tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLost Dignity Ch. 01

Lost Dignity Ch. 01


Everything is black. I suddenly feel a cold, hard, smooth surface against my bare back. A chill runs down my skin. I am naked. Where are my clothes? Think, damn it! Vague images begin to come back to me...

I had left work and was walking through the parking garage to my car. I had just turned down the aisle where my car was parked when an arm snaked tightly around my waist. My scream was cut off by a cloth slammed over my mouth and nose. I can recall a strange odor before everything went black...

There must have been something on that cloth, my frantic mind realized. Have I been kidnapped? Where am I? My heart begins to race with fear. I try to open my eyes, only to realize they are already open and everything is still black. I become aware of a cloth tied around my head, covering my eyes. I can feel the pressure of it across the bridge of my nose and the knot against the back of my head. At least I am not blind. As I concentrate on the blindfold, my other senses come into focus and my heartbeat slows a fraction. My head is hanging from whatever I am lying on, the edge pressing into the base of my skull. My legs are also dangling. What I am lying on seems to end right past my butt. Should I try to move? Will I fall and break my neck? My hands are not bound. They are resting by my hips. I can easily rip off the blindfold, but what if someone is watching for my movement? Would I lose the chance to escape?

"She's waking up," a deep voice sounds from somewhere on my right. Shit! I must have moved of made a sound.

I hear another voice farther away make a sound of hunger and barely restrained excitement. The sound sends ice flowing through my veins. My heart leaps and a lump forms in my throat. Oh God! They are coming for me and there is little question in my overactive imagination about what is going to happen. It's now or never. I push myself up and off the surface I am on, willing to risk any possible injury from a fall. Expecting to be falling for some time, the floor meets my feet suddenly, my knees buckle, and I sit roughly on the carpeted floor.

"Damn!" The voice sounds close behind me. It is not as deep as the first that had spoken and my hysterical mind immediately associates it with that hungry sound that had caused me to try to flee.

I shift my weight to stand, but long, thin hands manacle my wrists. My arms, as well as those attached to the hands holding my wrists are crossed under my breasts. Those arms are definitely masculine. I am lifted and pulled back against a bare chest. The feel of the man's chest pressed so intimately against my back momentarily shocks me. I am immediately brought back to my senses by the man's erection pressing against the crack of my ass.

"Noooooo!" I scream as I try to get away from my captor. I try to use my feet against the floor to pull away, thrusting my hips forward.

"Oh yeah, Bitch! Fight me!" He laughs excitedly as he bends slightly forward at the waist, causing my weight to shift backwards. My ass slams against him, his cock parts my cheeks. The head of his cock brushes my anus and I feel my stomach roil. I swallow the bile in my throat and scream again.

Before I can renew my struggles, a second pair of hands grab my ankles and lift my feet off the floor. My right foot brushes a naked hip and my breath stops. "You can scream all you want, Sweet. There is no one for miles around." It is the deep voice I heard first upon waking.

The men are moving now, carrying me between them. I squirm frantically, but only succeed in causing the man behind me to unwrap his arms from under my breasts, so he is now only holding me by my wrists. As I fall the short distance until my arms are straight, the back of my head hits his erection.

"Gawd! Look at her twist and buck! This is going to be more fun than I imagined!" growls the man holding my wrists. His voice is thick now with lust, though it does not completely cover the adolescent sound of it. A small drop of liquid hits my forehead and my body shudders in revulsion. I try to convince myself that it is spittle and not precum dripping from his erection, which is mere inches above me.

I am placed back upon the same surface where I awoke. I assume now that it is a table or counter I am lying on. The men shift me around until I am in the same position as before. My arms are stretched back over my head. My elbows brush warm flesh not my own. A hairy thigh brushes against my face. I can smell the overpowering odor of his arousal, which increases my fear. I try to lift my head, only to have it once again encounter his cock. I drop my head back down, accompanied by his laughter. He has crossed my wrists and shifted his hold to one hand. My stomach flips and my body tenses with dread now that he has a free hand. But instead of grabbing me or touching me, I feel a silky cloth being wrapped tightly around my wrists. He lets go, and my now tied hands drop down against his ass, causing him to take a short step forward and press his thighs into my face. I straighten my elbows, afraid to move them any more as I realize that my hands are tied behind his back, my arms encircling his waist.

At the same time as all of this, the man with the deep voice has shifted his hold on my ankles. They are now held in one of his hands. The insane thought flashes through my mind that his hands must be huge and his fingers long for him to effectively trap my ankles with one hand. There is movement beyond my feet and the sound of something being dragged across the floor. My feet are pulled to the side so that my hips twist slightly to the right. There is more movement and a shoulder brushes the outside of my left thigh. I squeeze my legs tightly together and whimper low in my throat. My ankles are released, but I don't move, keeping my legs pressed to one another. Hands soon wedge themselves between my knees and roughly force my legs apart. I am no match for the man's strength. I clench my eyes and mouth shut, waiting for the pain. I am panting with fear and tears escape from my eyes.

"Look at the slut's chest go." It is the adolescent again. His hands cup my breasts, feeling their weight. "Ooh yeah! I love tits that more than fill my hand." He begins to knead them roughly.

The other man has placed my legs over his shoulders, his one arm wrapping around my right thigh, the heel of his hand pressing down on my abdomen right above my pubic hair. It must have been a chair that was dragged over earlier. I was about to begin slamming my heels against his back, but, as if reading my mind, he speaks. "I would not kick if I were you, Sweet. I am in a position to do some damage," he purrs in that deep, velvety voice of his that in different circumstances I would find sensual. As if to prove his point, he presses down even more on my abdomen. It isn't painful, but it shows me his strength.

Tears are now streaming from beneath my blindfold, running down my forehead. The boy (as he has become in my mind) is still kneading my breast roughly, working his way towards my nipples. He suddenly pinches them, causing them to tighten in reflex and with fear.

"You're such a slut," he growls. I shake my head vigorously, refusing to open my mouth because of the proximity of his cock. "She says she's not." He is obviously talking to the man between my legs, who has been suspiciously still.

"Of course she is. All women are sluts at heart. We will just have to get her to admit it, won't we, Sweet?" I can feel his hot, moist breath against the top of my thighs and I whimper again. It is all I can do to keep the bile from choking me. "Well, time to begin her lessons," he purrs ominously. If possible, my body becomes even more tense than it already is.

The boy begins pinching and kneading with a new vigor. Then he leans forward and begins biting the inside of my left breast. His thigh presses fully against my face. The smell of his sex is overwhelming. The usual smells are tinged with a sour odor that further turns my stomach. It is difficult to breath, but I stubbornly refuse to open my mouth, even when his teeth viciously clamp down around my nipple and pull. I scream in my throat.

The deep voiced man sitting between my legs shifts his hand so that his fingers now spread my lips, exposing my clitoris. The heel of his hand continues to press into my stomach. I feel a finger from his other hand gently trace around my clit. It isn't painful, but I am dry. The finger leaves me momentarily and comes back warm and wet. He must have wet his finger with his saliva. He again traces around my clitoris, and down towards my vagina, but touching neither directly. My tears turn to sobs and my face burns with shame as I feel the slightest bit of wetness begin inside me. He continues his figure eight pattern up around the nub of my clit and down around the opening to my vagina.

The boy has switched his mouth to my right breast, biting and sucking cruelly. His hand continues to torment my throbbing left breast. I still can't breathe well with my nose smashed against the boy's thigh and I am beginning to feel light-headed. My thoughts are immediately drawn back to the other man as he inserts the tip of his finger into my vagina. He doesn't push it any farther. Instead, he moves the tip of it around in circles, pressing the tip of his finger against the walls of the opening. His other hand still holds my nether lips spread. His breath fans my clitoris. My juices now begin to flow freely, running down my pussy to my ass. I choke on my tears and shame. I am too wet to fool myself into believing it is cause by fear.

The boy removes his mouth from my breast and replaces it with his hand. He stands up and I suck fresh air through my nose into my lungs, causing my breast to push up into his hands.

"See, you like this, Bitch. Miss my mouth, don't you?" I again shake my head in the negative, but he ignores me. "Maybe I'll take them in my mouth again later. Right now, you are going to thank me for giving your breasts what they wanted. Open your mouth, Slut!"

I shake my head, refusing. He grasps my nipples tightly and twists. It feels as if he is trying to rip them from my body. "I said, open your mouth, you slut!" he grinds out between clenched teeth.

My sobs have increased, but I still refuse to comply. The finger is still moving around the opening of my vagina and the velvet voiced man begins licking me from vagina to clitoris with long, flat-tongued strokes. That does not continue long before he begins flicking the tip of his tongue over the swollen nub of my clit. My pussy and the man's hand are drenched. I am no longer sure if I am sobbing from pain or pleasure.

"She won't open her slut mouth," the boy whines.

The man only stops licking me long enough to reply. "She will. These things sometimes take time."

"But I'm ready now." He sounds like a petulant child.

"Patience." The man's voice is harsher now, chastizing the boy.

He returns to licking my clit as if the interruption had not happened. He inserts his finger fully inside me. My muscles clench round it. God! His fingers are incredibly long! I would swear he touches my womb, which makes my cervix jump. The instinct to raise my hips is strong, but I fight it, refusing to give him the satisfaction. He inserts a second finger and pushes into me as deeply as he can, his knuckles grinding against my pussy. I feel myself stretch to accommodate him. My clit is hard and throbbing. He only continues to flick his tongue of it. I want him to suck it, but I would die before admitting it.

The boy continues to torture my sore breasts. "Open your mouth, Bitch! You know you want to." His voice is coaxing now, almost whining.

My breathing is labored and my nostrils flare as I try to pull in the air I need while keeping my mouth shut. The boy's hands finally leave my breasts and begin pulling on my chin and lips, trying to force my mouth open. I feel the insane urge to laugh at his obvious frustration and ineptitude, but then the man does what I am so desperately craving. He closes his lips around my clitoris and sucks. Hard. His two fingers pump in and out of my vagina. The laugh turns into an involuntary moan as my body both relaxes and tenses at the same time.

"Get ready," the man purrs.

I am not sure if he is talking to me or the boy until I feel the boy's body stiffen between my arms. His hands stop pulling at my chin and return to my breasts, though his ministrations seem distracted now. The man inserts a third finger inside me, stretching me even further. He once again pushes until his knuckles grind against my pussy. He removes his mouth from my clitoris and I want to cry out at his absence. He flutters the tips of his fingers deep inside of me. My vagina clenches around his fingers and the muscles of my abdomen ripple with excitement. My hips jump involuntarily. I barely have time to think about the exquisite feelings when the fingers of his other hand releases my lips and pinch my clit hard. I scream for all I am worth as the unexpected pain/pleasure causes an orgasm to race through my body.

My scream is cut short as the boy's penis is shoved into my mouth. My whole body freezes at the sudden invasion. The man's tongue lapping my cum from my pussy helps to gradually relax my muscles. He has moved his hands to the insides of my thighs, massaging gently as he continues to clean me with his mouth. As his hands continue their massage, he presses my thighs up and out so that my knees are almost level with my hips. I have never had my legs spread so wide before. I am completely exposed to him.

The boy thrusts his cock in and out of my mouth. Whoever thought up my current position hand known what they were doing. My mouth is perfectly aligned with my throat so the boy can fit his full length inside my mouth, the head of his penis slipping into my throat. His cock is long, but thin. Biting crosses my mind, but self-preservation kicks in and I know it would be the biggest mistake I could make. I simply close my lips around him passively.

"Suck!" he shouts, slapping my paid-ridden breasts. My body jerks and bile rises in my throat, but I stay passive.

"Suck, you stupid, slutty, cunt! Suck me hard, Bitch!" His words are frantic, but slurred with lust.

He grabs my abused nipples and wrenches them savagely. A cry of pain fights its way past the cock wedged in my throat and I begin sucking. My breasts burn with pain and I can not endure their torture any longer. I feel the man pause momentarily and growl at my cry. This time, there is no way to tell if it is directed at the boy or me. The boy's hands cover my breasts and his fingers grip them, but otherwise they remain still.

"Oh yes, you bitch! You're good at this. You've sucked cock before, haven't you, slut?" His fingers tighten on my breasts and I wince. "I bet you haven't had one as long as me before."

The man stands. I can tell because he uses his hands on the inside of my thighs as leverage. He removes one hand from my thigh and alternately squeezes and rubs my clitoris. I quickly become aroused again; I am still tingling from my orgasm. My one leg is now free, but I know it is useless to fight. It will serve no purpose but to possibly cause me more pain.

"Oh yes, Cunt! Make me cum!" The boy's fingers tighten more and more as he gets closer and closer to his own orgasm.

The man's fingers spread my lips once again and I feel the head of his penis, what feels to be an exceptionally wide head, rubbing up and down the length of my pussy. Fear shoots through me. My previous partners had always told me I was tight. By one of those strange quirks of nature, I have very strong vaginal muscles. Too strong sometimes. Would I be able to ccommodate his thickness without pain? Based upon the size of his hands and fingers, I had reason to fear. But the man's goal does not seem to be to cause me pain. He pushes just the head of his penis inside of me and stops. A new surge of wetness flows from me at the excitement of feeling myself spread so wide. I would never admit to it, but I have always preferred thick cocks to long ones.

The boy continues pumping in and out of my mouth. He groans and curses at me some more, his fingers continue tightening on my breasts. From his grasp on me, I know that he can not be far from cumming.

My attention, though, is focused on the incredibly thick penis slowly pushing its way into my vagina. My heart races and I anticipate the feeling of being completely filled with this man. He pushes forward a little, only to pull back again, almost pulling completely out of me before pushing back in again. The feeling of the ridge of his head sliding in and out of my vagina sets my whole body to quivering. My nipples harden even more, despite their pain. My clit throbs and I can feel myself building towards another climax. I am well lubricated now, and after pulling out once again, he surges forward in one powerful thrust, burying his cock in me as deep as he can. I gasp at the way he fills every bit of me.

My gasp causes me to momentarily stop sucking. The boy digs his nails into the sides of my breasts. "Don't stop, Bitch!" he grounds out.

I begin sucking harder. The boy has become like a gnat, keeping me from concentrating on the wonderful sensations the man is creating within me as he slowly pulls out, leaving only his head within me before reburying his cock completely with a strong thrust. He continues these long, hard thrusts for a while. I have no dignity left, no shame any more. I tilt my hips upward to take him more fully within me. My breath catches and my heart leaps at the effect. His hips slam against my pubic bones repeatedly as he increases his rhythm a bit, still using long, hard thrusts.

The boy is now jerking frantically in my mouth, my breasts are numb where his fingers dig into them. With a cry, he releases his hold on me and pulls his cock from my mouth. I feel his hot cum land on my stomach and breasts. The man between my legs pumps into me faster and faster and I moan loudly.

"Yes, Sweet. You will cum again."

He moves his hand in from my hip and rubs his thumb over my clitoris. I am soaked with my own juices. I listen to the wet, slapping noises caused by his thrusts. The boy is rubbing his cum all over my breast and stomach with one hand and slapping my face with his now limp cock with the other.

The man's thumb rubbing my clitoris pushes me to the edge and with one tremendous thrust, he pinches my clitoris, tearing my orgasm from me with an intensity I have never felt before. I scream loudly and rock my hips, drawing him still deeper within me. My vaginal muscles clamp tightly around his amazing cock and milk his orgasm from him.

"Yes, Sweet. So sweet." He pulls my hips against him to keep the contractions of my muscles from pushing him out of me. The feeling of his cum filling me causes me to have a second orgasm on the tail of the first. He fills me so completely that our cum mixes and leaks out of my vagina, coating my pussy with our cream.

"You did well, my sweet slut." It is the last thing I remember before passing out...

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