tagIncest/TabooLove in Unusual Places

Love in Unusual Places



That was the last discernible word I uttered before the wall collapsed. It had been yelled just moments after the first big rumble and second before another. I had shouted it to a petite brunette whose wrist I had a fierce hold on, as I yanked her towards the empty hot tub.

I pushed her in, knowing I was a little rough, and that she may get hurt, but also very aware that seconds from now the whole world might end for the both of us.

My wife and I had purchased the home as a fixer. It was our first place and had a wonderful mid-century modern appeal to it and was perched atop a riverbank. From the moment my wife left the car, she had known that she had to have it. I had known it would be a lot of work.

And now three weeks later, it had been a lot of work, and would have been more still until the earthquake came. I had been working on removing the downstairs cabinets; clearing out a large useless laundry room in exchange for the future possibility of a private indoor spa. The hot tub was sitting inside already, slightly covered in a layer of dust, but otherwise eager to fulfill its promised relaxation. My sister in law was home with me, helping to clean up some painting she and my wife had been doing the night before. She was on the receiving end of the wrist pull and the harsh shove.

For a few moments my mind was blank.

I came too with a sputtering cough as my lungs and throat tried and clear away the dust that had filled the small plastic chamber I was sealed in.

My head ached, bad, and I felt a liquid drip down the back of my neck. The source of the wound wasn't immediately clear, but an adrenaline surge pushed it to the back of my mind.


"Alex?" her voice rang out from beneath me.

"Shit," I muttered as I realized the soft padding beneath me was her body. "Sorry."

"Its okay. You saved my life..." her voice trailed off almost as if she was just coming to the realization herself.

I rolled as far from off her as possible, but the hot tub wasn't large and we were pushed into the deepest bottom of the tub. Only six or seven inches above me was a harshly bent bar that had been the center support for the hot tub lid. We'd narrowly missed severe injuries.

"Can we get out," her delicate voice whispered in the darkness.

"I don't think so. I think the wall fell on top of the lid. We've got two stories of house on top of us."

I heard her whimper slightly at the thought.

"Don't worry. We're safe here. They'll find us," I promised. I didn't know the extent of the damage to the rest of the region, so this was a weak assurance at best. I was also worried about oxygen. If we were sealed beneath the lid there was the chance that there would be a shortage of air rather quickly. "I'm going to try and move the lid, Kate," I told her.

I felt a small shift around my neck and realized she had just nodded. Carefully I turned and pivoted, bracing my legs against the bottom of the tub. Taking a deep breath and trying to ignore the growing throb in the back of my head and neck, I flexed every muscle in my body. There was a slight upward shift that seemed to break the seal of the tub lid, but nothing more than an inch or two. I tried once more with a prolonged grunt and found that I had opened it all I could.

Not wanting to worry her, I told her that we had enough room for air now. Slowly I settled down beside her in the cramped square. There was no room for two people- not like this. And the first few minutes of cautious shifting, unintentional brushes, and gentle nudges were awkward.

Repeated sorries, excuse me's, and pardons were passed about like currency in the tight confines of the tub. When we finally managed to get something that worked, it was a cozy arrangement.

Katie and I were cuddled close to one another, our bodies curved in parallel to one another. Our knees were drawn up, hips bent forward and arms pulled towards the chest. Her hair brushed against my nose and our waists were tightly pressed to one another.

Suddenly I became consciously aware of how tight our bodies were together. My penis seemed to be aware of the fact at the same time. I almost wanted to apologize, but didn't want to acknowledge the hardening length between the two soft curves of her backside. My heart was beginning to pick up pace from a combination of nerves and arousal.

Damn, I swore to myself. Not now, not now!

I had long been attracted to Katie. Part of the attraction was the similarities to my wife. She had the same pretty hair, bone structure, and femininity. My wife was 5'4" with a 34C chest and a cute apple shaped derrière. Katie was thinner, shorter, with a larger cup size and smaller bottom. She was also more grown up then my wife. Her thin body lent itself to a a faster paced lifestyle and I had always found her conversation and ambition to be stimulating. Like me, I felt like she had married an underachiever, someone who wasn't quite right for them in terms of professional goals or social promise. There were brief moments alone with her where I think we both had been made conscious of the fact.

All of the thoughts I had about her feelings came to a head as I struggled to cool the proverbial jets. I remembered all the conversations that we had, the seconds where her hand would come to rest on my arm or back during those talks before it disappeared again. Every one was etched into my memory and now it proved impossible to banish them.

With that slim figure wrapped against mine, I was painfully reminded of that attraction, and I figured she was aware of it now too. If she hadn't felt like I had, then there was no denying the erection which now pressed against her.

I felt base, rude, and unrefined for this exposure and I muttered a swear word under my breath, forgetting how silent and cramped the compartment was.

My discomfort and frustration was rewarded with a soft giggle.

If there had been light, my face would have glowed with a flush redness. I was discovered. And not only was I discovered, I was helpless to fight it.

"Don't worry," she whispered, her voice soft and feathery.

"I can't help it. I don't mean to be an animal."

"I don't mind, seriously," she stated, her voice dropping a key.

I don't mind, I pondered. What does I don't mind mean? Does she welcome it, like I've long suspected? Is she open to the idea, sharing the feeling, conscious of the attraction?

"Why did you marry her," she asked suddenly.

"I love a lot of things about her," I replied quickly.

"But not her?"

I was quiet, formulating my answer for a bit too long. When I finally managed, "I love her," it was as empty and hollow feeling as it sounded. I felt more trapped than I had before. "What about you?"

"Morality." It was simple word with all the implications of the universe.

"Morality," I pushed.

"We were young and impetuous and I felt like I gave up too much too him. I felt morally responsible to him. We didn't have sex mind you, just some very heavy petting. I felt like I had to. Like if I didn't, I would be breaking some promise to him. I wish I'd know differently," she replied. Her voice was breaking and I could feel small shudders ring through her shoulders.

"I'm sorry."

"Its not your fault. I just didn't see the consequences beforehand," she answered with a sob. I slipped my arm around her torso and tugged her in closer to me. The scent of her hair and some of the paint she had spilled in it filled my nostrils. I pressed my lips into her hair and offered up what solace I could muster.

"Have you always felt it," she asked her voice clearing.

"This way? Yes, I think I always have."

"Me too. From the time she first introduced us, I hated you because I couldn't have you. Because I was married to him and you were with her. There was rules that said it couldn't be."

"Is that why you were so harsh on us in the beginning?"

"Yes. I'm sorry for that. I know I did a lot of trash talking and made things tough. But I was jealous of her and certain I couldn't handle it. I was right." Her fingers laced through mine and I felt her body shift closer to me and my ears rang with the gentle rhythm of her heartbeat. "Alex?"

"Yes Kate?"

"I don't want this to end."

I was silent. I didn't know what to say. Admission of these feelings violated so many promises and so many taboos. "I..."

My voice caught in my throat and I didn't know if I could finish my statement.

"We may not have the chance to experience this again," she said. I didn't know if she was referring to the possibility of us dying here, or the chance that life would deny us the experience. I definitely knew that my physiological response was not abating and I had to try and battle it to make a sound decision. "Just this once, for me," she begged, her voice abnormally plaintive. I had not heard that tone from her ever. Always she was strong and critical. Now she seemed to be emotional and vulnerable.

I still could not find it in my throat to answer. This wasn't what I had intended. I wasn't sure it was even what I wanted. I had always been drawn to her- but she was still a foreign quantity, an unknown.

My attempts at denial were futile though. She knew the strange tug of war that waged within me and did not let me make the decision myself. Her neck shifted and her lips found mine and her body moved further into the pocket formed by mine.

Her lips were foreign and sweet, coated with a light flavor of strawberries and the salty undercurrent of the sweat of her body. The kiss was soft, gentle, but convincing. I felt my heart beat even quicker, as the touch had its desired effect. I was hers.

In the silent darkness, our lips pressed on, parting and pursing, meeting and pushing, in an age old dance of realization and awareness. I became painfully conscious of her smell, her touch, the rise and fall of her breath as she kissed me.

"Please," she begged again, one hand moving to cradle my head while the other kept hold of mine. There was a steady pressure of her hand over mine, pushing it downward. I was past the point of resistance and I obliged. Slowly over her trim thinly covered stomach, my hand was directed. Momentarily the pressure atop it increased near her belly button, drawing out a soft moan from her between kisses.

I knew what inevitably lay at the end of my journey. She did not bother with any pretense or foreplay. Her hand pushed further down on mine until we slipped beneath the elastic hem of the pair of Nike capris she wore. My eyes widened in the darkness as I felt nothing but skin. She had gone without panties today. My mind would later wonder at that- had she wanted to be ready for me, easily accessible to my touch.

My wrist bent around her thigh, pulling out the lip of her garment and exposing the naked skin of her sex to the warm dusty air. She hissed in response. The tips of my fingers were close now, close enough to know that she was hairless, and that she was wet.

The full bodied aroma of her arousal filled our little shelter and intoxicated our minds. Slowly my forefinger and middle finger pressed further downward, coating themselves in her juices as they slipped between her labia.

"God, Alex, I've wanted this for so long," she whimpered as her thighs opened to allow my digits better penetration. I cautiously flexed my fingers at the knuckle within her- stretching her channel and gathering her flavors at their tip. Her waist trembled before me at this.

I began to rock my fingers back and forth within her, slowly plunging each digit in and out of her soaked tunnel. I would withdraw them momentarily, leaving her begging for more, only to stab them back within her. She was a vocal partner, something I had longed for from my wife, but never received. She was wanton and free in her sexuality and in her pleasure. And I reveled in it.

Soon her backside rose and fell over my hard shaft as she eagerly worked herself on my hand. I could tell that she wanted every opportunity to orgasm and I could not disappoint. As the smell of her sex grew stronger and the wet slurping noises of her pussy loudened, I could feel her begin to lose control.

Her voice echoed out in nonsensical chorus to the rhythm of my exploration and soon I felt her nubile form shudder to a climax.

She panted beneath me, my hand still trapped between her thighs. Behind her, I was hard and waiting, eager to be satisfied.

"I bet you probably aren't happy yet," she teased with a gentle push of her posterior.

"What was your first clue," I retorted as I gave her a little thrust of my aching member in the rear.

"Wrong hole," she answered, "Unless you're into that sort of thing." The thought of taking her anally was exciting, but I desperately wanted to feel the confines of her spasming cunt.

Grabbing her waistband with still wet fingers I yanked at its lip, forcing it to bend at her hips and slip over her backside.

Her knee rose slightly in the darkness, exposing her sex once more, but her now abandoned hand would pay it attention while I fumbled to lower my zipper and jeans. I let out a very contented sigh as my cock sprang free from the stretched enclosure of my denim and the first contact with her skin made it jump for joy.

Her wet hand found the shaft and slowly took measure of its size and girth.

"You're a big one, aren't you," she whispered. It wasn't a question that needed answering.

"I'm surprised you didn't know already, considering how much you girls seem to talk."

"I had an idea, but not that big of an idea," she laughed.

"Think you can handle it?"

"Maybe, maybe not, but I sure am going to try," she replied breathily. I could tell she was waiting now, for me to take the initiative and take her. "Don't keep me waiting," she begged once more.

"I don't intend to," I answered as I guided the thick purple helmet towards her flowered and swollen lips. They seemed to give off their own humidity and my cock bucked at the chance to experience them. Carefully, like a blind man, I felt my shaft over the smooth skin of her perineum and two the wet center of her sex.

I teased her with it, moving the head forward and back over the wet lips, parting them without penetration. Soon I could feel that urgent tremble in her body as she grew tired of these games and her arousal grew tired of waiting. Without word or warning, I would answer their beckoning call.

Centered over her hole, I thrust, half of my cock easily burying into her.

"Yes," she cried in the midnight environs. I thrust again after only a brief retreat, eliciting another affirmative cry.

Gradually I began to pump more and more of my length into her, stretching her wet cunt to its maximum. It squelched and slurped as I withdrew, carrying away its lubricant with the underside of my phallus. But her arousal quickly ensure its replacement. There seemed to be no shortage of her fluids and after a few short moments of screwing, I could feel it pouring onto her thighs and groin.

Reaching down and pulling the upper leg as high as the ceiling would allow, I began to hammer into her from behind. Over and over again I would sink the bulbous head into her small frame, causing her to bounce and shudder and shake at its bruising force. But it fazed her none, and her voice yelled out in the pile of timber and drywall that entombed us.

Her tight walls clamped down on my shaft as her orgasm neared, their strong muscular surface enhancing every iota of sensation that I experienced.

"Fuck," I muttered into her ear. After two children, she still had an amazingly tight cunt. "You pussy is amazing," I growled.

"Mmmm, not compared, mm, to your cock," she grunted back. Her hips were circling wildly now, driving my shaft against all sides of her twat and stretching particular points of her labia wide open. "I'm going to come again," she panted. A sense of seeming surprise filled her voice.

Increasing my pace, I gloried in the sense of power and ability that her admission gave me. "Never come twice," I teased. "Your husband not man enough?"

"Fuck! I barely ever, unngghhhh, get there once, uhh!" She struggled to talk, the speed of my thrusts pushing her towards that brink of release. My arm gripped her generous breast, and groped. Her hard nipple was tweaked between two knuckles as I mauled her. "Use me," she squealed.

Soon the splashing wetness of our sexes grew louder and the flow obviously stronger. Just as the first signal wave of her coming orgasm crested, her scream belted from her lungs like some trapped devil.

"Shit!!! Oh god, oh god, oh fuck!" Her whole body spasmed and shook beneath me, out of control. The revelation of her peak sent me to mine, and deep within her tunnel I felt my seed spill. Over and over my balls seized as they pumped her full of the fertile potion of life. Her hand caressed the joining of our sexes, massaging any fluids into her skin that might escape. "Amazing," she just kept whispering over and over as her womb drank up my release.

I bit at her ear and nibbled on her neck as our mutual climaxes receded. "That was wonderful."

"It was, wasn't it," she replied.

For several minutes that could have lasted an eternity we were quiet. I could tell that she loved being joined to me, as she didn't move an inch, ensuring that my softening cock remained hers.

My hands continued to pet and grope her body, claiming its aspects as my own, and mapping out new features and details that were distinct to her.

Neither of us asked the question that filled our consciences and our minds. Where did we go from here?

But she said it all.

"If we don't make it out, I want to experience as much of you as I can before I go."

That was all that needed to be said.

Over the next twenty four hours we would repeat the earlier act several times with different feeling and emotions. In some instances I would slowly let her rock herself to orgasm with my shaft buried within her. Others I would take her harshly, brutally even, as an expression of my desire for, and mastery of, her body.

When we finally heard the sounds of help, we knew that we could not answer that question just yet. And we were both painfully aware that life might answer it for us.

But that answer is another tale altogether.

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