant details; enough to whet his appetite and allow her to extract some of his secrets.

"So many secrets..." she whispered to herself as she stepped, for the first time, through the main entrance of the Obelisque. Her gladiator sandals padded soundlessly over the polished marble flooring of the grand lobby. When she reached the elevators, an Angel spread his black wings politely to stop her from moving any further.

"My name is Gerard, how may I assist you?" he asked with a kind smile.

"I would like to take the lift to the penthouse." His smile vanished instantly.

"Do you have an appointment with the Cardinal, Miss?"

"No. But he's expecting me," she replied, deliberately ignoring his request for her name.

"I will need to confirm this Miss," he apologized. "Would you give me your name please? The Cardinal is very busy and does not take guests unannounced."

"Yes, I am aware of that," she said dryly. "Very well then. I will wait here for him."

"Your name, Miss... please?"

Aria flashed him a sweet smile. "Tell the Archangel that Aria is here."

From the relieved look on his face, Aria was sure that Gerard had no idea who was standing in front of him. Either that or he was calling for security instead of connecting the call to the Archangel's office.

Gerard was taking his time by the looks of it --stalling or perhaps he didn't think Aria was important enough to disturb the Archangel --so Aria decided to take a walk, maybe find the building's cafeteria and grab a bite. She doubted that Zilarrezko was going to feed her well when she's in chains once again.

On that thought, she decided to enjoy her last decadence. God knows when the next time will be. Taking the menu from the server, she sat down in one of the plush chairs and placed her order.

In fact, it was only when she was halfway through her glass of wine that she sensed his presence.

"Took you longer than I expected." He was nowhere near her but she knew he could catch every single word. She continued sipping her wine even as she felt him towering directly behind her; wings arched intimidatingly. Aria wasn't surprised when the manager himself came to offer his service to the Cardinal. It was probably not a usual occurrence for the Archangel to walk within his own building. Angels flew everywhere don't they?

"Give me another glass of what she's having. That would be all Aman."

The manger scuttled off as Zilarrezko took a seat opposite her.

"Where did you go?" His question was delivered gently but Aria caught the faint traces of fury beneath his calm.

"You told me to take it off so I did... and got new ones."

He flicked his gaze down to the toga dress that she was wearing before lifting his eyes to look directly into hers. "What exactly are you Valkyrie?"

"I am what you see, nothing more nothing less Cardinal," she replied, taking a sip of her wine.

"You will have answers for me Valkyrie... but not now. Right now, we are just two people having a glass of wine." His candor surprised her but she made no show of it and instead nodded her head in acknowledgement of his suggestion.

As he took a sip from his glass, he nodded in appreciation. "Ah... Sauvignon Blanc. You have good taste Valkyrie."

"Thank you," she replied. "Good wine tastes better in good company."

Zilarrezko arched an eyebrow at her but didn't say anything. In fact, they didn't say a word to each other for the next ten minutes; simply sipping at their wine and staring at each other. Verbalized words didn't carry much weight when the unspoken words they fired at each other were enough to set the place ablaze.

He wouldn't be saying, "I'm going to break every single bone in your body to get my answers Aria."

And she wouldn't be saying, "Violence won't give you answers."

He would retort --eyes flashing gold in anger --"There is no pleasure without pain, Valkyrie."

She would blink once and not say, "It might be painful for you to pleasure me too much Cardinal."

His eyebrows arched at the challenge in her suggestion but this time, he spoke out loud, "We will continue our conversation in my office." Pushing his chair back, he strode out; not waiting for her to follow. Aria was about to place bills on the table when Aman the manager rushed out and forbade her to do so.

"No, please Madam! Just go. The Cardinal waits for no one!"

Ignoring Aman, she placed enough money to pay for two bottles of Sauvignon Blanc before walking out to the elevator landing once more. The café deserved the extra tip for putting up with the Archangel's presence.

By the time she left the café, Zilarrezko was no where to be found. However, this time, when she started towards the elevator, no one stopped her.

To her surprise, the Archangel was waiting for her inside the empty elevator. When the doors closed, he whispered in a husky low voice, "This lift services only my floor. No one rides it except me."

"Then I am flattered Cardinal," said Aria; her back still facing him. She looked up and saw that indeed, the elevator only showed '1' then '100'.

"I should kill you Valkyrie," he confessed quite suddenly. "But you fascinate me with your daring replies and clever retorts. Has no one taught you not to speak that way to your betters?"

Aria lowered her eyelids and turned to face him. "I only learn from those who teach me well."

"Then your teachers have failed you," he replied; his voice turning icy. "Would you like me to teach you your manners Valkyrie?"

She raised her gaze slowly, in a deliberate attempt to ensure he was watching her eyes. Aria was tall but the Archangel was taller by a head and she knew that when she was taking too long to look at him, his gaze would fall inevitably on her lips.

"Aria..." he warned. She was already looking at his eyes but his gaze rested on her lips --which she had parted slightly as an invitation.

"Yes?" she whispered innocently. Then inching closer, "Yes Archangel, would you teach me?"

His gaze flicked up immediately to capture hers; a second before she found herself slammed against the elevator wall with the Archangel's lips locked over hers. His strong hands cradled her head firmly even as he slanted his lips brutally against hers; taking, giving and demanding more and more.

"I'm not letting you escape again Valkyrie," he whispered in ragged breathes as he pulled his lips away just for a second before claiming hers once more in the most primal and possessive manner. He was crushing his body deliberately against her --a warning. Not only was she trapped; there was no escape this time from the erection pressing intimately against her stomach.


Aria couldn't breathe. She thought she was ready for him --seducing any male should be the same --oh but was she so wrong... so, so wrong. She was neither prepared for the sudden rush of adrenaline to her body nor was she prepared for the overwhelming urge to get on her knees and beg him to fuck her.

The only thoughts in her head told her that she needed to be filled by him. She was so empty... so needy. There was nothing else in the world but their bodies; flesh wrapping with flesh; the tangles of satin sheets against pure hard muscles. His scent, his touch, his sweat glistening against her own...

He is the most magnificent... "And I am yours," she heard herself say.

What did I say?

"Tell me Aria... tell me what you want me to do," he whispered against her ear.

"I want you to fu..." I wanted him to what??

"Aria..." that sex dripped voice again. Only now his lips were moving down to her exposed breasts (since when?), tongue rasping over and over the sensitive bud; teeth scraping naughtily over the golden flesh.

"More..." she heard herself beg. "No more teasing!" Aria felt her hands pulling his head closer; demanding his lips to torture her nipple. That's what she wanted... needed. Damn that bastard feels so good. Wait... what am I doing?

"Angel..." Again with the begging. His lips were playing with her other nipple now while his fingers had somehow found a way deep inside her most secret place.

"Why are you so wet Aria?" he teased, rubbing his finger tenderly on the outer lips of her pussy. Aria felt her body grinding desperately --a plea to make him fuck her with his fingers but he wouldn't give in to her. "Why are you so wet Aria?"

Yeah, why are you so wet Aria? How the hell do I turn off this slut switch? Damn Damn Damn!

She heard herself moan. That's it.


Zilarrezko was having a good time playing with his Valkyrie --yes, his Valkyrie now. She thought she could seduce him did she? Now who's seducing who?

However, seducing a mortal had never been more frustrating and gratifying than seducing Aria. She was actually resisting him and it made him all the more determined to break her will. When was the last time he had to put an effort in having sex?


Women --mortals and immortals alike were helpless against his powers. They'd spread their legs for him, beg for his cock and let him do basically whatever he pleased with them. But at the end of the day, Zilarrezko gained no satisfaction from it...

Until now. Perhaps his Valkyrie was right when she said it'd be painful for him to pleasure her too much... perhaps it would. He'd been hard since the moment he trapped her between his arms and yet she hasn't yielded. How frustrating!

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