tagNovels and NovellasLost in Eros 3: The Return 04

Lost in Eros 3: The Return 04


The Jungle Room

"Maybe I should have been expecting this," Don said.

"What?" Victor asked.

Don frowned. Where to begin? he thought. First of all, there seemed to be an actual little jungle inside the Jungle Room. Though there was a park-like lawn stretching out in front of them, there were palm trees and thick, jungle vegetation all around. Don could hear the distinct sound of monkeys and other jungle critters playing, and doing whatever else they do, from the deepening shadows. Then there was the open sky overhead. Although it was quite shady on the floor of the "jungle" they could see the blue, cloudless sky as it began to darken toward night. Strategically placed torches and a few bonfires would keep the place from getting too dark. Finally, there was the quite undeniable fact that the place certainly seemed to be quite a bit bigger on the inside! Don considered going back outside to walk around the building, and then pacing the inside off just to make sure, but then decided he would just go with it. And, he decided, if none of this bothered Victor, who was he to trouble the big guy's mind?

Walking a few paces in, to get out of the doorway, Don paused to look around and get his bearings. On the right, there was a sandy area, with a big bonfire in the middle. At some distance from the fire, there were quite a few lounge chairs arranged in a rough circle around the fire and open area. There were a few people lounging there at the moment. Continuing on counterclockwise, and moving deeper into the micro-jungle, Don saw a raised platform with cushions and pillows; it really looked like a huge couch, or a sectional unit taken to extremes. Beyond this, Don made out several tree houses, accessed by ladders, as well as various sorts of beds, couches and blankets scattered about the more or less open areas between the trees. In the distance, he thought he saw a cave of some sort. To the left of that and closer to the entrance, seemed to be a pool, designed to look like a natural pond, complete with a waterfall. On Don's immediate left, then, was a large wooden structure, raising several stories from the floor.

Don, followed closely by Victor, turned to this complicated building within a building and climbed the few stairs that led up to the wide deck-platform that was the first floor. Right in front of them was an open area that was apparently used as a dance floor; there were several couples dancing slowly to the music that was playing, as well as a few solo dancers, all of whom were in varying states of undress. Off to one side was a row of stripper's dance poles, around which danced a couple of almost entirely naked young women, and, at the far end, a strapping young man wearing nothing but a loin cloth. Don could also see, along another side of the platform, a set of comfortable chairs, one of which was being used at the moment as a platform for some very enthusiastic sex. Across the dance floor, there was a refreshment bar much like those that had been in the Manor, and a set of stairs leading to the upper floors of the structure.

Before they could go any further, a striking woman with long legs, large, firm tits and long red hair falling down over her shoulders and down her back in an unruly tumult came up to them; she was wearing a diaphanous green silk "skirt" that was really just a pair of broad strips hanging from a narrow belt around her waist that covered her sex and her butt crack before falling down between her legs. She also wore a heavy gold necklace that hung between her generous breasts. She smiled at them and said, "Hello, welcome to the Jungle Room, would either or both of you like to dance?"

"Hi," Don smiled, "I'm still looking around, but perhaps Victor here would."

The woman looked Victor up and down with obvious approval while the big, muscular man returned the favor.

"Hello, Victor. I'm Vixen. What do you say, big fella, wanna dance?" she smiled.

"Sure," Victor grinned.

Don smiled a little himself, watching the two of them moving toward the center of the dance floor and then begin dancing, while he was thinking, "Vixen"? What an odd name. He looked around again, deciding where to explore first. His eye was caught by the long, black hair of one of the women dancing on a pole, and he decided to move in that direction for a better look.

Her hair was thick, straight, hung down to her butt, or would if she stopped moving long enough, and was a lustrous black that gleamed darkly in the rather subdued light of the Jungle Room. Her skin was a reddish brown. She had long, slender arms and legs, full breasts and a lovely rear. As he drew closer, Don thought she was most likely of Native American extraction, perhaps South American. She was wearing a dark red skirt with slits that ran all the way up to her hips on each side, gold bracelets and anklets, and a gold necklace that was more of a choker, hugging her slender neck closely. He noticed that she had a black ring on the middle finger of her left hand. Her breasts were bare, and her dark nipples seemed to beckon to Don. He saw that her face was lovely, and then she smiled at him with a friendly, playful light in her eyes, and Don decided he would tarry here for a while. He stopped behind the stool set in front of the dark beauty's pole and asked, "May I?"

She smiled again, and said, "Please do, welcome to the jungle."

"Thank you," Don smiled back as he sat down on the stool. He was already trying to place her accent.

She spun herself around the silvery pole in a gravity defying display of strength and grace. Her hair was flung about in a wide, beautiful arc. Her skirt flared too, displaying her sexy legs to considerable effect. Don was struck by the way her body moved about the pole in a wonderful combination of the athletic and the erotic. He was already finding himself mesmerized by the dancer's beauty and sensuality. She came to a stop, with her arm wrapped around the pole, leaned against the pole, and said, "This is your first time to our jungle, isn't it?"

Latin, but not Spanish or Mexican, Don thought in the back of his mind. He said, "Yes, how could you tell?"

"I would have remembered you," she smiled as she slid from the pole and glided toward him. She bent down and took his face in her hands, looking deeply into his eyes. As he was looking back into her dark brown gaze, he thought, Portuguese? Then she was kissing him lightly and all coherent thought flew away. Don's perceptions and mental processes were abruptly focused entirely on her lips touching his and the fragrance of her perfume. As she pulled away, only a moment later, a deep sigh slipped from his lips.

She smiled and laughed a little and said, "This is how we welcome visitors."

Brazilean! Don's brain exclaimed triumphantly, but his mouth was murmuring, "That's a very nice welcome."

"I'm India," she said as she began to dance in front of him, her legs on either side of his knees. Her hands were moving over her naked flesh as she swayed in time to the music. Don was having a hard time knowing where to look; not that there was any proper place to look or not look, but that everywhere on this woman's body seemed to be the best place to focus his attention.

"I'm Don," he finally managed.

"It's good to meet you Don," she smiled, pronouncing his name more like "Dohn", which he found utterly charming. "What have you been doing before you came here?"

Don chuckled, "That's a long story."

"I like stories," she purred in his ear before kissing his neck.

A shiver ran through the length of Don's body, and he breathed in her scent again. "Um," he attempted, "well, I guess, it begins in the Manor."

"Ah, yes, I've heard of this place," she nodded.

"I woke up with my friend in a bedroom there," he managed as India casually untied the knot that held her skirt in place and dropped the garment to the floor, exposing her pretty, bare pussy.

She straddled his lap and sat down, placing her warm hands on his shoulders and looking him in the eye. Don's hands moved up along her firm, smooth thighs. Remembering the rules of his non-Eros life, he half expected to be told "no touching", but of course such a restriction was foreign here.

"Your friend is the man dancing with Vixen?"

"No," Don laughed. "That's Victor, we didn't meet him until much later. My friend's not here right now. She's at Ladies Nite."

"Ah," India nodded. She began to caress his neck and shoulders, and Don continued to stroke her legs idly.

"Well, um, my friend and I didn't know where we were or how we got there, or even how to get out of that room."

"That must have been frightening," India said, as her hand moved over Don's bare chest.

"Well, it was certainly strange. I think my friend, Tascha, was more concerned than I was. We were all alone for a bit, and very confused, but then some other people showed up... Well, they fell into the room actually! They weren't much help – well, they were helpful in a sense – but they were too horny to really answer our questions."

India smiled broadly and nodded, as her hand made its way down to Don's lap and began to caress his already hardening cock.

"Uh, well, we did find our way out of the room – well, Tascha did – and things got stranger after that..."

"What do you mean? How stranger?"

So, Don began to tell this beautiful woman about his adventures in the Manor, all while she listened attentively and continued to pull and stroke his now very hard cock. Occasionally she asked a question, laughed, or otherwise expressed interest. As he talked, Don let his hands roam over her warm skin, caressing and exploring. Now and then she would lean in and kiss his neck or his shoulder, and he would sometimes lean forward to kiss her breasts. He was about to tell her about the maze in the garden, when India decided they had waited long enough. She rose up off Don's legs and shifted forward, pulling his straining cock forward. He felt her hot, wet pussy against his head, and then the exquisite sensation of entering her warm, moist sex. Don groaned as she slowly but steadily sank down on him, letting his cock fill her. With his hands holding her waist tightly, Don kept her down on him, and India began to rock on his lap, working his cock in and out of her, while grinding her clit against the base of his thick cock. Her hands came up and clasped his face, pulling his mouth to hers. Their kiss was long and passionate as she rode him there in the Jungle Room. Don reached around to squeeze her beautiful ass in his hands as he struggled to push himself even further up inside her. India shifted back and forth against him, grinding herself against his body, while his tongue slipped into her mouth, slipping over her smaller tongue, and while her breast moved against his chest, their nipples brushing against each other's.

When their mouths parted at last India slipped her strong, thin arms around Don's neck and tossed her head back, letting her mane of jet black hair fall down over her back. Don paused a moment to revel in the sight of this gorgeous creature riding his cock here in the middle of this strange junglesque setting. He took in her long, beautiful neck, her full, heaving breasts, and her red-brown skin, now shimmering in the torchlight with a thin sheen of perspiration. Then, he lowered his head to kiss her chest, first between her tits and then made his way to each nipple in turn, pulling and sucking on them, pinching them between his teeth now and then. This last elicited a happy whimper from India and she rocked against him with even more insistence. Don, his cock straining up inside the exquisite grasp of her pussy, pulled her forward and down, making sure she was rubbing against him as much as possible. Then, he felt her hands moving around to hold the back of his head, keeping his mouth on her breast, where he was sucking hard on her left nipple. Don heard her moaning at the same time he felt her body beginning to shake against him. Her pussy pulled and squeezed at him as she climaxed. Don held onto India as she rode his cock trembling and groaning with what seemed to him like a very long, satisfying orgasm.

She finally relaxed her grip on his head and he was able to pull back and smile up at her. She blushed a little and smiled back at him. "That was beautiful," she said in her wonderful accent, "but I'm not done with you."

Before Don could even think of objecting, the lithe beauty slipped off his cock and lap, and knelt between his legs. India gave him a wink with her dark brown eyes, as she took his very hard, slippery cock in her hand. She pulled it forward a bit, and ran her pink tongue up along its length. Don shuddered as she reached its head and lingered there, fluttering over it, licking her own juices off it. Then, she was sucking his head into her mouth. Her pretty eyes looked up at him as she began to move her mouth up and down, taking more and more of him into her mouth and then her throat. Don shuddered and felt a low groan building up in his throat. He was barely aware of the fact that quite a few people were watching the two of them, but he couldn't take his eyes off the vision of the gorgeous woman sucking on his cock. She had a tight grip on the base of his shaft as her lips moved up and down on his shaft. He felt her tongue pressing against the underside of his cock and her throat squeezing around his sensitive head. Almost without noticing, Don moved his hands up to either side of her head and held on to her gently, keeping her there as she sucked on him insistently.

"Oh god!" he cried out as he finally closed his eyes and let his own orgasm erupt. At first all he could feel was the intense sensation at the base of his balls and shooting through his entire nervous system. Then, gradually he became aware of the fact that he was pumping jet after jet of hot cum into India's mouth and throat. He opened his eyes to see her holding tightly to him as she took all of his cum in. He felt her swallowing repeatedly. Don's body was shuddering and twitching as he very slowly came down. India didn't take her mouth off him until she was sure she had gotten every last drop of cum out of him.

"Wow!" Don breathed. "That was amazing!"

"Thank you," India smiled, giving his cock a little kiss. She laid her head against his thigh as he stroked her thick, black hair happily. Don found himself thinking he would have to thank the resort's gate for insisting they enjoy the resort before leaving.

"That looked like fun!" said a woman's voice from over Don's shoulder, and he felt a light hand touching his left arm.

India smiled and said, "It was. This is Don, Jaden."

Don looked back and up to smile back at the slender woman with reddish brown hair falling past her shoulders. She had great, slim legs and full tits that looked large on her petite frame. Her cheerful smile was infectious, though Don realized that might just be the great orgasm talking. Then he felt India's hands on his thighs as she drew herself back up in front of him. For a moment, Don found himself sitting there grinning between two beautiful naked women. I really do love it here! he thought to himself, meaning the Jungle Room, the resort and Eros at once. He noticed now that India stood with an undeniable air of confidence and even authority. There was something regal in her bearing.

"I think it's time for a game," India smiled at Don and Jaden. "What do you think?"

"That's a great idea!" Jaden nodded.

"I'm always up for a game," Don agreed as he stood up, a bit unsteadily.

"Come along if you want to join the game," India called out to everyone in range of her voice as she began to saunter over to the steps down to the floor of the "jungle". Don followed along after her swaying backside as if he were bewitched.

"She's amazing, isn't she?" Jaden asked with a wink.

Don smiled back at the pretty little redhead and said, "I think that might not be strong enough. Are you a regular here?"

She smiled back. "I'm here pretty often. I heard some of the story you were telling India. It sounds very hot. I'd love to visit that place. Is it far from here?"

"I'm afraid so," he nodded. "I'd offer to take you there, but our flying carpet is broken."

"A flying carpet? I've never seen one of those," she frowned a bit. "Why does it sound so funny?"

Don looked at her carefully, thinking again about how much people remembered from their lives outside Eros. Apparently Jaden didn't remember that magic wasn't supposed to work, but somehow managed to hold onto the notion that a flying carpet was somehow wrong.

While all of this was going on, they had followed India down to the thick grass of the floor and to the open lawn-like area spread out in front of the club's entrance, where there were six large colorful blankets arranged in a circle around a thick, squat wooden post with a flat top. Don was quite positive those blankets and that post had not been there when he and Victor had come in, and it looked like that post was set quite firmly into the ground.

"Oh, the spinner game!" Jaden said happily.

India smiled warmly at her redheaded friend and walked toward the post, which came up to just under her full breasts. She beckoned to Don, who was quite happy to come closer. He saw that there was a very basic spinner, like the kind you would use to play a game of Twister, on the top of the post. Beneath the spinning arrow, the top of the post was clearly divided by thick black lines into six sectors corresponding to the six blankets.

"The women go to a blanket, then the men spin and go play with that woman," India explained. She held up a good-sized hourglass, which she seemed to produce out of thin air, and said, "When time is up, they stop and come spin again."

Don nodded and grinned, "Sounds like fun."

"It is!" India smiled back. "Now, how many people do we have?"

Both Don and India looked around and did a quick head count. There turned out to be six guys, including Don and Victor, and eight women, including India, Jaden and Vixen, who was now pretty much naked, just like everyone else.

"I'll keep the time," India decided, and then said, "Rain and Lena do you mind sharing?"

The trim brunette with the long dancer's legs and the curvy blonde with very long straight hair looked at each other, giggled a bit and said no, quickly moving together to claim one of the blankets. The other women each took a place, as India explained the simple rules to the guys. "When I call 'time' you have to stop," she said seriously, but with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. "Don and Victor, it's your first time, so you go first."

Don gestured for Victor to go ahead, and then watched as the big guy spun the little metal arrow, which finally stopped on the sector matching up with a gorgeous woman with an amazing body and long black hair with silver streaks running through it. While Don had to admit that there was no losing in this little game, he hoped he didn't have to wait too many turns to get paired up with that beauty.

Don spun the arrow and found himself paired with an adorable woman with beautiful full breasts, thick red hair, sparkling eyes and an infectious smile. She flashed Don a big grin as he came toward her, and said, "Hello there," with an unmistakable Australian accent.

"Hi," he smiled, and then added, "I'm Don."

She looked him over in a very friendly way and said, "Pleased to meet you, Don. I'm Bella."

Don was vaguely aware that there was a bit of a hold up as one of the guys had to spin again.

"Sometimes we just play that you go wherever the spinner sends you, but India seems to want to make sure things are evened out – for now, anyway," Bella explained. Somehow Don was picking up on a bubbly enthusiasm in her voice.

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