tagIncest/TabooLouise's Treat

Louise's Treat


Louise was your typical eighteen year old girl. The rebellion of her earlier teenage years had turned in to a real desire to experiment and try things. But she was generally a good hearted girl. She had decided not to follow her older sister to University. The fees put her off and academic study was not her natural interest. She was very pretty though with amazing sparkling blue eyes, curly brown natural locks, full lips, slender body but with full curves and a great taste in clothes. Despite her inevitable attractiveness, until recently she was quite innocent when it came to sex. But, Louise had a secret so huge if could cause damage to those she loved most if it ever came out. Not only did Louise fantasise about her dad's cock being buried inside her in every which way, she had actually started an affair with her dad. She couldn't help herself; he was the only man that she could ever imagine giving herself too. And her dad was only too happy to oblige. He couldn't say no to his sweet little girl. Her breasts were just right for her frame, small and firm, her nipples poked right through her shirt with the lightest of touches. Her tight little ass reminded him of a peach - it was that perfectly formed. But the thing Louise's daddy loved most, was her nice, smooth, tight, little, snatch. It tasted divine and even now - after several fucks - it was still tight when he thrust inside her.

Louise loved her dad and up until today she had never told anybody about her secret, not even her best friend Ellie. At school they used to gossip, as girls do, about the hottest boys, who they fancied and exaggerating about what they would do to them. Now they had left school together and were working in retail in the same store. The gossip turned more to teasing and daring between the two friends.

Louise had arranged to meet her dad in the café near her work one day, so they could have some fun together away from home. Ellie had joined Louise from work before her dad arrived. Conversation turned to the regular topic. Ellie teased Louise saying that she was probably still a virgin anyway. It was a conversation that was intended to provoke a response. And a response it got. Louise confessed that she wasn't a virgin. She told Ellie everything she had done so far and everything she wanted to try that she had seen on dirty movies or heard about. The only thing she didn't tell Ellie - who her lover was.

Ellie begged and pleaded and in the end Louise said that she couldn't say because he was an older man and could get into trouble.

"Speaking of older men" remarked Ellie "your dad is fit - the things I would do.to him if I could!"

Louise glanced over -- yes her dad had arrived and was standing waiting to join her after ordering a macchiato.

"Put your money where your mouth is and come round to mine tonight." Louise whispered in Ellie's ear "I'm quite sure my dad would love to fuck you as much as you want him!"

Ellie looked shocked, but she giggled that she would be over later. In a hurried goodbye parting kiss, Louise told her she would call her later when the time was right. Ellie waved at Louise's dad as she left the table and as he came to join his daughter at the table.

Now Ellie was the opposite of Louise. She had been with a several boys, usually older and experienced. She knew all about what made men tick ... well that's what she claimed anyway. She was tall and skinny with bleach blonde straight hair. Her mum let her use sun beds so she had a nice sun kissed glow and her boobs were huge. At least Louise thought they were compared to hers. Louise felt her knickers get damp as she thought about her plan for tonight. She hoped she could get it to work. She smiled up at her dad as he joined his daughter at her table. There was a mischievous glint in her eye. She could remember the frisson she had felt when Ellie had hinted that she had also been in a threesome.

"What are you up to?" Sam asked

Louise glanced at him innocently.

"i don't know what you mean, daddy." she said, as she pulled a lollipop out her pocket. She unwrapped it there and then.

Louise knew just how to tease her dad; how to get him all hot and bothered very quick. She curled her tongue round the lolly.

"Mmm. This tastes good." She slipped it in her mouth twirling the stick round before slipping it back out.

"Daddy..." She says in between sucks. "... can Ellie stay over tonight please?"

She lets the lolly slide in and out her mouth letting Sam see her tongue circling round it.

"I guess so, baby." Says Sam a little hesitantly.

But the transaction is done. And Louise puts the lollipop down. The conversation moves on. Father and daughter have their time together with a little playful footsie -- shameless in public. They finish their coffees and leave with one thing in mind.

The route home cuts through the derelict railway track surrounded by trees and overgrown shrubbery. Louise knowingly puts the lollipop back in her mouth as she walks along. Sam looks around to make sure there's nobody there, his cock twitching and fully erect. He can't believe how much of a cock tease his little girl is and half the time she doesn't even realise she's doing it. He grabs her and pushes her up against the wall. His lips are pressed hard against hers; his manhood rubbing against her. Louise lets the lollipop fall from her hand as her dad caresses her breasts, kissing her neck.

"Baby, I want to do something we haven't done yet and if you don't like it we can stop."

He groans as she grasps his cock in her hand.

"Kneel down princess and open your mouth, you're going to suck something bigger than that lollipop."

Louise puts her coat down on the grass and kneels mouth open, she unbuttons her shirt a little to let her dad see some cleavage as he frees his rock hard cock.

"We've got to be quick baby, in case somebody sees us. So I'm going to fuck your mouth."

He moves closer and pushes his cock between her lips, his hands resting on the side of her head as he slowly slides his cock in and out, in and out. Louise's tongue dances along his cock as he thrusts a little harder, a little deeper. It's not long before he's almost lost control. His fingers wrapped in the either side of Louise's hair, he's pulling those pretty lips all the way down onto his cock. He can hear her choke on his manhood and gag but this just spurs him on.

He looks down to see if Louise is okay and to his surprise her hand is inside her panties. As he fucks her face, she is bouncing on her hand fucking herself. Louise starts moaning as her dad's cock slides into her throat, it's all too much and with a low groan the first spurt of hot salty cum shoots down her throat -- then another and another. Louise has.no choice but to swallow as her dad's cock fills her mouth throbbing against her tongue. Sam adjusts himself then helps Louise up.

He slides a finger along her pussy lips to feel how damp she is and then lets her suck.it clean for him.

"Come on." Sam says "Let's get home and sort out some dinner if you want Ellie to stay."

As soon as they get home Louise runs a shower. Once washed and changed she runs downstairs to tell her dad they need popcorn and junk food for movie night. Sam rolls his eyes knowing this means a shopping trip, but if it makes his princess happy he doesn't mind.

As Sam heads to the door, Louise calls after him "I might have a surprise for when you get home and if I do then you've got to play along with what I say!"

Sam smiles thinking that Louise has planned a little role play or maybe a sexy little outfit or a new thing she wants to try. Since Sam took her virginity she's been non-stop. She wants to try everything. 'If she doesn't like it, at least she has tried it' is her motto. Sam loves that new, fresh enthusiasm about his daughter. Her willingness to please, to explore and to be explored, just thinking about it makes his cock hard again.

Sam gets in the car and drives off, determined to make it his shortest trip ever, he wants to get in, get what's needed and get home to his beautiful baby girl as soon as possible.

As soon as Sam pulls away, Louise rings Ellie. "You've got to come round now!" She exclaims "My dad will be back real soon and I have a plan."

Louise quickly explains the plan to Ellie before putting the phone down and running to her bedroom.

Louise selects a red silk nightie that her dad bought for her. It's silk up to just under the bust then it's a lace pattern in a V-neck over the boobs. No panties as they would just come off anyway but black hold up stockings with red entwined in the lace at the top.

There's a knock on the door and Louise runs to answer it. She checks the peephole and sees it Ellie. She opens the door and leads Ellie to her bedroom.

Ellie drops her bag and quickly changes into black stockings and a pink baby doll nightie. She looks so hot and Louise can feel her pussy dampen at the sight.

"You look so good, Ellie." Louise murmurs. "I can't wait to play, but I've never been with a girl before, so I think if you play with me first then my dad will come home. He will catch us and I'm sure he will join in then. You can both teach me if you want".

Ellie climbs onto the bed without saying a word. She kisses Louise, her soft lips caressing and teasing as she slips her tongue inside exploring. Ellie's hand reaches down and lightly strokes Louise, the silk of the night dress rubbing against her pussy makes Louise moan softly. Ellie moves down the bed, pushing the night dress up. She slowly kisses up Louise's right thigh, blowing cool air onto Louise's hot pussy, Ellie works her way down to her left thigh teasing. Ellie watches Louise writhe in anticipation; she slowly licks her way up Louise's thigh. Her tongue reaches Louise's ass and from there she uses one long slow stroke all the way up over Louise's pussy lips up to her clit.

Ellie slips a finger instead Louise's quivering pussy, as she kisses her hips and works her tongue back to Louise's clit. Each stroke of her tongue drives Louise wild. It's not long before Louise is bucking against Ellie, moaning and writhing on the bed. Caught in the moment, neither girl hears the front door close.

Sam returns home. No TV on which is unusual. And nobody is downstairs. He walks through to the kitchen puts the shopping down onto the table, and he hears moans coming from upstairs. At first Sam is furious, how dare his baby girl let anybody else touch her especially in his home. He is filled with jealousy and rage ... but also curiosity. What would it be like to watch his little girl take another cock, to see it slide in and out her pussy? Could he maybe fuck her straight after? Would he want to fuck her, especially if she was filled with another guy's spunk? Sam found himself contemplating things he had never dreamt he would do, like fucking his baby's cum filled pussy or joining in whilst she was getting fucked. His cock began to grow, as he crept slowly up the stairs towards his little girl's bedroom. The bed was creaking and his little girl was almost screaming in delight. Hearing his baby moan always made him rock hard instantly and tonight was no different. He crept closer, freeing his cock from his trousers. He pushed the door open slightly. In front of his eyes was Ellie, ass in the air pink nightie above her hips, pussy on full show with her head buried between his little girl's legs. He looked at Louise who was writhing round the bed in ecstasy, fondling her boobs as her friend ate her tight little pussy. Sam grasped his cock he started long slow strokes back and forth, He wanted to be in there between them tasting them both but he dare not intrude.in case they stopped. He stared at the scene unfolding before him. As he looked up, Louise's gaze locked with his and she smiled. She beckoned for him to enter the room.

Sam puts his cock away, walks in and in the most authoritative voice he can muster, he growls "Just what the hell is going on here?"

Startled Ellie spins round tumbling off the bed, her legs spread and her pussy glistening. Sam struggles to take his hungry eyes off her.

"We're sorry daddy but we couldn't help it." Louise says. "You won't tell on us will you, please Daddy we will get into so much trouble."

Louise winks at Ellie who also joins in "Please don't tell. Isn't there anything we can do to show how sorry we are?"

Both girls know they have him, they know exactly what he's going to say.

Sam strips naked, pulls the chair from the desk over to by the bed and sits down. "If you do anything I say then I'm sure it can be our secret girls!"

Both beauties look at each other smiling, "That's what we hoped you'd say!" they giggle.

At this moment, Sam realises that this was the surprise his naughty little minx had planned for him. She was giving herself and her best friend to him to satisfy any desire he wanted. Both girls were dressed to please with wet pussies. They had a willingness, an eagerness to satisfy him and to have his cock. Sam couldn't believe his baby girl had managed to pull something like this off and he realised that movie night just took on a whole different meaning.

Sam sits in the chair stroking his hard cock. "Ellie, you lie down on the bed and spread those gorgeous legs sweetheart." He directs. "Louise you come here."

As Louise goes towards him Sam turns her around, her pussy dripping wet he slides her down onto his cock, her tight pussy grips his cock as he thrusts in and out, a few quick short thrusts just enough to cover his cock in his daughter's juices. With his cock soaking he lets Louise up.

"Now baby girl" he groans as he strokes his cock "You're going to make Ellie cum so daddy can see!"

Louise kneels on the bed between Ellie's legs and looks at her dad, sheepishly she says "But I don't know how, daddy."

Sam groans at his daughter's bashful innocence, a trait in her that makes him want her more.

"First of all baby, I want you to take off her nightie. Then I want you to do to Ellie all the things I do to you that make you feel good! And don't worry daddy will tell you if you're doing it right!"

Louise peels down the flimsy straps of Ellie's nightdress pulling it down over her big, round, firm, voluptuous breasts. She continues pulling the nightie down her stomach. Ellie lifts her ass as Louise continues down her legs pulling it off entirely. Without hesitation Louise removes her nightie, pulling it straight over her head leaving both girls almost naked on the bed except for their silk clad legs in stockings. Sam gasps at the contrast of Ellie's golden skin, big tits and hairy pussy to Louise's small pert tits, milk white skin and smooth pussy. He waits in anticipation. He has two horny young women at his beck and call, his cock is rock hard and he has plans - plans that will take them right through the night.

Louise starts at Ellie's feet running her hands slowly up each of Ellie's legs, as she reaches Ellie's thighs she lowers her head alternating kisses on either one. She can smell Ellie's pussy and she wants it. She kisses over Ellie's hips as she groans in frustration. Her mouth moves slowly up Ellie's belly. Louise's breasts brushing against Ellie's bare flesh. Louise reaches Ellie's tits and she cups each one in her hand, squeezing them, caressing them. She lowers her lips and clamps them on Ellie's nipple sucking and nibbling whilst her other hand gently tweaks Ellie's other nipple. Ellie moans.in delight as Sam moves towards the bed. He sits on the edge taking Ellie's hand he guides it to his throbbing tool.

"Wank my hard cock, Ellie," he groans as he feels her cool hand wrap round his hot rod. "That's it princess, Stroke it, grip it harder. Yes - that's a good girl - now stroke me slowly, I'm not ready to cum yet."

Sam runs his hand through Louise's hair amazed at her beauty and her blossoming sexuality. He wants to kiss her but Louise pulls back, scurrying down the bed she laps at Ellie's wet cunt until her lips and tongue are covered in juices. She heads back up kissing Sam hard in the lips. He crushes his mouth against hers running his tongue over her lips savouring the taste of Ellie's pussy on his little girl's mouth. "Daddy - I want to watch Ellie suck your cock." Louise whispers.

"Ellie, get on your knees." Sam commands as he sits back in the chair "You're going to suck my cock."

"No daddy!" Louise whines. "She needs to be in front of the drawers so you can lean on the drawers, daddy!"

"Alright!" smiles Sam. "You heard the boss Ellie! Let's do it her way."

Ellie kneels in front of the drawers. She guides Sam's cock into her mouth, her tongue darting out circling round and round. Sam rests over her on the drawers, allowing him.to pump his cock into this beautiful girl's mouth. He pulls his hips back and thrusts forward completely oblivious to anything other than how his cock feels in between Ellie's lips. Louise kneels behind him. As Sam has his legs slightly spread and bent to give him a better angle and better thrust, Louise slips in and runs her tongue along his ass crack.

Using her hands, she spreads his cheeks and circles his rim with her tongue. Sam gasps in shock, followed quickly by a groan. Louise's tongue flicks against his ass as his cock buries into Ellie's throat, Louise's tongue slips into his ass he can feel it swirling inside - in and out, again and again. As suddenly as it starts it stops and is quickly replaced by Louise's finger. One at first slowly eases into Sam's ass, Louise lays under Sam her tongue running under his balls and then along them, alternating between sucking and licking. Louise pushes another finger in and steadily works them in and out, her tongue going crazy under as Ellie works her mouth along Sam's shaft. It all gets too much too intense -- two beauties working him from both sides he feels his balls tighten. He knows he's going to cum. A guttural growl escapes his mouth as he pulls his cock free splashing his load across Ellie's face as he stumbles back freeing Louise's fingers from his ass the second spurt lands on Ellie's tits, the third and final spurt splashing down onto Louise's face.

Sam steps back, his legs trembling. His cock is throbbing. He looks at his precious daughter covered in his load. He looks at Ellie and he feels his cock twitching to life again. Louise greedily licks Sam's cum off Ellie's tits sucking and nibbling and licking. She seems to forget that she hasn't been with a girl and lets pure unadulterated lust take over. She pushes Ellie onto her back and straddles her face as she leans forwards to play with Ellie's pussy. Louise rotates her hips, grinding her pussy against Ellie's face as Louise's tongue works up and down Ellie's tight wet hole.

"Cum for me bitch" Louise moans, completely forgetting herself.in the heat of the moment.

Watching the two young beauties eat each other's pussy and writhe in ecstasy is too much. Sam's cock is rock hard again and he knows where he wants it. He positions himself behind Louise near Ellie's head. He grabs Louise's hips and pulls her back into him burying his cock in one deep, full thrust. Louise gasps and Sam groans at how tight she still is. He likes how her pussy stretches to accommodate his member. He starts thrusting in and out, Ellie's tongue still licking away, brushing against Sam's cock and Louise's pussy.

Ellie moves her tongue and licks and sucks Sam's balls as he pounds his cock into his daughter's pussy. Ellie moans as Louise sucks and licks her pussy.

"Fuck me daddy! Fuck me! Fill me with your cum daddy!" Louise screams. "Yes daddy. Oh yes. Pound that pussy daddy. Make me cum, your little girl wants to cum so bad for you daddy, make me cum daddy all over your cock!"

Louise's fingers work furiously in and out of Ellie's sopping wet cunt, each moan Ellie makes vibrates along Sam's cock and balls, spurring him on.

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