tagLoving WivesLotion and a Dozen Condoms

Lotion and a Dozen Condoms

byJust Plain Bob©

I suppose it happens to all married couples at one time or another - you start taking each other for granted. You get so used to each other and your daily routine that you don't notice changes until they smack you in the face. I know that's what happened to Ashley and me. We are in our mid-forties and have been married for twenty-five years. We are 'comfortable' with each other, if you know what I mean. We have raised three kids and they are all out on their own which gives Ashley and me all the free time in the world to do all the things we said we would do when the kids were gone. But for some reason we still can't seem to find the time to do them. I'm putting in ten to twelve hours a day to run my business and Ashley decided a couple of years ago to go back to work, not because we need the money, but because she needed something to do. And then something happened that turned our world upside down and inside out.


Every year I take a five-day weekend in the spring and with three friends I head for Hilton Head for a long weekend of golf. You just can't beat the weather and the golf courses they have there. It's a twelve hour drive and we were six hours into it when the engine in Louie's Monte Carlo threw a rod through the block. By the time we found a tow truck, got the car towed to a dealership close by, and found an open rental car place we decided that the weekend was shot so we headed back home.

I picked up my car at Louie's and headed home and ten minutes later I was turning onto my street just in time to see a man helping Ashley up the steps to our front porch. I was just getting ready to turn into the drive when the man half turned Ashley so he could open the front door and I saw her tits hanging out of her dress. At the very last second I made the snap decision to go on past the house and park down the block and then walk back to see what was going on.

In retrospect it probably would have been better for me to have turned into the drive and stopped things cold, but I didn't. I walked back to the house and up the front steps far enough to look into the front window and I saw the man sit Ashley down on the couch; something didn't seem quite right, but I couldn't place it. The man took hold of Ashley's tits and began playing with them and Ashley just sat there and watched. It was almost like she was watching it happen to someone else and then I realized what was going on - Ashley was drunk and half or even two thirds out of it.

I couldn't believe how bold this guy was. He dropped his pants and took his erect cock and put it in Ashley's mouth and then held her head in both hands as he fucked her face. Ashley sat there unmoving, looking up at him as he worked his dick back and forth - she was most definitely unaware of what was going on. And me, talk about somebody who was unaware - I just stood there and watched. I didn't even think about rushing in and stopping him, I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. The man pulled his cock out of Ashley's mouth and bent down and took her by the legs and pulled her down on the couch. He pushed her skirt up, pulled her panties off, knelt between her legs and started pushing his cock into her pussy. Ashley lay there unmoving and looking up at the man with an expression that asked, "What are you doing?"

The man's hips were pumping now and I finally came out of the stupor I was in and it hit me! That man is fucking my wife! Okay, I know it sounds stupid for me to say that, but it was true. I had been watching this guy take liberties with my wife from the start, but whether it was shock or disbelief or whatever, I hadn't accepted it in my mind until that point.

I backed down the steps and went around to the back of the house and let myself in the back door. I made my way through the kitchen and then turned down the hall to the bedroom. I went to the nightstand and took out my 9mm, racked the slide back to chamber a round and started for the living room. As I came out of the hallway into the dining room I heard the 'beep beep' of a cell phone being dialed (why do we still say dial even though we are pushing buttons?) and I stopped to listen.

"Frank? Hi. This is Mike. Hey, are you still hot for Ashley Turner?"

"Well, I just got done fucking her."

"Yeah. You bet. Well anyway, you want some?"

" No man, I'm serious. She's drunk on her ass and her old man is gone until Monday. I'm going to stay here all night and fuck her a couple of more times. What?"

"No. Listen. Just get your butt over here."

What? I don't care. Bring him along. She's not going to care. Hey! Stop and get some hand lotion and a box of rubbers. No, not hand cream, it's got to be a white liquid."

"No no, I'll tell you when you get here. I've got a plan and if it works we can be fucking her from now on, drunk or sober."


"Yeah. Just get over here. I'm going to move her to the bedroom and strip her. The doors unlocked, just come on in."

And then there was a beep as the call was terminated. Rubbers and hand lotion? A plan? Do you still want to fuck Ashley? Suddenly confrontation was no longer on my mind. I was curious, I wanted to see what was going to happen. I tucked the Beretta into the small of my back and headed back to the bedroom. I know it's a clich‚, but I got into the closet. First though, I grabbed a chair (it's a large walk-in closet). I arranged things so I was comfortable, cracked the door just enough so I could see out, and settled in to wait. While I waited I thought about the phone conversation I'd just heard. Was Frank still hot for Ashley? Why would Frank be hot for my wife; for that matter Mike obviously wanted to fuck her too, drunk or sober. That means he had the hots for her too. The hots for Ashley? Why would a couple of guys have the hots for an old married broad like Ashley?

I got the answer about three minutes later when Mike brought her into the bedroom, undressed her, and laid her down on the bed. Even though she was out of it and just lying there I suddenly saw her with Mike's eyes. The woman that I lived with, had taken for granted, and gotten used too, looked sexy as hell lying there on that bed. How in the hell had I let myself forget that my wife was a fox? Why had it taken a sordid affair like this to suddenly open my eyes to what had been there all along? Lying on the bed, staring up at the ceiling, legs spread slightly showing some small globs of cum on her pussy lips - I suddenly wanted to fuck her myself. Given that I love my wife and given the sudden realization of how desirable she was, the question now was why didn't I come out of the closet and stop things? The answer was, I don't know. I suspect that most of it was curiosity - Mike had a plan that was going to make it easy for him to fuck Ashley again, drunk or sober, and I had to know what it was. I HAD to know if she would fuck him sober. I know that sounds irrational, but what can I say, I'm human and human beings have never been notable for being rational.

I watched Mike mount Ashley and fuck her again; she moaned a little and her head rolled from side to side on the pillow, but she gave no outward indication that she knew she was being fucked. I saw Mike start to speed up and his hands went under Ashley's hips and he pulled her to him and I knew he had just pumped another load of cum in her. He was just pulling out when I heard the front door open and a voice call out, "Mike?"

"Back here" Mike hollered and about a minute later two young guys came into the room. Both of them were a good ten to fifteen years younger than Ashley and the knowledge that a guy that young had the hots for my wife made me even more ashamed of the way I had come to take her for granted. One of the guys handed Mike a paper sack and said, "Here's the stuff you wanted. What are you going to do with it?" While he was talking he was taking off his clothes and eyeing Ashley on the bed.

"I didn't think I'd ever be able to do this. I just wish she knew what was happening."

Mike chuckled and said, "She will next time."

The younger man said, "You think there will be a next time?"

Mike said, "I don't know, but if my plan works there will be," and then he explained to them what he was going to do. They would take all the condoms and fill them with enough hand lotion so they would look like they had cum in them and then they would tie them off and scatter them around the bed and put a couple on the night stand.

"And then we will take turns fucking her until we can't get it up anymore. When she wakes up in the morning she will find me in bed with her and as soon as I see her waking up I'll climb back on her again. When we get done I'll tell her how fantastic she was last night when she went out into the parking lot at the bar and gave us all blow jobs, and how great she was when she brought us home and fucked us. She will know from the way her cunt feels that she's been fucked a lot and she will see all the rubbers lying around and she will believe it. I'll tell her how she said she'd like to do it again on Friday night after work, and maybe even on Saturday since her husband will still be gone and we will see what happens. What you guys have to do at work tomorrow is go up to her and thank her and tell her how much you are looking forward to doing it again. And keep on her all day. Take her to lunch, send her flowers, buy her a box of candy, just keep her mind on what she said she would do after work. I'll be working on her all day too. I'll see if I can't take her out for dinner and some drinks and then we will go back to the bar and see what happens."

On hearing the plan I got really upset, but not for the reasons you might think. I was going to be stuck in this closet all night, but even worse, I had to be gone in the morning when Ashley got ready to go to work. It just wouldn't do for her to come to the closet and find me sitting there in a chair.

For the next couple of hours the three guys took turns fucking Ashley's inert body while I sat in the closet and watched. Toward the end she started showing some life and the last time that Frank fucked her I saw her legs come up and wrap around him. It was two-thirty in the morning when Frank and the other guy left. Mike climbed onto the bed next to Ashley pulled the covers over them and settled in for the night. That meant that I had three hours before Ashley's alarm would go off - three hours to get myself out of the closet and out of the house. I wasn't worried about Ashley, I figured she was still pretty much out of it, but how light a sleeper was Mike? About an hour later I heard him begin to snore. I waited a couple of minutes and then, crouching low, I eased out of the bedroom and the house. I was dying to know how the morning would turn out, but I couldn't risk it. It wasn't until I got to my car that I remembered that I'd left the chair in the closet. I debated going back, but then decided not to risk it.

I was parked down the street when Mike and Ashley came out of the house at seven-fifteen in the morning. I couldn't really tell from where I was, but I couldn't detect any signs of hostility. They got into Mike's car and headed downtown with me several cars behind. As they pulled into the parking lot behind the building and parked, I got the answer to the question of how Ashley reacted to finding Mike in her bed when she woke up - they leaned toward each other and kissed before getting out of the car.

That evening I parked where I could see Ashley when she got off work. She got into Mike's car with him and they drove to the Panda Bar and Grill where they pulled next Ashley's car and parked. They went inside and I moved to a back corner of the lot and settled in to wait. Half an hour later Frank and the guy who had been with him showed up and went into the bar. For two hours nothing happened and then Frank and Ashley came out and went to Frank's car, got in and began to neck. About five minute's later Ashley's head went down and when it didn't come right back up I knew that Frank was getting his dick sucked. I knew what I had set out to find out - that a sober Ashley, not drunk on her ass, would be unfaithful.

I left the parking lot and drove home. I parked two blocks away, walked back to the house and began to set things up for what I expected to happen later in the evening. Our rear porch is actually a wrap around deck that goes across the back of the house and half way down the south side. There is door from our bedroom out onto the porch, but I was gambling that no one would come out during the night's activities, and even if they did I could vault the rail and duck down out of sight. I fixed the blinds so I could see in, cracked the window just a little so I could hear; I arranged the deck chair so I could sit and watch and then I went inside to wait.

About eleven a car pulled into the drive and I peek out the blinds and saw Ashley get out of her car just as a second car pulled into the drive behind her. At almost the same time another car pulled up and parked at the curb. I moved to the back of the house and when the front door opened I heard Ashley say, "Anyone want coffee? I can put a pot on," and then Frank's voice, "Forget the coffee baby, you know what I want" and then the it seemed as if all four of them were talking at once and heading towards the bedroom. I moved outside and took up my spot on the deck chair. A minute or so later Ashley came into the bedroom followed by the three guys; she reached behind her to get the zipper of her dress, but Mike moved to her and pulled it down for her.

"Do slow sexy strip for us baby, like you did last night." Ashley looked puzzled,

"A sexy strip? I don't ever in my life remember doing a sexy strip. In fact, I've never ever done before what you say I did last night. If I hadn't seen all the condoms and if my pussy hadn't felt like it did this morning I would have called you all liars. I'm still not sure about this, but I just have to know if it was as good as the three of you say it was. I can't believe that I went from never cheating to doing three of you in one night."

She stopped undressing and looked at the three of them standing there watching, "The only reason you are here is that I don't remember last night, but after talking to the three of you I just have to find out what it was like. So be prepared, this could only be a one time thing."

As she finished undressing the guys began to strip and Ashley said, "God, I still don't believe it. Three guys and twelve rubbers. That means I had each of..." and she stopped and looked at them, "Who has the condoms?"

The three guys, caught unawares, looked at each other sheepishly and Ashley understood immediately what those looks meant. "Forget it" she said, "I'm past the point where I can get pregnant.

For the next three and half-hours I watched as the three men had Ashley suck their cocks, play with their balls, and fuck them. And she loved it; constantly asking who was next and asking them to fuck her harder, to fuck her faster. As soon as one came she had to have the next right away and then Mike asked her to turn over. Ashley, expecting to be fucked from the back, got on her hands and knees, but when Mike began poking at her ass hole she pulled away from him,

"No! Not there. I've never done it there" and Mike said, "Before last night you'd never done three guys before either. Just relax, you're going to like this."

And she did. She was in pain at first, but she ended up begging them to fuck her ass. She finally wore them out. They were spent! Positively, absolutely could not get it up again. Neither could I. I had watched and beat myself damn near raw. Watching them try to keep up with Ashley had been the most exciting thing I had ever seen. Frank and the other guy (I never did find out his name) dressed and left and Mike climbed in bed with Ashley. She tried to suck him hard again, but he just couldn't get it up. As she curled up next to him on the bed she said, "We are not going to make this a habit." Mike asked what she meant and she said, "I mean you waking up in my bed."

Mike was silent for a bit and then said, "When can we do this again?"

Ashley said, "Well, you and I will most definitely do it again in the morning, but all of you? I don't honestly know that we will ever do it again."

"Why not?" asked Mike, "You obviously loved it."

"I know I did and it surprised the hell out of me. But I'm a married woman and I love my husband." Ashley put her hand on his cock and stroked him a couple of times, "We will just have to wait and see." Shortly thereafter I heard snoring and I left.

I am not without a mean streak. Ashley always wakes up at six on Saturday and at six-ten I figured that Mike would be buried in her so I called on my cell phone. When Ashley answered the phone I could hear heavy breathing in the background so I knew my timing had been perfect.

"The weather turned to shit baby, so we called things off and I'll be home early. I would have called you last night when we made the decision to quit, but I didn't want to disturb you. I'm almost home, should be there in a couple of minutes or so. Love you baby, bye."

And then I sat there at the end of the block and watched Mike come flying, half dressed, out the front door. I wondered if any of the neighbors were up and looking that way. It would really pique their interest if they saw that and then me pulling into the drive. As soon as Mike's car was out of sight I started the car and drove up to the house. When I walked in the front door I was greeted by a naked Ashley, "You could not have come at a better time. I am hot and I want to be fucked," and she drug me into the bedroom. "How much do you love me?" she asked. A whole lot more than you know I thought as I said, "One whole hell of a lot baby, you know that. Why?"

"I want you to do something that you have never done."

"What?" I asked.

"I want you to fuck me in my ass, and then we have to talk."

Ashley told me the whole story while I sat there and tried to look hurt (God, if she only knew how much it turned me on to watch in action) and disappointed, it was hard, but I did my best. When she was done I said, "Is that it? Hell, if you have any more bad news hit me with it now and get it over with."

She was silent for a couple of moments and then she said, "Well, there is one more thing."

"What?" I asked.

"I want to do it again."

That was six months ago and Ashley stops after work at the Panda two or three times a week now, just long enough to pass out a blow job or two or get laid in the back seat of a car. Once a week she goes to a motel room with the boys (there are five of them now) and then she comes home and tells me all about what she did and I get so turned on that I fuck her till my dick hurts. Five times now I have gone out of town on business, all the way to the closet or deck chair, where I sat and watched as my sexy wife drained the life out of her lovers. Mike doesn't get to spend the night and wake up with Ashley at those times, but I have made several legitimate out of town business trips and on those occasions Mike has spent the night.

At work and at the Panda Ashley is known as Mike's married girlfriend; a girlfriend who is ready to fuck anyone he asks her to. Almost all of her female co-workers think she is a slut, and all of her co-workers think I am brain dead idiot who doesn't have a clue as to what his whorish wife is up to. I got a big charge out of going to her company Christmas party and walking around with a drink in my hand, looking like a guy without a care in the world, as Ashley snuck out into the parking lot and gave a couple of blow jobs and got fucked in the back seat of Frank's car and everybody just waited to see if I would catch her at it. I don't take her for granted anymore, but I do take her sexually every chance I get. I never get tired of her coming home and telling me about the sucking and fucking she had just done, and I damn sure will never get tired of watching.

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