Lou Ciphers Tale


"About time you asked Lou."

And I felt a hand wrap around my cock stroking it softly. The other hand was pinching the head with sharp nails. Lou spoke to me while it was happening. Asking if I was enjoying being her fuck toy. Telling me she was just preparing me for my grand finale. Helga moved beneath me and took my engorged cock in her mouth and I felt her bite down and my fleshy tool as the 2 men pumped me from both ends. At once they both tensed up and came in me. One filling my ass with seed the other filling my mouth before pulling back and squirting his juices all over my face. A gaff was quickly stuffed in my mouth gagging me before I could complain.

I was unstrapped from the bench and placed on the nearby cot and attached to it. This time on my back with my legs stretched wide and a pillow beneath me holding my ass invitingly high and open. Mistress Helga removed her mask and I was in shock to see it was my ex Sharon. She climbed over me and lowered her pussy to my mouth pulling out the gag, with a command to start licking. Lou had removed her chaps and pants and I could see her dildo in her boxers before she slowly lowered them and stepped clear.

She moved between my legs and rubbed the fake cock up and down my sore ass a few times. Teasing around my puckered dripping hole, waiting for me to finish giving Sharon a heavy orgasm. She stroked my cock as she did making my tongue work even harder to get Sharon off. Sharon was bucking and moaning as her juices flowed over my face.

"Now Sharon get ready to attach the cover as I fuck this silly bitch. Like all that have come here before her it will be the best cum she will ever have and when I am done she will belong to you again."

Lou's skin seemed to be turning redder as she talked. She had removed her shirt and banding so her breasts stood out so beautifully again, but they too seemed to be turning redder. The fake phallus pushed against my hole just starting to enter. Its tightness weakened by the drugs and the huge load of seed the biker left to lubricate me. The fake cock seemed to be changing and the harness was no longer holding it.

"What the fuck is happening?"

As she pushed further in Sharon held a small metal disc to the top of my cock. It felt like ice and she pressed down firmly and slowly as Lou pushed deeper into me. She kept pressing until my 7" dick was flattened into the metal ring as Lou started pumping harder into me. I could feel a tremendous orgasm building within me.

Lou was pumping so hard. Her skin getting darker red with every thrust. I could see the dildo no longer looked like a dildo. I was a real, very red cock attached to Lou's body. Very real. I looked up to see the horns that appeared on Lou's now red head.

Oh fuck Lou is Loucifer. I felt him cum deep within me and my own orgasm betrayed me. All I could see was this devil impaling me and letting out the strangest words as my juices squirted through a tiny hole in the metal disc. I came and came and felt like I would not stop squirting. As Loucifer pulled out he came forward and placed his cock in my mouth. I sucked him clean as demanded.

I found that my shackles had been removed and I reached to touch my cock as I held the devil's rod in my mouth. All I felt was a smooth metal plate where my cock had been.

"Didn't I tell you it would be the best orgasm you would ever have Felicia? I guess I forgot to tell you it would be the last one."

The laugh from Lou was definitely made in hell.

"Happy Halloween Felicia. You belong to Sharon now!"

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