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Love a Guy in Uniform


I live between 5 and 6 hours from my family and don't get to visit them very often, partly because with work and school I don't have much spare time and partly because they don't know anything about my need to dress pretty. You see I'm a male to female crossdresser. On my trips to visit my family I have to dress drab, at least until I leave heading back home. This past weekend I had gone back to see everyone and on Sunday at noon, I decided it was time get started back home and was I ever ready to get pretty. I so needed to change that I stopped at a roadside park that is only a few miles out of town. I parked at the end of the drive and began to undress. As I sat there completely nude, I slid a Victoria Secret silky pink and white striped thong up my legs and over my hips and nestled it into place between my firm cheeks. Next I pulled a sexy light pink linen skirt up over my hips and zipped it up in the back. I fastened a matching Victoria Secret pink bra around my chest and then I pulled a light pink tank on over my head. I worked a pair of nude thigh highs up each leg and then slipped my feet into a pair of pink 4 inch high heel pumps.

As I sat doing my makeup, I had completed my mascara, eye shadow, and lipstick; I was startled by a knock on my window. There stood the most gorgeous man I have ever seen. I sat and stared with my mouth hanging open. He was tall with broad shoulders and black hair and the deepest blue eyes and some so so yummy looking lips. He knocked again bringing me back to my senses and motioned for me to roll my window down. Noticing the badge and uniform, I did as he instructed. Yes officer I asked, is there a problem? Oh nothing really miss, just checking to make sure you are alright and don't need any help. No I don't, thank you. Just touching up my makeup and going to stretch my legs a little before heading on. If you don't mind me saying you look beautiful just the way you are. I blushed and batted my eye lashes and purred thank you that is very sweet.

If I may, it would be my pleasure to walk with you as you stretch your legs. I breathed heavy and told him that it would be nice to have some company. As I finished my statement, he opened my door allowing me to exit my car. I decided to swing my legs around and slide over to the edge of my seat causing my skirt to ride up high on my thighs revealing my stocking tops. I heard him sigh a little as it inched higher and higher above my stocking tops revealing most of my thighs and just a little short of exposing my panties; I really liked him liking what he saw. With my sexy pink high heels together I stood and closed the door walking out in front of him smoothing down my skirt so he could get a good look from head to toe. As I turned to wait for him, a slight bend in one leg and a tilt to my head I saw his eyes moving up my legs and then over my body taking in all of me, and then he smiled. Seeing this made my heart beat faster and made the crotch of my panties heat up. As his eyes reached mine I smiled and brushed my hair behind my ear and bit my bottom lip very seductively. He took the couple of steps over to me and motioned for me to go ahead as we started our walk around the park. We talked about a lot of stuff and nothing really. As we got back to my car he opened the door and I turned to face him. He said he enjoyed our talk, I laughed and said really but we didn't talk about anything. And then he leaned into me and placing his hand on my neck pulled me to him and pressed our lips together. Our lips moved together and then parted and our tongues found each other.

As we kissed, I moaned into his mouth and ran my hands up under his arms and back and over the top of his shoulders pulling myself up and into him. It felt so good to be standing there with him our arms wrapped around each other; it has been soooooo long since a man had kissed me like that. His hands explored my body first up and down my back then over my hips and then to my butt where he cupped my cheeks in his hands and pulled me into his hardening crotch. I cooed as he did and moaned more. I ran one hand down to his confined penis and squeezed it through his uniform pants. I broke our kiss and panted in his ear that I could take care of this for him. He looked into my eyes with so much lust and just unbuckled his belt. I looked all around to make sure no one could see as I unzipped his pants and dropped down in front of him and reached into his boxers and pulled out his extremely hard cock. I licked my lips as I looked up into his eyes and moved my hand along the length of his pulsing member. My bright red painted nails looked so good wrapped around his hard shaft, deftly moving up and down his length. I moved him to my mouth and ran my tongue around the head and then along the underneath side from tip to base and back to the tip. He shuddered as I did and then I pushed him into my hot wet mouth, all the way to the back of my throat. I gagged a little and pulled his cock out just a bit and then pushed back burying him in my throat all the while continuing to stroke his shaft in my fist. He groaned as I swallowed around his cock and put his hands on my head pulling me to him and exploded into me. His cum rushed down my throat and into my tummy as he kept thrusting his hips into my mouth. After his last twitch, I pulled him out just enough to use my mouth to milk all his yummy cum from his beautiful cock.

As he began to soften, I kissed the tip one last time and pushed his cock back into his boxers and stood up looking into his eyes. He zipped up his pants and embraced me whispering in my ear that no one had ever made him cum so fast or so much. I moaned as I hugged him and told him that I loved the effect I had on him and that I absolutely loved sucking his cock. He kissed me slowly and passionately and as he ran his hand through the back of my hair pulling me into his kiss even more I squeezed him tighter and pushed my hips into him feeling his cock growing again. He broke our kiss and told me he had to have me, all of me. I told him I couldn't that it was that time of the month for me and that I wasn't on the pill and that I really needed to get back on the road that I still had a long drive. He looked down into my eyes and pleaded with me to reconsider. I told him I wanted nothing more than to feel him sliding into my body and that he made me tremble all over. He just smiled and kissed me again. As I felt my knees buckle I moaned into his mouth once more and relented. Just then he remembered he was on duty and couldn't take me anywhere. I asked him if he would like to take me right there, he laughed and said that would look real good, local cop arrested for indecent exposure in roadside park. We both laughed and hugged and I kissed him good bye. As I turned to get in my car I lifted the side of my skirt showing him my butt and thong and blew him a kiss. He closed my door and off I sped. The whole trip back all I could think about was how great it would have felt to have him pushing his cock into my body, using me for his pleasure.....and mine.

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