Losing Control at the Lake Ch. 02


And then he withdrew his fingers.

I gasped and he looked at me innocently. "Did that feel good?" he asked, sliding his hand over the silken, sopping wet bulge of my panty-clad mound, delighting to find me so wet. I could only nod wordlessly, my breathing shallow. He smiled and kissed me as he edged one finger inside the elastic at my inner thigh, and then a second finger, until he was probing me with two digits, just the tips inside my smooth folds, and then finding my engorged clitoris there waiting for his touch. "How about now?" he teased, still lapping at my tits as he slowly rubbed me. I nodded and squeezed my eyes, pulse quickening, as he brought me to a slow burn, his gentle fingers playing expertly on my clit, his warm mouth now on my flat belly as he worked me. "Still feel good?" he asked as I squirmed, my juices slipping down me now to the crack of my ass, his fingers massaging my button and bringing me closer to orgasm.

"Can you cum for me?" he whispered.

"I don't know," I breathed, and I meant it. The only person who had ever made me cum was Jayme, and this was all different. But it felt amazing to have him rubbing my clit, dipping his fingers down every now and then to wet them in my liquid center. I could smell my own pussy, so I knew he could, only inches away from it. He dipped his tongue into my navel and pinched my clit at the same time, bringing me to a full boil. And then he pressed and held it and gently bit the inside of my thigh.

When I came in a rush, my hands gripping the sheets, a series of gasps escaping my lips, he kissed me and said, "I love making you feel good." And he was delighted, like a kid. I think he thought it was my first orgasm, though he never asked, and I certainly didn't volunteer it. Because here was poor, sweet Josh, trying his best to bring me pleasure that he thought I so desperately needed, all at his own expense, because he would have to jerk off later – and little did he know that my own uncle, his friend, kept me cumming day and night right under everyone's noses. I felt badly for a moment, but only for a moment. The guilt dissipated as I thought of the mileage this would bring to my next time with Jayme. I knew he would ask, and I knew I would tell. There was a certain perverse thrill in turning him on with details of what I'd done with another man.

Back at home, Jayme was still up watching a movie. He motioned me into the living room and patted the couch beside him.

"How was the date?" he asked, forcing himself to be light.

"Jayme, do we have to talk about it?"

"Yes. We have to. Remember? We said we'd be honest about everything. About other people, about our feelings, everything."

I nodded. "We did say that."

"So let's be honest."


"What did you guys do?"

"We went to the zoo."

"The zoo." His face darkened. "That must've been fun. Public. What else?"

"Then we got pizza and went back to his house to watch a movie."

"How long was the movie on before you stopped watching it?"

"Like half an hour."

He snorted. "If we were watching a movie, it would've been like half a minute."

"Yes, it would've, but that's us, that's different..." I tried to reassure him, but he was having none of it.

"And then what?"

"And then...I don't know...we just, like, kissed and stuff."

"And stuff?" He was clearly jealous now. "What kind of stuff, Dana?"

"Just...kissing, really."

He ignored my protests. "Did he feel you up?"


"Did you touch his cock?"

"No! Absolutely not!"

"Just kissing?"

"Just kissing, I swear..."

He looked at me closely, as if he knew I was holding back from him.

"Where did he kiss you?" he demanded.

"Oh my God! On my mouth!" I blurted, outraged. "Where do you think I let him kiss me?"

"Answer the question, Dana."

I threw my arms around him and nestled into his neck. "Baby, don't be jealous, please. This is why I didn't want this. I don't want you to be so jealous and so mad."

He sighed. "I'm sorry. I thought I could be more of an adult about this, but I fucking hate it."

"I hate it too!" I cried, "So why are we doing it?"

"Because it's best," he insisted stubbornly. "Now tell me what else happened. Because I sure as fuck know it wasn't just kissing."

I took a deep breath and blurted. "He fingered me."

"Really," he intoned coldly. "Tell me about that. Tell me about Josh Hickman's fingers in your sweet pussy."

"Jayme..." I protested.

"I won't touch you ever again unless you tell me. And I want every detail."

As hot as it had been in theory to imagine telling Jayme about myself and Josh, in practice it was humiliating. My face burned and I turned away from him. But he turned off the movie and grabbed me by the wrist and led me to his bedroom, where he locked the door and pushed me down on the bed.

"Tell me," he said firmly.

"So...we were kissing, like I said..."

"Like this?" he asked, covering my mouth with his, probing his tongue into every crevice. In a second my desire for him flared and my shame was gone.

"No," I breathed, when he stopped to kiss my neck. "Not as hot."

"Mmm," he responded, trailing his tongue around the shell of my ear, nibbling the lobe, then sucking on just the tip of it. I could feel his hot breath in my ear, on my neck, and his tongue made me think of other things he'd done with that tongue. Suddenly I forgot what I'd even been talking about as I moaned and arched into him.

"You were kissing, and then..."

"And then he pulled my tank top up and my bra down so he could look at my tits."

"And?" He had found the electric spot on my neck and was teasing me into paralysis.

"And then he played with them for a while. Licking and squeezing and..."

His teeth sunk into one of my nipples, thank God not gently. It was like a direct current to my cunt, the edge of his teeth digging into my sensitive flesh, and then his warm tongue afterward. I tossed my head and writhed on the bed and he held me down

"And then he pulled off my shorts," I blurted, praying that Jayme's play-along would be less gentle and more satisfying. I was tired of teasing, tired of being touched gently. I wanted rough.

"And slid his fingers into the edge of my panties..." His fingers were right there, sliding in, and not stopping at the edge. I was so slick and wet that my pussy engulfed his fingers and drew them in. "And then he rubbed my clit until I came."

He let out a low laugh. "Fucker."

"You said...you were the one..." I protested.

"I know, I know. Shh." He silenced me with a kiss, withdrawing his fingers and winding them through my hair, and I melted into him, loving the way my body responded to him. We kissed for a long time, his cock stiff between us, and then he moved down to the end of the bed, spreading my legs wide.

He kissed up the inside of each thigh, all the way from my ankles to my wet, aching pussy, driving me crazy with each feathery touch of his lips. Finally, he settled between my legs, rubbing his face across my wet cunt, smearing my juices across his mouth and cheeks and chin and nose. "God, I love the smell of your pussy," he groaned as he covered himself in my scent. I panted, he was driving me crazy with need and I wanted to cum so badly. But he just kept teasing me, rubbing his face in my wetness, his nose brushing every now and then against my swollen clit, making me jump and moan with desire.

He surprised me by not eating me. Instead, he crawled back up and kissed me. I could taste myself on him, and it drove me wild, knowing that he craved that taste more than anything. He kissed me deeply a few times and then nibbled my bottom lip. "I want to be inside you," he whispered, rubbing the head of his cock at the entrance of my slick tunnel. He was perfect positioned: his cock in his hand, the tip between my lips, one shove and he would be inside me, and everything we'd promised would be out the window.

My head was spinning. In all the times we had touched like this, no matter how crazy we'd gotten, no matter how out of control with lust, we'd never brought it up again. He'd never pushed, and I'd never pushed. We both knew that discussing it with our clothes off was a bad move. A really bad move. We couldn't think rationally.

And yet here we were. And my body was aching for him. I could almost feel him inside me. We both wanted this so badly. And really, what difference did it make at this point? Intercourse would just seal the deal. What we'd been doing all along was no less incestuous than actual penetration.

"We said we weren't going to," I pleaded, grabbing his wrist and pushing against him, though my heart wasn't in it at all. I wanted him just as much as he wanted me, and he knew it.

"Please, Babe, please...I promise, I'll make you feel so good."

"You already make me feel good."

"I'll make you feel even better, I promise. I just need you. I need to be inside you. Just for a little bit. Just for a minute, and I'll stop if you want, I promise. I promise. Just please. Fuck. Please."

He was begging, and I was in agony. As amazing and special as my epic makeout sessions were with Josh, and as hard as Jayme had been making me cum with his mouth and his fingers, I had spent the last few weeks wanting even more. A hard cock inside me. I wanted to be penetrated, filled, owned. We shouldn't. We couldn't. But I needed it just as much as he did.

I stopped struggling. I let go of his wrist, and he slid inside me in an instant. I gasped as he impaled me with his rock-hard manhood. My eyes never left his as he ground his cock deep inside me and just held it there. Instinctively, I squeezed on him from within and we lay panting, fused together, committing this greatest of sexual sins.

"I could cum just being like this inside you," he groaned. "Oh, Dana, you feel so good. I can't believe I'm fucking you. I can't believe you're letting me fuck you. It's so wrong and so hot."

"It is wrong," I whispered. "It's wrong but it feels so good."

"Tell me," he demanded, grabbing the sides of my face. "Tell me how wrong it is."

"It's wrong," I gasped. "It's dirty. It's forbidden."

He started to move inside me, pinning me to the bed with his rolling hips while he looked in my eyes. Without words he was fucking me slowly, pulling almost all the way out with each stroke, then burying himself back inside me to the hilt.

"Tell me how good it feels to do something this wrong."

"It feels so good...it's wrong...to be fucking my uncle...to let my uncle put his big cock inside of me..." I could feel my orgasm building; he was grinding against my clit and his cock was deep inside me, filling me up.

"That's it, Baby," he whispered between his teeth. "Fuck, it turns me on so much when you talk dirty to me."

"I want to cum on your cock," I whined. "I want to cum all over my uncle's cock, cover it with my cum."

"Keep telling me...don't stop...I love to hear you say 'cum'." I could tell he was close as well. He was pounding me faster now. He moved his hands around my neck, around my throat, not choking me, not even pressing, just holding me there.

"I want us to cum together. I want to feel you shoot your hot cum inside me while I cum too." It felt so amazing, and talking like this was turning me on, too. I panted as my body raced toward orgasm, the buzzing spreading throughout my entire body. "Oh, Jayme, I'm so close...I'm so close...make me cum..." I writhed beneath him, tossing my head back and forth, moaning as the glorious feeling overtook me, and I was drowning in pleasure.

"Do it," he urged in my ear. "Cum for me, Dana." And the way he said my name, his hot breath in my ear, his fingers on my throat, while his cock was pounding inside me, tipped me over the edge. I bucked and cried out and clawed his back, and I was cumming and cumming and crying his name over and over. In seconds he roared and tensed and I felt his hot load release inside of me. He choked and pressed his lips against my shoulder, his teeth scraping my skin. And then we lay there, slick with sweat, hearts pounding, catching our breath.

I couldn't even think anymore. I had nothing left. When Jayme rolled off me, I curled myself around him and we fell into a deep sleep, our limbs entwined.

He heard it first and shook me awake. "Babe, everyone's home."

My eyes were open in a second. "Oh, shit!" I breathed. "What do we do?" But he was already scrambling into his clothes. In a flash he had pulled the screen out of the window and was through it. He popped the screen back in and I heard his footsteps as he ran away. Quickly I struggled into my clothes, just as I heard my parents' voices in the kitchen. And then my mom was in my doorway.

I can imagine how I looked: stark naked, swollen lips, smudged eye makeup, still somewhat groggy from the brief nap I'd enjoyed after having my uncle fuck me within an inch of my life. My sheets were half pulled off the bed and soaked in our cum. The entire room reeked of sex.

It took my mom about five seconds to register all this, and then her eyes narrowed and she pointed her finger at me. "I will see you downstairs in two minutes," she said, and turned on her heel.

Oh shit, I thought, Oh, shit, I've done it now. And two minutes? Not even enough time to think of a good excuse.

In the living room, my mother had gathered both her fury and my father, and I entered what was sure was the location of my death as I dragged myself in.

"Don't think," she began, in a voice she used only very rarely, "that I don't know exactly what's going on here."

I think my heart stopped at that moment. How could she know? We'd been so careful. No one suspected anything. We'd pulled it off perfectly.

There was a lump in my throat as I choked, "Mom, what do you mean?"

"I've suspected for a while," she continued, almost as if to herself. "It is just too well planned out. Too coincidental, every time. And you are not like this, Dana. You are not a sneaky girl. Or at least you haven't been."

As if on cue, Jayme came sauntering through the front door, as if returning from a long walk.

"What's up, everybody?" he called casually. In a flash, my mother was in front of him, blocking his path, pointing to the living room.

"And you! You can get yourself right in here, too, mister." She had murder in her voice, and I had no idea how I was going to get out of this. How we would survive this mess. Jayme paled and seemed to shrink as he shuffled into the room and looked from my mom to my dad, who'd been sitting quietly – too quietly – in the corner, his arms crossed and his eyebrows furrowed.

"I know what's going on," my mom repeated. "And you should both be ashamed of yourselves."

"Wait, Jill, let me explain –" started Jayme, but she cut him off.

"Shut up, Jayme," she snapped. "You come here and you encourage my daughter, your eighteen-year-old niece, to behave this way? No. Shut your mouth. I think you've done enough damage."

Jayme and I looked at each other in horror.

"I know exactly what's happening. You've been sneaking that Hickman boy in here and having sex with him. In my house."

I could've died from relief. She didn't know anything. I was speechless from the rush of adrenaline that finally hit me.

"And you!" She turned now to Jayme. "You've been covering for her. Because he's your friend, is that it? And because you want to be the cool uncle? Well, let me tell you something. Dana is just a child. She might be eighteen, but she is just a child. Josh Hickman is far too old and far too experienced for a girl like Dana. And you know that as well as I do."

I had a vision of myself kneeling behind the Hickman's boathouse with Jayme's cock buried in my throat, exposing my tits to him, and then letting him jerk off on my face. Yeah, Mom, your little girl is quite the innocent, I thought. I avoided making eye contact with Jayme, because I'm sure he had a similar flash at the same moment.

"Mom," I pleaded softly, "Uncle Jayme isn't responsible for this. And I haven't been...I mean...I'm sorry about today, but I haven't been..." I tried to look as remorseful as possible. "This was the only time, I swear." Which was sort of the truth. "And it won't happen again." I looked at Jayme. That was definitely not the truth. We had turned a corner, and there was no coming back.

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