tagLoving WivesLouise, My Oversexed, Loving Wife

Louise, My Oversexed, Loving Wife


I married Louise when I was 29 and she was 20. To be honest, I never really appreciated what she saw in me, but we enjoyed dating and as we got to know each other better, a brilliant sex life. I met her when she was 18, out with some friends in a pub where I worked while I was at university. She is a very attractive girl, petite and slim, with short blonde hair. She has the most fantastic figure, lovely breast, trim waist, a curvy bottom and lovely legs. I kind of hung back from the sexual side of things for a couple of reasons. She doesn't really look her age for a start which I found off-putting and also she is very short. It seems ridiculous in retrospect, but I honestly though I could have hurt her! Perhaps I should mention she is only 4' 10" tall and I am 6'1". I'm pretty well endowed too. When it came to it (she threatened to finish with me if I wouldn't fuck her) it all turned out great. That night I discovered she had the most pert, firm, fantastic tits, with incredibly sensitive nipples. She wears a 30EE bra and claimed she couldn't go topless as her nipples rub against her clothes. She tells me this is an unbearably horny sensation and arouses her nearly to the point of orgasm within about 20 minutes! Sexually she was uninhibited and loved me fucking her in any position. She got aroused and dripping wet in minutes with just me sucking her nipples and stroking her pussy and begged me to fuck her hard. I was astonished to find that this tiny girl could not only take the full length of my fat 9" cock with no discomfort, in fact, absolutely loved it! She would pant utter filth to me as I hammered my cock into her, comparing me to other lovers she had taken and how they simply didn't compare to me.

We found a favourite position very quickly. She would get on top and ride me hard while I sucked and chewed her nipples. She could have repeated orgasms, particularly the rougher the sex got. Needless to say I though I was in heaven. No way was I going to let this horny, uninhibited bitch get away from me, so after about a year I popped the question. She didn't think twice, just said yes, there and then.

Well, things went great at first, then I got made redundant from work. More time at home gave me an opportunity to find just exactly how horny my little slut was and how she spent her day. When I wasn't banging her cunt hard she was often wanking herself to repeated orgasms. She seemed to be insatiable at times! She'd wander round the house nude, deliberately giving passing neighbours a little flash of her beautiful body, a little game she loved. We experimented with toys of various sizes, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Her favourite was a large rubbery dildo, much bigger than my cock, that she used to stuff in her cunt, stretching it incredibly wide and used to lay there tickling her clit. My favourite was a small love egg which worked by radio control. I'd make her stuff it deep in her pussy before we went out shopping and wander round the supermarket torturing her, bringing her just to the edge of cumming. I loved that and so did she. One day after an hour or so of shopping and remote control sexual torture, she demanded we stop the car somewhere quiet and fuck. Ok, no problem! She started off by popping out the love egg and drove herself down on the gear stick while I tickled her clit and sucked her tits. She was incredibly aroused and pulled herself off the stick and pounded her cunt down on my rock hard cock. She must have come about 8 times in an hour to my twice, more then ever before.

I asked her about that as we drove home. She burst out laughing and told me – to my horror – there had been two guys peeping from behind some bushes and that for some reason this had really sent her wild. From there – with only a bit of persuasion on my part - it was just a short and logical step to taking the car out to local dogging sites and fucking her in full view, quite openly, in from of dirty old perverts who loved nothing more than seeing this lovely big-titted blonde wanking herself off or getting fucked hard then chewing on my cock. Often there would be smears of spunk on every car window as we drove home drained satisfied. Sometimes we would be asked if one or two of them could join in and fuck her or get oral from her as I fucked her, but frankly I didn't like the idea of this one bit. Dirty old bastards. Lou didn't seem too horrified by the idea and would bite her lips and look like she would have taken on a few of them, but I refused, forget that shit. We used to get home after and I could tell she was looking speculatively at me, then the idea seemed to pass.

I didn't find work but Lou did, in a pub. To be honest, it was a bit of a rough old dive but the customers were a decent enough lot. Most of them were quite a lot older than us. They did like Louise and her happy chatter and would spend long evenings leering at her. She started dressing a bit more casual, then started going without her bra. I found out she was bringing home three times more than she was being paid in tips, easily enough for the pair of us to live on. The landlord liked us too. He'd tell us about the pub trade and how it went up and down. It was a difficult time at the moment, most people being short of money and supermarkets selling cheap booze, but he was managing. He sowed the seed of an idea in both of us. Why didn't we start up in the business on our own?

We scraped together all our savings and put down a deposit on a tenancy, then opened up. It was pretty quiet at first but then new trade started trickling in, men mostly who liked eyeing up my lovely little wife. I recognised a few guys from places we had done some dogging, but they were discrete enough and didn't try anything.

The recession bit deeper a few years later and we started floundering. We could manage the rent and buy the beer, but after tax there was nothing left apart from food money. Louise tried her best and spent very long hours behind the bar. We tried it all, pub food, live music anything we though would work. Lou even offered to work topless, but no, we probably would have got trouble of the law. I went for an interview one day in London and came back on the train (the car had gone by then) and found the place packed. The nasty little bitch was wandering round, pulling pints as fast as she could, completely topless! I was completely horrified but managed to pull myself together and started to collect the hundreds of empty glasses. Later that night I was furious with her and we had a screaming row. All she would say was that we should count the takings. Then she threw the times we had fucked in the car in public view in my face and told me that this was relatively innocent, something she had done for both of us. I managed to calm down a bit and agreed, maybe, just maybe, this had been a good idea.

It became pretty regular after that. Lou would do the bar work in a tiny pair of shorts and a skimpy cut off tee shirt, then for the last hour would strip her top off. It was pretty easy to tell the dirty little cow loved the attention she got from these horny, leering men. But business boomed. We build the best customer base in any pub in town. I became accepting of the idea of her exhibiting herself like this. Quite proud of her really.

Things change though, don't they. Lou was doing the bar in the late afternoon one very quiet day. I was in the back lounge, on my laptop, revising my cv. I could hear some murmuring in the bar, then the sound of the door locking. To my surprise, I heard Lou giggling and a softly spoken man chatting. Curious, I quietly walked up to the serving hatch and slowly popped my head round. Lou was there, clearly being chatted up by this guy. No problems there, very attractive woman. Then the music system changed songs and I could hear exactly what this guy was saying.

"Come on love, you're the only reason anyone comes in here now. I know it's a bit early, but how about a flash of your lovely big tits before I go back to work?"

I peered round further to see what was going on. He was a big bloke, both bigger and younger than me, with a bodybuilder look. Lou giggled again. "Come on love, I'd love to check 'em out, get your top off" To my astonishment, Lou did just that, whipping off her tee shirt and stood there with her pert tits in full view. His reaction was pretty similar to mine. His eyes bugged out and his jaw dropped as he gazed at her pert tits gently jiggling in front of him. "Fucking hell! I knew I was a tit man, but you are fucking beautiful love!"

I was even more surprised at what happened next. He tentatively reached over the bar and delicately stroked her nipples with both hands. Instantly, they became fully erect. I realised I should storm into the barroom and throw this fucker out, but at they same time, realised I was very aroused myself and more than enjoying this situation. I looked at Lou and she seemed very happy, clearly enjoying this complete stranger gently stroking her nipples.

"Come over this side love, make yourself a bit more comfortable." Lou didn't seem to pause for a seconds thought, drifted out of the bar, using her sexiest walk, wiggling her cute bottom, her high heels clacking on the wooden floor. They went to sit on a long leather bench at the back of the bar while I watched , fascinated. God only knows what was about to happen. I could tell she was turned on. I didn't realise how much. I had a better view of my slutty little bitch of a wife from where I was, standing in the shadows of the serving hatch. I knew they were unlikely to see my peering at them in astonishment.

His hands were on her tits again, stroking, kneading her firm flesh. He was muttering something to himself, and she whispered something to him. I wondered if they would notice if they would notice me turning the music system down or off. Down, until I could hear both of them. Louise had her head thrown back and was clearly loving his ministrations, she was breathing deeply and sighing. Then she surprised me and pulled her large breasts up, cupping them with both hands, before bobbing her pretty head down and sucking on her nipples. The stranger was talking to her, telling her how beautiful she was. Oh yes, she loved that. He bent down, lifted her effortlessly and sat her in his lap, then started sucking one nipple and pulling and squeezing on the other, alternately.

Louise spoke then. "Fucking hell, I can feel you through your pants! You feel enormous!"

Stranger laughed, and said "Too big for you, I think babe". Lou pouted and stuck her lip out then whispered something. He looked surprised, and then nodded. He swung her off his lap, back to the bench and stood up. I was as horny as hell watching them, wondering what was going to happen. Well, I didn't have to wait for long. He pulled his shirt off, then his trousers, stepping out of his underwear. His cock was fucking huge, in girth and length, bigger than I'd ever seen before, even on stupid porn sites. I heard Louise gasp and she grabbed it. Her tiny hands wouldn't even go round the massive girth of it. She started gently wanking him, then guided it to her mouth and started to slobber and drool over his cock end. Both of them were clearly loving their little dirty game now, so I figured that they probably wouldn't notice me if I took a closer look. I quietly sneaked into the bar. She'd stripped off her shorts now and he grabbed her and sat her on the bench, legs wide apart. He went down on both knees and started licking her pussy, then concentrated on her clit, while he slipped a couple of fingers into her. She went mad with passion and had a screaming orgasm after only a few minutes of his attentions.

She lay back on the bench, gasping for a few minutes. She was covered in sweat and really sexed up. She spoke first, babbling at him to get his cock up her cunt and fuck her. Her new friend seemed only happy to oblige. He sat back on the bench picked her up effortlessly and spun her round. Louise's feet were on the floor. It was a good job she had high heels on still as she wouldn't have been able to reach his cock in that position. She was staring back at the insanely huge erection jutting obscenely between her legs, then she reached down and started to guide it to the entrance of her juicy cunt. Any pretence I was making of hiding my presence had gone now. I know I should have been stopping them of making me a cuckold but I was so incredibly turned on I just wanted to see what was going to happen. I realised I had my own cock out and was gently wanking as I watched her rubbing his cock over her sopping wet pussy lips, then she was on it. It was obvious that his incredibly immense cock wasn't going to get into my tiny petite slut, well, to me anyway. The two of them had different ideas.

Slowly, she began to slither down and his bulging knob end slipped into her cunt. She was grimacing, moaning and gasping for breath. Louise seemed to have bitten off more than she could manage, but I remembered some of the bigger toys she liked so much. It occurred to me that I was about to watch her getting fucked and completely filled by his massive weapon. I was right. She gradually forced herself down, taking about 6", clearly in some discomfort at first, then it seemed to me that she found it easier. The guy was stroking her lovely full tits from behind and whispering encouragement to her. She must have been so turned on that her juices were starting to dribble down the shaft of his engorged weapon, making the slow and painful progress up her cunt a bit easier. They were both straining and sweating to achieve deeper penetration, until her new friend seemed to lose his patience.

He lifted her, keeping her still only partially impaled on his massive cock and carried her over to a table, where he plonked her face down, her tits slapping against the cold wooden surface. To my horror, Lou looked up, straight into my eyes and smiled at me. Then she said, quite calmly, "Fuck me to death you filthy fucking animal, fuck me as hard as you possibly can!" These words came from her mouth as she gazed at me...

He did his best to slam his immense cock right up her cunt, but it was clear it was a struggle. He fucked her for over 20 minutes before he managed to achieve full penetration, then he really let rip. I watched open mouthed as she managed to take the full length of this cock, probably over 12" long and easily as thick as my wrist, to it's fullest extent. To say she was loving it would have been the understatement of my lifetime. She absolutely fucking adored it, coming like a bitch, over and over again. He fucking her like a helpless little ragdoll, in every possibly position, as she screamed for more and more before his veins and tendons pumped up and he finally spewed his spunk deep up her massively overstretched twat with an animal roar of triumph. She jerked and shuddered with the full length of his mighty cock embedded deep in her, coming again and again.

I stood there, embarrassed, slightly angry, jealous and silent.

Louise spoke first. "John, why didn't you come and join in? I know you've been watching all along and so did Gary. I would have loved it you know. Come on babe, your turn to fuck the arse off me."

Then Gary spoke. "Come on man, fuck the dirty little bitch. Nothing nicer than a well stretched cunt full of hot spunk"

I walked over to where she lay gasping on the table, spunk trickling from her gaping twat. I ripped my clothes off and stuffed a couple of fingers into her cunt. I worked them in and out slowly, added a third finger, then a fourth. Her cunt felt slack, hot and well lubricated. I withdrew them slowly, formed all my fingers and thumb into a duck bill shape and started grinding my fist against the entrance of her hot steaming cunt. There was very little resistance, then she screamed "Oh fuck yes!" and my fist slid deeper and deeper up her battered twat. We had never done this before. I found it incredibly erotic and my erection started throbbing as my fist slipped into her. She was babbling filth to me as I fisted her, telling me how deeply Gary had penetrated her, how his monster prick had hammered past her cervix and into her uterus. I felt for the entrance of her womb, sure enough, it felt like she had just dropped a kid out of there! My fingers struggled past her cervix slowly, then I was in there. I formed a proper fist with my hand and really started to hammer it in and out of her, every time past her gripping cervix and into her womb. Little innocent looking Louise absolutely loved it and I could feel her starting to build up to an orgasm as her pussy lips clung to my wrist. She came again, hard, screaming obscene filth, loud enough to be heard from outside, her sweet, once tiny cunt squirting a creamy mixture of both their cum out up my arm.

I didn't give her any time to calm down before I withdrew my fist with an obscene popping noise, walked round to the top of the table and shoved my throbbing cock right down her throat, fucking her pretty face like a second vagina. I didn't last long, fortunately, as I probably would have choked the filthy fucking bitch to death. I came with my cock stuffed right down her throat and my hands gripping her thoat tightly while she stared up at me with a panicked expression, tears streaming down her face.

Gary watched all this with interest, stroking his gigantic cock back to erection. He lifted her up off the table, lay back on the floor and guided her down his throbbing cock, she took it all, with incredible ease this time, the pulled her down so her fantastic tits squashed against the lower part of his chest. She looked exhausted.

"Fuck her arse, mate while I'm stuffed up her!"

I did, lubricating my cock with the cum oozing out of her. I didn't waste time on niceties, just rammed it straight up her. She was in complete agony at first while we alternately hammered into her, but it soon became apparent that she was enjoying being stuffed completely full with both our cocks. While we double fucked her, Lousie came again, screaming and screaming. Between us, we were merciless, even after she screamed for both of us to stop because she couldn't take anymore. Gary was torturing her nipples, biting them, pulling them and twisting her rubbery flesh. Although she begged us to stop we didn't and she didn't. I don't know how many times she came during that bizarre double fuck but at the end of it she was completely exhausted. I think we fucked her for over an hour. Certainly, her cunt and her arse were red, swollen and sore.

When we were both finished abusing my unfaithful slut of a wife she lay dazed on the floor. Gary actually congratulated me on finding such a fantastic woman!

When Louise had recovered – Gary carried her up to the shower and threw her on our bed so she could sleep a while – we had a few drinks, all of us grinning like kids. Gary stayed with us for a week and fucked her for ten or more times a day, while I fucked her, fisted her, buggered her savagely in between. Lou couldn't manage to take his huge cock up her arse or get his large hand up her cunt, but he wasn't disappointed. All of us had generally had a terrific filthy time, all of us loved it. Me and Lou learned a lot about our sexuality in that week. Louise found out she enjoyed being restrained, gagged and abused. She tells me that the feeling of powerlessness while Gary or I beat her arse and the other slaps her tits until they bright red and sore before we fuck her senseless between us is one of the most liberating experiences she has ever had.

We still go dogging but it's a lot more interactive now. She simply loves being tied and gagged while groups of complete strangers fuck her on the bonnet of our new car in darkness, or gives blow jobs over and over again until her stomach is bloated with spunk.

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