tagBDSMLove Beyond All Bounds Ch. 02

Love Beyond All Bounds Ch. 02


Chapter 2 (Danielle)

*Why do we love surprises? Because fear of loss is as strong a lure as the hope of reward.*

When I got home, I had two things to do – three actually. I needed to sleep first. I made the morning meal. It was the usual. April and I chatted about her school's latest social scandal involving a cheerleader and a computer nerd. I double checked her Advance Algebra. She was smarter in most everything else, but I was better at math. Dad pretended we weren't there and didn't stir from behind his magazine until our housekeeper brought him his breakfast. Mom came in which was Dad's cue to leave. Mom got a hot cup of coffee. We said 'bye' to Dad and 'good morning' to Mom in the same breath and as always, April and I got maybe a grunt. April looked at me and rolled her eyes.

"I think Mom and Dad are getting worse," she whispered to me as Mom went in to get whatever health food crap that was the latest craze. I studied her for a moment. I toyed with the idea of telling her what I knew, but dismissed it. She wouldn't want me taking advantage of the situation. She'd probably knock herself out trying to find an alternative way for Mom to get money. Even if she succeeded, Mom would only hate her more, the Bitch.

"It is bad," I admitted. "Don't get in the way. It may blow over." She nodded, but without much enthusiasm. See my Sister was optimistic, but she was really smart too. She hugged and kissed me when her friends showed up to take her to school. She had her own girl posse, who were mostly friends she'd known since grade school. I knew their names, home addresses, cell numbers, birthdays. Hell, I even knew what boys they were dating, who they were crushing on, and what girls were pissing them off. I knew more about them than their own parents. I guess that made me slightly over-protective, but April didn't mind.

With Sister gone, I made my way back to my basement room/apartment. I cranked up my work computer and logged onto the company server. I answered the relevant e-mails, updated my manager, got the latest changes to the project downloaded and signed off. I worked on the project updates for an hour, found a discrepancy that needed attention, and fired off that bit of information to the project manager. I was glad I wasn't there to hear her explode, but it was better if we dealt with this now than a month from now, right?

Now came the fun part of my day. I downloaded the file from the video recorder onto my home laptop. I don't understand people who keep personally sensitive information where your workplace can access it. All I know is that people do it. I spent the next three hours editing and arranging the video into a full version for me, a version for Danielle, and Mom's Greatest Hits (so to speak). I contemplated showing it to her right then, but it was already noon, and Sis would be home by three and I wanted more time with Mom than that. It looked like I would have to wait. It was Friday. I couldn't count on April to not be around over the weekend and Mom usually went to work early on Mondays, so ... I had to wait until Tuesday, or Wednesday. There was one thing I could do though.

I began looking up divorce attorneys' webpages. It was somewhat depressing on how many divorce practices there were in the city. My search bore fruit though. I found Danielle – Danielle Fowler smiling back at me. Her father headed her firm and they employed fifteen other lawyers. That was impressive to me. I began an internet search on Danielle Fowler. She was her Father's only daughter. She had a childless marriage to a man five years younger than she was. His name was Douglas Conway (she kept her maiden name during the marriage). Ole' Doug had dumped her. Their divorce had been low key but I got the impression he'd put her through the ringer. Doug then was seen around town with the daughter of a Banking tycoon, so he had traded up in both ways – richer stipend and younger wife. That had to do wonders for Danielle's self-image.

April came home with her three bubbly friends around three-thirty. April wanted something but was afraid to ask. I knew her so well.

"What's up, Sis?" I said when we were both in the kitchen getting snacks for her friends.

"Can Tiffany, Kate, and Marti stay here this weekend?" she blurted out. This was something new. She hadn't had people overnight at the house since before Mom went to work. She was probably terrified to ask Mom or Dad, but reasoned if I made the call, I could cover for her.

"Sure April, it would be great." She looked completely relieved. "Let's go out, talk to the girls, and see what the plan is for dinner." April ran up and hugged me so tight it took my breath away.

"Thanks Damien, you are the best," she sighed. I stroked her hair and smiled.

"I will always be here for you, Sis," I promised. We took the drinks and snacks out to her teenage friends. Only when I noticed the conversation abruptly cut off did I notice all three girls looking at me. I was wearing my gym shorts and nothing else. It had never occurred to me to wear more in my home. Now I had my Sister's best friends ogling me. I groaned inwardly. I rapidly made dinner plans with the girls and they left to get their cloths and tell their parents. I went to the pool and got in my laps before they got back. By that time, I had on some of my old jeans and my university gym shirt.

I figured I had done my bit for my Sister when she dropped another bomb in my lap. Tiffany had brought over four sleeping bags and they wanted to sleep down in my basement. I smiled at her and told her it was okay. I still had to figure out a torture for Danielle. I helped the girls set up the basement den. We moved the furniture to the walls, rolled out the sleeping bags, and talked over what pay-per-view movies I would let them view (okay, I totally gave in to their requests). After I'd paid for the food, I took it down to the girls and retreated back to my room. By nine, I still didn't have a good idea, but I was hoping to come up with something. I was in a maroon shirt and black sacks when I went out to the girls.

I couldn't help but feel my groin tingle and stir. All four girls were wearing pajama tops that looked painted on, and shorts that road up their asses to the point I had to wonder how comfortable that was. I had the feeling this look was intentionally designed to short circuit my brain.

"Sis," I said softly. She got up and bounced toward me. If she hadn't been my Sister and my best friend, I would have pulled her into my arms and cupped that tight, firm ass. But she was my Sister. "Damn," I teased. "You look hot." I looked over all the girls. "All of you do. I think I'd better get out of here before I forget that I've known you since you were all ten."

"I don't think we would mind if you did," Marti said as she rolled from her stomach to her side. She 'accidently' pushed up one of her nice B-cup breasts that were training against her spaghetti strap pink top that barely passed her ribcage. It was so tight on her frame that I suspected she'd owned it since she was ten.

"Is it hard to breath in that shirt?" I grinned.

"No," she responded as she took in a deep, breast-flaunting breath.

"Well, you are making it hard for me to breath," I admitted. She gave me a salacious smile back. "I have to go."

"Hot date?" Kate asked.

"You could say that," I replied.

"Are you going to get her all wet?" Tiffany teased.

"Tiffany!" April gasped.

"That's okay, Sis. Getting her all hot, wet, and bothered is kind of the point, isn't it?" I told her. "All I have ..." and then it occurred to me what I could do to Danielle. It was wickedly evil. I walked over to where Tiffany was reclining. I knelt down and took her by the back of the head. She suddenly looked frightened and aroused at the same time. I kissed her hard on the lips. "Thanks Tiffany. You are a genius."

Tiffany looked stunned. She put her fingers up to her lips.

"Sure," she muttered, "any time." The other girls were deathly quiet.

"I have to go now," I informed them. Tiffany made a choked little noise that I associated with sexual frustration.

I got to the basement door that exited to the outdoors. "Brother," April said in a small voice, "be caref ... Have a good time." I had upset her, but I didn't know how. Right now I was running late and had to go.

When I got to the door this time I was smiling. The Big Guy looked at my card, looked at me and thumbed me toward the door.

"Did I put one over on you last night?" I had to ask. He laughed.

"Brother, you are one handsome looking man. Yours is not a face I was likely to forget."

"Why did you let me in?" He shook his head.

"You don't get it. There are a lot of women in there who'd claw each other's eyes out in order to get a piece of you. Besides, you clearly did well for yourself. The Boss is pleased. If the Boss is happy, I'm happy." That was good enough for me. I went in.

Even before my eyes had full adjusted, a small form came crashing into me. She hugged me tightly.

"You came back to me," she wept softly. I pushed her back roughly and backhanded her. I split her lip and she crashed to the ground. She looked up to me, her over-large eyes wide and fearful.

"Stop," she sobbed. I reached down and took her hand. I pulled her to me and hugged her to me. I put my head on top of her and stroked her hair and the back of her neck. She sobbed into my chest.

"I've been thinking of you," I said comfortingly. She hiccupped and her sobs subsided. I pulled her into the darkness. I pushed her away. She resisted until she realized I was leaning down to kiss her on the lips, at which point she melted into my embrace. As our lips parted, I gave her a mischievous wink and grin. "You've still been a naughty girl." Danielle pouted playfully and nodded. I dabbed the blood on her lip. She winced but didn't pull away.

"Have you been anticipating what I have planned?"

"Yes," she breathed. "I've been wet all day long. I had to rush to the ladies room ... twice."

"I plan to be very cruel." Danielle nodded again. "Take off all your clothes," I commanded. "I want everyone to see you naked." She looked unsure. "Now!" She started peeling off her tight pullover blouse. She had on a short black skirt, black hose, and black calf boots. I walked away from her, purposefully leaving her vulnerable and alone. It was all part of my plan.

I found what I was looking for, though it took me some patience to get her. She was in demand, so I had to 'skip' in line to snatch her away from some less aggressive patrons. All it took was borrowing my Mom's arrogance for a few seconds.

"Hey," she squealed. "What is all that about?"

"I need you to help me humiliate somebody," I informed her. "Are you game?" She gave me a crooked smile.

"Sure. Who is our plaything?" I led her to the frightened Danielle. I had left her alone for ten minutes by this time, and she was trying to cover her breasts with one arm and her crotch with her other hand. "What do I call you?" I asked my new companion.


I walked up to Danielle and she visibly began relaxing when she saw me until she realized I looked angry.

"Move your hands," I commanded. "I want everyone to see what a wanton whore you are." She quickly obeyed. I put one hand under her left breast then traced a line up to her nipple. I took it, rolled it in my fingers then twisted and pulled. Danielle gasped.

"We need light," I observed. "I want everyone to see you." I took Seven's hand but decided to push Danielle ahead of us. I saw her cringe when her bare foot stepped upon some wet spot on the floor. I was surely glad I didn't have to clean up this place every morning. I found a vacant lighted area. I had Seven step into the light first. She was a gorgeous blonde, well-proportioned and nearly as tall as I. She looked a lot like someone else in Danielle Fowler's life. First I requested, not ordered, Seven to undress. I helped her. In general, I was very polite and kind. I then laid Seven out so that she was reclining on the sofa with one leg hanging off.

"Kiss her," I told Danielle. She took a step forward. "On the lips." She took another step toward Seven. "No," I said softly, "the other lips." Danielle turned and looked at me. There was pain and fear in her eyes. She really didn't want to do this, but that was the whole point. I held her in an iron gaze. Danielle turned back to Seven and knelt between her legs. She gingerly leaned in and kissed her outer lips. Seven gave a snort.

"Are you good for nothing?" I taunted Danielle.

"I don't think she's ever done this before," Seven mocked.

"I believe the only other woman's pussy she's tasted has been on her husband's cock," I teased. "At least she should be used to the taste of 'Hot Young Thing'. Isn't that right, you useless cunt?" Danielle hiccupped. I reached down and pushed her head into Seven's pussy. I ground it in good. Seven moaned. I looked to Seven.

"You may need to teach this bitch how it's done." I took off my belt and smacked Danielle across her curvaceous ass. She yelped. Seven reached down and grabbed Danielle by her hair down to the scalp. She pulled Danielle into her cunt and began instructing her on how a pussy was eaten.

"You sucked down your husband's cum," Seven taunted, "but you couldn't get him to go down on you; how pathetic."

"She probably couldn't even swallow it correctly," I said. "She probably spit it up and made a mess. I swear I don't see why I bother when I have women like Seven around."

I could see that Danielle was struggling to lick Seven's slit. She was making a clumsy attempt at it. She was definitely crying though. About now, she was really feeling like she was eating the cunt of the twenty-something that had preferred over her.

"That's it," Seven exhaled. "Right there you little bitch, or don't you know what a clit is? There you go, now stick your tongue deep in. Lick it inside and out." Seven was rocking Danielle's head from side to side.

"I'll be back in a few minutes," I told Seven.

"I will see what I can teach this little, bity slut," she laughed. Looking to Danielle, she instructed, "now put your hand down between your own legs. Use your fingers on yourself to duplicate what your tongue is doing to me." Danielle complied, making Seven moan. I headed into the dark. I went looking for Mom.

Tonight was going very differently for her. As I found her, she had just finished using a Pony Tail to sodomize a middle aged woman when a large, hairy man spun her around and slapped her. He was old, his hair all grey and his skin sagging, for all his bulk. His penis was ridiculously small for someone his size. He was screaming at my Mother, calling her a slut, whore, and cocksucker. He threw her down and tore at her skirt, tearing it. Mom looked up at him, angry and fearful at the same time. A crowd was gathering, but instead of helping Mom, they were egging the man on. The man spread my Mom's legs open and pushed into her. She didn't seem too lubricated because she cried out in pain and the man couldn't fully penetrate her. He slapped her then backhanded her. Those were going to leave a mark.

Not being so successful going in the front opening, he opted for the back door. He hiked Mom's legs up to his shoulders and leaned his bulk into her making her moan in pain. He forced his way into her ass. She screamed again and started beating her fists against his side. She was screaming "No, No", but no one did anything. We were the entertainment after all. The only saving grace appeared to be that the old guy didn't have much sexual stamina. After only a few stabs, he pulled out and dribbled some cum on her pussy mound. I thought that might be the end of it, but now other people came swarming in.

Someone immediately took the old guy's place, ramming into her still dry pussy. She cried out, but was cut short by someone pushing his dick into her mouth. A woman came up and began mauling her breasts. The moment one attacker pulled out, another took their place. Soon they had her off the table, someone abusing every hole, with her jacking off to other guys. They were dumping cum all over her. Tears were streaming down her face. After twelve minutes the orgy was over. I moved away confident that I'd recorded the entire thing.

When I returned Danielle looked ready to bust wide open. Her face was covered in Seven's juices and her face was still at her cunt. One of Danielle's hands was savagely rubbing her own clit, while the other was pushing two fingers inside Seven. Seven was fully reclined, panting and sweating.

"Does the Bitch make you happy?" I asked Seven as I knelt beside her. She nodded lazily.

"The Bitch is a quick learner. I only had to give her the belt ten times," she sighed sensually. I looked at Danielle's back and saw the welts crisscrossing her back.

"I'm not convinced," I lied. I really thought Danielle was working her heart out. Still, I felt I had to do what came next if I was to go forward with her. "Seven, do you know I've never had sex with this slut?"

"No? Why's that?"

"If one man has cast it out after wearing it down, why would I want it? I am a young man, and I have a young man's needs. What do I need a frigid little bitch for when there are real women out there?"

"I'm a real woman," Seven panted.

"I know you are. It is plain as day, and because of that, I have a gift for you." I stood up and unzipped my pants. I was going without underwear tonight. I pulled out my semi-rigid cock and directed it toward Seven's lips. She licked the tip and murmured appreciatively as it continued to expand.

"Nice and thick, just the way I like it," she purred before swallowing my purple head. I put one hand upon her head. I looked down and made eye contact with Danielle who seemed transfixed with what we were doing. Her hunger was raw and painful to see.

"Don't you come, you bitch," I growled at her. She gulped but kept working feverishly on Seven. Seven was taking more and more of me into her. I began putting a gentle pressure her head until her nose pressed up against my stomach. Seven was definitely an expert cocksucker. I growled out my passion as I slowly started to face-fuck Seven. "You couldn't deep throat your husband, could you?" I taunted Danielle. "Could you even get past the head without gagging? I bet he preferred getting a hand-job instead of a blow job. That is so pathetic."

Seven began gasping around my cock and I realized she was close to cumming.

"Frig her faster," I told Danielle. She dove in with gusto. Seconds later, Seven's body began to tense up and then it exploded in a thousand muscle contractions. The feeling I got through her mouth around my cock was too much. I held off as long as I could, and as soon as she took a refreshing breath through her nose, I shot a load down her throat. She gobbled it up hungrily, sucking me like a vacuum cleaner. Not a drop escaped and I swear I most of poured a pint of my seed into her. She licked me clean as I came out.

"Master," Danielle whispered to me from between Seven's legs. Her eyes were streaming with tears and her voice cracked with need.

"You may cum," I said evenly. She leaned away from Seven. She took the hand that had been inside Seven and began playing with a nipple. Her other hand kept stimulating herself. I put my dick back into my pants then bent over Seven and engaged in a battle of tongues. I tasted salty, but she was intoxicating. She was really good at this whole sex club thing. I wonder what, if any other, job she had. I turned to Danielle and took her hand away from her nipple. I stuck those cum-slick fingers into my mouth and started sucking on them. Seven tasted good enough to eat. I also sent Danielle over the edge. She began to spasm and twisted on the floor.

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