tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLost in Peckerwood Ch. 04

Lost in Peckerwood Ch. 04


The handsome blond deputy grinned at the two busty blondes locked up in the Peckerwood jail cell. "So you girls wanna get out of here?" he asked with a wink.

"Hell yes!" Emily and Sharon said at once. The two girls had been through a terrible few hours in the backwater township.

First their car had broken down and they'd been forced to give a fat old redneck called Lester a blowjob in exchange for a ride back to town. They'd then been taken to the Peckerwood Hotel where the redneck's son had spiked their drinks and Lester, his son Billy and his ancient old father Jethro had fucked them while they were drugged up.

They'd managed to escape after pretending to seduce Billy but didn't get far. The local Sheriff had caught them trying to break into a car and after giving them a thorough groping he'd thrown the two of them into jail.

Was this young deputy finally throwing them a lifeline and ending the nightmare that was Peckerwood County?

"Are you girls from Hollywood?" Deputy Dale asked them. "You sure are pretty, like movie stars."

Sharon couldn't help but blush at the complement. Dale was so good looking, such a breath of fresh air after all the ugly inbreds that had put their paws all over her and Emily since they'd been in town. "We're from Wyoming," she explained. "You can get us out of here?"

Dale nodded but didn't elaborate. "You sure are pretty," he repeated. "There ain't that many girls in Peckerwood. Specially none as pretty as you two."

"You'll help us?" Emily prompted, she couldn't help but smile at the young deputy's enthusiastic compliments.

"Me and my twin brother Earl don't get to see girls like you two," Dale continued, seemingly ignoring Emily. "If I let you girls out and take you back to our place, will ya let us both bone you?"

Sharon raised her eyes at this, she hadn't been expecting such a request. For some reason Dale's good looks made her think he was different to all the other men of Peckerwood, but apparently he just wanted the same thing.

Emily leant over to discuss the offer with her friend. "I think we should go for it," she whispered.

Sharon hesitated. "I dunno, we could just take our chances with the Sheriff in the morning."

"Come on," urged Emily. "He's hot!"

Sharon glanced over at Dale who was watching them expectantly, she certainly couldn't argue with Emily's assessment of his looks. "Well I guess fucking him won't be too much of a hardship."

Emily grinned, glancing over at the handsome deputy as well. "We've done a lot worse in the last few hours. I still can't believe that old man fucked me up the ass."

"His brother too though?" Sharon hesitated again.

"He said they were twins," Emily reminded her.

"We'll do it!" Sharon finally announced, turning back towards Dale to let him know the good news.

"Hot damn!" Dale clapped his hands together in celebration. He practically jumped to his feet and grabbed the jail key up off the desk behind him, spinning it on one finger. "Earl is gonna love you two," he told them, shooting them another of his now familiar winks.

Dale unlocked the cell door and pulled it open. "My pickup's out back," he said, gesturing for them to follow him.

The two blondes stepped out of the cell, a little tentatively at first. Sharon wondered if breaking out of jail was just going to get them into more trouble. They followed Dale out through the back of the jailhouse, Sharon couldn't help but admire how good the blond deputy's butt looked in his police uniform pants.

The three of them all loaded into Dale's pickup and headed across town towards his home, with Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Free Bird' blasting from the car stereo.

"Walk this way ladies," said Dale as he hopped out of the pickup and led the girls up towards the front door of his house. It was a small, cottage style home with a white picket fence and a large front deck that came complete with a rocking chair.

"I bet his brother is even better looking," Emily whispered to Sharon as they followed Dale inside the cottage.

"Earl!" Dale shouted as soon as they entered. "Come on out, I've got us something real pretty to play with!"

They made their way into Dale's lounge where he threw on a southern rock record by the Allman Brothers Band on an old fashioned record player as Emily and Sharon took a seat on a banged up old couch by the wall.

Dale paused a moment, grinning down at where the two buxom blonde's sat, his gaze taking in their long legs and lush curves. He then sat down between the two girls, putting his arms around their shoulders.

"Why don't we get to know each other a little better," he suggested with a big smile. "Earl will be out in a moment to join in."

"That sounds like great idea," agreed Emily, running her hand along Dale's leg, feeling his strong thigh through his uniform pants.

Dale turned towards Emily, reaching across her body to cup the side of her face and turn her head towards him. As his lips pressed tenderly against hers, Emily's body melted against his. The beautiful blonde moaned as his tongue slipped into her mouth and sought hers in their passionate kiss.

The handsome blond deputy released Emily and turned the opposite way towards Sharon. He drew her close and kissed her with just as much passion as he had Emily, the busty blonde's mouth opening as soon as they kissed. Dale moaned, letting his hand drop from Sharon's face to tenderly cup her full right breast in his palm, exploring it's heavy expanse with his eager fingers.

Emily pressed herself against Dale's strong back, her full breasts squashing against his shoulders as she reached around, sliding her soft hand between Dale's legs and rubbing over the bulge of his crotch. It felt great to get it on with a guy who turned her on rather than the three ugly rednecks who'd assaulted her back at the hotel. Emily couldn't wait to get Dale's cock inside her.

Dale moaned into Sharon's mouth as he felt Emily squeeze his cock through his pants, her palm pressing firmly against his growing erection. He kissed Sharon harder, and let his fingers sink into her large breast, squeezing the lovely round orb with growing passion. He could feel the hard jut of Sharon's nipple against his palm as he groped her sizeable boob.

Emily reached up and started to unbuckle the handsome cops pants as he kissed and felt up her best friend. When she pulled down his zipper and slipped her hand into Dale's underwear the blond deputy let go of Sharon, leaning back on the couch and moaning in appreciation of Emily's touch.

"Oh shit that feels good!" groaned Dale as Emily stroked his hard erection in her soft hand. The gorgeous blonde was now up and kneeling on the couch beside him as she jerked him off, her eyes full of desire as she stared down at his big penis that was filling her small fist.

Dale seemed to realise for the first time that Emily was still wearing no pants. He reached over, running his hand over the bare swell of her shapely hip as she stroked his hard cock. Dale's hand then traced along the arc of Emily's g-string, stroking around the lush roundness of her buttock, and following the line of the skimpy underwear to the crack of her ass. He then let his palm cover her tight buttock and gave it a firm squeeze.

Sharon, wanting to get in on the action, yanked her tank top up over her head and tossed it on the floor. Dale turned to her as she reached behind her back and unclasped her white satin bra, arching her back to thrust out her impressive tits towards the handsome blond deputy. As soon as she let her bra drop away, Dale's hands were reaching up, covering and squeezing Sharon's large bare breasts.

As Dale began to feel up the beautiful topless blonde, Emily slipped down off the couch, kneeling at Dale's feet. She bent forward into the handsome cop's lap and captured the tip of his hard dick between her lips. Dale looked down from Sharon's breasts in surprise as Emily slid her warm lips down over his cock.

"Oh fucking hell!" he groaned in pleasure as Emily sucked him into her wet mouth. He squeezed down extra hard on Sharon's tits causing her to gasp in surprise.

As Emily began to bob her head over Dale's hard cock, Sharon reached behind and unzipped her skirt. She stood up off the couch, Dale's hands leaving her tits as she let her skirt drop to the floor and then peeled off her g-string, standing naked in front of Dale as Emily blew him.

"You're fucking gorgeous," groaned Dale as he stared up at Sharon's perfect naked body. Dale's hands had dropped to stroke the top of Emily's blonde head as her sucking mouth slid rapidly up and down his cock. "Let me taste that sweet looking pussy," Dale said to Sharon, licking his lips in anticipation.

Sharon smiled excitedly and moved back onto the couch, this time standing up and straddling the spot where Dale sat, lifting one knee up onto the back of the couch and pressing her crotch forward, towards Dale's face.

Dale's hands circled around Sharon's hips and grabbed her by the buttocks, pulling her cunt forwards towards his mouth. The gorgeous blonde gave a moan as Dale swiped his tongue up the length of her slit and then teasingly flicked the tip across her clit.

"Oh God!" groaned Sharon in pleasure. She was so turned on. She closed her eyes and threw her head back, moaning as Dale began to eat her pussy with surprising skill.

Emily moaned as she swallowed Dale's cock deep into her mouth, he tasted so good she couldn't believe she was getting this turned on just by sucking a guy's dick. Emily's lips were sliding rapidly up and down on Dale's hardness, her forehead pressing against Dale's hard stomach with each bob of her head.

Standing above Dale and getting her pussy licked, Sharon suddenly felt a hand touching her hair. She was confused for a moment, wondering how Dale could reach her head while his tongue was still buried in her cunt. Then her eyes popped open and she saw an ugly smiling face in front of her.

The newly arrived stranger had a shaven head, double chin and overweight body. His jutting, Neanderthal-like chin was covered in drool and he had a stupid grin on his face as he pulled down on Sharon's hair. Before the busty blonde could protest, the stranger's hands were on the back of her head and he was pulling her face down towards his exposed cock, which was jutting from the open front of his stained denim overalls.

"Wha..." Sharon's protest was immediately muffled as the fat, bald man shoved his erect cock into her mouth. The lovely blonde almost gagged at the unexpected intrusion, the stench and taste of stale sweat filling her nostrils and taste buds as the stranger jammed his thick cock deep between her lips.

In alarm, Sharon jerked her upper body away from the newcomer. His hands on her head and Dale's face between her sleek thighs tipped her off balance and she fell sideways, landing on the couch, her left foot hitting Emily in the side of the head and disrupting Emily's enthusiastic cocksucking.

"What the hell?" cried out Sharon in surprise as the man's foul cock popped out of her mouth.

Dale turned in his seat and looked back at the man. "Earl!" he announced happily as Sharon struggled up off the couch.

"Hi Dale," said the large bald man, his speech slightly muffled as though his tongue was swollen. Sharon immediately got the impression that Dale's brother was somewhat slow and stupid, possibly retarded. The fat, drooling Earl was certainly not the handsome looker that his twin brother was.

"Ladies, this is my twin brother Earl," explained Dale, grinning broadly at his dumb brother.

Emily and Sharon exchanged a worried glance, it seemed that fucking these two hillbilly brothers wasn't going to be the pleasant experience they had originally anticipated.

"Come sit down here," instructed Dale, patting the seat beside him on the couch, "and we'll get these two hot things to blow us both."

"Okay Dale," drawled Earl, hurrying around the couch, the hard cock jutting from the front of his pants bobbing obscenely as he ran.

As soon as Earl sat on the couch Sharon dived in front of Dale, practically shoving Emily out from between his legs. Emily toppled back in surprise, not sure what her friends rush was.

"Okay ladies, get sucking," ordered Dale. Emily's heart immediately sank as she realised what her so-called friend had just done, it looked like she was stuck with big fat Earl while Sharon got hot Dale.

Emily shot Sharon a black look as she shuffled reluctantly over in front of Earl, kneeling at his feet and reaching for his hard cock. Earl startling chuckling to himself as Emily took his erection in one hand and began to stroke it, her other hand slipping between his chubby thighs to reach inside his pants and cup his balls.

Beside them, Sharon leant forward, her heavy breasts pressing against Dale's knees as she took hold of the deputy's cock and brought it to her lips.

"Nice," breathed Dale as Sharon swiped her tongue around the head of his cock and then sucked it into her mouth. Sharon gave a moan of appreciation as she tasted Dale's clean, manly cock, it was so much better than his twin brothers nasty organ.

"Suck now," Earl said impatiently to Emily, reaching down and grabbing her head in both hands. The startled blonde didn't really have a lot of choice as Earl pulled her face down into his lap with strong hands on the side of her head gripping her by the ears.

Emily's eyes went wide as Earl's foul smelling pole speared between her lips, sliding down the length of her tongue and lodging right into the back of her mouth. She gagged a little as he arched his back, lifting his hips part-way off the couch and attempting to stuff even more of his erection into her mouth.

Emily moaned quietly around the mouthful of cock as Earl tightened his grip on her head and started to move her mouth up and down on his hard cock, pretty much face fucking her.

"She's got a pretty mouth," Earl said to his brother has he bounced Emily's face up and down in his lap, sinking his cock deep between her lips.

Sharon meanwhile was feasting on Dale's cock. The gorgeous blonde's head bobbed rapidly over Dale's lap, sucking noisily on his hard shaft. Dale leant forward, reaching beneath her head to get his hands on her world class tits. Sharon moaned as the Sheriff's deputy squeezed her bare breasts, letting their firm expanse fill his groping hands. His fingers seized her nipples and gave them a hard pinch and twist, causing Sharon to moan around her mouthful of his cock.

"Turn around," groaned Dale, abruptly lifting Sharon's head up out of his lap.

Sharon grinned up at him, excited at the thought he was about to plunge that beautiful cock of his into her dripping wet pussy. She quickly spun around, going onto her hands and knees and presenting the spectacular globes of her ass towards him, exposing the moist lips of her cunt, ready for his hard cock.

"Me first!" blurted out Earl before Dale could even move. The chunky bald headed dimwit pushed Emily's face out of his lap and he quickly sank down behind Sharon's kneeling body.

Dale merely chuckled at his brother's enthusiasm and instead reached for Emily's hand, pulling the relieved beauty to her feet as he stood up in front of her.

Sharon cried out in frustration as her chance to fuck Dale disappeared, replaced by Earl's pawing hands on her naked ass. The bald fat man gave Sharon's right buttock a hard slap as he shuffled up behind and aimed his cock up against the entrance to her tight pussy. His hard shaft was still glistening with Emily's saliva as he pushed forward, parting the lips to Sharon's delicious vagina with the head of his cock.

"Yeah mama!" groaned Earl happily as he sunk his erection into Sharon's pussy. Starting to fuck the gorgeous blonde doggy style. Sharon bit her lower lip as she felt the disgusting man's cock drive into her tight entrance, shunting her forward with each hard thrust of his hips.

Beside the rutting couple Dale and Emily started to strip off their clothes, both pausing intermittently to stroke and kiss various pieces of flesh as they became exposed.

Once they were both naked, Dale pulled Emily into his arms and passionately kissed her. Their bare bodies pressing together and their tongues wrestled within their mouths. Emily could feel Dale's hard cock pressing against her flat stomach, she felt so grateful to be in the handsome cops arms after the forceful face fucking she had just received from Dale's ugly twin brother.

Emily reached between their bodies to take hold of Dale's hard erection in both hands, stroking it lovingly as they kissed.

"I want this in me," she murmured to Dale, her voice husky with lust.

Dale smiled and drew Emily down to the floor, lying her on her back beside where Earl was pumping against Sharon doggy style, the slapping of his fleshy hips and flabby belly against Sharon's perfect posterior filling the room with smacking noises. Dale slipped between Emily's parted legs and guided his perfect erection to the juncture of her creamy thighs.

"Oh yes!" gasped Emily in pleasure as Dale's hips surged and he thrust his cock smoothly up inside her. She reached up running her fingers over the strong muscles on the back of his arms as he began to fuck her. Her hands slid down his strong back to cup his tight buttocks and pull him deeper against her.

"Swap now!" said Earl suddenly.

To Emily's horror Dale chuckled indulgently at his brother and lifted himself up off her. Her pussy yearned at the suddenly emptiness as she felt his cock withdraw.

The gorgeous deputy was quickly replaced by his obese twin brother, Earl's crushing weight covering Emily's voluptuous body as he wormed his way between her sleek thighs.

Emily's eyes went wide as Earl pressed his mouth down over hers, his drool covered tongue shoving it's way between her lips. Earl moaned as he hungrily kissed her, the only saving grace was that his fat belly was getting in the way of his sticking his cock into her pussy.

Dale pulled Sharon to her feet and gave her a hungry kiss, sliding both his hands up to cup and tenderly squeeze her big tits. He gave her nipples a quick pinch and then scooped her up in his arms, carrying her over to what seemed to be their dining room table on the far side of the lounge.

Sharon was grateful to get a little bit of distance between her and the overly horny Earl, letting out a relieved sigh as Dale laid her naked body gently down on the table and ran his hands tenderly over the generous curves of her hips, legs and breasts. He then drew her over to the edge of the table, moving between her legs. The table was at the perfect height for him to stand between her legs and slip his hard cock into her already well fucked cunt.

"Oh God!" groaned Sharon loudly, happy to finally feel Dale's cock inside her after her earlier denial. The gorgeous blonde wrapped her long legs around Dale's slim waist as his cock surged inside her, driving deep into her eager, clutching pussy. The deputy's hands slid up and cupped her big tits as he fucked her, squeezing them firmly and causing her to cry out in pleasure.

Back on the floor Earl finally extracted his tongue from inside Emily's mouth. His oversized stomach made missionary position sex pretty much impossible and he clambered onto his knee's in frustration, his hard cock jutting down bellow his hanging belly, glistening with Sharon's pussy juices.

Emily cast a quick, envious glance at her friend Sharon who was getting gloriously fucked by Dale on the table. Her view was abruptly obscured by Earl's bulk as the deputy's unattractive brother pushed his erection into Emily's face. The blonde obligingly slipped her mouth over Earl's cock once again and started to suck forcefully as he pawed at her big tits. With his podgy hands on her boobs at least he wasn't forcing her head down on his cock and she was free to bob her head at her own pace and depth.

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