Lost At Sea


"Tell me you love it." Miranda felt humiliation wash over her. He fucked her steadily, not too fast, his huge, hard cock sinking itself in her tight snatch. He kept it up, over and over, never ceasing, just fucking at that steady pace until she was groaning beneath him. "Tell me." He commanded. He fucked her. "Tell me." He kept fucking her, his hard cock swelling, filling up all the available space as he continued to fuck her, in and out. God it felt so good, his slick member riding in and out of her as the waves assisted. He fucked her a little harder digging his fingers into her legs. "Tell me." He said again and she shuddered as she body tightened around his cock. He kept fucking right through her orgasm, never changing his pace and his thick shaft tortured her.

"Oh god…" She gasped as she felt another orgasm right on the heels of the first. He gripped her harder pumping his cock in and out of her in a steady rhythm. "Tell me." He commanded quietly still fucking her. "Yes, yes," She whimpered grinding her hips against him. "God please, oh god, fuck me." He leaned over and kissed her then, still fucking but his dick was going much deeper now that he was leaning forward and she cried out against his lips bucking up to meet his thrusts.

He kept it up like that for a few minutes and then flipped her back onto her knees and started fucking her really hard. He fucked for all he was worth shoving in and out of her like a steam engine; sweat dripping from his brow as he drove into her again and again. He fucked her for a good long ten minutes while she screamed and drove her hips back to meet his every thrust. Finally they both exploded in orgasm and he collapsed on top of her leaving his cock shoved inside of her for an hour or more while he slept, pinning her down. It shrank and then grew huge again inside of her and each time she squirmed to get away he would buck his hips a few time, fucking her grandly for a moment and then grow still again.

Finally he awoke, still buried inside of her and began to fuck her slowly. She had fallen asleep by then and woke up to his slow stroking. She groaned, her sore, swollen pussy welcoming the invasion. He kept it up for five minutes or so, the slow, steady fucking and spilled himself inside her once again. He pulled out after a few minutes and made her stay that way, butt up in the air while he licked her pussy clean. She groaned and leaned back against his face as another orgasm shook her.

Two days passed this way with her fighting it and loving it. Finally one day in the middle of a grand fuck session a helicopter came out of nowhere and the four men inside gaped at what they saw. A beautiful woman getting royally fucked, gasping and loving it in the middle of the ocean.

They landed on the water and took the two crash victims inside, they could have offered her a blanket but they didn't, choosing instead to stare at her beautiful body as they flew towards Hawaii. Once there they gave her a blanket to wrap up in and she finally got to go home to her husband.

Miranda was convinced she was going to call the police until the helicopter operators saw her fucking the man with all she was worth. She never told David about it either and when she wound up pregnant three months later, she knew she could never tell him about Kevin. It was her secret, her erotic fantasy memory that she often looked back on with fondness. She never saw Kevin again, except in her fantasies.

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