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Lost and Found

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Caroline McDuffy was lost. She didn't know the exact moment she had gone wrong, but she knew she had no chance of finding camp again. Her friends had asked her to wait for them before she started out that morning, but she had been impatient. After all, she'd been out there for three days; she had wandered the marked trails several times and thought she would be familiar enough with the area to go out alone.

What Caroline hadn't anticipated was how her focus on taking pictures would outweigh her common sense. She hadn't expected that she would follow a doe and fawn off the trail or be so intrigued by the shape of a particularly overgrown tree or hear the fall of water and then search for its source, without thinking of the consequences.

But after taking dozens of pictures of the waterfall and waiting for wildlife to appear there, Caroline realized she had never heard her friends mention the falls. Her anxiety increased when she looked at her watch and saw how many hours had passed. Her stomach growled, and she dug through her pack: two granola bars, an apple and two bottles of water. Sighing, Caroline bit into the apple and looked around, trying to spot a trail or path away from the falls. The only one she saw led in what she suspected was the opposite direction of her campsite. She knew she would have to get very lucky to find camp, and she also knew her friends didn't have any idea where she was.

Caroline ran her hand over her camera, lost in thought. Again she looked around, searching for clues and angry with herself for not marking her path. Even as a novice camper, she knew better than to wander blindly through the woods. She thought her best chance would be to start walking in the direction she had arrived from and look for clues as she went.

She circled the area around the falls, hoping to remember something that would help her get back. On her second loop around she heard voices. Equal parts elation and fear raced through her as she wondered whether it was her friends or strangers. Caroline quickly moved behind a nearby tree so she could observe the newcomers without risking her safety; she saw a man and woman approach the waterfall.

They looked to be in their 30's; the man was tall with dark brown hair that fell casually across his forehead. He exuded an air of confidence, even from a distance. The woman was shorter with long, honey blond hair in a thick braid down her back. They both looked very fit and completely at ease in their surroundings.

Caroline decided they were her only chance. The looked like they knew the area, and she hoped with their help she would be more successful at finding her campground. They seemed comfortable and affectionate together, and Caroline thought she could probably risk trusting them. She knew that in the woods she was very vulnerable; she was self-aware enough to know that she was doubly vulnerable because she was an attractive woman with her auburn hair and green eyes. She hated her hips and her boobs, wishing she were a size smaller in both places, but she knew that men found her attractive. She often received compliments and offers for dates. Caroline dated some of those men, but she hadn't found anyone she liked enough to start a relationship. She seldom had sex casually and was, consequently, inexperienced. She often wished she could be as uninhibited as her friends, but opportunities for her to explore sexually just hadn't happened.

She continued to watch the couple for several minutes, observing their flirtatious way of touching, the way they relaxed together. She suspected they were married or had been involved for some time, and Caroline decided she would, in fact, be safe with them. Her instincts on people rarely failed her.

Caroline left the refuge of her hiding spot and began to walk toward the couple; hearing the crunch of leaves and twigs under her feet, they immediately turned toward her. They stared at her, obviously surprised to see another person. She continued toward them, hoping she was making the right choice. She stopped about ten feet from where they stood by the falls, her hand stroking the edge of her camera.

"We didn't expect to see anyone else out here today," the woman said.

Caroline smiled. "I'm quite glad to see you, actually."

"Oh. Why?" Again the woman spoke, and Caroline's nerves calmed. The woman smiled, and Caroline felt safer.

"I'm a bit lost. I've been out taking pictures this morning, and I didn't watch the trails. I'm not exactly sure where my camp is now."

They looked at her closely. She wondered if they were thinking she was stupid for getting into such a predicament. Or maybe they were just being cautious, too. She couldn't fault them for it, since she questioned herself for allowing the situation to happen.

"Maybe we can help. I'm Susan and this is my husband Kyle." Susan held out her hand and Caroline immediately shook it, relieved again by Susan's friendliness.

"It's nice to meet you. My name is Caroline."

"We know this area fairly well. I'm sure we can be of some assistance." Kyle's voice was quiet, but he spoke with an air of authority and confidence. "Can you describe the location of your camp? We might know where it is."

"My friends and I set up about a mile from the bluff. I left several hours ago, but I don't know how far I've walked during that time. I've wandered a bit."

"We know that area," Susan reassured her, "but I don't think we can get you back there before it gets dark. Do you mind making camp with us tonight?"

This wasn't good news for Caroline. Having intended to return to camp within a few hours, she hadn't brought any of her gear. And even though she felt she could be comfortable with Kyle and Susan, they were strangers. The idea of spending the night alone with them at their camp intimidated her.

As she considered her options again, Kyle spoke, "I can tell you're worried. We won't hurt you, I promise. Why don't we sit down and talk, and then you can decide what you want to do."

Caroline was immensely grateful for the offer. That he sensed and understood her fears calmed her. Of course, it would help her if she got to know them better. Opening her pack, she retrieved a water bottle and sat on a large rock next to the pool of water. Susan and Kyle followed her lead and sat nearby. Caroline realized as soon as she began to relax how exhausted she was from her hike and from her fear of being lost.

"So you're a photographer?" Susan asked, gesturing toward the camera.

"Yes. I don't usually do nature photographs, but my friends had planned a camping trip and invited me along. I thought it would be fun to join them. So here I am. You can tell I'm a rookie camper, getting lost like this."

"It happens to the best of us. We've been camping out here for years, since before we were married."

"When was that?"

"Six years," Susan said with a coy smile at her husband.

"What kind of work do you do?" Caroline asked them.

"I'm in marketing. Kyle is a broker."

As they continued to talk, trading stories about their jobs and families, Caroline relaxed. Knowing that they didn't pose a danger to her, Caroline finally agreed to return to their camp with them.

"We'll set out first thing in the morning. It'll be a long walk, but you should get there around lunchtime tomorrow. I hope your friends won't be too worried." Kyle picked up his pack as he spoke, and reached a hand down to help Caroline stand. She was surprised by his touch, by the slight spark on her skin, but she ignored it. It didn't matter if she found him attractive; he was married, and still a stranger.

"I'm sure they'll be sick about it. They're probably trying to get help or they'll be looking for me this evening. I feel terrible knowing how upset they probably are."

"I can imagine," Susan said, "but you can't help that. We don't want to be out wandering after dark. Even though we know this area well, we don't hike at night."

"Of course," Caroline told her. "I really do appreciate your help. Especially taking me in tonight. I'm afraid I don't have any gear or food."

"We have enough to share," Kyle reassured her. "Don't worry about it."

"Thanks. I wish there were a way I can repay you. You've really saved me today."

Susan laughed. "We're always glad to meet new people. It's our pleasure. Really. But maybe we'll think of something."

Kyle led the women along the one marked path away from the falls. "Our camp isn't far, less than a half hour walk from here."

Caroline was glad to hear it; her exhaustion weighed heavily on her. She knew she would have never been able to make it back to her friends as tired as she was. Even the thirty-minute walk overwhelmed her. The time passed quickly though, with Kyle and Susan telling her about their previous camping trips, about the animals they had seen, and about the other campers they had met.

"No bear out this year. At least not that we've seen," Susan said.

"Bear? Here?"

Kyle replied, "There aren't many that come into these parts. But there are some. This is where they live, after all, not us."

"That's true. I guess it's easy to forget that we're the intruders."

"Yes, we've seen a lot of campers leave trash or food out. It's very frustrating to watch how self-absorbed people can be. I mean, you come out here and see the wonders of nature, but then you don't try to protect it. That doesn't make sense to me." Susan seemed truly upset. "I'm sorry. I know I'm ranting."

"That's okay," Caroline told her. "I understand what you're saying. It is frustrating."

They walked in silence, each keeping their own thoughts. Caroline itched to pull out her camera; the play of muscle along the back of Kyle's legs intrigued her, as did the swing of Susan's braid. Caroline's own hair had never been long enough for a braid, and she enjoyed watching it move across Susan's back. Caroline's gaze fell, and she became even more entranced by the movement of Susan's hips. Surprised at herself, Caroline pulled her eyes away and took in her surroundings. What was she doing thinking that way about a woman, she wondered. That she found both Susan and Kyle so attractive disturbed her, but Caroline assumed it was merely a side effect of her exhaustion and gratitude at being found.

Caroline was relieved when she finally caught sight of their camp. They had a small tent set up in a clearing. Kyle dropped his pack and immediately kneeled down to start a new fire.

"Are you sure you have room for me, "Caroline asked, eyeing the tent skeptically.

"Yes, it's big enough for three. Why don't you take a nap while we make dinner? You look exhausted." Susan offered.

"I hate to be rude, but I am very tired. I think all my wandering and worrying is taking its toll."

"If you're not used to hiking, you can over-do it pretty easily," Kyle said. "We don't mind if you go in the tent and lay down for a bit. We'll wake you for dinner."

Caroline wanted to protest further, but her body urged her to accept their offer. "Thanks," she finally said. Susan led her to the tent and opened the flap for her.

"Make yourself comfortable."

"Thanks for everything. I really owe you."

"Don't worry about it"

Caroline crawled into their joined sleeping bags, and her eyes closed almost immediately in sleep.

Caroline awoke disoriented. As soon as she opened her eyes, she panicked. She didn't recognize the sleeping bag or tent. As she struggled to remember how she had gotten there, she heard two voices, deep in discussion. She couldn't make out what they were saying, but they seemed to be talking about her.

Caroline had remembered the earlier events of the day by the time she opened the flap and exited the tent. She was lost, at a campsite with two strangers, with no way of finding her friends. But she truly hoped she was right about Susan and Kyle because her safety depended on them.

Kyle and Susan sat near the campfire; the sun was close to setting, and the only other light came from the fire and two nearby lanterns. Caroline's stomach rumbled as she saw the plates of food set near the fire. Caroline sat next to Susan, and smiled shyly.

"Thanks for the nap. I feel much better."

"You must be hungry," Susan said, sympathetically.

"Yes, very." Susan handed Caroline a plate heaped with a hotdog, beans and chips.

"Nothing fancy tonight, I'm afraid. We're breaking camp day after tomorrow, so there aren't a lot of choices left."

"Thanks. I appreciate you sharing with me."

"You're welcome," Kyle said. He watched her intently. Caroline couldn't decide if she was more aroused or uncomfortable under his steady gaze.

They ate in companionable silence, listening to the sounds of the crickets and the night animals scurrying around. Even after a few nights of camping with her friends, Caroline still wasn't totally comfortable that she couldn't see what was moving around her. But Caroline slowly relaxed as the food filled her stomach. No longer hungry or tired, she felt more like herself. Kyle still stared at her, and Caroline wondered what he was thinking.

"Thanks again. I really owe you," Caroline told them, sincerely. She knew it was a lot to depend on the kindness of strangers.

"There's something you can do for us in return," Kyle finally said, eyes locked on Caroline's face. He showed no expression.

"Really? What?"

"You're going to do as I tell you tonight."

Caroline sat stunned; she had no idea what he meant, "I'm sorry. I don't understand."

"If you want us to take you back to your camp tomorrow, you must do as I say tonight."

Caroline was confused. She looked at Susan for help, but Susan merely smiled back at her. They had seemed so nice before, but suddenly Caroline had no idea what to think of them.

"I still don't understand."

"You will," Susan finally said. She reached her hand to take Caroline's plate and picked up one of the lanterns with the other. "I'll just clean up the food and the dishes."

Caroline watched her move away, and her fear increased. What did Kyle mean? What would happen to her, she wondered. But under the fear, a small thrill of anticipation raced through Caroline.

"Go to the tent, get undressed and wait." Caroline looked at Kyle, disbelieving. "Now," he added when she didn't move.

Unwillingly, Caroline picked up a flashlight and walked toward the tent, which was now lit by a lantern. She wondered if she should run and try to hide in the woods until morning or if she should scream and hope for help. Neither of those options seemed very likely to do more than get her a broken leg or make Susan and Kyle angry. Her mind raced through all her choices, but she couldn't find one that would help her. She was trapped.

Caroline sunk down on the sleeping bag in defeat, almost overcome by her fear. With trembling hands, she slowly removed her clothes: first her hiking boots and socks, then the long sleeved man's shirt she wore, and finally her blue pants. She couldn't force herself to undress completely and left her simple white cotton bra and underwear on. She didn't understand how she could have been so wrong about Susan and Kyle, how she could find them attractive when they would do this to her.

Kyle entered the tent, and sat down next to Caroline; he leaned back on his elbows. "I thought I told you to get undressed, but I guess that's good enough for now."

"Please don't do this to me. I can give you money for your trouble once we get back to my camp. I really don't want to do this. You're really scaring me," Caroline's voice was nearly a whine.

"I don't need your money." Kyle reached down, unzipped his pants and pulled them down, along with his boxers, so that his cock was exposed. Caroline stared at his erection; his size wasn't overwhelming, but Caroline couldn't pull her gaze away from it, even when she heard Kyle say, "Suck it."

She was terrified of what Kyle was going to do to her, wondering if he was planning to hurt her or rape her. She hated feeling helpless; she also hated that a small part of her wanted to obey him.

"I've never really done that before, " Caroline whispered. She was ashamed of her inexperience, but even more she was ashamed of her attraction for him.

"You need to learn then. Come here," Kyle said, holding out his hand to Caroline. Hesitantly, she moved toward him; he tangled his fingers through her hair and pulled her head down to his cock. Caroline resisted his grasp, but he continued to tug at her, pulling her hair tightly until she winced. "Pretend it's a lollipop."

The pain in her scalp and the tone of Kyle's voice frightened Caroline. She didn't know what he would do to her if she refused. And she didn't know what would happen if she obeyed. Giving in, Caroline hesitantly licked the tip of his cock, and Kyle immediately loosened his hold on her hair. Caroline understood then that he would not cause her pain if she did as he asked. Her tongue lapped at him, gently tasting his crown and then his shaft. She hesitated a moment before she licked his balls; when Kyle groaned, Caroline smiled to herself, surprisingly glad to know that she was pleasing him and that she held at least a small bit of control.

"Put your mouth around me." Kyle ordered.

Caroline was afraid of choking, but she obeyed, wrapping her mouth around the top of his cock. She felt Kyle push down on her head, and because her resistance was rapidly weakening, she slid down on him; he pushed her down further and she gagged at the feeling of him in her throat. His cock nearly filled her mouth, and the feeling of it both scared and aroused her.

"Relax. Move up and down, now. And use your tongue."

Caroline did as he asked, riding her mouth on his cock. She enjoyed the feeling of giving him pleasure, and his groans encouraged her. Feeling bold, Caroline wrapped her hand around his shaft and began to stroke him; she had given hand-jobs before, so she felt more comfortable with that. Moving her hand and mouth in the same rhythm, she swirled her tongue up and down the length of him over and over. Caroline's tongue tired and she wondered how long he would make her continue.

Finally, Kyle grunted and his hips bucked. He gripped her hair again and tore her mouth from his cock. Immediately his semen spurted out and hit her chin and chest.

When she finally met his eye, he smiled and said, "I didn't think you could handle swallowing your first time."

Caroline just stared at him, not sure how to feel about his consideration or how to feel about her own growing arousal.

"Clean yourself up," he told her, handing her a towel. "Then it's Susan's turn."

Caroline wiped away his cum and stared at him. Susan entered the tent and sat next to Kyle, her hand lazily, possessively, teasing his cock.

"I don't like women," Caroline finally said. It was bad enough for him to force her to give him a blowjob, but Caroline wasn't a lesbian- how could she do anything with Susan?

"I think you do," Kyle said smiling, his fingers teasing Susan's nipple through her shirt. "Besides it doesn't matter. You have to do what I say."

"I think I've done enough." Caroline didn't know how she had gotten so bold; she did find Susan attractive, but she couldn't imagine how she could bring herself to touch a woman that way.

"Do you? That's too bad because I disagree," Kyle argued. "Take your clothes off Susan." Susan quickly obeyed, pulling her shirt over her head. Caroline's eyes were transfixed by Susan's breasts; they weren't overly large, but even through her bra, Caroline could see the high points of her large nipples. Caroline had never seen another woman's breasts before, except in movies, and she didn't know what to think. Susan removed her pants, and Kyle unsnapped her bra, laughing quietly at Caroline's watchful gaze.

"Suck her nipples. She likes that."

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