tagNovels and NovellasLost Strangers Ch. 01

Lost Strangers Ch. 01


Mark Thomas casually looked around and took a long drag on his cigarette. He was standing outside the seediest bar in all of San Diego, and didn't even know why. He flicked his cigarette onto the ground, and walked into the small, smoky, bar, and suddenly wanted to leave.

Mark was 6'2", and a slender 170. He had a pale complexion, and sandy blonde hair, with ocean blue eyes. The reason he wanted to leave, was because, he was the only white person in the whole place.

He was deep in the Mexican district of San Diego, and every person in here was some form or other of Latin. There were short older Latinos who worked in the warehouses; there were tall, lean Latino boys in the US Navy, and a collection of overweight Latina mothers who were sitting in a corner of the bar, whispering to themselves in hurried Spanish. To top it all off, a short, bald Latino man was behind the bar, and he looked old enough to have fought at the Alamo.

The room was small, smaller than most public school classrooms, and a seedy, worn down bar and her stools took up most of the room. A few grungy tables with even grungier chairs filled the other half. Mark, the tall, conservatively dressed white man wondered what in the hell he was doing here, and then he knew it.

In the corner, she was. She was a tall Latina woman, with beautiful brown skin, and long flowing brown hair. She was wearing a skin tight red dress that showed enough cleavage of her ample, full breasts, and her luscious ass. She had an exotic tattoo of a green snake, which started at her neck, and slid, down her chest, slipping below the cleavage line of her dress.

She was sitting alone, with an empty shot glass in front of her, and a sad look on her face. She was Mark's man. Mark strutted across the bar, and sat down on the barstool next to her. Nobody bothered to look at him, but he knew everybody in the bar was looking at him. He sat next to the woman and smiled. "Hey there," he said with a cocky grin.

She didn't even turn her head. "Ningún inglés, usted híbrido," she replied in Spanish, still not even glancing at him from the corner of her eye. Mark smiled and turned from her to the bar, and smiled.

"You want a drink? Sure," Mark said, waving the short bartender over. "Two shots of whatever she had," he said to the barman. He nodded, and scurried off to prepare the shots.

Finally, the beautiful Latina woman turned and looked at him, with a shocked look on her face that said, how dare you? Mark returned her look with a smile. She turned back to her cigarette and ash tray and said, "I'm not looking for company," she said curtly.

"Neither am I," Mark said, still not even losing a touch of his friendly smile. Two shot glasses of a clear liquid were placed in front of them, and Mark tossed a twenty dollar bill on the bar.

He picked up the glass, "Cheers. I'm Mark." he offered, before quickly downing the clear liquid. If he hadn't been trying to impress her, he would have spit it out. It was the strongest thing he had ever drank, and tasted like shit.

She gave him another glare, and then a smile crossed her lush lips. "Fine, Mark. I'm Lucia. Thanks for the drink," she said, before grabbing the glass, and downing it. She had an exotic gold ring on her middle finger that made a clank noise on the glass when she picked up and set down the shot.

"Nice ring? From your boyfriend?" Mark asked, trying to sound casual.

"From an asshole," Lucia offered a hint of anger in her words.

"I'm sorry?"

"Don't be," she said, brushing her hair from her eyes, to better stare at Mark with her shiny, yet sad, brown eyes. "Tell me, Mark, what brings a white boy like you to a place like this? You won't find drugs here," she said, still slightly offensive.

"I'm not looking for drugs..." Mark said, "or whores," he said, predicting her next retort.

"When... what are you here for?" Lucia demanded.

"Just some company," Mark said with a grin, waving to the bartender he wanted a second round of drinks. "What are you doing here?" She practically rolled her eyes at him.

"Drinking. What does it look like? I'm not the one out of my element, here," she said with a slight Latin accent.

"Drinking away your troubles, I see," Mark said while the barman set their next round down.

"Listen, I'm not interested in sex with you," she said, before casually downing the fresh shot. Mark smiled and followed suit.

"Not yet, anyway. Give it time," he said. Her jaw dropped, and she started at him for a moment.

"You either have big cojones, or no manners," Lucia said.

"Maybe both," Mark said.

Lucia gave him a seductive smile, "Buy me another drink, and maybe I'll find out."

"About the manners?"

"No, the cojones," she said, placing her slender hand on the lap of his khaki pants. Her finger tips carefully moved about his crotch feeling his equipment, before she withdrew her hand. Mark felt a rush of lust, and felt a pulsing through his cock.

Lucia sensed his emotions, and smiled at him. "I told you to buy me another drink." Mark waved for another right straight away.

A few hours later, Mark and Lucia were laughing and giggling like old friends. A small collection of shot glasses sat before their section of the bar, has did an empty bottle of the strong Mexican booze. They had sat, drank and talked the night away, and now were the only ones in the bar. Lucia had moved her hand to his crotch a few more times during the night, becoming more risqué each time. The last time, she palmed his balls for several long moments. When the barman informed Lucia in Spanish that it was closing time, both Mark and she knew what was coming next.

They headed outside, into the cool So-Cal night, and headed around the block to the parking lot. "Mark, I want you to drive me home," Lucia said, gazing with her deep brown eyes into Mark's eyes.

"Sure," he said casually, although the prospect of sex with this Latin beauty excited him.

They reached the parking lot, and only three cars remained. A rusted, old, Mexican-made sedan that looked like it drove through the Gulf of Mexico, a sleek black new BMW, and a small Toyota, customized with nitro, and some flash body panels. "Let me drive," Mark said, heading for the BMW. Lucia held her ground near the sidewalk.

Mark stopped, "What?"

"I think we should take my car," she said in a serious tone, before moving to the Toyota. Mark shrugged, and moved to the passenger side of the Toyota. Lucia unlocked the car, and they got in.

The inside was just has fancy has the outside, with handsome leather, and an outrageous stereo system. Once Lucia was in the driver's seat, and Mark in the passenger's, she fired up the modified engine, and roared out onto the street at high speed.

"Aren't you worried about cops?" Mark asked as she accelerated quickly over the speed limit.

"Cops don't come down here," she said in an informative tone, keeping her eyes on the road. Mark watched has more and more of the Mexican area of San Diego sped past.

"Are we going to your apartment?" Mark asked.

"House," she said in a matter-of-fact tone. Mark nodded, and realized it was racist and sexist of him to assume that she lived in an apartment, although, he admitted, the modification to this brand-new Toyota couldn't have been cheap.

Mark watched has they went father and father and soon had left the poor Mexican area of San Diego entirely. He wondered if they were going to a hotel, or something. Lucia sensed his curiosity. "My house is in the suburbs," she replied.

Mark nodded, "Okay," he said. Soon, they had left the city limits of San Diego, and were speeding in an upper-class subdivision. The father they went, the houses and the space between them got bigger.

Soon, they arrived at the end of the road, and the small Toyota gunned up a private driveway, paved with bricks. They reached the end, and Mark saw a large, Spanish-villa style mansion that was three stories, and easily more square feet than where he graduated high school. There was an exotic swimming pool in the back, with a water slide and hot tub, and a large, six-car garage.

Lucia turned to him and smiled. "Not what you expected is it," she said. Mark nodded his head, and she grinned at him and bit her lip.

She parked the Toyota in the carport, near the side entrance. The two got out, and Lucia offered her hand. "Come with me, white boy," she said, in a flirtatious tone. Mark slipped his hand in hers, and she let him into the house.

The interior was as extravagate has the exterior, and Mark was taken aback. It looked like the house of some one with serious money, and Mark started to wonder who exactly Lucia was. He started to wonder if this was the best situation, but the soft touch of her hands calmed him, as did the memories of her hands on his crotch earlier.

She led him to a medium-sized bedroom, one that was fully furnished, and had a full attached bath. Lucia flipped on the lights, and let go of his hand. "Sit on the bed," she commanded. Mark did has she said, and soon, she knelt before him.

"You've been so kind, Mark. I'll give you what you came for," she said while she started to unzip his pants.

"I didn't come for sex, Lucia," he said while she managed to get his semi-hard dick free. She stroked it several times.

"It doesn't matter anymore, Mark. You officially got me in the sack," she said, just before bringing her luscious lips over the head of his cock. Mark exhaled suddenly and clenched the bed sheets. "Oooooh god, Lucia," he remarked while her tongue slowly licked his head, over and over again, before her soft lips slowly traveled down the length of his skinny 7" cock.

She had an incredible technique, he tongue wrapped around his shaft and head, and she took his whole cock in, the end of her member hitting the back of her throat.

She went down on him several times, and then just dedicated herself to the head, and sucked and ran her wet lips over it several times, jerking her head quickly. Mark responded with low guttural moans, while she occasionally flashed her stunning brown eyes at him.

Mark grunted, and ran his fingers through her brown hair. "Lucia... I'm cumming," he said in a hurried tone. She flashed her eyes at him again, and then suddenly went down on his entire shaft again, deep throating him with signs of experience. Mark released his warm seed inside of her, and she drew back and swallowed and sucked until every last bit was down her throat.

She slowly slipped her lips off his now limp cock, and stood up. "That was the best blowjob I've ever had," Mark said, practically out of breath. She turned her back to him.

"Unzip me," she said softly. He rose his feet, and unzipped her skin tight red dress. It dropped to the floor. She was wearing a sexy, black lace bra and panty combination. Mark wrapped one arm around her back, and brought his lips to hers. He gave her a strong, passionate kiss and held her body against his.

Their kissing became more passionate, as she slipped her tongue in his mouth, and began pushing his around. She rubbed her hands on his chest, and soon, they pulled themselves away. Mark took off his pants and boxers, then his shirt, revealing an athletic, let lean body. Lucia undid her bra, and let it drop, giving Mark an eyeful of her full lovely tanned breasts, with hard nipples and big areolas. Her exotic tattoo that had caught his eye all night trailed from her neck, down, where the trail of the snake twirled around her dark brown areola.

Mark bent over, and brought his lips to her breasts. His tongue ran over her peaks until they became hard and pointy under his tongue, while his free hand moved to her other breast, and carefully groped and caressed it. Lucia let out a soft moan, and put a hand on the back of Mark's head. "Ooooh, mierda," she moaned.

Mark let up, and Lucia stripped her lace panties off. Her brown pubic hair was trimmed to perfection, and her vagina looked perfect, like from a high school medical text book. Mark saw a few drips of her juices hit the ground from her sex.

She laid back on the bed, and spread her legs. Mark approached her, and grabbed the head of his now hard-cock, and carefully piloted it into her vagina. Both of them moaned when he penetrated her. Mark slowly extended his cock has far has it would go inside of her, then pulled out slightly and began slamming his member inside of her.

She moaned, and swore in Spanish. Mark moaned himself, and kept his thrusting up, pushing his cock inside of her harder and faster than before. She was no virgin, from the feeling of her pussy. He thrust faster and harder, until he could feel the heat building up from the friction. She shouted to God in Spanish more, and squeezed his arms in lust.

Suddenly, he vaginal walls clammed tight to his cock, and she arched her back, and screamed loudly in climax. Mark felt her love juices extend from her, and slowly run down his member, but he kept thrusting has much has he could, until he pulled his cock out and stroked it.

She climbed over to him, and slid her hands over his midsection and chest. "Let me ride you, perno prisionero." Mark was always happy to oblige a lady.

He laid back on the bed, and she straddled his midsection, and reached down with her elegant hands, and guided her warm pussy around his cock. Once she guided it in, she began riding up and down, using her thighs, and started quickly riding his cock, all the way up and down his long shaft.

Mark moaned, and threw his head back. "Shit," he said to himself. He reached up and fondled and caressed her ample breasts, especially the one with the snake tattoo. It drew his eye.

She rode his cock faster and faster, and her moaning increased. Mark could feel the passion in the room; you could cut it with a knife. Finally, she screamed again, and climaxed again, riding his cock. Suddenly, he screamed himself he was going to cum, and she climbed off his cock with speed.

Before he could move, she dropped down to the bed, and wrapped her mouth around his thick shaft. She resumed her blowjob from before, her lips and tongue wrapping around his member and carefully bobbing up and down with speed.

"Fuck, here I go," Mark shouted, clenching the bed sheets. Like before, Lucia showed him her sexy eyes, and swallowed his dick whole, the complete 7 inches. She deep throated him until he came, dropping his warm seed in her mouth. She sucked him dry, until he started to shiver from the sensation, and then slowly and sensually slipped her wet lips off of his shaft.

"What a fuck," Mark breathed. Lucia smiled, and crawled up beside him, Mark wrapped one of his arms around her, and they cuddled.

"You weren't so bad yourself, for a white boy," she said with a grin. Mark smiled to show he wasn't offended by her comment. The two spent the rest of the night fondling various body parts of each other, until they dozed off.

Soon, the sunlight hit Mark's face, and the sound of birds outside the window met his ears. He opened his eyes and rolled over to see Lucia. She was awake, and smiling at him. She smiled back, and moved forward, and gently kissed her on the forehead. "Good morning," he said.

Lucia smiled and slipped one of her slender hands around his waistline. "Does your bull have enough energy for morning love?" Lucia asked very sensually, her tongue rolling with a thick Latin flavor while her long fingers danced over Mark's limp cock.

Mark smiled, "I think so," he said, and before he could do anything else, Lucia rolled on top of him, her breasts pressed up against his chest. She placed both hands on the side of his face, and began passionately kissing him. He moaned and reached around, gently squeezing her full ass.

The two continued on with the foreplay, until the sound of loud, Hispanic hip-hop filled the air, coming from the open window. The two ignored it, until suddenly, Lucia's hard nipples went soft and cold and she stared at the open window.

"Hector," she whispered, fear in her voice. Mark knew it right away. She had a serious boyfriend, fiancé, or husband, and now, he was home, most likely to kill Mark. Lucia dived off the bed, and grabbed Mark's clothes. "Into the bathroom, quickly," she said. Mark got up, and rushed into the big bathroom. She threw his clothes at him, and shouted, "Don't make a noise, or you'll be in big trouble," she said, before slamming the door shut.

Mark quietly slipped on his boxers, and his khaki pants, and then his blue polo shirt. He looked around and contemplated his options. Only a small privacy window was located above the large, walk in shower, and Mark was too big to fit through. He moved into the walk-in shower, with its fogged glass and waited.

He heard the heavy footsteps of a man... maybe many men enter this side of the house. They marched closer and closer, and Mark could hear conversational Spanish between them. They seemed calm, and happy.

They approached closer and closer, and then stopped. Mark knew they must have reached the bedroom. A few different male voices spoke in hushed Spanish, then one low, commanding voice spoke. He was the boss. He was Lucia's man.

He and Lucia exchanged words in Spanish. Neither he nor Lucia seemed to show any sign of emotion in their words, and soon, a few of the other male voices piped in, and the group of men left the bedroom. Mark could hear them walk down stairs, and soon, the door slowly creped open. Lucia sneaked in, wearing her black lacy bra and panties that barely could hold her pair of large busty breasts.

Mark emerged from the shower. "You didn't say anything about Hector," he said, a slight angry hint in his tone, yet still, he wasn't angry.

"You never asked," she said, her voice emotionless. She wasn't in the mood to kid. "He's back early from a business trip. I'm sorry, Mark."


"Fiancé, of sorts. We've been dating since school. He's proposed to me a hundred times. I doubt we'll ever get married, unless I get pregnant," she remarked, her eyes gracing the floor. Mark noted that she never did that, she usually kept her eyes locked on his.

A long beat passed. "Do you love him?"

Another long beat and the sadness returned to Lucia's eyes. Mark knew the answer, no matter what her mouth said. "Of course," she said, although neither of them believed it. She stared at the shower floor, and he stared at her, until suddenly, he opened his arms, and she ran into him, and wrapped her arms around him, tears flowing from her beautiful eyes.

Mark patted her on the back, and held her close. "It's ok, Lucia."

"No, its not," she whispered. She pulled away from him. "He'll be gone all day, checking up on his businesses. We have time," she said.

Mark paused, not sure on how to proceed. "Are you sure we should...?"

"Yes. Very sure," she said, and then reached around, and unbuttoned her bra, and tossed it outside the shower. Mark bent over, and brought his lips to her breasts once again, carefully licking and suckling her with his tongue. He should leave, run far away, and never come back, but his lust for her told him to stay.

He stood up, and quickly shed his clothes, and threw them outside, and Lucia carefully danced around taking her panties off. The two lovers were nude in the shower, and she casually reached over and flipped the shower on, cascading the two of them with warm water.

Mark and Lucia embraced, and began lustfully kissing each other, their lips dancing about, their tongues playing a game of cat and mouse inside their mouths. Mark pushed her up against the wall, and guided his hard cock inside of her, and both of them let out a gasp, and Mark started slamming her against the shower wall.

She moaned, louder and louder. She shouted in Spanish and she shouted his name. His, not Hectors. He sensually licked and kissed her neck while he continued to pound her with his thick cock. She dug her nails into his back and sucked on his shoulder blade. He felt her tight love garden wrap around his cock, and she screamed loudly while she orgasmed. Soon, he pushed away from her, and she dropped to her knees.

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