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Lost Without You


***I apologize in advance for the build up on this story. I like the tension in stories so I tend to write those. Please let me know if I should continue this. I wrote it some time ago and it really is about my life years ago. ***

She wasn't the kind of woman who made men stop and stare, but as she made her way into the Central Bank and Trust, one was openly gawking. Her hair was a nondescript brown to most but that one. Her eyes, brown also, wouldn't have written any sonnets anytime soon, but in just the right light it sparkled. Her body wasn't the average pinups, but she was just like every other woman in the world. She carried more weight than was socially accepted in modern times, but ages ago she would have been considered a prize.

To the one staring, she was a ghost he thought he'd put to rest. Nothing could keep his gaze from her as she pulled open the double doors and walked across the tiled floor. Just like he remembered she gazed at the ground as she walked, still afraid to face life head on. The shock of her was surprising. He'd thought he had put her behind him, closing the door to a side of him that had at times scared the hell out of him as much as it aroused him.

He stared openly as she waited for the clerk in front of her finished with another customer. This gave him time to look for any changes that might have come over her. There weren't many. From the chair in his glassed-in office he could only see perfection. Yes, she was overweight, but that didn't matter to him. He loved a woman who could support him as he sank deep into her. At 6'5 and 275lbs he was no lightweight himself so he didn't share most men's fascination with skinny bitches. In his opinion, God had done the right thing giving women curves. Nothing sucked more than pulling a woman against you and feeling bone.

His gaze started at the top of her head and went downward. Her hair was longer, almost to the middle of her back now. He could still feel how soft and silky that hair had felt sliding through his fingers. It was a lovely caramel brown and he could see that she'd been outside in the sun by the streaks of blond that were in. She'd told him once that she'd actually been blond until her early teens. Not long after she turning 13 her hair had changed, along with the rest of her body.

With her back to him, he couldn't see the one asset she had that had drawn him to her like a moth to a flame. Her breasts were amazing. Even years later, he knew for a fact that could still be said. They were bigger than a handful for most men but his hands, large and worn, had cupped them as if God had made her especially for him. 40DDs and they were one thing she had actually liked about her. He could still hear the grin in her voice as she told him that men didn't think she had too many endearing assets other than those puppies. He'd disagreed with her then and still did.

She was dressed like most women who were her age: jeans and a short T-shirt that ended just above her other best asset. Her ass was a thing of beauty in his own slightly bias opinion. She liked to complain that it wasn't big, just broad but he loved it. Her hips flared out so loving, giving her the ultimate hourglass figure. And yes, there was more to it, but that just meant she wouldn't break when he bent her over his desk.

She'd finally made it up to the counter and he could almost hear her sweet southern voice again. Just like that it was 2003 and he was sitting at work, looking for possible dates online. Their relationship had been like so many others out there. He had found her profile on an internet dating site and it had been lust at first sight. Her picture had drawn him first to her. She was gorgeous and he couldn't wait to tell her just that. Within seconds of seeing her photo, he was already imagining her naked, underneath him.

He had been almost scared to Instant Message her, afraid she would be nothing like her profile proclaimed. And he was afraid his age might bother her also. She was 21 according to her profile but he was almost 30. Some chicks had a problem with an age difference like that.

So needless to say, he had held his breath after he instant message Abigail Renee Thomas. He sent his oh so clever message of Hi, what's up and then just stared at the screen, begging it silently to reload. It had seemed to take forever before he'd gotten her hesitant reply that she wasn't doing anything and did she know him. And with those few sentences the love affair that was theirs had started.

At first all they'd done was chat back and forth online. He knew he wasn't the only person she chatted with but it hadn't bothered him. Usually she was the one who instigated their conversations anyway. He was happy just to sit back and take any spare word she had to say to him. He'd let her know he had gotten her name from her personal and she'd been intrigued with him. Seems she hadn't gotten too much of a response from it.

One night as they talked, she had worked up the courage to ask him what he had liked about her profile. At first he'd said she had seemed nice and that the details she had included about herself had drawn him to her. But before long she was asking him for his truthful answer and he had to tell her it was her beautiful body. After he sent that message she hadn't sent anything back. They'd sat there for almost 10 minutes until he had asked her what the matter was. He'd gotten a terse reply of, "There was no reason to lie and I don't like liars."

Now being the guy he was, he's actually had to scroll back up to see what it was that offended her so. He couldn't for the life of him figure out what he had said that had bothered her so much and he told her just that.

Abby had said that she knew she wasn't beautiful and she didn't appreciate being used as soon kind of cruel joke. Cameron sat there and stared at the screen for a few minutes. Wasn't beautiful? Did this chick not have a mirror or something? She was smoking hot and he couldn't believe that she didn't see that.

This had bothered him so he continued to bug her by IM'ing her even though she begged him to stop. He had sung her praises, commented her on her hair as well as her beautiful eyes. Then unable to help himself, he'd told her just how much he found her lips desirable. Plump and juicy, they made a man think of long morning blowjobs before work. In fact, his favorite fantasy of her was of her on her knees, gazing up at him with those gorgeous eyes as her lips parted on his cock.

He had told her that her lips had just been one of her features he loved, but what had really drawn him were her large breasts filling out the white tank top she'd had on in her profile picture. The amount of creamy white skin had left almost breathless and he just imagine leaving love marks on her silky looking skin. None of this he actually told her, just that he, of course, thought that she was gorgeous and he would never lie about that.

For some reason she had believed him and had continued to speak to him. Before long she was asking him to view her webcam and the first time he got a chance to see her in real time was one that still had the power to leave him speechless and drooling.

He had been enjoying a regular night at the paper mill where he worked as a floor manager when she'd popped onto his screen. Just her screen name coming online was enough to make his heart beat faster. It was less than a second before Abby_angel was saying howdy to him.

That night she had seemed happier and looser with him and maybe that was the reason she let him see her. Whatever the reason, he couldn't deny her request and for the first time since he'd seen her picture on her profile, he was looking at her.

Her hair had been pulled into a complicated top knot that only women knew how to do. That night she'd been wearing her glasses, an occasion that didn't happen too often, he soon found out. He liked to tease her that she was too vain to wear her glasses in front of people. Sure, they'd been kind of thick but that hadn't changed her sex appeal in one bit. They had in fact turned him on, putting images of him pulling them from her face before leaning into kiss her.

He had watched for hours that first night, each second seeming better than the one before. He'd learned that when she was flirting, her cheeks turned such a becoming red that he had to wonder if it didn't cover other places as well. However he had discovered his favorite thing about her was her smile. When she smiled she went from ordinary to stunning. The sad thing in his eyes though seemed to be the fact she seemed to have no idea just how beautiful she really was. He would make a comment concerning some random part of her body and her usual response was yeah right. She had no self-esteem at all and that worried his incessantly. He wasn't sure if he should continue pursing her for fear she would not know the power her body had on him.

To discover just how innocent she really was, he spent hours asking leading questions concerning her sexuality. He quickly learned that she might have appeared all sweetness and light, but underneath that Hello Kitty nightshirt lived the heart and soul of a Grade A slut. She told him stories of sexual threesomes and about seducing one of her dad's best friends when she was only 16. She was into bondage, loved to be spanked and had a thing for the rough shit. Hearing this, he knew she was just the one for him.

Within a week of talking online, he suggested talking on the phone. She quickly agreed. She still lived with her parents so they had to be careful but she could talk for a little while. Knowing that they had to sneak around made it seem all that more taboo. He knew he needed to leave this little girl alone but he couldn't.

That night, as he left work to head home to talk to her, once again his stomach was full of butterflies. He was frightened that she'd hate his voice. He had a thick southern accent, even deeper than hers and it made him slightly self-conscious at times. Plus he was afraid that he would say something stupid and she would know that he was a giant loser.

All the way home, during the 10 minute drive to his apartment, he tried to talk himself out of calling but as soon as he got in the door, he grabbed up the phone to call her. A thousand thoughts went through his head, and none were tangent enough to grab a hold to. He was so screwed if this chick didn't like him. He was half obsessed with her now and he was afraid that if she didn't like him, he might cry or even beg her to give him another chance.

Almost on autopilot he undressed by his bed before slipping between the sheet wearing nothing but his tighty-whiteys. One of the best things about working second shift was that he got a chance to see a different part of the day than most people. Worse part was that he didn't have too many people to talk to 'cause they were already headed to bed.

One of the greatest things about Abby was that as a college student she didn't have to be to bed with the chickens so he could call as late as he wanted.

Once he was comfortable in his bed, he dialed the number that he'd already memorized. It rang only twice before a soft, husky voice said hello.

Cam stammered, "Can I speak to Abigail, please?"

She had giggled at him and he'd known he was talking to her. That night had been one of many firsts for him. It was the first time he'd ever talked on the phone for 4 hours about nothing and everything. It was also the first time called her sugar britches. She, of course, had wanted to know why he called her that. He'd answered swiftly and honestly that he thought she was sweet enough to eat.

The line had gone quiet and for a second he thought he had said something wrong. However it wasn't long before she was back on the line giggling and telling him how he was so full of shit.

He'd gotten off the phone that night only 'cause she had finally needed to go to sleep before classes the next day. He truthfully could have talked all night long.

The night after that had been much the same as well as the night after that. A routine had quickly emerged and neither one of them seemed to mind. He would come online when he got to work and hang around until she'd pop onto his screen around 9 o'clock. They would then arrange a time for him to call her and then he would go do his job.

Their talks had been mildly innocent with a little naughtiness thrown in here and there. That is until the first time he got a full, open view of her bare breasts. The night had started like every other. They'd been speaking of nothing and he'd been itching for her to ask him to view her. She'd been kind of hesitant for some reason and that had sort of worried him, but after him repeatedly asking, she had finally let him see her.

When her box had filled his screen there had been nothing out of the ordinary. She'd been wearing a red tank top that had shown the twins quite nicely. Her hair had been down that time and he'd gotten a chance to see her fiddle with it like little girls do.

She'd asked him how the night was going and just before he looked down to type his response, she had flashed him. This had been more than a quick flash however. Her large round tits had seem to float in front of the camera for a good 2 minutes before she'd stuffed them back into the tank, but not before thumbing her tight rosy nipples.

He'd almost fallen out his chair at work. As it was, he'd dropped the mouse and had to quickly grab it off the floor before looking to make sure no one was watching. Thankfully he was alone in the office or he could have lost his job.

Not sure he should say anything, he'd sent her his original response and just sorta left it at that. She hadn't said anything about the show and he decided to just let the matter lie where it was.

He tried to go back to work once he was finished talking to her but the picture of her unbound breasts kept running through his head. His cock was rock hard and he was finding it very hard to concentrate so he decided to do the only thing he could do: jerk off. He called his next in command and told him he was going on break. Then knowing it wouldn't take that long considering just how fucking hot her tits had made him, he hightailed it to the bathroom.

After making sure he was alone in the room, he selected a stall and closed the door. Unzipping and unbuttoning his jeans, he sat down on the toilet and closed his eyes. Being a healthy male this wasn't the first time he'd masturbated at work and he was ashamed to realize that since contacting Abby, he had jerked off every night since.

He cycled through different scenarios before settling on his personal favorite. Abby was lying on his bed tied down, her legs spread wide. She was wearing a pair of wrist straps and a small white thong. This being his favorite fantasy, he knew that she's been tied to the bed for a while he did errands around town. She'd been unhappy when he'd left her there with only a few words.

When he reentered the room, her eye would brighten and a sweet smile would come over her face. Once again he'd been shocked by the change that had overtaken her. Gone was the slightly bookish girl with too much acne and big teeth to be replaced with a mysterious lush woman whose smiles held more secrets than the Mona Lisa's.

Her nipples would tighten as he approached her on the bed. Since it was his fantasy, he could smell her arousal for him and it was a heady thing. To know he could make her wild for him, when so many other's had tried, made him feel like a hundred bucks. He knew that he wasn't the only one she could be with, hell he'd have to be delusional to think that, but he loved the fact that he could make her smile, make her wet and KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that she was creaming just for him.

As he made his way across his fantasy bedroom, his clothing disappeared, leaving him standing naked in front of her. He was a man, which fact was made evident by the large erection that seemed to point toward her parted lips. He was tall, 6'5, and weighed a whopping 275 lbs, a fact that she told him she loved. She had confided in him once that she liked her men tall, because it made her feel dainty. She had laughed as she said this; before going on to say that there weren't too many times she had the opportunity to feel small. His eyes, fixed firmly on her large tits, were a chocolate brown that made most women sink into, or at least that's what they like to tell him. He was bald-headed but if he'd let his hair grow it would be a strawberry blonde, hence the reason he shaved it. He was covered in tattoos, a misguided attempt to make him appear cooler than he actually was. He liked to joke that if he'd know that it would turn most of the ladies away, he never would have done it.

Just like in every fantasy he had that involved her, her eyes would widen and throat would work for a gasp that wouldn't come as he made his way to the bed.

"What's the matter, sugar britches," he asked knowing what had put that look into her eyes.

Her eyes would jerk to his and a beautiful blush would flood her face before traveling down her neck to her breasts. As if on a string, his hand would move to her cheek, following the blush's path before ending on her large breast. She'd moan and arch into his hand. Abby's beautiful ass would rub against the mattress as she enjoyed the feel of his hands on her tits.

Her back arched into his hand as his thumb and forefinger pinched her bountiful nipple. Her breath became short and the arousal was evident in her face.

"You're so big. I don't think you're going to fit," she'd say after a few minutes of nipple pulling.

Now Cam knew he was a large man, that goes without saying. He was tall and wide and if he hadn't been a good size then something would have been wrong. He knew that she'd be surprise by the size but knew that with some hard work, they fit together like a hand and glove. In fact, even though he appeared large to himself in his fantasy, he was actually smaller than what he was in real life. Seeing how distressed she was becoming as she watched his dick bob and jerk in front of her face bothered him so he tried to reassure her.

"We would take it nice and slow, sugar britches. I would never just shove it into your mouth before I made sure you knew just what you were getting into." He paused for effect. "You were talking about your mouth, weren't you?"

Abby once again blushed and squirmed. Cam had no idea why he made her more innocent than she claimed. However it excited him to think of training her, showing her patiently what he liked and didn't like.

Her voice was hesitant and barely above a whisper as she replied, "I was actually NOT talking about my mouth. I was talking about you fucking me hard and long with your gigantic cock until I cream over and over again. Don't you want to fuck me?" she said in that little girl voice that he'd come to know and love.

That's all it ever took to send him over the edge. His cum filled the palm of his hand and the only sound that could be heard was a quiet UHH as he released the pressure that had built up in just a few minutes.

After that first night, it became his mission in life to catch another glimpse of the elusive breasts that were hers. And thankfully she didn't disappoint. The words were never said but somehow she knew that he was foaming at the mouth with the thought of those gorgeous breasts.

She would come online in hardly anything and he would just know that that night he would see them and perhaps more. Abby didn't show every night; maybe she thought she'd seem cheap or whorish. So every chance he got to see her body was precious and breathtaking.

Every show was a little different. After the first one, she seemed to gain confidence and before long she was showing her partly covered ass, and mound. He especially loved it when she wore her costume. Abby and Cam had both grown up in the south and while Catholic school uniform weren't unheard of, they were really just for bedroom play here. Well, like almost every other woman in the US, Abby had the outfit and damn if she didn't fill that thing out.

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