tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLove At First Sight Ch. 06 Pt. 01

Love At First Sight Ch. 06 Pt. 01


This story is contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. This is in no way connected with the subject. Don't use this without my permission. Now, on with the story!

Kylie woke to feel the warmth of the sun on her face through the window and a pleasant tingling between her thighs. She sleepily leaned up and looked down to see me lapping feverishly at her wet pussy. Kylie smiled and leaned up a little more, but I put my hand on her toned stomach and pushed her back down onto the bed. She gave a little giggle as she was pushed back down onto her back, and I tweaked her rock hard nipples as I sucked at her rock hard clit, causing her to moan in pleasure.

"Mmmm morning" she breathed, her eyes closing as I slid my tongue back deeply into her tight, wet pussy. I pulled back and licked up and down her swollen lips, then tongued her clit fiercely, taking her close to orgasm, her thighs attempting to squeeze shut though I had them pinned down. Kylie was now fully awake and fully aroused. Her pussy was almost dripping it was so wet, so I held her waist and rolled her gently onto her stomach. She giggled happily as I rolled her over, allowing me to freely lift her up and set her down on all fours. Kylie looked back over her shoulder at me with a smile as I gripped her curvy hips firmly and mounted her, sliding the full length of my 7" cock into her in a single, smooth motion. We both groaned and I pulled back till just the head of my cock was in her, pulling her lips out a little before I drove back into her. Kylie's fingers twisted and dug into the sheets as I thrust my full length in and out of her tiny, tight body.

Kylie groaned as I picked up my pace a little, my thumbs gently pulling the firm flesh of her bum apart to reveal her tight, experienced arsehole. I reached round and rubbed her clit fiercely for a few seconds, giving it a quick pinch to tip her over the edge. She squealed out in pleasure and orgasmed, her tight pussy clamping down on my cock. Kylie's juices flowed from her hot pussy, running down the insides of her smooth thighs. I pumped a few more times and slowed to a stop, then gripped her hips tightly. Kylie looked back to see why I was holding onto her so tightly and looked up with a questioning pout. I lifted Kylie and in one motion slid round so I was on my back and Kylie was kneeling over me impaled in the reverse cowgirl position.

Kylie held me with her lower legs and started to steadily bounce up and down the full length of my shaft. I held onto her slender waist as she rode me, then my hands slid down over the sides of her sexy hips. I felt the smooth skin under my hands as I moved them round to the pert, firm globes of her arse, the greatest bum in the world in my hands was an awesome feeling. I squeezed the firm aussie rear and caused her to groan. She looked over her shoulder at me with a sexy smile, her hair hanging down half over her face.

"So that's why you wanted me in this position is it?" she said as she continued to steadily ride up and down. I gently fondled her arse and stroked tenderly up the insides of the cheeks as she bounced. Kylie became more vigorous, bouncing in shorter, harder strokes. I gently ran my finger round the rim of her arse, then with a quick push I slid my finger in up to the first knuckle. Kylie had been at the very tip of my cock as I pushed my finger in, and she rammed herself down with a loud grunt, driving my cock deeply into herself and through her cervix. Kylie was breathing heavily and I stroked her bum as she paused for a moment to catch her breath. A drop of sweat slid down her spine causing her to shudder. Kylie started to slip up and down my shaft again and I started to thrust up to meet her. I wiggled my finger in her tight arsehole, teasing her talented sphincter as she slid up and down on my rock hard cock.

"Mm that feels nice" Kylie mumbled as she slid herself up and down, beads of sweat glistening all over her smooth back. I held her hip with my spare left hand to help her movement. Kylie leaned forwards to let me gently finger her tight back hole and pressure her clit to find her own pleasure. I slid my finger in a little further and started thrusting up into her harder, meeting her as she pushed herself down on me equally hard, causing our bodies to slap together as we fucked. I slid my spare hand up to play with her left nipple. Kylie slid her right hand to play with her other rock hard nipple and her left hand to her soaking pussy. Her fingers slid through her short landing strip of pubic hair, coating with her juices as she dipped them into the top of her snatch. The lips were already pulled open slightly by my impaling cock to reveal her hard clit.

Kylie's fingers slipped the hood right back and started to gently circle her clit. She moaned loudly and started to fondle and gently pinch her clit, taking her almost over the edge. Kylie started rubbing her clit and pussy lips hard as we continued to fuck forcefully, our combined fingers working her sensitive nipples hard. I thrust my finger hard into her tight arse at the same moment she pinched her delicate, horny clit. Kylie drove herself down onto me deeply again, her pussy spasmed hard as she came and her muscles locked tightly onto me. Her pussy milked me hard which was almost enough to get me off as she shuddered above me.

The aussie sexpot sat on me for a moment breathing heavily. She slid her hands from her nipple and pussy and dropped them down to her sides. I held her hip again with my hand and gently slipped my finger out of her arse. She gave a shiver as my finger left her, and clenched her arse to clamp herself shut. Kylie slid back up and started riding me again but she was evidently a bit tired. She managed 3 bounces before I held her hips and stopped her motion. Kylie looked over her shoulder at me, reaching up to wipe a strand of hair from her face.

"Come on babe" I said with a nod of my head, indicating her to turn round. Kylie smiled sexily and leaned forwards to put her hands down on the bed. She then drew her legs up, knees bent so she was in the splits position, resting her weight on me. I helped pull her round until she was facing me and she slowly put her knees back down on the bed and sat up, laying her hands on my stomach as she gave a wiggle of her hips, settling my cock deeply in her pussy again. She looked down at me and smiled. I pulled myself up to a sitting position, Kylie held on with her smooth, powerful thighs as we found a good position. She put her arms round my neck and drew me into a long French kiss, her tongue massaging mine. Kylie pulled away and I slid my hands down her back to squeeze her tight arse.

"That was fun" Kylie said

"It certainly was, you were enjoying playing with yourself I see" I said with a smile.

"You looked like you were enjoying playing with me aswell," she said, licking her lips enticingly.

"I certainly didn't mind" I said, sliding my hands up her sides to tweak her nipples.

"Mmm. You certainly don't" she said, leaning down and locking lips with me again. She pulled her legs up behind my back and I slid my hands down to her hips again and lifted her up. Kylie smiled cutely at me as I slid her back down again and started to build up a rhythm. Miss Minogue wasn't heavy, but it started to make my arms ache after a little while, but it was more than worth it as her tight, wet snatch slid up and down my shaft as we kissed and moaned together. She bounced up and down as best she could, squeezing my shaft with her hot pussy and scratching her nails gently up my back.

I couldn't take any more and threw my weight forwards, landing on top of Kylie on the bed, her legs splayed out. We both laughed and she started to suck on my neck as I started to fuck her hard, now in a position to really give her some. Kylie groaned loudly with a smile on her face as our pubic bones ground together, her soaking pubic hair pressed against mine. I started to thrust powerfully in and out of Kylie, driving deeply into the diminutive Aussie.

She moaned loudly with each thrust, her hands clawing at the sweat dampened sheets and her legs wrapped around my hips, pulling me in hard with every thrust. I kissed her hard, sliding my tongue into her mouth as she returned it, our tongues entwining as we continued to screw. I reached down and grabbed her hips, shuffling her the few inches to the edge of the bed so her legs were hanging over into the air.

I paused for a moment and slid off onto my feet on the floor. I grasped Kylie's hips and started pumping her intensely. Kylie grunted with the sudden pace into her slick pussy and looked up. I smiled down at her and slid my hand to her pussy and rubbed her swollen lips where they stretched out around my shaft, then dipped them into her velvet wetness and teased her hard, horny clit. Kylie's eyes squeezed shut and her head dropped back onto the bed in pleasure. I laughed slightly and pumped her with short, fast strokes. Her hands roamed to her breasts and she started tugging and teasing her hardened nipples, twitching and spasming in pleasure.

She slipped her hands from her breasts and reached up to me, looking into my eyes. I took her hint and held her hands, both of us pulling against each other as we fucking passionately on the bed, our backs arching. We both grunted and groaned in pleasure as we went at it hard, Kylie raising her hips to meet my thrusts and massaging my cock with her strong muscles. We held each other strongly, levering against each other in passion. I slid my hands from hers and she replaced them on her perky tits, pinching the nipples firmly, making herself gasp. I wiped the sweat off my forehead and grasped her hips, slowing her movement. My thrusts slowed to a stop and she looked at me incredulously. I gave her a wink and started to roll her onto her right side. Kylie helped me and eased herself over, bending her legs up.

Once she was lying on her side fully I stopped her, and she looked up at me with a knowing smile. She hooked her smooth, slender leg around the back of my right thigh and stretched the other leg up and round my lower back, pulling me in tight so I slid deeply into her. Kylie gave a ragged breath from the new sensation generated and blinked hard, then gave a giggle. I gripped her shapely arse with one hand and her perfect thigh with the other and started pumping on her again, driving in and out of her slick, juicy snatch with my full 7" length. Kylie clung onto the bed, digging her fingers in hard to steady herself. Her head was resting on the sheets, her breathing ragged and loud between grunts with every thrust into her. Kylie's entire body glistened with a sheen of sweat from the exertion of our passion.

"Mmm god!" she squealed in pleasure as I squeezed her tight bum firmly and drove in deep. Her pussy spasmed as she neared orgasm, and I started to feel the pressure building up. I rapidly stopped thrusting and grabbed her legs, folding them and rolling her roughly onto her back again. Kylie barely had time to register what was going on before I was thrusting into her again, my hands on her slender waist. We rolled back onto the bed a little and she wrapped her legs around my arse, her hands raking up and down my back. I pounded in and out of her as hard as I could, holding her waist with my elbows as my hands groped and squeezed her humble breasts roughly.

Her pussy gripped me like a vice as an orgasm tore through her body, her entire body arching up as she let out a guttural groan of pleasure, her fingernails digging into my back. Her tight pussy grabbing me hard was all I needed and I drove myself into her and unloaded, pumping ropes of sticky cum into her with each spasm. Kylie wrapped her legs around me and moaned as she felt it shoot into her. I collapsed on top of her, totally spent and exhausted. Our sweaty bodies pressed together as we hugged each other, laying still for a moment to catch our breath, our ragged gasps the only thing tearing the air.

"Well, that was, fun" Kylie said in between breaths before she drew me up to give me a kiss.

"I thought it might be a nice way to wake you up" I said, giving her another kiss.

"A sex marathon is not the usual way I wake up, but I certainly am not going to complain about it" she said with a delightful giggle. I just smiled and gave her another kiss before we lay just cuddling for another few minutes. Kylie then eased us up from the bed and stretched. I looked up and she giggled at me before pulling me up and into the shower with her.

An hour or so later, after showering and another quick nap to catch up a little I was sitting at the table as Kylie cooked a quick breakfast for us both. She sauntered in and set down the plate of her own personal fry up with bacon, eggs and so on.

"I think we're allowed to be naughty after the work out we had the morning" she said with a sly smile. I just smiled back with a wink and tucked into the delicious greasy meal. After we'd cleared up the plates, I sat down on the sofa for a moment as she finished in the kitchen. Kylie wandered in, swaying her hips sexily in her short black skirt as she did.

"You know what? I fancy a walk today" she said, giving a quick raise of her eyebrows and a wink to me.

"I think we can manage that" I said, standing from the sofa and extending my hand to her. She gave a giggle and took it, drawing herself in to me and sliding an arm round my waist as we headed to the door. It didn't take long before we were out into the countryside, past fields and hedgerows. We sauntered along in the warm morning sunshine, the dew glistening brightly off the grass. I noticed Kylie staring out over the fields and squeezed her slightly.

"Like it being wet don't you?" I said with a slight smirk.

"Well don't you? You don't seem to mind looking at it either" she said, looking me in the face with a smile. Kylie giggled a little and leaned up to kiss me. A quick peck soon turned into a full-blown snog and my hands soon slid up her top and started groping her pert breasts. Kylie pulled my hands from under her top and shoved me back through a gap in the hedge into a field. I stumbled backwards and fell onto the moist grass, looking up to see Kylie kick her shoes off and drop down on top of me. She fell upon me and we kissed passionately, my hands roaming over her body, sliding down to squeeze her fantastic rear. I grabbed the zip on the back of her skirt and pulled it down, her skirt falling loose. Kylie broke free and gave a glance over her shoulder, then looked down at me with a sexy smile.

"Looks like you're feeling as randy as me" she said, cocking her fiercely sexy eyebrow.

"With you, how could I not?" I said with a smile. Kylie just gave me a knowing smile and fell upon me again, kissing me hard as her dainty hands fumbled with my shorts. She deftly undid them and pulled away from me, kissing down my neck before crawling sexily backwards down my body until she reached my shorts. Kylie grasped the waistband of my shorts and boxers, lifted them slightly then pulled them down my legs. My raging erection was desperate to be free so sprung up and lightly hit her on the left cheek. Kylie smiled, looking up at me from underneath her incredibly sexy eyebrows with her gorgeous blue eyes, a sly smile spreading over her full, pouting lips.

"I knew I could count on you" Kylie said with a giggle and dived down on my cock. She sucked my rod into her mouth, lapping at me with her tongue and sucking hard. Kylie bobbed her head a couple of times as she pulled my shorts off my feet and out the way. My cock spasmed in her mouth and she slipped off, running her tongue teasingly up the underside and off the top of my head as she did so, licking her lips with a saucy look as she kneeled up. I sat up off the grass, my hardon pressed against my stomach and motioned for her to stand up. I knelt up as Kylie stood, watching her arch her back a little. She gave a little shake of her hips and her skirt dropped to the floor.

I stared at her gorgeous, slender legs clad in black stockings, held up by a black lacey garter belt to go with a sheer black tie-side thong. I gazed at her for a moment and she giggled, looking down at me eyeing her. I reached up and took hold of the tied ribbons on each of her hips and pulled. The ribbons slid easily undone and the thong dropped to reveal her beautiful pussy, neatly trimmed and visibly wet. Kylie spread her legs a little and the thong slid from between her tight, toned bum cheeks and fluttered to the floor between her legs. I leaned forwards and laid a kiss on Kylie's swollen, damp pussy lips, running my tongue up her slit. She moaned loudly and bent over from the pleasure as my tongue skimmed her clit.

As the delectable Aussie bent over I pulled her down and she let herself go and dropped onto all fours on the springy, damp grass, feeling the warmth of the sun on her smooth back. I quickly grabbed her hips and pulled myself into position, my head pushing against her bulging, slick pussy lips. With a hard push I drove into her, eliciting a loud moan from both of us. I gripped her hips firmly and started thrusting powerfully in and out of her, causing her to grunt loudly with every thrust as she felt the intense pleasure of my cock banging her cervix. Kylie drove herself back against me with every thrust into her, causing a loud slapping sound where we banged against each other.

"Oh god yes!" Kylie gasped as I drove into her. She leaned forwards, gasping for breath as sweat beaded on her forehead in the warm weather. Kylie spasmed in pleasure and bucked forwards, pulling off my cock. I dropped back down onto my knees, my hard cock sticking straight up and glistening with her juices in the sun. Kylie drew herself up on her knees and shuffled back over me, putting her knees over the sides of my legs. She got back just behind my knees, then reached back and arched her back to stick her bum out. Kylie positioned the head of my rock hard cock against her tight anus and sat back a little to hold it in place. She then turned back and put her hands down on her thighs and arched her back further.

Kylie bit her lip, gave a wiggle of her hips and then gave a firm shove backwards. She grunted loudly as the head of my cock popped into her tight arse, giving a shudder and putting her hands down on the springy grass as her eyes squeezed shut. Kylie gave a sigh and flexed her talented sphincter around the top of my shaft, then pushed herself down so her pert, smooth bum rested on my thighs. She slipped slowly back up my shaft so my bulbous head pulled back against the inside of her arsehole and then drove herself down faster, groaning as my cock pushed deep into her rear. I reached up to steady her hips as she started rocking up and down on her knees, taking my entire 7" length into her tight arse in the half doggy style position we had now adopted.

Kylie rocked back and forth quite vigorously, driving my cock in and out of her hot, vice-tight anal haven. Kylie and I both moaned as we fucked, my fingers slipping slightly on her sweaty hips. Feeling her silky smooth stockings rubbing my legs with each bounce was a huge turn, as was looking up to see her lacey garter belt holding up her stockings, framing where my cock was penetrating her amazing arse. My thumbs twisted lightly in the lace of her garter belt, causing Kylie to giggle as I let it snap back against her toned skin. Kylie suddenly looked up, causing me to do the same to see what she was looking at. We continued to enjoy the anal sex without bothering to stop as I saw what she was looking at. There was a glint of light from the far end of the field, which Kylie was staring at intently.

"Looks like we have admirers" she said, looking round over her shoulder.

"Should we...?" I trailed off, looking up at her.

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