tagLoving WivesLosing My Wife Ch. 01

Losing My Wife Ch. 01


My wife Sonia was begging my two buddies to convince me that I should allow her to come with us on our annual week long inter-island fishing trip in Rarotonga. She had been at me constantly for the last month and now she had resorted to co-opting my friends onto her side.

Sonia had just turned 28 and was a stunning 5'7", 110 lb. brunette although in her opinion her butt was too big and so were her 36D breasts. She said it just wasn't fair that she always got left behind while the boys got to have a good time together.

Tony and Kurt (my two closest friends) were laughing and telling my wife that I was too much of a stubborn prick for them to change my mind. They told her to ask me later that night once I was too drunk to say no, but they said that they had a condition for helping her convince me. My wife asked what it was and they said that she had to match them drink for drink.

Two hours later my wife was more intoxicated than she'd ever been in her life. We were teasing her about being a girl and not able to hold her liquor. She smirked and said she knew exactly how to hold her licker… By The Ears!

Sonia stood up and excused herself as she stumbled to the bathroom. As soon as she'd gone Kurt pulled out a little bottle of clear liquid and tipped a little into my wife's drink. I asked him what it was and he just grinned and told me to watch and see how my wife reacted after drinking it. I frowned and told him he'd better tell me what it would do or I was going to knock him out. He laughed and then proceeded to tell me that she would get so high that she'd do whatever we told her to do.

I told him he was full of shit, that there was no such drug that could produce that kind of state. He told me to wait and see for myself. Tony winked at me and told me that he had seen Kurt use it at nightclubs and that it definitely worked well.

Sonia came back and reaching for her glass, drank the whole lot in one gulp. 20 minutes later her speech became slurred and she was giggling like a little school girl at whatever we said as if it was the funniest thing in the world.

Kurt leaned forward and asked loud and clear, "Sonia, what is one of the kinkiest things you have ever done?"

My wife giggled and blushed and then told us that she'd let a total stranger raise her mini-skirt, reach into her panties and finger fuck her pussy while she was at a concert.

I was stunned, my "innocent as the driven snow" wife, who constantly whined about having to "have sex" with me, had let a total stranger play with her cunt. "What concert did this happen at?" I asked in disbelief.

My wife giggled again as she told me it was only 8 months ago, at the Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert. Tony asked if anything else happened there.

My wife then went into the lurid detail of getting on her knees and slurping on this strangers 7 inch cock until he blew a load of cum down her throat. I was still too stunned to say anything and then she said something that made me slump in my seat.

Sonia smiled sweetly at me as she told us how, as she was swallowing the last of the sperm in her throat, some guy grabbed her from behind. He pushed her down on all fours, tore the crotch of her panties apart and then roughly slid his rather large cock into her very wet slit. Then the guy who'd just emptied his balls in her mouth prodded another guy who was beside him and moved aside as the guy shifted in front of my wife and unzipped.

Finally my wife finished the story by telling us that the stranger in her pussy blasted a huge load deep inside her. This had her worried about becoming pregnant because she had forgotten her pill that morning, but fortunately she got her period a few days later. She added that the guy who'd unzipped pulled out of her mouth and shot cum up her nose and all through her hair as he jerked himself off on her face.

I was still speechless as Kurt asked her if she'd enjoyed it and if she would do it again. Sonia just said 3 words before asking someone to refill her glass, "YES and YES!"

I finally managed to ask how big the cock was that fucked her cunt. She said she didn't know exactly but that it had been very thick and so long that she didn't think the guy had been able to get it all inside her. I smiled and said I would have liked to have seen that first hand. She giggled and told me that she would love to oblige me IF I let her come fishing.

I winked at her and said I'd consider it if she showed me how kinky she could really be! Sonia licked her lips and then asked if I would mind if it wasn't strangers that fucked her but some very close friends. I glanced at Tony and Kurt and shook my head. "No, I don't mind at all and I'm damn sure that my CLOSE friends won't mind either!" I laughed as I said this.

My wife quickly got to her feet. She raised her knee-length skirt slowly as she rotated her hips and done a slow teasing dance, allowing us a peak at her black lace panties occasionally. Kurt reached his hand out and held it palm up obviously beckoning Sonia to come and let him feel her in some inappropriate way.

My wife sauntered over slowly and turning her back toward Kurt, spread her legs and backed up onto his outstretched hand. Kurt wasted no time beneath my wife's skirt, he had my wife squealing and giggling immediately as she swayed to and fro on his busy fingers. Sonia smiled at me as she pulled her skirt right up allowing Tony and I to see Kurt's hand inside her panties.

My wife pulled away and we got to see Kurt's glistening fingers as she slid her skirt off and then pulled her blouse open before unclipping her bra and freeing her creamy white tits. There she was in all her glory, blouse wide open and see-through black lace panties on. Sonia pointed her firm round ass at us and bent forward, she then reached behind her and pulled her panties to the side. Her smoothly waxed cunt glistened with moisture and her cuntlips were protruding, large and puffy. Sonia turned and looked me directly in the eye as she told us that she wanted to be treated like a slut. She told us we could do whatever we wanted to her in fact, the more perverse the better. She said that just for tonight she wanted to be used like a wanton whore and that we'd all better make the most of it while we could.

Tony leapt up and dropped his pants to his ankles as he shuffled forward and slid his 6 inch cock straight into my wife's wet pussy. Kurt was next as he stripped completely naked and then stood in front of Sonia and grabbed her hair and started fucking his 7 inches down my wife's throat.

Sonia was groaning loudly as my two best friends pounded her from both ends. I stood and stripped and started stroking my 7 inches as I watched the action. Tony grunted as he shot his seed into Sonia's cunt. Kurt pulled his cock out of my wife's mouth and swapped positions with Tony. Kurt slid his cock into Sonia's cum-filled hole as Tony thrust his cum-covered cock into my wife's mouth. It wasn't long before Kurt had blasted his load into Sonia's well-fucked pussy too.

Tony was hard again and he looked around my house until he spotted what he wanted, our two ornamental candles on the mantle piece. He grabbed one of these and brought it over as Kurt moved aside for me to have a turn inside my cum-filled wife. The candle was carved wax with approximately a 3 inch diameter and about 9 inches long.

My wife raised her eyebrows and smiled as she saw Tony approaching with the candle. I stopped just short of my wife's dripping cunt and decided that I wanted to see what Tony had planned for my slut wife. Sonia stood up and moved to the coffee table before lying back on it and spreading her legs wide and winked at Tony.

Tony dropped to his knees between my wife's legs and started rubbing the pointed top of the candle against her drenched hole as he told her what a little slut she was. He started pushing the candle into my wife's pussy and told her he was gonna stretch her cunt and make her scream for more. Sonia just told him to do it, make her fuck the candle, to use her cunt any way he wished!

Kurt grabbed one of my wife's legs and pulled it wider as Tony began shoving the candle in and out of her soppy pussy making my wife squeal with delight. I watched as my "best friend" slid a big piece of wax in and out of Sonia's lewdly stretched vagina. My wife yelped suddenly as Tony pushed the candle right in and held it there with enough force to slide Sonia along the table a few inches.

"You fucking bastard Tony!" my wife shouted and then added, "Fuck my cunt hard with that huge thing! It hurts so good, make me a true slutty wench!" She reached down between her spread legs and started rubbing her swollen clit as an orgasm rippled through her body. Tony obliged her and fucked my wife's cum-drenched hole roughly with the candle.

I pushed Tony out of the way and grabbed the candle that was partially stuck inside Sonia's cunt and began to thrust it in and out. I pulled it out and dropped it on the floor as I hurriedly replaced it with my throbbing cock. My wife was so loose it was like sliding inside pure silk. She wrapped her legs around me and told me to fuck her and fill her with hot sperm.

Needless to say I didn't last long before my cum was joining that of my friends, deep inside my slut wife's sloppy hole. I pulled my spent cock from Sonia's used pussy and stood in front of her and told her to lick my cock clean. She sat up and proceeded to do what I'd demanded.

Kurt, Tony and I sat down around the lounge as my wife sat there fingering her swollen clit and looking at each of us in turn. She said in a rather challenging manner, "Is that all you boys've got? That's the worst you can do?" then she laughed. "What a bunch of losers!" she added.

Kurt stood up and grinned wickedly as he said, "Go get the cordless phone you sluttish bitch!"

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