tagAnalLosing My Anal Virginity

Losing My Anal Virginity


This is my first submission. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


Amy had always been interested in anal play and just recently got heavily into spanking. she loved the feeling of a hand slapping against her soft pale ass, making it jiggle with each whack. Every time she was spanked her panties would become immediately moist.

One weekend Amy and her current lover decided to make a trip to the adult store to pick up a movie or a new toy. While scanning the plethora of sex toys, Amy's eyes stopped on the small section of anal beads. She could feel herself getting aroused just looking at them. She called Justin over and showed him the toys and began describing what could be done. She instinctively glanced down at his crotch and noticed that he too had become aroused. They decided on hot pink anal beads and a small hot pink vibrator- pink being one of her favorite colors. On their way to the cash register, Justin spotted a selection of lube. He picked out the most intriguing bottle and they headed home.

Later that night, as they were lying in bed together, Amy turned over, pressed her firm chest against him and began to slowly kiss Justin's neck. Her mouth traveled upward. she licked his earlobe and sucked it into her mouth. She knew this drove him crazy and could tell it was working from his heavier breathing. Amy moved closer to him and gently kissed his mouth. His lips parted and her tongue caressed his. As their kissing became more intense, he reached down and began to pinch Amy's erect nipples through the flimsy fabric of her tank top. Amy didn't really like her nipples because they were tan and not light pink like many of her friends', but Justin loved them. He slowly lifted her shirt and sighed as her round, young breasts came into view. He cupped her left breast in his hand as he licked around her nipple. He flicked the nipple with the tip of his tongue and sucked it into his mouth, sucking gently at first and then harder.

As Amy began to moan softly, Justin pulled down her pajama bottoms, her scent reaching his nostrils instantly. He could feel his already erect penis start to throb. He moved down between her legs and Amy spread them wide. She was completely shaved and felt smooth against Justin's face. He circled his tongue around her clit, tasting her. He flicked it slowly with his tongue and Amy's back began to arch. As he did this, he slid two fingers inside her. She was dripping wet and coated his fingers as well as the top part of his hand. Her scent made him dizzy. He didn't want to get her too close to climax so he stopped, and as he did, Amy turned over onto her stomach. He could see the curves of her ass, which was the same shade as her breasts- extremely pale. He knew what she wanted.

Justin squeezed her ass. He noticed that some of her juice had coated the lower part of her ass cheeks. He slapped the left cheek first, and then the right. Amy's face was buried in her pillow but he could make out faint moans. He spanked her harder, her ass jiggling under his palm. As he spanked her he squeezed his erection, fighting back the urge to slide it in her right then and there. Once her ass began to sting she got on all fours. Justin could see her puckered asshole as he reached over to grab the lube from beside the bed. He uncapped it and squeezed some onto her. It was cold against her warm hole. He put some on his finger and slid it inside her ass, coating the whole opening. Amy handed him the anal beads, telling him to start with the smaller ones. With her ass in the air, Justin slid the first ball in. Amy's hole opened to allow the bead to enter, and then puckered back up around it. He slid in the first five, then slowly slid them back out again- open, pucker, open, pucker as all five pink spheres retracted.

He couldn't take it anymore. Justin coated his rock hard erection with the lube and squeezed some on her waiting asshole. He rubbed the head between her ass cheeks and slowly slid into her tiny hole. He couldn't believe how tight it was. He didn't want to put his whole self into her at first, for fear it would hurt her, but faintly from the face in the pillow came the urging to slide it all in. He followed her orders and before long his whole dick was inside of his lovers second hole. Her ass sucked on him as he slowly pulled it back out. Justin could see that her asshole didn't pucker back up completely and he slid it back in faster this time. They both began to moan as he fucked her ass as though it were her pussy. Amy squeezed her cheeks together, causing her hole to tighten around him. Justin smacked and squeezed her ass as he entered her. Amy inserted the new vibrator into her pussy and Justin could feel every vibration which brought him even closer to climax. Feeling like he was going to explode, Justin slid out of her and jerked himself off onto her pale ass and open asshole.

Neither of them had experimented with anal before, but now it became part of their nightly routine.

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